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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • “A ton of snow by British standards.” *shows half a Swedish 5 minutes snowstorm*

    Pandora TheClayPandora TheClayDag siden
  • Wait he’s back in England again? Permanently??

    EL JeffyEL Jeffy4 dager siden
  • I want a girl who looks at me like alec looks at cocoa

    Nik VasquezNik Vasquez11 dager siden
  • I want to see it done without power tools like in medieval times :P

    RodrigoRodrigo12 dager siden
  • 8:18 dude, I can't tell you how much I love that you show your mistakes. I've learned SO MUCH MORE by watching your channel than I have from any other smith on youtube, specifically because you show the issues you've had, and how you've fixed them. Shows like Forged in Fire may show you the breaks and bends, but they never go into detail about WHY the swords failed. Seriously, keep being awesome!

    butterflysragebutterflysrageMåned siden
  • if you need the steady hands of a surgeon, drink alot of water. like alot alot. every day. 6-10 bottles.

    TopHat Videos Inc.TopHat Videos Inc.Måned siden
  • Who is in the comments looking for the banana?

    Mother CrowMother CrowMåned siden
  • Class calling out Will that way...

    jdhalvojdhalvoMåned siden
  • Man I really wish I could get Magic Spoon in Europe.. emailed them and they hope to as well but it probably wont be anytime soon!

    ChompsterChompsterMåned siden
  • Lost wax / Lost PLA casting. just saying.

    DwwolfDwwolfMåned siden
  • 7:40...a banana? 🤔

    Scott ThomasScott ThomasMåned siden
  • You sholde bring bobby duke to help you with the carving

    kasper yousifkasper yousifMåned siden
  • You know a video about common mistakes in blacksmithing would be cool.

    Gillian WalkerGillian WalkerMåned siden
  • When are we getting the grinders in the uk 😃

    Christopher KynastonChristopher KynastonMåned siden
  • So question. When you were straightening the blade why did you clamp a banana to the top of the blade?

    Jason's Outdoor MischiefJason's Outdoor MischiefMåned siden
  • Alec: let's get cracking. My ears: let's get kraken.

    Yehuda MillerYehuda MillerMåned siden
  • The random nonchalant banana clamped to the blade. 😂😂😂

    Sharkdog_blade_co InstagramSharkdog_blade_co InstagramMåned siden
  • I'd grind your bevels

    BojanglesIsHereBojanglesIsHereMåned siden
  • The banana lol 😂

    Kevin DunhamKevin DunhamMåned siden
  • Yogo has been great moral support for us all ❤

    Ellie RyczekEllie RyczekMåned siden
  • Love the drill beats

    wavvykidfrmtwavvykidfrmtMåned siden
  • It shows the dedication that the ancient smiths had. It takes so much for modern smiths to copy their designs. Beautiful work.

    WildDiggerWildDiggerMåned siden
  • i was so cunfused about the sponser cuz all i herd was thank you magic spoon and was like da hell were did he get a magic spoon

    mrmcthicccmrmcthicccMåned siden
  • sugar is an important part of any diet!

    N JonesN JonesMåned siden
  • Looking great but what made you not forge this blade?

  • You act like soy and GMO are bad things...

    NieroshaiNieroshaiMåned siden
  • Epic video. Would be cool to see you try to melt and make Orichalcum.

    Cyphro HCyphro HMåned siden
  • Why do the bevels before thinning the tip?

    Jasper 105Jasper 105Måned siden
  • Wait, weren’t those your wedding rings.

    O.K. ProductionsO.K. ProductionsMåned siden
  • Honestly this is the sort of thing that probably would've been better to do as a lost wax casting, it would've saved you so many headaches!

    SeraphSeraphMåned siden
  • After all the tiny grinding, if the smithing falls through Alec can always just become a dentist 🤣

    EtheralDreamerEtheralDreamerMåned siden
  • Is he Alec related to Lexington Steele?

    Joe FlowmeisterJoe FlowmeisterMåned siden
  • For your next project, can you make a crown??

    Evan WiggintonEvan WiggintonMåned siden
  • Maybe a 30 min vs an 11 min video...

    JoeJoeMåned siden
  • Where is Will.....

    JoeJoeMåned siden
  • Hey Alec, I know that you sometimes take sponsorship from Audible. Before you do so again, you should take a look at @Spacedock Feb 20, 2021 video.

    Grant ThorntonGrant ThorntonMåned siden
  • Hey mr. Steel I have a challenge for you for a future video for you to try and make the blue rose sword from sword art online

    j 117j 117Måned siden
  • I said consummate V's, consummate!

    fadeennuifadeennuiMåned siden
  • Dude, a bigger challenge would be something that protects against a stiletto!!

