26. feb.. 2021
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Alec: @alecsteele
Jamie (editor): @jamie.popple
Isaiah (Videographer): @isaiaharnoldfilm
My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • Still can't fathom the skill needed to do this hundreds of years ago.

    Anthony CAnthony C5 dager siden
  • where is this full build video?

    GertolGertol7 dager siden
  • This legit looks like something out of game of thrones

    Oli MilwardOli Milward11 dager siden
  • Where is that long video

    Jake GGGJake GGG11 dager siden
  • Incredible. The amount of work involved is crazy.

    Luke AndrewLuke Andrew12 dager siden
  • I feel like with the way the butt of the handle is, that it would look nice with a spherical stone of some sorts in it

    Link LonkLink Lonk12 dager siden
  • You totally missed an opportunity for another video to this series which could have been making an elaborate sheath for it, what is a blade without a sheath?!?!?

    kevin aumankevin auman16 dager siden
  • I love the handle but I don’t love the guard it’s too simple for the grand dragon design

    ethen bremnerethen bremner16 dager siden
  • If it were me and I had gone through all that work to carve the handle, I think I would have made a damascus blade, blackened the bronze and polished the high spots, and then finished it by setting rubies or sapphires in the eyes. Still a beautiful piece though!

    IAmBeowulf701IAmBeowulf70118 dager siden
  • what song is that at the end? made me feel comf (:

    ween Uceween Uce18 dager siden
  • That is beautiful, you are the reason I want to become a blacksmith

    Daniel SlingsbyDaniel Slingsby23 dager siden
  • To be honset, in my opinion handle compared to the picture looks trash.

    FreesQFreesQ24 dager siden
  • I think it's time for a sword in the very same style

    Clay MöreClay Möre27 dager siden
  • ngl alec pretty sure thats illegal might have to contact norfolk police :) jk

    Charlie DerrickCharlie Derrick28 dager siden
  • I have an idea for a prodject for you: Make a Haladie knife

    Jonas LidströmJonas LidströmMåned siden
  • God I would love to buy a blade from you!

    Michael TrimbleMichael TrimbleMåned siden
  • So cool

    HonorHonorMåned siden
  • When is the experimental video with all forging, no talking and longer final view going to be done?

    V!!KingV!!KingMåned siden
  • This is amazing I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nicer stiletto heck not even close 🤯🤯. That will one day be someone’s family heirloom

    Johnathan BoydJohnathan BoydMåned siden
  • Ooof. blade is nice, grip is beautiful, but that guard... feels lacking, hate to say it but yeah.

    TrevFirestormTrevFirestormMåned siden
  • That is really elegant!

    Eric RickertEric RickertMåned siden
  • I love the handle

    Jørgen GJørgen GMåned siden
  • Love the way you finished off that back end Alec

    Josh __Josh __Måned siden
  • It is so unbelievably beautiful. Sea creatures were my first obsession as a child, so it strikes to the core!

    Lucas DulLucas DulMåned siden
  • It's missing something. The sea dragons are usually guarding or battling something. Maybe a nice etching on the blade or a sheath.

    korpse6rinderkorpse6rinderMåned siden
  • *aesTHetic, not aeSTetic... Great piece though 🙂

    Peter CavePeter CaveMåned siden
  • @Alec Steele, if you're interested in a challenge, then you should make a Star Metal(+Copper and Bronze), Damascus Celtic inspired Kitana

    XanaflexXanaflexMåned siden
  • Just imagine how good blue dye would have looked on the bronze.

    FlederratteFlederratteMåned siden
  • Well done as ever! I love the blackened look. It ties it into the Renaissance perfectly. I think the antiqued look on the bronze is excellent. It just pulls the whole identity together in my opinion. It's beautiful.

    Christopher MelvinChristopher MelvinMåned siden
  • That stiletto looking real sexy

    NullFreedomExceptionNullFreedomExceptionMåned siden
  • I wish I could like this unlimited times

    william gibsonwilliam gibsonMåned siden
  • Sleepy reveal music.

    Todd WilburnTodd WilburnMåned siden
  • This was a beautiful series!!!

    ricecakericecakeMåned siden
  • Alex you should have a go at making, Setrakian's Sword Cane. From tv series The strain. Building it will use loads of your skills.

    TigercraftgamesTigercraftgamesMåned siden
  • Is this for Wheel of Time show ?

    bhargava pothakamuribhargava pothakamuriMåned siden
  • It would be an honor to be stabbed my that stiletto.

    dolita windodolita windoMåned siden
  • I LOVE IT!

