23. feb.. 2021
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Alec: @alecsteele
Will: @will_stelter
Jamie (editor): @jamie.popple
Isaiah (Videographer): @isaiaharnoldfilm
My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • Alec I have asked before where can I get those burs you use. I have a fordom and need a good set.

    Soul SolutionsSoul Solutions4 dager siden
  • Should you be breathing in all those metal shavings?

    RodrigoRodrigo12 dager siden
  • So annoying that music

    Maty VerdinaMaty Verdina24 dager siden
  • To get hot glue off without those squeaky bum moments removing the blade, just soak it with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and it'll drop straight off - Useful for using hot glue as a temporary way of mounting electronics before final fit up too!

    Will CrustWill Crust25 dager siden
  • why do you hate hand sanding? its so therapeutic and satisfying going through the grits just listening to music or a good podcast

    TopHat Videos Inc.TopHat Videos Inc.Måned siden
  • What about the poor bloke who's work you are copying...that was using an assortment of chisels that he was constantly having to sharpen, on a river rock, and a hammer...with his naked eyes.... all while being malnourished...still recovering from the plague...

    McGyver9McGyver9Måned siden
  • Are burrs even the right tool for this? maybe it would look cleaner with the chisel tools they used back when there where no electric tools.

    Electric paisyElectric paisyMåned siden
  • That is quite possibly the jankiest thing ive ever seen you make 🙊🙈

    mattystewart8mattystewart8Måned siden
  • Hello My name is Alec Steele and I miss Will

    Zex GraysonZex GraysonMåned siden
  • your carving will be more controlled if you cut opposite to the rotation to your bur. so essentially cut towards you.

    Matthew O'Connor-PretoriusMatthew O'Connor-PretoriusMåned siden
  • Why not carve it on straight, heat the handle and then twist it?

    TheOverloaded1TheOverloaded1Måned siden
  • You can use alcohol to release the hot glue

    adrian hidalgo rodriguezadrian hidalgo rodriguezMåned siden
  • Gotta wonder how they did it back in the day

    johnny Walkerjohnny WalkerMåned siden
  • make a sword without making separate peices

    Lordof Music 420Lordof Music 420Måned siden
  • “Just because I’ve drawn this on a whiteboard, doesn’t mean I’m very confident.” Had me laughing😂

    Jaap van ZevenbergenJaap van ZevenbergenMåned siden
  • 0:55 subliminal message of “subscribe” on the mounting jig...uh huh caught you lol

    Scott ThomasScott ThomasMåned siden
  • Alec really likes getting up close and personal when he's using his tools,doesn't he?

    Bunny BroBunny BroMåned siden
  • Someone make the confidence chart a meme.

    Lucas RoosLucas RoosMåned siden
  • I noticed you said "trash" instead of rubbish 😎

    S. ShermanS. ShermanMåned siden
  • I definitely laughed way to hard at his confidence description

    JVernonJVernonMåned siden
  • Hot glue is extremely powerful, I attached wooden bowls to faceplates on the lathe with it A little acetone will help dissolve the glue

    howycwaphowycwapMåned siden
  • Too many commercials in too short of a video. You're milking us, and its more and more obvious.

    AStorm OfWrenchesAStorm OfWrenchesMåned siden
  • (Austin Powers) Indead groovy baby!

    H_9H_9Måned siden
  • So is Alec moving back and forth between Montana and the U.K. now or is he only in the U.K.? I feel like I've missed so much lol

    AustinAustinMåned siden
  • red daikon...who are you and where is Alec ??

    KindTyger SmithingKindTyger SmithingMåned siden
  • Do you know was the original definitely carved directly or could it have been made through lost wax casting?

    Allen JeterAllen JeterMåned siden
  • FWIW: Isopropyl alcohol penetrates and breaks down hot glue just enough for it to loose it's stick without it going gungy. Great for unsticking stuff and removing hot glue from surfaces, you just need to be patient and give the IPA a few minutes to work.

    Charles MouseCharles MouseMåned siden
  • I laughed out loud with the confidence graph.

    KByeKByeMåned siden
  • for carving shapes like these it really helps to crank up the spindle speed as much as possible and just carve with the middle part of the bit in a very low angle and not with the tip

    GregoryGregoryMåned siden
  • This may sound like silly advice but. Could you try orientating the peice so that when the bit does skip it does it in the direction of the grove anyway?

    HeaffeyHeaffeyMåned siden
  • Alec what do you sharpen your blades with? Lansky makes some really good stone sets that can put a Rosie sharp edge on your blade, if you haven’t already , go check them out

    Xyler KajiyamaXyler KajiyamaMåned siden
  • When lockdown is over you should do steel work classes

    Benedict WinterBenedict WinterMåned siden
  • And now imagine doing this like 400 years ago, without a rotary grinder or a magnifier ...just your own eyes and a chisel.

