Matt Mercer Talks Critical Role, Body Dysmorphia, Cancel Culture, Internet A$$holes & More Ep. 46

24. feb.. 2021
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00:00 - START
02:25 - Felicia Day - Geek & Sundry
06:12 - Being a People Pleaser/Empathic Person
09:34 - Dealing with Online Hate
12:57 - Critical Role
15:13 - CR Being Creator Owned
16:40 - How long do you want to do this?
21:00 - Phil Cancel Culture Rant
25:48 - Name Changing Buddies
30:49 - Middle School/High School Matt
35:58 - CD Projekt Red Controversy
40:38 - How do you get into the hobby of D&D?
49:03 - Would you classify what you do as a form of improv?
53:35 - Stephen Colbert Story
56:36 - Job Most Excited to Get, And Worst?
01:02:35 - Marisha Was “Sexy Ninja Girl”
01:07:03 - What does the PDS look like in 5 years?
01:11:36 - Men Don’t Talk About Mental Health Enough
01:17:21 - Amazing Race Audition Story
01:22:35 - Matt’s Hair Care Routine
01:23:17 - Career in Live-Action
01:24:57 - Matt’s Thunder Sound Effects
01:27:23 - Solo Projects
01:39:34 - Who on the cast would take over DM?
01:41:07 - Carter F Word Story
01:44:13 - Capitol Attack Sadness
01:50:33 - How did you propose?
01:57:47 - My family was homeless living in our van
02:00:18 - What’s a piece of advice you’d give to someone?
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  • i can't believe this dude is Prince Olivert lol

    FigBat DiggerNickFigBat DiggerNickDag siden
  • I kind of blame money for my father becoming abusive, so that’s a whole thing that can happen if someone just... sucks deep down.

    Lix Hewett CreativeLix Hewett CreativeDag siden
  • My question is : Is the near TPK Matt is talking about the same one where he first met Marisha ? When she just came to watch the game and all that

    JeanOlafJeanOlafDag siden
  • 4 hour video means you can't criticise lol, this guy has fruit for brains lol. I came late to Critical Role and heavily criticised Willingham's behaviour in the first season, actually found out he was a fan favourite lol, and even had a twerp called 'Philip' start getting angry at my comments ;) Travis 'Philip' Willingham didn't know what Critical Role would become and he was obnoxious burping and threatening at people on the show often, did stuff which would have seen him KO'd in many games haha. But at the end of the day how far did he cross the line in being a twerp? Not that far. But still enough for it to be highlighted. I still think he and his wife are out for themselves and would for the money ditch Matt and everyone else though Laura would have more reservations, but of course that offer would never come from anywhere, it's a roleplaying campaign after all. Surprises me zero that Philip is CEO lol.

    G. Dalf LeBlancG. Dalf LeBlancDag siden
  • As someone who is both a lover of CR /DND AND a staunch libertarian (Notice the little "L"), I am that crossover audience and I'm incredibly happy to see two people who's view I respect so much having a reasoned conversation!

    mybloodbeforehersmybloodbeforehers7 dager siden
  • Matt always reminding us that being a "good human being" is not that hard. And an excellent job on Philip's end, I'm not a follower and didn't know your work but I really enjoyed it. Fresh and honest. What I still can't even picture is what reason could ANY person have to threaten someone to death because of a tabletop game. I'm just too curious. Is it about game mechanics? Like "HOW COULD YOU NOT REMEMBER THAT MAGE ARMOR IS + DEX!?" or like "That spell is concentration you moron, you need to die!" Really, how? Why? I understand this is a sensible topic for the victim but I'm just dying to know.

    Lushifer IILushifer II8 dager siden
  • I love Matts smile when he talks about past games, and the idea of GMing. Makes me want to play D&D again.,

    Chauncey CrosbyChauncey Crosby9 dager siden
  • Control over a circumstance larger than one's self and out of one's true control - that is absolutely a factor that drives people with relative anonymity on the internet to say and do terrible things. I've done it for sure. We often treat this medium as a massive open and public forum when our conversations tend to be no deeper than a volley of immediate emotional reactions. The sincerest instances of "cancel culture" on Twitter are just as poorly researched and shallow in effectual meaning as the intentionally defamatory ones. On the opposite end of the chill spectrum, the communities in 4chan and Kiwi that speak on their distaste of policing behavior act as if some invisible but organized SJW conglomerate is somehow forcing content creators to limit the range of their communication abilities. The Internet is a very freeing medium for people who feel they don't have a voice, and it can be frightening when people feel as if their voices are being restricted or their activities observed.