    Gareth BenyonGareth BenyonMåned siden
  • You can also make a jig to have a fixed blade position when grinding.

    MorocotopoMorocotopoMåned siden
  • the magic spoon est seulement disponible aux US, c'est vraiment dommage parce que j'en avais tres envie :/

    Thibault RiviereThibault RiviereMåned siden
  • WHY THE BANANA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Gaston MaybankGaston MaybankMåned siden
  • I've been following you sense four months before you left Barker st, but today I'm unsubscribing and I wanted to tell you why. You use to teach us your craft, how to make a fuller, how to taper, heat treating, annealing, coffee etching, acid etching, sending techniques, you're even showing us how to MIG and TIG weld. But now I just watch you produce stuff and fast forward through all the good parts. I used to come to channel to learn how to forge, now It's just watching somebody make sparks. I know that format is not everybody's cup of tea but that is why I came, and since I no longer learn anything here I have to move on. I do wish you and yours the best of everything! Never stop doing what you love.

    Sphynx719Sphynx719Måned siden
  • if you make a mistake you can cut some filler metal of the same material and tig over the area

    nathan alboniconathan albonicoMåned siden
  • That outdo riff though !

    Gregg SmithGregg SmithMåned siden
  • Are you on Forged in Fire this season ? I’m like 90% sure I just saw you in the ad for it !

    JjaayyJjaayyMåned siden
  • How about a tungsten damascus knife

    Robert YoungRobert YoungMåned siden
  • I just got an idea. You could forge a metal water bottle. Knowing you guys it would probably end up a very nice quality tough bottle. And you could even make a unique pattern or something to personalize it

    MoteMoteMåned siden
  • Mr Steele Please stop wearing your wedding ring whilst using spinning machinery. This is going to look amazing really enjoying this series.

    Eddy WEddy WMåned siden
  • why has this man not been on forged in fire yet?

    Bigfoot2366Bigfoot2366Måned siden
  • So can we get an update on how things are going in the shop in Montana?

    Hudsey78Hudsey78Måned siden
  • 16th century craftsmen were able to create that work of art with the more difficult wrought iron material, hand made hand tools, and basic equipment. Yet you struggle and give up right away with the steel while using incredible power tools. The talents of our past are lost forever, never to be seen again. Noone can replicate traditional quality in any trade. Truly is sad.

    Big HossBig HossMåned siden
  • cant watch that handle any more your a black smith heat it up and use a round chizle for the eyes make one for the shape of the scale and pound them in like you did with the solder you made before stop useing the ball burr use the hammer and chizle for the small work... burr is only for hogging out stuff not for detail like your doing...

    Dontess22Dontess22Måned siden
  • i could "sea" that one coming

    Harry GregoryHarry GregoryMåned siden
  • Bro he looks like the nerd who ended up putting the school bully in the hospital

    usernameusernameMåned siden
  • Wish you could be making my wedding rings 😢

    Joshua LongieJoshua LongieMåned siden
  • Bring will back he made everything better :(

    Dawson LalorDawson LalorMåned siden
  • Spartan spear... I would love to see you make a Dory... better known as the weapon of the Spartan.

    snosnoMåned siden
  • Hi Alec, what's going on at wills channel ?? Don't see any postings coming up there. Hope all is well at the Stelter camp.... Mundesley Man !!

  • Hey Alex, im working with Nathan as an apprentice right now and I just thought it was super cool you guys know eachother

    cy baycy bayMåned siden
  • Where is Will these days ???

    Synevo 001Synevo 0012 måneder siden
  • Red Dykem hurts my feelings.

    Sean SteeleSean Steele2 måneder siden
  • He realy looks like rick astley

    Loki Playz_PHLoki Playz_PH2 måneder siden
  • Why the banana ?!

    dwalachndwalachn2 måneder siden
  • After living in Montana he said says a ton of snow by British standards aka not that much 😂

    Monsters live under the tableMonsters live under the table2 måneder siden
  • Imagine this guy building an axe with Buckin Bily Ray

    MileskiloMileskilo2 måneder siden
  • You should make the silver sword from the Witcher.

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith2 måneder siden
  • The banana in the forge killed me.

    The Black Sneaker SocietyThe Black Sneaker Society2 måneder siden
  • Music this video got me dancing in my chair!