    Rude DudeRude DudeMåned siden
  • some serious headnodding music you got in the second part of the vid =) like it

    Adrak HianoAdrak HianoMåned siden
  • Everytime the phrase “hand sanding” is mentioned, Wills disgruntled face from when he was hand sanding all the time glides across the screen. Could go further (probs too evil) and have Wills distraught NOOOOO! When his power hammer humpty dumpty’d

    Daniel WillemsDaniel WillemsMåned siden
  • Keep the damn thing red it looks Soo cool with the daicum(???)

    Ryan MaytavRyan MaytavMåned siden
  • Are you not a glove person

    Jimmy grimesJimmy grimesMåned siden
  • collaborate with a master like Uri Tuchman he could make those scales perfect.

    OneofdazzzOneofdazzzMåned siden
  • I feel like the tool Alec used for the engraving was removing too much material too fast. Sure, that option to go fast is a convenience of modern times and technology. But when everything needs to be cleaned up afterwards, maybe going slower with a different method would have been less stressfull. Also, Alec, dear. When trying a visual style for the first time, with your confidence level hitting concrete bottom. Maybe don't experiment on your actual work piece to see if your technique works. You always have the option to work on a test piece and make mistakes there ;)

    ruolburuolbuMåned siden
  • Anytime anyone says "Ship Station" all I hear is definitely no "p" whatsoever at all ^^

    ruolburuolbuMåned siden
  • Alec the human CNC machine strikes again! learn to forge!

    dgtlmoondgtlmoonMåned siden
  • Scallops!

    Alex PascualAlex PascualMåned siden
  • I’m glad I can do the easy part. Lol watching

    Nicholas GrishamNicholas GrishamMåned siden
  • 8:27 the laugh of a pyromaniac at heart

    Just Gonna Get BetterJust Gonna Get BetterMåned siden
  • Anyone know the first songs name?

    Connor Allick [Allick Media]Connor Allick [Allick Media]Måned siden
  • Will would have snapped it for sure.

    andrew breslinandrew breslinMåned siden
  • Mail the knife to will to fit the guard. He'll save you time before you'd finish it in your shop. LOL Great work, cool idea and hope it polishes up nice.

    scoobtoober29scoobtoober29Måned siden

    Gaston MaybankGaston MaybankMåned siden
  • Looking nice but I have a concern. You showed what the dust from the carving is doing to your hands but what is it doing to your lungs I noticed you don't have a respirator on.

    Big Al VBig Al VMåned siden
  • The definition in the scales that you're looking for will come from smoothing each scale. Right now the scales are really rough and your eye blends each one into the next. When they're all smoothed out, the definition between each scale will be much more evident. You're in for a TON of hand polishing of each scale.

    TheBlueStigTheBlueStigMåned siden
  • alcohol releases hot glue!

    Ruurd van BuitenRuurd van BuitenMåned siden
  • Alec Bronze

    Ruurd van BuitenRuurd van BuitenMåned siden
  • Your instinct is amazing!

    Shiloh StoreShiloh StoreMåned siden
  • Any idea how was the original from Wallace Collection made? I'm guessing lots of hammer and chisel.

    Ricardo MarquesRicardo MarquesMåned siden
  • My guy is steadily looking more and more like Lewis from Meet the Robinsons.

    Kejj VtokinvKejj VtokinvMåned siden
  • Passing on a little trick I learned from the RC community where hot glue is often used as a quick and dirty way of fixturing non-critical components. When you want to detatch the part, use isopropylalkohol/ethanol. It seeps into the connection and the glue imediatelly looses its bonding ability.

    Martin KrejzaMartin KrejzaMåned siden
  • Search YT for "Katsuhira's Tiger" and prepare to be shocked at what a human can carve and engrave.

    Chase TempleChase TempleMåned siden
  • Would lost casting not be better for this

    donotridetheturtle O Gdonotridetheturtle O GMåned siden
  • hey Alec, try using duct tape to pull out a good number of those splinters

    tony dilollotony dilolloMåned siden
  • Why there is 2020 instead of 2021 in description end

    Ameer AbdullahAmeer AbdullahMåned siden
  • Alec what you lack in self-confidence in this project you make up for with raw energy and gogetitness

    Digital GorillaDigital GorillaMåned siden
  • I'm surprised that you aren't using an engraver tool instead of burrs. I would expect the graver tool to be easier to control and make finer details. You also have lots of experience with one.

    Richard BlumRichard BlumMåned siden
  • Seeing a rather experienced carver with expensive modern tools having such difficulties on that handle makes me appreciate medieval artists even more. Imagine carving that handle with such primitive tools.

  • I believe you can break hot glue bond with alcohol easier. Try isopropanol.

    LeeroyLeeroyMåned siden
  • Am I the only one worried about you breathing in all of those metal particles?

    MelissaMelissaMåned siden
  • Maybe try the infamous tape + superglue trick instead of the hot glue? Seems to work for Ben at Crimson Guitars?

    Zorndar83Zorndar83Måned siden
  • Oi!!! Just saw your "forging a Human Head" video.. and something clicked... since carving is something your obviously brilliant at even though a novice. Have you ever thought of carving your own proper British Chess set?

    boris osygussboris osygussMåned siden
  • Sea Monster Stilleto. +3 initiative +1 atk

    Imperial Guard#20Imperial Guard#20Måned siden
  • I saw somewhere one should start by forging 100 leafs. This looks too advanced for you.

