10. mars. 2021
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Will: @will_stelter
Jamie (editor): @jamie.popple
Isaiah (Videographer): @isaiaharnoldfilm
My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • Damn mrs Steele has epic cutting skills 😂😂👏

    Kasie De la fosseKasie De la fosseDag siden
  • Aww now the Steele fam has a Golden and a Mal!! Yogo has a sister! Also, great scissor working so far 😁👍 I also noticed the drawings/diagrams of Chip on the chalkboard at 6:40. Perhaps a little metal model in the making?😄

    Marie SchwenzfeierMarie Schwenzfeier5 dager siden
  • “Bonsai scissors” Yeah us stoners are definitely thinking of a different use 🤣

    JeshiJeshi12 dager siden
  • Free Will ! ... Stop the DO NOT COMPETE and let him work!

    TheSpartacus23TheSpartacus2313 dager siden
  • Just signed up for a year of skillshare, saw it first years ago and finally need it. So, gratz on the commission bud. keep up the good work.

    John DevastatinJohn Devastatin14 dager siden
  • Nice singing.

    Bushschmiede LTBBushschmiede LTB14 dager siden
  • Is it a German dog?

    Bushschmiede LTBBushschmiede LTB14 dager siden
  • fastest haircut in historyXD is it me or alec is slowly turning scottish more and more?

    Samuele RichettoSamuele Richetto17 dager siden
  • Guy from hary potter

    Rip RiderRip Rider19 dager siden
  • Obligatory algorithm comment

    PhilipwnPhilipwn25 dager siden
  • Damascus buckle and leather collar? Damascus buckle leather strap and canvas doggy backpack?

    Mason PoffenrothMason Poffenroth26 dager siden
  • What made you want to get a Mal Alec?

    Kyle NixKyle Nix27 dager siden
  • I was trying to watch this quietly in bed, but the intense ROCK was a bit to loud

    Java ElahieJava ElahieMåned siden
  • good scissors are so pleasing to use . ive got a beautiful pair which ive used for the past 15 years

    RamblesTVRamblesTVMåned siden
  • I'm glad he is doing projects like this again. I think he's been growing so much so fast, which is great, but it's worn down some of his skill sets. Lovely to see him getting back to basics.

    Kurt JosephKurt JosephMåned siden
  • You ever coming back to the states

    Cody HammCody HammMåned siden
  • Something feels off. Like this was rushed or something. Still going to watch it anyways.

    Geo HazelmanGeo HazelmanMåned siden
  • When are you going to premiere on the West End with that singing voice?

    John Benjamin TatumJohn Benjamin TatumMåned siden
  • No more damascus Alec?

    RoanRoanMåned siden
  • Gave the like specifically for the doggo

    CorenelBrakeCorenelBrakeMåned siden
  • what breed is the dog

    Harry GregoryHarry GregoryMåned siden
  • NOOO - we like the mop! We need more hair.

    neuralwarpneuralwarpMåned siden
  • Love the outro

    Flying FoolFlying FoolMåned siden
  • I absolutely love you channel and love lurning about this craft that seems to be just a part of my soul, but they'res something i would like to ask you and that is for a video dedicated to safety. I was smithing a few knifes and using a belt sandder and got all sorts of iron dust all over myself and up my nose and it was just a big mess, then noticed you use a mask when you sand and i know it seems like common sense but theres so much that just gets over looked in life and one day i could just be the worst thing that gets overlooked so please 🙏 share with us your safty tips

    beesleyericbeesleyericMåned siden
  • I vote that Mrs.Steele should give you a hair cut. It will be good content

    matthew powellmatthew powellMåned siden
  • I wish the videos would come out more consistently, I like watching, but there are ten videos one week and none the next week... hard to stay interested

    Sean RickrodeSean RickrodeMåned siden

    MyDudeMyDudeMåned siden
  • Where is the content we used to have:( i miss will

    Christian B -Christian B -Måned siden
  • may i humbly suggest an insect claive from the monster hunter game? they just look awsome.

    arne lindarne lindMåned siden
  • Miyagi: "Bon-Sai not Ban-zai"

    Ty_BraekTy_BraekMåned siden
  • I thought the tapered ends were supposed to connect at first. Apparently they don’t traditionally, but that could be an interesting new design for them. It would provide counter-tension when cutting, allowing for more careful cuts. If the scissors are made to be closed at rest, then the metal will work on your side for the actual cutting of material, possibly granting a lot more force

    DarkSingularityDarkSingularityMåned siden
  • Doing any mtbing in UK alec?

