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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • What should I make from the rest of the nuts? A giant peanut? A hex nuts from hex nuts? Let me know your ideas? :-) As ever, thank you to Raid for their support: Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!

    Alec SteeleAlec Steele3 måneder siden
    • Ben stokes. If you are really english you would do it

      Ed LangdonEd Langdon3 måneder siden
    • You could make a artistic and functional rack almost "Pegboard" like! Weld the nuts in a 2D design and then attach that design to the wall. YOu can then use all thread or bolts even to create hooks or shelves anywhere as needed. Sort of a modular shelving hook unit.

      James JakubowskiJames Jakubowski3 måneder siden
    • Will S bust-have one on the island and the other in Montana. Turn and say what do you think Will?

      Eric RiderEric Rider3 måneder siden
    • Make your own Will!

      Jerome BurlurauxJerome Burluraux3 måneder siden
    • Bro a self portrait would be awesome

      GlitchtheplanetGlitchtheplanet3 måneder siden
  • 11:02 "look at this adorable pup, look at this adorable nut"

    Frederik K. PedersenFrederik K. Pedersen6 dager siden
  • Was very pleased with the amount of treats the sweet baby girl was receiving lol

    I Am Sam32I Am Sam3211 dager siden
  • soo much cooperation 😂😂😀

    Swtank SinghSwtank Singh13 dager siden
  • Life-size mrs steele and alec for the family sculpture set

    Mitchell AustinMitchell Austin16 dager siden
  • Make an axe out of nuts

    Callum KennedyCallum Kennedy25 dager siden
  • The rest of the Dogs body!

    Ryan BeukeRyan BeukeMåned siden
  • What you should make next: a self-portrait 😇

    mind spacesmind spacesMåned siden
  • Man taking on a project like this, you gotta have nuts of Steele

    sempaiSteve1sempaiSteve1Måned siden
  • build Yogo's body out of nuts and connect the head!

    Brandon SellersBrandon SellersMåned siden
  • Make the eiffeltower

    tom berenssontom berenssonMåned siden
  • A Welsh dragon! 🐲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👍🏻

    Lisa DelucaLisa DelucaMåned siden
  • Make a child 😳

    liam frenchliam frenchMåned siden
  • Make the dragon the black one from game of thrones

    Ricky NunezRicky NunezMåned siden
  • build the rest of yogo

    Yasper PietrzykYasper PietrzykMåned siden
  • Shoulda gotten manscaped to sponsor this one... Speaking of clean nuts...

    Jason RidenourJason RidenourMåned siden
  • You better make a suit of armor to protect that good girl

    Zachary HutchisonZachary HutchisonMåned siden
  • "This is Yogo Steele" me: And this is Steel yogo! "And this is Yogo made from steel." Me: close enough.

    IzicesIzicesMåned siden
  • so many innuendos lol... 🤙🏼

    Jason FleckJason FleckMåned siden
  • Make a helm that would fit your head

    Kelsey SwansonKelsey SwansonMåned siden
  • yoo this is nuts

    Ben WilsonBen WilsonMåned siden
  • You should make sculptures of you and your wife to match. The whole Steele family

    Ian CarlyleIan Carlyle2 måneder siden
  • 4:29 yes you wouldn't want your nuts to be an assault on your olfactory receptors.

    colin pipercolin piper2 måneder siden
  • Yooo brooo, das pretty nuts

    Heiko LaurHeiko Laur2 måneder siden
  • Beautiful!!

    Aris PetridisAris Petridis2 måneder siden
  • A dog collar with dog tags, painted your wife's favorite color or your favorite color.

    mnyshrpknvsmnyshrpknvs2 måneder siden
  • I really want to see a fair sized ball from nuts, and a lightbulb put in as to make it a lamp

    xSnelling97xSnelling972 måneder siden
  • "What you want me to make, from my nuts" Leaving some low-hanging fruit there aren't ya. How's this missus doing, eh?

    Kyle VlamingKyle Vlaming2 måneder siden
  • I think your dogs a bit.... nuts 😂

    Amardeep SinghAmardeep Singh2 måneder siden
  • This whole uk shift is like a little bit of therapy, it’s been a rough year, it’s perfect

    David ThaxtonDavid Thaxton2 måneder siden
    • And Alec's back to sporting the UK hairstyle already

      cocodojococodojo2 måneder siden
  • Please build a giant peanut made of nuts. That would be hilarious.