    Brotus ClipsBrotus Clips9 dager siden
  • I met Matt Mercer as Lord Masamune years ago when I was 17. I was such a nerdy fangirl, and he was so nice. It makes me happy to see him succeed and do so well!

    LadyKattiyaLadyKattiya10 dager siden
  • 1:34:00 naw Matt. If I were you I would find it hard to believe that there are thousands of people who absolutely love and adore you after only ever seeing a couple minutes of your work. CAUSE THAT WAS ME

    ejano Crowsnatcherejano Crowsnatcher11 dager siden
  • ahhh yes jotaro kujos voice actor

    SynchetroSynchetro11 dager siden
  • God damn I heard Mercer was offensively polite but I thought that was just his go-to way of dealing with fans/strangers. He really is just that nice to people, even with a level of familiarity.

    Connor McGuireConnor McGuire11 dager siden
  • Okay I'm a little confused who is trying to cancel Matt? He is one of the most wholesome wonderful guys. He's also fairly liberal in all honesty, so what's the problem?

    Matthew CourtneyMatthew Courtney12 dager siden
  • 29:10 I disagree with that. Not because it isn't often true, but I think true forgiveness should come from other people too. It is important to forgive yourself, but we live in a world that isn't willing to forgive others, and it honestly makes me sad. This idea strikes at the heart of cancel culture.

    Chris OsborneChris Osborne12 dager siden
  • My assumption on the cross over would be sourcefed/nerd and the nerdist links

    Ryan SimmonsRyan Simmons12 dager siden
  • 😆😆 I can only grow the neck beard too. I blame my dad.😁

    Bryon1187Bryon118713 dager siden
  • 18:06 is the start of the whole “f*ck cancel culture” section. Phil’s rant is kinda out of the blue after Matt talks a bit.

    Leb ofkayLeb ofkay13 dager siden
  • Matt Mercer is a fucking world treasure.

    pauloskinnerpauloskinner14 dager siden
  • Matt is learning how to be Joker and lockpick treasure chests xD

    Debz BaumausDebz Baumaus14 dager siden
  • Huge Critical Role fan, found your podcast because of this episode. Man! You have a great voice for the radio, I'll be back for more for sure.

    Nomad APPROACHNomad APPROACH14 dager siden
  • Americans: " so proud of our heritage we mention it to everyone the slightest sliver of our whereabouts" Also americans: "what? history? background? customs? we dno " *shrug*

    Ken Vanden BrandenKen Vanden Branden14 dager siden
  • Matt focuses on the Npcs inner stories too much that’s what made him introspective on the stories of real life npcs too

    No Life To SaveNo Life To Save14 dager siden
  • Matt Mercer said "ya'll" my life is complete.

    Joshua AdamsJoshua Adams15 dager siden
  • Matt if you read this comment, I may have only watched like 20 minutes so far but you should add this guy as a special guest in an adventure

    Ryan GoldsteinRyan Goldstein15 dager siden
  • Never realized how much I'd enjoy Matt mercer, haven't really watched crit role much but dang he's just such a dope dude

    Dakota sirDakota sir15 dager siden
  • I absolutely love the Mythica series!

    DustinDustin15 dager siden
  • As someone in the power industry, this “crunch culture” thing is present here too. I would assume it is present in most, if not all, industries (as Matt acknowledged). 80 hour weeks are not uncommon, even now, under covid. In the power industry, loss in quality of work means lives are directly and immediately at stake. It would have been much worse in Matt’s grandfather's time. Perhaps that had something to do with his behavior. I assume he had a “you’ve gotta be hard to survive” kind of attitude. As a sensitive, empathetic person myself, I can say that this statement is true in most circumstances.

    DustinDustin15 dager siden
  • I said this in a clip video, but I want to say it here too. It seems like CR is on the ‘cancel’ side of the wheel a lot, and I don’t understand why. People get so upset over everything. It makes me stay out of the community, as much as I think I would want to be a part of it sometimes. I want to enjoy something without people ruining it, raging over nothing. That said, I am usually way behind on epodes and don’t engage too much with their other content (I want to, but there is only so much media I can watch). I tend to binge-watch for a week or two and get burned out on it. After a while, I will see a clip or an interview, reminding me to watch. That is when I realize that my mood has been a little low, and I haven’t written (mostly poetry and short stories) in a while. CR is a significant source of joy for me. The cast, and the characters they have created, touch my soul. Like all good tales, there is so much we can learn about our lives and ourselves through them. They inspire me to create my own worlds and tell my own stories. I also love Talks Machina. I sometimes forget or talk myself out of the idea that I am a writer; whether I am good or bad is irrelevant. There is something about listening to other creatives talk about their process that reminds me.