    Jamie FlorioJamie Florio2 måneder siden
  • Couldn't watch this video as the thumbnail is too ugly, that red dicum (however you spell it) is off putting

    420 soulja420 soulja2 måneder siden
  • That Blue Dykem out of the spray can is awesome! 😁🤪

    UncleManuelUncleManuel2 måneder siden
  • Magic spoon sounds awesome. Just wish it wasn't a £10 we a box😅😪😥Your coming on leaps and bounds with your engraving work. Well done..ThankQ.TkEZ

    Ian FarquharsonIan Farquharson2 måneder siden
  • I am enjoying this, but how was the original made? Surely didn't have carbide ball-burrs, spun at quite hi speeds. Wouldn't it be interesting to cut a wax master, and cast a bronze handle?

    Ray WattersRay Watters2 måneder siden
  • dude...alec! Set some stones in there! okok Im not done watching yet it might happen.

    Tanthor LPTanthor LP2 måneder siden
  • Anyone know any blacksmiths that take on apprentices in and around London?

    Romaio Brown-SeniorRomaio Brown-Senior2 måneder siden
  • BANANA!!!!!

    JonnyTJonnyT2 måneder siden
  • But, are the magic spoon cereals vegan free? 😉. Pulling a This Old Tony with the "subscribe" hidden in the background there too...

    rpavlik1rpavlik12 måneder siden
  • Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets hypnotized by Alec's work.

    Nelson HikelNelson Hikel2 måneder siden
  • You should do a build sometime attempting to make a damascus blade of steel and gold, I'm very curious to see how that would ply.

    DeadDragon39DeadDragon392 måneder siden
  • The original handle were carved out of wood and then they made a form and cast the handle.

    NiamensisNiamensis2 måneder siden
  • Hi Alec will you be selling your products in the UK?

    Nick MiddletonNick Middleton2 måneder siden
  • What the hell is wrong with your steel? It has such a strange red hue to it, before you engrave it... Or is it the camera? Regardless, you should get that checked out...

    Robin EhrenhöferRobin Ehrenhöfer2 måneder siden
  • Did alec actually move back to the UK or is this just a long trip?

    Moi RamMoi Ram2 måneder siden
  • I am The only one thinking to myself... With all the new tools ect Alec Is using... I am Super impressed at the original maker doing the job with.. well None of it, Before power ect. Bravo .

    ken shamrockken shamrock2 måneder siden
  • Put rubies in the eyes of the monsters

    Ali AzkounAli Azkoun2 måneder siden
  • looks like something from bad dragon

    TooploopTooploop2 måneder siden
  • It's crazy to think that there are historic artifacts that are similar or more detailed that were created with far less to virtually no technology by today's standards. The blacksmiths of yesteryear possessed knowledge that was lost to the mass production age and its awesome to see someone in my generation doing those ancient geniuses justice

    dan bdan b2 måneder siden
  • On a scale of 1 to stoned. Anyone else see the banana?

    ICEMAN_SAVAGE27 GamingICEMAN_SAVAGE27 Gaming2 måneder siden
  • I'm curious if you could have started out with a tapered bar of material (steel or brass) made some cuts in it that resemble scales and twisting the material and then carving out the heads with the scales already made?

    David CantuDavid Cantu2 måneder siden
  • I'm not the only one going bananas?

    JonJon2 måneder siden
  • A nice inlay between the dragon snakes with a soft steel or a easy to corrode metal, a few minutes in acid and it would give the idea of full separation between them. Could try this in some other piece of metal, but I've seen it done somewhere and it looked very nice, amazing to give depth

    Miguel CostaMiguel Costa2 måneder siden
  • If you don't already have one, get a foot pedal for the hand engraver if you can. Less risk of slips/damage :)

    T AT A2 måneder siden
  • I have an idea for your next project... the Morgul Blade from LOTR

    Justin MorlockJustin Morlock2 måneder siden
  • Wouldn’t it be better to use lost wax casting for something as ornate as this?

    Jacob RayJacob Ray2 måneder siden
  • This is awesome but so was that voice crack when he said bevile 🤣

    Noah MeredithNoah Meredith2 måneder siden
  • Is a respirator needed with all those filings?

    PhobophobiaPhobophobia2 måneder siden
  • Hay Alec what type of Dremel system are you using

    Suburban OutdoorsmanSuburban Outdoorsman2 måneder siden
  • maybe i'm lazy but i think this would have been easier (more room to tweak before final product) had you worked it in lost wax...

    Mona BaleMona Bale2 måneder siden
  • Hi Alex. Big fan. Can you please tell Will to start making some videos?

    peter prittscherpeter prittscher2 måneder siden
  • when will i be welcomed back to the workshop again?

    Lachlan Van VlietLachlan Van Vliet2 måneder siden