Michael Moore Thinks Trump Defeated Himself in the 2020 Election

20. nov.. 2020
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Michael Moore reflects on Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, the Georgia runoff election and what worries him about Trump.
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Michael Moore Thinks Trump Defeated Himself in the 2020 Election- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • But I thought he would defeat himself that way in 2016

    Lut VerwiltLut Verwilt2 dager siden
  • I bet Pennsylvania won’t be blue in 2024, thanks to the Biden job kill.🤣

    David EbertDavid Ebert4 dager siden
  • 2 utterly repulsive liars

    Jerry RussoJerry Russo12 dager siden
  • Seems like at least the G.O.P. only has 1 classic true real Statesman in their midst who probably should have been elected a long time ago...a real Statesman whos image should maybe be on a$100 dollar bill..is Mitt Romney. Maybe just an opinion. God bless him. Just saying.....

    Kathy WarrenKathy Warren12 dager siden
  • I really wish people would learn to do basic math. Population of the USA 320 million, eligible to vote 240 million, people who actually voted 156 million. So one fourth of the population isn't eligible to participate. Of those who could only two thirds did. So the reality is one fourth of the population selected the next President of the United States of America.

    JMichael RamirezJMichael Ramirez13 dager siden
  • Geeze.. you look like a woman on hormones

    K BK B14 dager siden
  • The Acquired Inability To Escape

    jaye seejaye see15 dager siden
  • Trump might have won if he wouldn't have constantly lied and pushed the envelope with all the unnecessary criminal activity. What did he accomplish with all that BULLSHIT? NUNTHIN TheReaper!

    joeblackakareaperjoeblackakareaper16 dager siden
  • You wish Biden going down and woods calling Pence on trying to take the president job and mote it's over watch governor's will arrest as well Joe Biden and Hunter all in with China deals and the voters fraud

    Angela PraterAngela Prater22 dager siden
  • I just wish Biden was younger. Why’d they choose someone so old?

    Koley WKoley W24 dager siden
  • Love how many of you don’t know Biden. Sick

    Manni MompellerManni Mompeller25 dager siden
  • Michael Moron and anybody that will listen to the toothless wonder . Maybe he gets his lessons from the master gulper ...kameltoe harris

    Ricky IusRicky Ius26 dager siden
  • Trump was always his own worst enemy.

    b cb c26 dager siden
  • Moore is what gender fluid neo-Commies must all look like or face scorn

    edsnotgodedsnotgod29 dager siden
  • Imagine if trump was savvy.

    Dave MacDonaldDave MacDonaldMåned siden
  • Narcissist are their own worst enemy andTrump cheated he treated like people like s*** and he lost and now he's crying like a baby like Nelson muntz says ha ha

    Brian KelleyBrian KelleyMåned siden
  • Michael I'm on the team

    Lloyd MainLloyd MainMåned siden
  • People talk about Trump as a bad thing all the time.... but consider this: Nobody will feel that voting is a waste of time ever again.

    Jack SchmitJack SchmitMåned siden
  • Jon Stewart and Rosie O'Donnell look terrible in 4k.

    A PA PMåned siden
  • You people need to open you blind eyes you are fools. Here's a new word for you treasonous dope's GTMO coming soon

    Todd EstepTodd EstepMåned siden
  • Wait so micheal Moore supports joe Biden !?!?

    Amir ZadehAmir ZadehMåned siden
  • Hey Moore, you was so 100% that trump will win this elections... or you was concerned about some republicans publicity on your movies ?

    G. HawkG. HawkMåned siden
  • No the democrats cheated and the proof is self evident

    Ditkazbearz2Ditkazbearz2Måned siden
  • My dad lost his job under Trump!!!!😭

    Scott SullivanScott SullivanMåned siden
  • Seems 2 me J.Biden has remained steady, undeviating in integrity whilst tRump made a fool of himself & took many white supremist republicans with him.

    s whahts whahtMåned siden
    • duh everyone i hate is duh Notsee duh lol and legalize weed now duh

      edsnotgodedsnotgod29 dager siden
  • Michael deserves a lot of credit for helping save us from the worst nazi tumpsters

    Ro SuRo SuMåned siden
  • Idiot

    Mary LaurenceMary LaurenceMåned siden
  • This pile of garbage

    jerryholbrook13jerryholbrook13Måned siden
  • Trump can keep repeating his claims the election was rigged, fake, a hoax...yadda, yadda, yadda. After four-plus years of Trump, we all know his go-to buzzwords.The truth is that Trump has been given his day in court to prove his case and he has failed over and over. Thanks to these lawsuits, it's clear that at this point the only fraud in the 2020 election is Donald Trump. notown.info/two/video/mJmIfo2ZmpSg07c.html

    Abner RigaudAbner RigaudMåned siden

    tony whitcombtony whitcombMåned siden
  • sss Yes folks it's the truth

    Larry RossLarry RossMåned siden
  • Trump won bigtime The rats are being uncovered by the day

    XRP J.TXRP J.TMåned siden
  • WILL TRUMP ABLE TO DRAIN THE SWAMP. docs.google.com/document/d/18nn85hMjqwKzng1yce4mTmI5O5GmF5NYARYE0_A0CHE/edit?usp=sharing

    Carlos Fernando ValeroCarlos Fernando ValeroMåned siden
  • BS

    Olive LGOlive LGMåned siden
  • Biden won in 1988 when he lost the primaries and said: "Honest to God I shall be the President of the United States". Everyone seems to have forgotten that moment of prophecy he made.