    David PerryDavid PerryMåned siden
  • Can't believe Alex left the u.s we need more people like him.

    DominicDominicMåned siden
  • .... did I miss the new doggos name?! Please share 😭

    Katie RizzoKatie RizzoMåned siden
  • I am starting off bladesmithing and I was wondering what brand of caliper you use

    Roy BrownRoy BrownMåned siden
  • i think alec should try to make the iconic sword from final fantasy VII

    Steel PennySteel PennyMåned siden
  • FYI I haven’t been receiving notifications on your new videos

    Mark StichMark StichMåned siden
  • When are you c9ming back to america

    Jesse EsparzaJesse EsparzaMåned siden
  • Haha, $35k for scissors. I'm sure they cut way better. :\

    GreyBrewerGreyBrewerMåned siden
  • Where you get your malinoi

    Steve TennantSteve TennantMåned siden
  • Is the new dog a Belgian Malinois?

    Kelvin HoffmanKelvin HoffmanMåned siden
  • awesome looking bonsai scissors :) alec

    GDaddyDGDaddyDMåned siden
  • NEXT...Damascus Scissors

    Ronald SutherlandRonald SutherlandMåned siden
  • Where can i buy a pair?

    McCoy DonesMcCoy DonesMåned siden
  • When he showed his steel origami, for a second I thought it was a mini crossbow... I’m taking that as a sign for a future project

    Devin GiordanoDevin GiordanoMåned siden
  • I literally looked up hand forged scissors 2 days ago and then I click on the channel and see this

    Colby CalabreseColby CalabreseMåned siden
  • Making a pair of scissors. We should use a small hammer right? Het comrade, we use large Soviet power hammer!

    MrMunchkin21MrMunchkin21Måned siden
  • I’m I right in think you are another Norwich boy done good? Just starting my journey into blacksmithing and stumbled on to your channel. Great content and if you ever need someone to sweep your shop floor let me know

    Man in the white houseMan in the white houseMåned siden
  • Quick question idk anything about this i just like what he does and what's the difference between forging and melting metal and poring it in a shape

    AKERAKERMåned siden
    • @Duane Grabert yes but is there a difference in strength or something

      AKERAKERMåned siden
    • Forging is heating metal to a malleable state and shaping it to your needs. Melting metal and pouring it into a mold is called casting.

      Duane GrabertDuane GrabertMåned siden
  • thats really cool, I run bonsai nursery in Poland :)

    Jack Rost BonsaiJack Rost BonsaiMåned siden
  • Are you staying in the UK or are you going to go back to the US?

    David BuffumDavid BuffumMåned siden
  • That was a very sped up 3 episodes

    LostarisLostarisMåned siden
  • damn i feel bad for all the new people he employed because they have no clue how many people he fucked over. reason why he ran from the states. he literally scammed a guy that made him 200 hammers and didn't even pay him.

    Cheerio BoxCheerio BoxMåned siden
  • Excellent choice for protection!! if you're so inclined.

    Danny ArrowheadStalkerDanny ArrowheadStalkerMåned siden
  • Scissors are just tongs that cut things.

    Harmsy's BasementHarmsy's BasementMåned siden
  • Iron/steel Prince Rupert's drop.

    Vincent FurzeVincent FurzeMåned siden
  • Maybe we'll have the chance to buy the Alec Steele bonsai tool set in the near future

    Antonio M. de OliveiraAntonio M. de OliveiraMåned siden
  • Will you be making more bonsai scissors to sell?

    teliotyteliotyMåned siden
  • What type of small welder are you using?

    DaBuildDaBuildMåned siden
  • I love these videos!

    Sean HochmanSean HochmanMåned siden
  • That's a good looking malinois!

    Mally FergusonMally FergusonMåned siden
  • well skillshare showed us they must cut lol

    julius stacyjulius stacyMåned siden
  • You got a malinois!!! Just when i thought you couldnt get any cooler....

    mattystewart8mattystewart8Måned siden
  • Nice! I always wanted to try making some as I have many bonsai trees

    A DimeShortA DimeShortMåned siden
  • More "doggos" is a good thing, I firmly believe that if a dog loves their owner, then that person is a good person and I always felt Alex was and is good.... now back to Damascus - anything even scissors ha ha

    Joe KessingerJoe KessingerMåned siden
  • so skill share is youtube you pay for?

    Dan LuckinsDan LuckinsMåned siden
  • Are you planning on going back to Montana?