    SilasTheVirusSilasTheVirusMåned siden
  • He needs to apply for one of those shows forged in fire or something

    nick lapaglianick lapagliaMåned siden
  • The Brass handle came out really nice, and with it blackened it really gives it the Sea monster feel!

    Ben Whiteley BlacksmithBen Whiteley BlacksmithMåned siden
  • This such an interesting contrast with the civil war sword.

    Bombed NevadaBombed NevadaMåned siden
    • Now that you have some experience with carving sea dragons you should do the sword from Raya and the Last Dragon!

      dolita windodolita windoMåned siden
  • This is a wonderful build. All I can say now: "It will keel"

    yuoop nokeyuoop nokeMåned siden
  • In Austria we say: Ein Augenschmaus

    Maximilian SchwarzMaximilian SchwarzMåned siden
  • Id like to see videos more than 10 min. I shut my tv off anfmd you tube is driving me nuts. What happened to half hour entertainment. Oh yea. A comertial every 10 min. Marketing out of control. Love your content though.

    bruno barksbruno barksMåned siden
  • You should make butterfly swords!

    Mark SandsMark SandsMåned siden
    • Impresionante! 😍

      yuoop nokeyuoop nokeMåned siden
  • Sheesh this thing is filthy

    Denver GlickDenver GlickMåned siden
  • It turned out awsome. What are the measurements on that dagger?

    Walter FindlayWalter FindlayMåned siden
  • Amazing result! I can't help but think it would have gone SO much easier though if you had been able to use blue dykem instead of that red...

    vandewt800xlvandewt800xlMåned siden
  • mate do you need brain or imagination :D 1:05

    Mustafa Ilhan BakkalMustafa Ilhan BakkalMåned siden
  • Alec the videography in this is tight and the stiletto looks incredible but I have to say the most impressive part of this video is your hair - simply superb!

    Matt HigginsMatt HigginsMåned siden
  • Now you need to Make, a Matching Sword... Giant Hugs

    Scott MonsonScott MonsonMåned siden
  • Classic Steele... Tons of work on one part, brutally machined crossguard with no attention. Not to forget to brag about stuff he got for free...

    Troll PipesTroll PipesMåned siden
  • I love to see you back on TA Outdoors Alec

    Donnie MabryDonnie MabryMåned siden
  • luar biasa 😍

    omz109omz109Måned siden
  • Now that you have some experience with carving sea dragons you should do the sword from Raya and the Last Dragon!

    Tyler LafontaineTyler LafontaineMåned siden
  • that handle must be some of your coolest work yet. now imagine it in damascus. jk love it man cheers

    GarexGarexMåned siden
  • amazing beautiful work, for a project in the future how about making an Arabian sword?

    Abdur-Rahman Al-YafeeAbdur-Rahman Al-YafeeMåned siden
  • smiths must have been absolute artists....

    abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMåned siden
  • put a ruby in the end of it

    Chuck DrewChuck DrewMåned siden
  • Impresionante! 😍

    monedachinamonedachinaMåned siden
  • I really like the rough, brutal look the blade has in general. I've never liked overly ornate weapons, so this strikes a really nice balance for me similar to the engraved Vikingr sword.

    Vincent JacksonVincent JacksonMåned siden
    • can you forge gandalfs sword, glamdring? that'd be a masterpiece

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMåned siden
  • Amayzing piece, mit give that extra alec steel touch with red rubins in the eyes of the monsters?

    NawianerNawianerMåned siden
  • That`s a peace of art

    NightwatchNightwatchMåned siden
  • it looks like a plug bayonet. It looks a LOT like a plug bayonet.

    secretsquirrel726secretsquirrel726Måned siden
  • ... make a enduro bike or downhill bike.

    Billy Joe ValerioBilly Joe ValerioMåned siden
  • I was wonder what dremal thing you were using

    Aidan CoAidan CoMåned siden
  • A matching sword would make this an awesome set.!! any likes??

    Rcx 160Rcx 160Måned siden
  • say Alec are you going to take castings of that handle it seems a bit of a shame to spend that much effort on it without being able to easily replicate it at need with much less effort.

    America YeaAmerica YeaMåned siden
  • Is it my imagination or Alec sounds more brittish every video?