    DustinDustin15 dager siden
  • Lockpicking lawyer! It HAS TO BE HIM! Im so glad he's reaching so many people

    nem tudomnem tudom15 dager siden
  • Tip one out for BT 7274

    Duke KemppyDuke Kemppy15 dager siden
  • @Matt, I just want you to know that you have created something very special. I'm fairly new to Critical Role. In fact, I stumbled upon it by accident, after it was mentioned in an interview with Ashley Johnson, and after watching a few recent episodes, I was drawn in and decided to restart from the beginning of the second campaign. I truly fell in love with the show by Episode 2, upon meeting Oglen, the book-smelling gnomish proprietor of the Burnished Biblios. Since then, Critical Role has become an indispensable part of my life. It is something that I look forward to every day, like the comfort of a cozy fireplace that warms my soul from the cold winter shit-storm of 2020. The amount of love and creative energy that you have put into the show is truly remarkable. I absolutely adore what you and the rest of the cast of Critical Role accomplish every day, with everything that you do, Critical Role and beyond, and I hope that this comment finds you some day, and undoes just a little bit of the damage created by some hateful internet rando. And I hope you never feel like you're not doing enough, because what you're already doing in present already feels superhuman!

    spikesagalspikesagal15 dager siden
  • If you live in the first world,( The whole west) that is the epitome of privilege compared to the rest of the worlds. We should be thankful to God of opportunities, food ,shelter, health, relatively safety, entertainment. I pray for the poor souls who are angry of mental health issues, horrible childhoods good or bad that they may find a true and lasting peace in their hearts. All the answers start and come from within. I struggle with some issues only God knows and some friends who will help and hold me to actions and heart issues. Trying to live at peace with all men(people) Not everything is a hill one must defend or die on.

    jason ferrelljason ferrell16 dager siden
  • That game Matt ran from Colbert I think is the pinnacle of what running a D&D game actually is intended to be.

    Labor DaysLabor Days16 dager siden
  • It is so awesome to see another creator that is down to earth

    Gabriel CholkaGabriel Cholka16 dager siden
  • Freaking love Matt Mercer!!!!!

    David PakDavid Pak17 dager siden
  • Where are you, timestamp critter?

    Raphaël AtherillRaphaël Atherill17 dager siden
  • is that a tee turtle shirt i see??? @phil

    Robert ShieldsRobert Shields17 dager siden
  • In his ancillary is one Brian W. Foster who I openly talked an inordinate amount of shit about on Twitter. I am not talking about a little shit I mean, I am right there on Thursday during their after show being banned by their mods on Twitch because I couldn't stop talking shit... and leaving gross and disgusting comments about him. I am bringing this up because I don't feel like its something I should hide, feel ashamed about: 100% and it still hurts... and I really wish I could give a more convincing answer as to why I do it. Even in my youth I was never that way towards anyone... I was a shut in, quiet, but articulate and I was very much bonded to D&D... and none of this excuses it because none of it explains why I did it. The closest I am at to an answer is: I used to use hate as a motivator... if I hated School I would attack it with a kind of abandon that frightened other students and teachers (like you've never seen a person answer a math question with as much fervor and animosity before... my hand was in the air before the question was even finished... and I always had a bad attitude about it)... I used to claim hate sustained me in the edgiest and cringiest way possible. But the truth is and in large part due to a vast amount of introspection and therapy (yes Therapy)... it was a form of self abuse... Hate wasn't saving me it was making me weaker and weaker and weaker... all of my most meaningful connections had been born in and built on antagonism. One of my closest friends was someone I met who had been verbally abusive towards me and I was abusive towards him... he has since eased up a lot and enough to where I don't internalize the destructive "jokes" anymore. Because that was what it had always been about... a deep loathing in myself... but back to the point I was making in which I was focused so much on this one guy... its because I wanted to be him... I hated myself and I hated him because I wanted to be him and be something that wasn't me. But it completely removed any sense of his humanity and it started to dawn on me the more I saw him outside of his usual programming, doing interview, and being interviewed and... really I had known nothing about him. I was out there lobbing hate at a stranger even with the hours of watching... he was still a stranger... and its an important thing to remember. No matter how many interview you watch... no matter how many hours of their programming and no matter how authentic they are being... you don't know them. I don't know Philip Defranco anymore than I know Matt Mercer, Brian W. Foster, Meryl Streep, Danny DeVito... any celebrity. All I am at the end of the day am a tourist in their lives and we all need to fucking stop trashing them for it. We can go to Paris but we don't know what its like to live there. We can have opinions and thoughts without trying to ruin someone or something for others. The last thing I want to note before I stop this massive block text is that... I will never stop bringing this up... I wish what I said wasn't as horrific as it was (I won't even give examples but if you can imagine the most unbelievably nasty thing I could say to you I probably said it at him). I was banned justly and because I learned from it... if you or someone you know acts half as bad as I did... you should know thats a sign of a far greater personal issue. And once you break free from it the guilt is profound. I pray to God, Brian W. Foster never saw or heard anything specific about what I said. It won't make me feel better if he didn't but it would make me feel worse if he did.