    TinmanTinmanMåned siden
  • How much would you charge to make a Damascus ring with a wood inlay

    Ethan KenchEthan KenchMåned siden
  • yes

    iamdiggywiggy wigiamdiggywiggy wigMåned siden
  • Mr sad hammer could use a lick of paint... Is some artistic inspiration required?

    itto sittoitto sittoMåned siden
  • Actually great seeing you doing things you know again Alec...... I'm not meaning to get harsh, but I`ve missed the old Alec by the FORGE, and Powerhammer....

    Sure FotaSure FotaMåned siden
  • One of the things I'm really impressed by is Alec's ability to create the tool he needs. The creation of tools is an art I admire. o7.

    dummytube1542dummytube1542Måned siden
  • Will's last video, he got a dog... alec's like, "that will get views, ill get one too!"

    chad beaulieuchad beaulieuMåned siden
  • he sings good

    mrmcthicccmrmcthicccMåned siden
  • Please tell me you're going to make em and sell them on your website! I need one!

    ECHomann #ECHomann #Måned siden
  • Scissors used to cut a bonsai tree

    blake allisonblake allisonMåned siden
  • I'm a noob with metal, I make stuff but I never worked with metal, what is a good hammer for banging metal to make it flat and ya, thanks.

    Ben FingerboardsBen FingerboardsMåned siden
  • did you say "sitz" to your dog? the german word for sit? i am from germany and it sonds like it^^

    x5xx5xMåned siden
  • Alec Steele! I challenge you to make the BIGGEST sword you will ever make! A Zanbatou! One stipulation: it has to be light enough to be able to be swung around. Good luck if you try it!

    strikezrowstrikezrowMåned siden
  • make some darts alex, some Damascus tungsten darts

    SmallgreyuniformSmallgreyuniformMåned siden
  • Where do you get your metal from in the uk?

    I didn’t know what to put hereI didn’t know what to put hereMåned siden
  • I love the projects where you are not making some deadly weapon!

    aurochf1aurochf1Måned siden
  • Not even marginally surprised he's mastering dog training in his spare time.

    Nathan RNathan RMåned siden
  • OMG - you got a Maligator!!! Congrats!

    Kswa SKswa SMåned siden
  • I'm guessing they cut well as his hair is looking sharp at the end of the video lol

    VeX 2020VeX 2020Måned siden
  • You should look into making some glassblowing tools. They’re still all hand forged and bespoke made based on designs that are thousands of years old. I’d love to see you make a pair of glassblowing Jacks

    brian cuzzocreobrian cuzzocreoMåned siden
  • Loving the bonsai scissors now could they be made in Damascus???? also love love love your new addition to your family much love from Marion in Scotland xxxxx

    Lady DragonLady DragonMåned siden
  • How the hell do you train your dogs so well

    bigTHOR77bigTHOR77Måned siden
  • ✂️💈

    Kieran GilhoolyKieran GilhoolyMåned siden
  • Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

    Ulfhed TyrssonUlfhed TyrssonMåned siden
  • Quick question: why do you where ear protection while forging?

    Wesley BoydWesley BoydMåned siden
  • Ideas are great musicals aren't.

    Gta 500Gta 500Måned siden
  • how old is yogo?

    Nathan HollambyNathan HollambyMåned siden
  • You should find out if Peter Chan of Heron's Bonsai UK wants a pair in exchange for a bonsai lesson for you!

    Nick RNick RMåned siden
  • He breaks stuff all the time, REALITY! he doesn’t hide it, he doesn’t cut it out of the video, he endures it, and accepts it! He moves on! Like Real Men do! I for one respect you Alex! Great job! That’s why I’m going to tell you about your cars extended warrantee! 🤣🤣🤪😂

    The Box Scar childrenThe Box Scar childrenMåned siden
  • I love german shepherds, they are so cuddly

    Arkive StudiosArkive StudiosMåned siden
  • cant own sword with of the right peppers? What do you do to stay safe? Answer: GET AN ATTACK DOG !!!!

    ljp360ljp360Måned siden
  • Definitely have Mrs. Steel cut your hair with the Bonsai Scissors! That would be awesome, and a demonstration that you make decent blades. :)

    EngineerSean YouTubeEngineerSean YouTubeMåned siden
  • what type of dog is she

    Liam McArdleLiam McArdleMåned siden
  • Can you make a kanna plane for your dad?

    Cretu DavidCretu DavidMåned siden