    Jorge CastroJorge CastroMåned siden
  • pretty damn epic bro

    adrian walravenadrian walravenMåned siden
  • You need to try to forge a fishing filet knife should be a good challenge seeing that the base of the blade needs to be narrow and stuff but about halfway the blade needs to be extra flexible as well being thin relative to other knifes and wicked sharp

    T SpinT SpinMåned siden
  • Love the dagger. Honestly might have preferred it with the contrast between the red dye and the golden bronze.

    Ludvig FløtreLudvig FløtreMåned siden
  • Alec plz brother how can i contact you your number whatsapp plzz bro

    Azhar ZeeAzhar ZeeMåned siden
  • How about a damascus assassin's crossbow a la Tod Cutler for a future project?

    Murray NaishMurray NaishMåned siden
  • 6:04 always nice to see Mrs. Steele make an appearance.

    Geo MeadGeo MeadMåned siden
  • can you forge gandalfs sword, glamdring? that'd be a masterpiece

    KeyinKeyinMåned siden
  • I think those scales need some smoothing out. The rough hammered look just seems out of place. I noticed the heads of the serpents were pretty smooth and I was hoping you would do the same for the rest of the scales. The blade is amazing though, and I like the shape of the guard.

    connor hartconnor hartMåned siden
  • Any chance you’ll build a scabbard?

    Michael CeeMichael CeeMåned siden
  • Great work. Still not liking the way your voice is recorded.

    Double Dare FanDouble Dare FanMåned siden
  • Not related to the vid, but for the love of god Alec, shave! That partial fuzz you got going on makes you look like a kid

    MrGoesBoomMrGoesBoomMåned siden
  • Amazing once again Alec!

    Nano AielloNano AielloMåned siden
  • Now you need to make a rapier to go with it

    Kyle mKyle mMåned siden
  • Hey alec, big fan but i know you wont like my comment...what happened to the original "ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the workshop fantastic to have you here" intro?

    john delljohn dellMåned siden
  • That turned out fantastic! Where do you keep all your builds? I'd imagine your sword room is running out of wall space 😂 👍 👌

    Welker FarmsWelker FarmsMåned siden
    • Aw that makes sense, smart man!

      Welker FarmsWelker FarmsMåned siden
    • He sells or auctions many of them off on his website.

      Kswa SKswa SMåned siden
  • Did you say "She" monster at the start there?

    Franscois PrinslooFranscois PrinslooMåned siden
  • You never disappoint, Alec 👍🏼

    Cooper LuceCooper LuceMåned siden
  • Beautiful piece! And easy to disassemble for cleaning to get the blood out from the tiny gaps between the blade & the guard & handle, too!

    Mykl LangridgeMykl LangridgeMåned siden
  • That looks gorgeous

    Ghost Ranger 74Ghost Ranger 74Måned siden
  • Nice transition from step 5 to 6 and I'll be sure to view the composite build video when you publish! Also I think your project vision through it all was exemplary and a very solid finish, the result shows your desire to stay at the creative apex and keep us entertained at the same time. Plus now, it's everyone's dream to have a little Alec inside them!

    J WaterousJ WaterousMåned siden
  • Absolutely stunning !!

    Craig ColemanCraig ColemanMåned siden
  • I'm really looking forward to that full build video

    Francisco VargasFrancisco VargasMåned siden
  • I can smell the handle from here

    Oliver GoldbergOliver GoldbergMåned siden
  • Do you think you can make a scabbard wish a monster on it?!

    Vincent BertoliniVincent BertoliniMåned siden
  • This is truly artwork that you've created! Beautiful work Alec!!!

    Elisabeth CittaElisabeth CittaMåned siden
  • Would be cool if the sea monster eyes were a yellow diamond

    Clifford SmithClifford SmithMåned siden
  • Well done, it's beautiful !

    Achille JosserandAchille JosserandMåned siden
  • awesome! just one question how does it cost? seriously

    NorgNorgMåned siden
  • Pure craftsmanship the detail is next level

    Callum HubbardCallum HubbardMåned siden
  • I tried asking you through your website but I can't contact you. I have been a meat cutter for 19 years I was wondering how how much it would cost to make a meat cleaver with Damascus steel.

    Erik KleinErik KleinMåned siden
  • when he was assembling it and it didn't break....

    Jille van der BomJille van der BomMåned siden
  • I feel the this would have worked better and came out better with your air graver instead of ball burrs!

    8joejames88joejames8Måned siden