    Ethan HornEthan Horn17 dager siden
  • Matt talking about Marisha has me feeling some type of way I love them

    CalderoHechicero29CalderoHechicero2918 dager siden
  • I have no Criticism from Matt Mercer The Mercer effect However is something I take issue with but it's not matts fault It's the fault of those who have no interest in the hobby But see critical role and say I want to do that and only that Critical role while being an amazing source of inspiration and aspiration is not normal DnD Production value is so much higher 3 maps are expensive and hard to make Not Everyone owns minis Not everyone is a voice Actor Not everyone DMs like Matt Mercer And for the truly egregious offenders Who secret whole roll and Believe all dandy should be like that I have 2 pieces of advice or warnings take it as you will 1 Do not bash people players or DMs For not doing voices Or accents right 2 If you make a blatant rip off of a critical role character Do not expect your DM To recreate events in critical role for your character

    JP The Pr0xy DMJP The Pr0xy DM18 dager siden
  • The crossover I didn't know I needed. I have been watching Phil longer than I've been a Critter, but they both have influenced my late 20's/early 30's equally and I wouldn't have retained/adopted certain beliefs on soooooooo many issues, without their unapologetic stances on the importance of one's integrity and empathy for your fellow man.

    Mark BedfordMark Bedford19 dager siden
  • Matt is such a true gem on the internet! He has had such a good influence on my life as a GM, but also as just trying to be a good dude to people.

    diggerthecornflakediggerthecornflake19 dager siden
  • Matt is such an incredibly good person. As a people pleaser myself, I totally get the anxieties he is constantly battling with and will continue to battle with for the rest of his life. That shit doesn't go away, it's just how we approach it that we can change. Love ya Matt, hope you understand that your community loves you and all of your friends so so much.

    ShlycerShlycer19 dager siden
  • Shit like this is why people love CR - such genuine positivity.

    Mnementh2230Mnementh223019 dager siden
  • Seeing this made me super excited. I respect the hell out of Mr. Defranco and I love Matt and the crew and the world they have built.

    Jesse JenkinsJesse Jenkins19 dager siden
  • Berenstain bears on GBC was a banger, totally forgot about that game.

    Kevin SchwartzKevin Schwartz19 dager siden
  • B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X---❤️😘 ..👍 Clickhere : !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候1 1617233731

    Rais HaikalRais Haikal20 dager siden
  • Matt, you are a gem. Game on and continue to propagate love in this world on your life journey. Peace and blessings. 🙏 🕉

    AlexAlex20 dager siden
  • Matt is such a sweetheart and a treasure.

    Geeky GengarGeeky Gengar21 dag siden
  • I watch both.

    DrudleyDrudley21 dag siden
  • 26:02 It's funny that currently the first suggestion for Matt Miller on imdb is Matthew Mercer.

    turonituroni22 dager siden
  • Watch the first 5 seconds at x0.5 speed - thank me later :D

    359Aides359Aides22 dager siden
  • i was super down to listen to this but then I fucking lost my shit at 11:50 with FUCKIN TRAVIS MCELROY my housemate now thinks I'm nuts

    ToriFloopToriFloop23 dager siden
  • You gotta bring on Jerry Holkins. His group were the first proto-live play dnd guys.

    Rob S.Rob S.24 dager siden
  • Lmao Leon help!