    Adam WynnAdam Wynn2 måneder siden
  • You have a very pretty dog

    Joshua KunzJoshua Kunz2 måneder siden
  • a big ole sea turtle

    colby freemancolby freeman2 måneder siden
  • Make a giant nut out of the nuts, fully to scale and no gaps, just holes

    Parker BartnickiParker Bartnicki2 måneder siden
  • Its on WIN Compilation February 2021!

    R K.R K.2 måneder siden
  • STOKE THE FLAMES OF CREATIVITY, with a dog made of nuts. -Benjamin Franklin

    Mark ZiembaMark Ziemba2 måneder siden
  • i love it

    Alyssa MattsonAlyssa Mattson2 måneder siden
  • Hex nut coffee cup

    punkNaTion 75punkNaTion 752 måneder siden
  • Replica of the scots kelpies near Glasgow

    Daniel PearceDaniel Pearce2 måneder siden
  • ...the rest of the dog??? Just a thought.

    Toby StansellToby Stansell2 måneder siden
  • A kid

    Jacob TrowbridgeJacob Trowbridge2 måneder siden
  • You could make a sword or a nut out of nuts

    sid Baichoosid Baichoo2 måneder siden
  • Can you make Damascus by stacking those nuts on a bolt ?

    Miguel JimenezMiguel Jimenez2 måneder siden
  • How do you like that Welding Hood?

    Marsh BusterMarsh Buster2 måneder siden

    GAMZ BOY 576GAMZ BOY 5762 måneder siden
  • *Owen Wilsons voice* "Wow this is nuts "

    FifencjuszFifencjusz2 måneder siden
  • Should've made her a suit of armour :D

    Colin HeylColin Heyl2 måneder siden
  • Why was I expecting a full body sculpture? Lol beautiful work as always!!

    Brandon RobinsonBrandon Robinson2 måneder siden
  • Best line I’ve ever heard “fuel the fires of creativity with a dog made of nuts”

    Alexandre SmithAlexandre Smith2 måneder siden
  • How about making Will a nut power hammer? 😁🤣 too soon? 😜

    ShowaShowa2 måneder siden
  • Make it a full body sculpture!

    Cameron JenkinsCameron Jenkins2 måneder siden
  • You are absolutely correct @alecsteel, soap and hot water and a gentle scrub is the best way to clean your nuts. ;P

    AAOMorpheusAAOMorpheus2 måneder siden
  • I have a dirty mind i laughed whenever he said a sentence with my nuts in it i was laughing the whole time but that aside DO THE REST OF THE DOG when i clicked on the vid i thought you were gonna do the whole dog not just the head

    Slade McClanahanSlade McClanahan2 måneder siden
  • You need a Will statue to put in the shop for videos. 😆 Have it kind of like Wilson the volleyball in Cast Away.

    Nick MillerNick Miller2 måneder siden
  • Way dont you male a War hammer with the nuts the new Hero's Darf hammer and axe

    TheEdwin071TheEdwin0712 måneder siden
  • Dog armor

    Hevy CT-782Hevy CT-7822 måneder siden
  • Thats nuts

    tipetutipetu2 måneder siden
  • Make some new iron furniture out of old iron furniture!

    Gus SerraniGus Serrani2 måneder siden
  • Make a suppressor hehehe

    Sebastian CifuentesSebastian Cifuentes2 måneder siden
  • Alec over here giving me flashbacks of Guido from Cars, and I love it

    Wave MotionWave Motion2 måneder siden
  • Mrs stele photobombing at 08:36

    Josh StuartJosh Stuart2 måneder siden
  • Yogo must have been so confused during this video 🤣

    Josh StuartJosh Stuart2 måneder siden
  • As simple as it could be, a half American flag, half Union Jack but different 'colours' being different sized hex nuts, split diagonally with the top left being the US, bottom right being british. If you want to have some fun with it, make it look like like it's waving in the wind :P thought it'd fit well with the US and UK sides of your life :)

    Rob CampRob Camp2 måneder siden
  • You should make her body so it’s a full sculpture

    David WrightDavid Wright2 måneder siden
  • Master can opener, doggo is confused. Where iz snackos?

