Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

5. april. 2021
16 305 197 Ganger

Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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  • you gotta admit, this villain has no haters to the point where he gets his own movie

    Zoe Kate De LeonZoe Kate De LeonTime siden
  • Premium par milega yah vip par

  • Real talk. Is Loki gonna be bi?

    Ibi ReconditumIbi Reconditum3 timer siden
  • When hulk?

    #ElhijodeDios# La doña#ElhijodeDios# La doña3 timer siden
  • That cat needs an Emmy

    MegatronusPrimeMegatronusPrime4 timer siden
  • It's very subtle but if you stop it at exactly 2:06 right after the purple setting of Loki in the wind, you'll see him and a red haired lady in what appears as tights on a planet that looks very similar to the bay below the mountain on vjormir. Looks like nat and loki meet up and have a real heart to heart after all there subtle but strong conversations throughout the avengers. Awesomeness

    CameronCameron4 timer siden

    Isabeth Ann Joyce MerinIsabeth Ann Joyce Merin4 timer siden
  • Loki has always been 10steps ahead of me i love him😘😘😘

  • Wait a sec, is that BLACK WIDOW??? GASP!!!

    Le_isha - MIC usLe_isha - MIC us5 timer siden
  • If Loki had a final boss name it would be something like: Lord Loki The God of Backstabbing

    manurz1manurz15 timer siden
  • “It is adorable that you think you could possibly manipulate me” truly, the Trickster God

    Harry AHarry A6 timer siden
  • Natasha?

    Shah RinShah Rin6 timer siden
  • But why does Cap get away with it?

    Kade LinKade Lin6 timer siden
  • holy f*ck!! is that romanoff at 2:06??? oh my Goooood!!!!

    Lilo BergerLilo Berger7 timer siden
  • Bro wtf does jschlatt have to do with this

    Tanav KTanav K7 timer siden
  • hindi dubbed?

    Gaming stationGaming station8 timer siden
  • Was that Natasha and Loki at 2:07 👀

    Sheryll KerrSheryll Kerr8 timer siden
  • At 2:06 is that Natasha...!?

    Aaron WalkerAaron Walker8 timer siden
  • *This looks amazing!*

    MUMS-UniverseMUMS-Universe8 timer siden
  • Did my dude just bark when he entered right in the start😭💀

    {bootiful_rat}{bootiful_rat}9 timer siden
  • Loki: But why me and not many of the other superheroes that can actually be trusted? Guy: Cause... Plot reasons

    ToMiToMi10 timer siden
  • Who's he sitting with at 2:06 👀

    BigBradWolfBigBradWolf10 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
  • Please this series release in hindi

    Ali ArainAli Arain11 timer siden
  • Please release in hindi

    KHAN GamingKHAN Gaming11 timer siden
  • Did I just see...... Black widow?

    Firetastic ZoidFiretastic Zoid11 timer siden
  • Save black widow from there 2:06

    Mohammed IsmailMohammed Ismail11 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
  • Loki goes to The Umbrella Academy.

    Raskolnikov32Raskolnikov3211 timer siden
    • TVA

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
  • I need this right now

    Mj ELFMj ELF11 timer siden
  • The soul stone scene tho>>>>>

    Jordo BandzJordo Bandz11 timer siden
  • Just 50?

    Rukmani Sindhu ThangamRukmani Sindhu Thangam11 timer siden
  • at 02:06 surely thats not Black Widow is it?

    Adam TrueAdam True12 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
  • good

    Andrea D CarrollAndrea D Carroll12 timer siden
  • Space stone doesn't enable time travel, it only allows moving around within a timeline... so how does Loki break reality.

    Abhishek KadamAbhishek Kadam12 timer siden
  • Loki is like Joker... 😁

    Bird LoverBird Lover12 timer siden
  • Osm ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    VIDEOSLOCKER007VIDEOSLOCKER00712 timer siden
  • Black Widow : 02:06 !!!

    Unggul KirindiUnggul Kirindi12 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Change Eye ColorChange Eye Color12 timer siden
  • 2:06 was that black widow🤔😍

    Aarti PathaniaAarti Pathania13 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
  • I don't get it why are they going to start streaming this series from june 11. I mean Black Widow is scheduled to release on July 9. Won't these 2 clash with each other. We can only see 4 episodes of Loki before Black Widow. Isn’t that a problem? Or this series only consists of 4 episodes??? Why keeping the May month free? You could have released the Loki series in the mid time of May as The Falcon and The winter soldier will end this week

    MI Chowdhury ABIRMI Chowdhury ABIR13 timer siden
    • Because black widow takes place before infinity war.

      Look how she ate thatLook how she ate that12 timer siden
  • Disney:Okay how many shows and movies do want this year Marvel:I’ll take all of them

    YodaYoda14 timer siden
  • If Loki dies in this series we know it’s not really true

    Brayden HockBrayden Hock14 timer siden
  • Hey Marvel do something with me 🙏😂

    Steve RogersSteve Rogers14 timer siden
  • Is this before or after he died in the war?