    RagingWyvernRagingWyvern25 dager siden
  • There is a man of passion! think about how many times Matthew Mercer had to explain, what is Critical Role and what are tabletop roleplaying games. Still his answer is full on appreciation and genuine excitement. The amount of empathy is just amazing.

    Culinary GamingCulinary Gaming25 dager siden
  • Dude honestly I wouldn't mind seeing Phil talk to Troy Baker he's another awesome guy

    Tony RamosTony Ramos26 dager siden
  • I wanna comment so many things but I'm watching this Late and it would just be too huge. I'll just say this, I like to think these two are gonna go get a beer together, or something, sometime in the near future.

    3Catharsis33Catharsis326 dager siden
  • Oh Matt my sweet summer child you need to learn how to tell people to fuck off and realise your not responsible for other people's emotional states.

    Fox Hound1878Fox Hound187826 dager siden
  • Does anybody know what Matt is talking about at 06:00? About apologizing too much to bad people? Like, what were the specific instances that he´s reffering to.

    borna1231borna123126 dager siden
  • Men dont talk about mental health as much cause society just doesn't really care about men :p

    DeadZedWalkingDeadZedWalking26 dager siden
  • An explosion of wrongness 3:00

    00mboochin00mboochin27 dager siden
  • Wait, what is the Ninja Girl thing that Marisha was a part of? Does anyone have a link?

    KamuiTKamuiT27 dager siden
  • 16:52 LOL 😂😆😆 I just finished watching end of 112 where Grog witnesses someone get strangled and there body turns to a pile of ash leaving the armour behind.

    Ligh7 Foo7Ligh7 Foo727 dager siden
  • 37:15 This is a sad truth about a bunch of industries. I worked in fashion as an assistant to a CEO and buyer and my company had the same way of thinking. They overworked their staff and had a rapid cycle of people quitting and new people coming in. I am sure many people have same experienced in their field of work

    Natto JellyNatto Jelly28 dager siden
  • Meanwhile Matt responds to aggressive message and posts, I'm just here telling him that I appreciate all the work that goes into everything he does for critical roll, and not a peep.

    Ian JohnsonIan Johnson28 dager siden
    • @Follow the howl You're very right hahaha

      Ian JohnsonIan Johnson27 dager siden
    • Ok? Matt is a busy man, and replies to who he wants to, It's not about you I'm afraid

      Follow the howlFollow the howl27 dager siden
  • Marisha on acw when

    Beau, Disaster LesbianBeau, Disaster Lesbian28 dager siden
  • Is Critical Role Foundation still available on Amazon Smile? I'm not finding it when I search to change my contribution to it.

    Rachel HandleyRachel Handley29 dager siden
  • For anyone who wants to see a good D&D campaign. I LOVE “seven seas six idiots”. It streams on twitch every Wednesday and gets uploaded afterwards on NOtown at “six idiots Inc”.

    J DoomsJ Dooms29 dager siden
    • It is hosted by @OffBeatOutlaw, he does a great job.

      J DoomsJ Dooms29 dager siden
  • Just because you exist, you are worth while. I like your stuff, sure. That is not why you are worth while. You could never create anything and still be a worth while person.

    TDTF PodTDTF Pod29 dager siden
  • Just hearing Phil name drop him, Burnie Burns would be fantastic on an episode of this

    Mark EricksonMark EricksonMåned siden

    lykos27lykos27Måned siden
  • great interview

    granaffgranaffMåned siden
  • That these two people I admire and respect so much sat down to make this video gives me so much joy.

    Eddy GremlinEddy GremlinMåned siden
    • T_T I didn't think I could love Matt more than I already did

      Eddy GremlinEddy GremlinMåned siden
  • I love Critical Role and am even playing in Exandria in my Sunday night D&D game. I love every bit of that world and I love the character I am developing. Dunamancy has SO many cool things for intellectual characters to run with. Thanks, Matt and the cat of Critical Role, for this content. Please keep it coming! :D

    Lilith Anastasia PattersonLilith Anastasia PattersonMåned siden
  • Watching this and thinking, ohh, we have quite a lot in common. Even my hair will soon be as long as his.. Then he drops: "I just took up a new hobby: lockpickpicking.." *looking up from the lock I'm picking* "you gotta be kidding me!" 😂