    Deplorable Pirate Captain GunbeardDeplorable Pirate Captain Gunbeard2 måneder siden
  • Almost felt like a slapchop commercial. You're gonna love my nuts.

    Evan HartEvan Hart2 måneder siden
  • Make a sword or a knife where you can still see the nuts inbeded in the blade. That could be cool maby ? =)

    RafficRaffic2 måneder siden
  • Petition for a compilation of Alec saying ‘nuts’

    hector berengerhector berenger2 måneder siden
  • Duuhhhh. Nut dimascus...

    James RunyonJames Runyon2 måneder siden
  • Build the rest of the dog body!

    Michael The AtheistMichael The Atheist2 måneder siden
  • 2 min add gives a dislike

    Kilian ThomaKilian Thoma2 måneder siden
  • just make the rest of the dog

    processbird _17processbird _172 måneder siden
  • Miss Steele! So we can se her as well, but she isn't on the screen (or is she in 10:22 looking trough the window?)

    Wolphje WolphjeWolphje Wolphje2 måneder siden
  • you can make a damuscus maasai spear from the nuts

    Franklin OchiengFranklin Ochieng2 måneder siden
  • Make full size yogo, finish it

    Sphax XhapsSphax Xhaps2 måneder siden
  • You can always make the sculpture of yourself, some kind of nuts auto-sculpture ;-)

    veelckveelck2 måneder siden
  • build the rest of her

    Bjorn JacobsBjorn Jacobs2 måneder siden
  • Make the rest of the dogs body

    Ethan Del BosqueEthan Del Bosque2 måneder siden
  • R2D2 with the nuts should put lights in it but we’ll see good job on the dog

    Ricky HobbsRicky Hobbs2 måneder siden
  • Since you have a light/blonde dog, maybe you could hot brass it with a wire wheel to make it a bit gold?

    AlexAlex2 måneder siden
  • Make an anvil from the extra nuts?

    Isteak80Isteak802 måneder siden
  • I loved your reaction to the die grinder.

    blaw911blaw9112 måneder siden
  • 8:45 You may indeed say so. The improved lighting quality is the first thing I noticed when I started watching this video.

    RC-1290RC-12902 måneder siden
  • 3:14 sounds like you might something like an ABEK filter or activated charcoal to filter that smell. It's probably not simply 'dust' particles (for which your respirator is probably meant) , but "volatile organic compounds".

    RC-1290RC-12902 måneder siden
  • make the entire dog!

    guillo88guillo882 måneder siden
  • make plate armour for your dog

    Brimmer10xBrimmer10x2 måneder siden
  • The entire dog

    Jamie RobertsonJamie Robertson2 måneder siden
  • So many nut jokes lol 😂 stoke the flame my friend

    Jay AdamsJay Adams2 måneder siden
  • A hex nut Damascus raid shadow legends weapon

    Pete PowellPete Powell2 måneder siden
  • Use the rest of the nuts to build the body

    TheEric2977TheEric29772 måneder siden
  • Meet the Robinsons kid

    Jon TornabeneJon Tornabene2 måneder siden
  • I think you should Build the rest of your dog from the rest of the nuts.

    steve jansensteve jansen2 måneder siden
  • The dogs body!

    Ken AllenKen Allen2 måneder siden
  • Just a little soap and hot water and your nuts are clean!

    Darren PalmerDarren Palmer2 måneder siden
  • Awesome job, it’s nice to see you having so much fun on a project again........😎

    Patrick RetselPatrick Retsel2 måneder siden
  • Please Please Please, make a Totoro!!!!

    Hardin DunhamHardin Dunham2 måneder siden
  • if you can try to Bild your dog yoga whole body :) great video bite Away.

    Lukas NielsenLukas Nielsen2 måneder siden
  • I used to think you were crazy, Alec. Now I can see your nuts...

    Mackenzie ReevesMackenzie Reeves2 måneder siden
    • it should be "i can see you're nuts". That way, it won't sound dirty. lol

      adrian reyesadrian reyes2 måneder siden
  • The whole ass dog of course

    Hayden GostingHayden Gosting2 måneder siden
  • Hey Alec. When are you going to make an awesome Damascus complicated blade again with a ton of videos. I miss watching those.

    Chris AngeloneChris Angelone2 måneder siden