    Dora LovelyDora Lovely15 timer siden
  • 2021?

    Zaharuddin BabZaharuddin Bab15 timer siden
  • 0:11

    pritham charles vardhanapupritham charles vardhanapu15 timer siden
  • 2:06 Loki’s sitting with BLACK WIDOW

    Beckham KulczyckyBeckham Kulczycky15 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
  • favourite boy

    Tessa BrooksTessa Brooks16 timer siden
    • No MARVEL in MAY.

      Akshat SharmaAkshat Sharma16 timer siden

    AffectionateSolidAffectionateSolid16 timer siden
  • 2:06 is that black widow ?

    Arvind JadhavArvind Jadhav17 timer siden
    • No

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
  • So tired of these idiots thinking black widow is in this

    broxbrox17 timer siden
  • Can anyone fuckin confirm me that at 2:07, they also saw Black Widow, please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Yash SharmaYash Sharma17 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
    • It's not

      broxbrox17 timer siden
  • dude,all loki did was escape and he has to go through all this?Avanangers are the one to blame.They reverse time and change so many events which leads to loki escape.This is not fair.

    Kaung Myat Soe MoeKaung Myat Soe Moe17 timer siden
    • @Look how she ate that yeah maybe im missing something,maybe it’s the problem only loki can solve

      Kaung Myat Soe MoeKaung Myat Soe Moe2 timer siden
    • @Kaung Myat Soe Moe well there’s a reason on why it’s loki they are blaiming we just have to wait

      Look how she ate thatLook how she ate that2 timer siden
    • @Look how she ate that But avangers grabbed all 6 infinity stones

      Kaung Myat Soe MoeKaung Myat Soe Moe2 timer siden
    • No it was his fault for grabbing the teseract the avengers didn’t force him to grab it

      Look how she ate thatLook how she ate that12 timer siden
  • Brother What Are You Doing There

    ThorThor18 timer siden
  • On the fence with this one, don't trust Marvel or Disney.......Disney even less.

    Your wifes' boyfriendYour wifes' boyfriend18 timer siden
  • He would be the perfect Joker

    Sycsmd IydlmsSycsmd Iydlms19 timer siden
  • At the end we all know loki never gonna die 😂

    Raj TharuRaj Tharu19 timer siden
  • Thanos be like:How is it possible, I killed Loki myself? Loki: This is nothing new for me, I have played dead before

    Dhwaj SinhaDhwaj Sinha20 timer siden
  • that last scene... don't tell me i'm the only one who saw it as his way to copy tony stark from the first iron man movie?

    liz.liz.20 timer siden
  • If they accused Loki of breaking reality, what about Captain America?

    Stefania FocaStefania Foca20 timer siden
  • Can't wait to see this movie 😊This movie trailer is damm awesome 👌🏻👌🏻

    Bad BoyBad Boy21 time siden
  • i love loki with roti

    Ayush PalAyush Pal21 time siden
  • I want Tony stark back😭😭

    ajit maneajit mane21 time siden
  • Take a shot everytime Loki goes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    HadestrikeHadestrike22 timer siden
  • don't even know how marvel comes up with such stirring background music for absolutely anything.

    agomoni.agomoni.22 timer siden
  • 2:06 black widow???

    Prince and Kisson Ko and WongPrince and Kisson Ko and Wong23 timer siden
    • *Lady Loki

      Jewt ScamanderJewt Scamander21 time siden

    Redwillow of DreamsRedwillow of Dreams23 timer siden
    • Ah, alright

      Redwillow of DreamsRedwillow of Dreams5 timer siden
    • @Redwillow of Dreams it's lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ13 timer siden
    • Hmm I mean on the left, unless I’m wrong

      Redwillow of DreamsRedwillow of Dreams13 timer siden
    • *Lady Loki

      Jewt ScamanderJewt Scamander21 time siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ21 time siden
  • Loki, Dr. Stange 2, and Spiderman 3 will be absolutely groundbreaking. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    Taylor YoshimuraTaylor Yoshimura23 timer siden
  • Joker with scepter

    CharlessCharlessDag siden
  • Is anyone wants to talk about this 2:06

    ErickJohnYTErickJohnYTDag siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ21 time siden
  • Im going to tell my kids this is what "movies" are

    Harrison ShawHarrison ShawDag siden
  • Loki and Owen Wilson are a brilliant duo. 😂😂😂😉😉😉

    Michelle BilandMichelle BilandDag siden
    • Tom Hiddleston

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ21 time siden
  • Oh this is gonna be good.

    Brandon SnethenBrandon SnethenDag siden
  • LETS GO LOKI ...Disney pls ..pls make a global server for Disney + because..pls I want to watch it KaramDag siden
  • This will be a flop

    Menibor1Menibor1Dag siden
    • @DEVANSH 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ10 timer siden
    • @ZAP GAMERZ he is dc fan

      DEVANSHDEVANSH16 timer siden
    • Why?