    KevinTheDaneKevinTheDaneMåned siden
  • Ayy midas from fortnite

    Juan RamirezJuan RamirezMåned siden
  • @1:25:55 - I totally get the interest in lock picking as a legitimate interest and hobby. I can’t remember how many years ago it was (more than 6, but less than 10...), but I remember at some point I came across a youtube video of a lockpicking competition that some hobbyist guild was holding, and thought it was interesting that this was a thing, and then went online to see if I could find some kind of intro to lockpicking PDFs or anything online and I found A HUGE PowerPoint slide detailing different types of locks, how they work, how they are picked, the key-types for them, etc. with animated gifs as well. At the time I ended up only being interested enough to figure out combo locks, but I ended up using it twice in life - once when an old high school band teacher was trying to get an old instrument out of an old locker but no longer had the combo for it, and a second time just to help my fire academy class do a training scenario in a storage container that was locked.

    Jeffrey ChampionJeffrey ChampionMåned siden
  • Matt made me cry, I sincerely appreciate his spirit and desire for human decency and kindness. I have always thought he was amazing and didn't think it was possible to admire him even more but it's happened. Thank you so much for this interview.

    Adriana ParedesAdriana ParedesMåned siden
  • Thank you SO much Phil and Matt. For the interview and for the humble honesty. Love Critical Role and ALL the "players". Been a fan for a bit though still playing catch-up with the seasons. Thank you Phil for the intelligent questions and your humor. Matt... don't ever change - your responsibility yoke must be heavy but like a superhero you are carrying it with honor, not alone to be sure. Your CR family is amazing.

    Daniel GayDaniel GayMåned siden
  • I’ve never commented on anything matts put out. But I’ve been following for all six years ❤️ I hope he knows a lot of us are like that.

    Ana MartinezAna MartinezMåned siden
  • When He talked about his first D&D game he sounded like Luke for a second.. isn‘t luke supposed to be like 5 or something 😂

    Kim PinelliKim PinelliMåned siden
  • Really interesting that Matt’s favourite quote is about luck, which can be used in context of both D&D and life itself... one more insight into how he incorporates real life into his game and enriches things for it

    IgnistercelIgnistercelMåned siden
  • i love him soo much!! such a great person!

    Camilo CuraCamilo CuraMåned siden
  • Matt is a precious genius cinnamon roll that must be protected at all cost!

    Melissa OlsonMelissa OlsonMåned siden
  • I've been playing TTRPGs somewhat seriously a little over a year now, and never realized Matt was one of the voice actors in Overwatch! Phill is doing such a great job keeping the conversation going with new topics and to minimize awkward silence and all, but I felt like Matt wasn't always understood, just wish the video was longer I guess haha. Great conversation nevertheless!

    AshhAshhMåned siden
  • i don't get why people would hate on CR in general, but why target Marisha?! she is my favourite player!! ( love em all but she's just adorable!)

    Hans ByagerHans ByagerMåned siden
    • I didn't finish the video yet, but I stopped watching CR after a while of watching it. I really enjoyed it, but there are few things which bothered me. They were really political there (and because of that they gained a lot of following from the like minded people) and it seemed to me that they were catering to those people. I remember there was some drama back in the first campaign (before I started watching). People thought that Matt killed some gay NPC and were pissed. But they cater to that kind of people and when you give them on the finger they will bite your whole arm off. And I disliked that they were pushing their 21st century left leaning politics in the game and I stopped watching. One of the sensitive people told me that the show was never for me, so i guess I am not missing out...

      Wlof25Wlof25Måned siden
  • Matt talking about falling in love with marisha is gonna make me cry I swear to FUCK

    CleoCleoMåned siden
  • Wow - Philip DeFranco looks sooooo different. What's going on here?

    jackal242jackal242Måned siden
  • I had put this on in the background while playing games and had to stop because it's a great conversation. So many people around me cannot converse and I love this.

    LPnWoWLPnWoWMåned siden
  • The private goldfish geometrically mark because spaghetti lally invent by a absorbing coat. quickest, staking withdrawal

    Justin PerezJustin PerezMåned siden
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    Aaron SAaron SMåned siden
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    Abel MunozAbel MunozMåned siden
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    dagamewhizdagamewhizMåned siden
  • Didn't they just make a D&D movie? Or are getting ready to? Why are they not doing CR?

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  • 1:24:15

    Aeslec -Aeslec -Måned siden
  • 1:30:00 Top 3 dnd of Matt Mercer... 1. Adventure zone my brother and me 2. Into the motherlands 3. High rollers

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  • Matt needs an anger translator! I am applying! I can DEFINITELY deal with haters!

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