    Kovács GézaKovács GézaMåned siden
  • I'm beginning to think Alec is NOT coming back to the states on any kind of permanent basis. I think he will just pop over to check on things and then pop back to England. It's just my opinion...

    Troy WalkerTroy WalkerMåned siden
  • I bet there’s a certain Dutchman who would be quite happy hand sanding that blade to a mirror finish.

    Ivan HeffnerIvan HeffnerMåned siden
  • Is it possible to make a mokume gane + steel damascus or wont they weld together ?

    Andreas BritzemeierAndreas BritzemeierMåned siden
  • Would love to see what a chest x-ray of Alex would look like after all this work :-o

    Paul DanielsPaul DanielsMåned siden
  • When he showed his confidence level, i felt that on every project i start at because i have no idea what to do

    Ethan McPhersonEthan McPhersonMåned siden
  • Maybe it was cast out from a model made from wood

    Beni SelfBeni SelfMåned siden
  • How did they make it in the 16th century without power tools....?

    Beni SelfBeni SelfMåned siden
  • Too much red dychem!!!

    Jay DownsJay DownsMåned siden
  • Well alec it might be time to start carving wax then making a cast, been watching some one named Bonn he's made some amazing things from lost wax casting on of the best things it allows you to easily work the material and add material back when youv gone too far

    jakob findlayjakob findlayMåned siden
  • The soundtrack to this episode 🔥

    Shawn MillerShawn MillerMåned siden
  • The word you were looking for instead of unconfident was nervous

    Sahil MahajanSahil MahajanMåned siden
  • Will's is laughing at you right now.

    RyeburRyeburMåned siden
  • Can I just say, the editing on these videos is on another level, I don't think I've ever seen better editing on a NOtown channel, hope whoever edits these videos sees this. Man it's just wonderful.

    Castle WoodsCastle WoodsMåned siden
  • I miss the more cheerful videos.

    Gatorb8Gatorb8Måned siden
  • Glitter Steele is his pony name. His Cutey Mark is an Anvil. (yes my kids watch "My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic")

    Mike PettengillMike PettengillMåned siden
  • You should darken the actual blade in boiling vinegar. It would look awesome.

    Brennan BakerBrennan BakerMåned siden
  • Should have made the tip for the blade when forging it

    Timothy LanhamTimothy LanhamMåned siden
  • I love how you keep bringing back will's talent Such a great friend

    Ana Carolina Buzelim dos SantosAna Carolina Buzelim dos SantosMåned siden
  • I’m in no way any sort of professional, but I think if you took a larger ball burr and used it to cut a smoother groove in the back of those scales, it would look more like what you’re going after with much less work. Then you could use the smaller burrs to stipple them for natural effect

    Josh RepikJosh RepikMåned siden
  • I don’t know, the handle is starting to look more like an East Asian dragon than a sea serpent...

    Wisky DocentWisky DocentMåned siden
  • Alec, Use some alcohol to release hot glue (either denatured or isopropyl works).

    Arik BordArik BordMåned siden
  • If you want rid of hot glue, hit it with some isopropanol and wait a minute, it will peel right off.

    good vibesgood vibesMåned siden
  • Didn't they tell you that you look like the kid from meet the robinsons?

    Nabor LeonNabor LeonMåned siden
  • Quick question Alec how would they have done it that design when that pice was made back in history just curious on how that would be done

    DigdugHD 457DigdugHD 457Måned siden
  • Alec: has zero confidence carving Also Alec: goes straight to work piece without practice on a sacrificial part first.

    Bawdydog -Bawdydog -Måned siden
  • Hi Alec, have really enjoyed your journey keep it up. Tip for hot melt glue- denatured alcohol will break its bond.

    John CollinsJohn CollinsMåned siden
  • Alec, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been my inspiration to start my own forge and to start my own business. I've taken steps towards taking classes and finding an internship as well. All to get out of the mundane cooperate environment and to live my life the way i see fit. And that's thanks to you, your sponsor for this video would be that one part that i would struggle with the most and if not for you I'd never even know about that service. THANK YOU!

    James HobbsJames HobbsMåned siden
  • love it

  • Just recieved my 2.5lb square circle rounding hammer (made by you)!!! It is utterly FANTASTIC Alec!!! I am OVER THE MOON!!!!! Side note.... You mentioned my name in your "Facebook Q&A Video" (Sam's Replacement) I shall hold this in a shadow box until the time come that I will use it..... Then like Arthur I shall wield it PROPERLY!! Keep up the FANTASTIC work Alec!! 🔨🔨

    ronald birdronald birdMåned siden
  • You should make the flame of the west

    Anders LindAnders LindMåned siden
  • So what is the purpose of the channels in the middle of the blade other than looking awesome?

    Jerimiah PhippsJerimiah PhippsMåned siden