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ21 time siden
  • Plot twist: what if Variant Loki is who we lose in infinity wars. 😅

    Theresa HeadlamTheresa HeadlamDag siden
    • Ohhhh that is a good plot twist

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ21 time siden
  • joker?

    Bibek PandeyBibek PandeyDag siden
  • Yo how do u sign up to be in a marvel movieXD

    SigZeySigZeyDag siden
  • So much for “no resurrections this time”

    Poke PrimePoke PrimeDag siden
  • I’m still in denial that Loki is dead. This show better make me happy. I’VE MISSED HIM SO MUCH

    Cori RoseCori RoseDag siden
  • Loki - I have an army! Me - We have a HULK.

    imnotcreative 22imnotcreative 22Dag siden
  • Owen Wilson - You literally stabbed people in the back 50 times in your life. Loki - But I would never do it again.

    imnotcreative 22imnotcreative 22Dag siden
  • I watch this video twice a day

    Phoebe ChambersPhoebe ChambersDag siden
  • meh- gimme book of Boba Fett :P

    Haddy the CreatorHaddy the CreatorDag siden
  • So much in love with Tom Hiddleston.... he's amazing everytime ❤️❤️❤️

    Deepika Rathod 43Deepika Rathod 43Dag siden
  • God of mischief

    Batboy jr.Batboy jr.Dag siden
  • 2:06 he is sitting with black widow

    Zeeshan ChoudharyZeeshan ChoudharyDag siden
    • You know, marrage, honeymoon...

      Akshat SharmaAkshat Sharma16 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ21 time siden
    • *Lady Loki

      Jewt ScamanderJewt Scamander21 time siden
  • This on June 11th, Shang-Chi in September, Marvel is REALLY active right now

    Juicy BoiJuicy BoiDag siden
    • @Alberto Rojas most important movies are is thor love and thunder doctor strange multiverse of madness and eternals in series secret invasion

      DEVANSHDEVANSH16 timer siden
    • List of upcoming MARVEL Studios' MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Four films Black Widow - (July 9, 2021) Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - (September 3, '21) Eternals - (November 5, '21) Spider-Man: No Way Home - (December 17, '21) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - (March 25, '22) Thor: Love and Thunder - (May 6, '22) Black Panther II - (Jul 8, '22) Captain Marvel 2 - (Nov 11, '22) Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - ('22) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 - ('23) Fantastic Four - (TBA) MS has reserved October 7, '22 and February 17, May 5, Jul 28 & Nov 3 '23 for MCU:P4 films. EDIT: List of MS' MCU:P4 series/specials WandaVision The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Loki What If...? Ms. Marvel Hawkeye Moon Knight She-Hulk The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Secret Invasion Ironheart Armor Wars untitled Wakanda series

      Alberto RojasAlberto Rojas21 time siden
  • Roxxmart(nice try we know its roxxon)

    Henry WeldonHenry WeldonDag siden
  • Loki diserves... Now plz don't kill

    Ritu ThapaRitu ThapaDag siden
  • Okay, but a thought. Could some of this POSSIBLY be connected to WandaVision? Its just cuz the ending reminds me of it.

    Sherry DuganSherry DuganDag siden
    • In the MCU, everything is connected!!

      Jewt ScamanderJewt Scamander21 time siden
  • I can’t imagine anyone else playing Loki besides this guy

    Storm EmpireStorm EmpireDag siden
  • I’ve swore he’s died like 5 times yet he’s back again, must be the Loki from the endgame escape scene

    Storm EmpireStorm EmpireDag siden
  • That lil bit of Black Widow. 🤭

    Bradley BruvvaBradley BruvvaDag siden
    • @Bradley Bruvva 😁

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ20 timer siden
    • @ZAP GAMERZ oooohhhhhhh, even cooler.

      Bradley BruvvaBradley Bruvva21 time siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ21 time siden
  • Please sign to verify that this is everything you've ever said ...this is absurd😂😂

    Marrieta MbulaMarrieta MbulaDag siden
  • Is that Black Widow At 2.06 😵

    Abubakar khawajaAbubakar khawajaDag siden
    • @DEVANSH what??

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ13 timer siden
    • @ZAP GAMERZ i think you are tired of people telling about lady loki

      DEVANSHDEVANSH16 timer siden
    • Lady loki

      ZAP GAMERZZAP GAMERZ21 time siden

    Aimi SatoAimi SatoDag siden
  • Owen Wilson better say wow

    MM MMMM MMDag siden
  • LOVE U LOKIIII this time again kill it man

    Pallavi NagPallavi NagDag siden
  • We want telugu dubbed

    raaz kohliraaz kohliDag siden
  • Is it me or is this really just Marvel‘s Umbrella Academy?

    Dan GerouusDan GerouusDag siden
    • Seems a bit like it, but hopefully here the plot won't be meh and all over the place

      Carlos CunhaCarlos CunhaDag siden