    Prashant TimbloPrashant TimbloMåned siden
    • oh, my Allah, The Biden is the body of Mohammed reincarnate, oh my Allah

      edsnotgodedsnotgod29 dager siden
    • wow

      louis zepedalouis zepedaMåned siden
  • One bit of poling data that I haven’t heard was: How many 2016 Sanders supporters voted for “populist” Trump in 2016...and did they then turn out and vote Biden in 2020. At the end of the day I believe it was far stronger than usual turnout in urban areas of swing states that carried the day for Biden. These areas have the highest percentages of black voters. Voting this year was the easiest...due to absentee ballots that was very well administered. “Trump-America” believes all urban areas and cities are corrupt criminal places with easily “riggable” elections. These are the children and grandchildren of people who didn’t lift a finger when violent voter suppression was taking place in the south before 1965. They are easy made to fear cities and don’t believe cities to be repositories of citizens who are “true” Americans. This is why they can be so easily made to think the election was “stolen”. If it’s any consolation, the “city/country” divide was actually much worse in the 1920s. The Great Depression and WWII brought about a realignment of sorts.

    165Dash165DashMåned siden
  • Michael Moore is always so wrong about the liberal wing of the party. In the primaries, Bernie wasn’t even close to winning 50% of the popular vote. The moderates were splitting their vote between Joe, Pete, Amy, Corey, Kamala and Bloomberg. Once the moderate got behind the ONLY candidate who they knew could beat Trump, they backed Joe. The liberal wing of our party is a small minority yet wants every plank of the platform. Please leave the party all of you. Go with Bernie who’s not a Democrat anyway and form your own party. You’re destroying our brand with your nonsensical “defund the police,” your support for the looters, your free stuff for everyone economic policy, etc. You’re as out of touch with reality as the Trumpers. You’re just opposite ends of the same coin....

    Nicholas GambinoNicholas GambinoMåned siden
    • @BA DeCo wow, golly, Camden is paradise where the money taken from cops has turned it into a paradise. Wow. GOAT city on the west coast, ever. Zero crime, everybody toking weed. wow

      edsnotgodedsnotgod29 dager siden
    • @BA DeCo I know what it means, and it's a dumb slogan. It cost us the Senate and some seats in the House. Educate yourself on why the democrats aren't connecting to white, non-college educated males and some African Americans as well. It's this PC, cancel culture, BS Utopian socialist agenda that left wingers push. Name the last left wing liberal who won the presidency. Biden, Obama, Clinton, even Carter are all moderates. The 2018 midterms showed that we can win seats in red states with a moderate approach. Biden showed it here as well as is evidenced by the fact that he won in red states despite down ballot Dems losing. The left wing needs to get it line with the middle, not the other way around.

      Nicholas GambinoNicholas GambinoMåned siden

    Terry GrossTerry GrossMåned siden
  • If Trump handled Covid half as good as Vietnam or New Zealand, he skates to victory, he screwed himself.

    R&RDreamR&RDreamMåned siden
  • Area where Trump held rallies under performed. Trump cost himself the election.

    Kent PurdyKent PurdyMåned siden
  • Twitter is going to crash and burn.

    Mom's BasementMom's BasementMåned siden
  • 4 years of nothing but job exports and zero comedy from late night shows. The Biden legacy.

    Step in Time smithStep in Time smithMåned siden
    • "Biden ruined this, he botched that, he is a senile git, he huffed some girls hair but its all Trumps fault waaaaaaaaaaaaah"

      edsnotgodedsnotgod29 dager siden
  • Now that the nightmare called Trump has been voted out - how many Dem congressman and senators will publicly state that - The entire anti-Russian narrative and “Ukraine impeachment” were deliberate fabrications

    Boris PetrovBoris PetrovMåned siden
    • Hippie Democrats hissed and screeched that every Vietnam vet was a "baby killer", while every dodger and deserter was a "hero" The outgoing Democrat hillbilly hippie, Jimmy Carter, officially pardoned all dodgers and deserters. That should have been the end of it. Modern neo-hipsters not only decided that Carters pardon didn't apply to Trump, they did a 180 and declared deserters "cowards".

      edsnotgodedsnotgod29 dager siden
  • Yep Trump defeated himself through being a lame duck president and ex president. A presidential time will prefer forget.

    peter allisonpeter allisonMåned siden
  • This is old news...watch what happened in Georgia!

    Svetlana KiricSvetlana KiricMåned siden
  • Michael Moore here's a warning for you you and your friends are all going to prison you were all exposed Thursday on a security camera in Atlanta thousands and thousands of votes stolen four years you've attacked our president and lottery Republicans will try to forgive you I got bad news for you you're going to prison for the rest of your life we will not tolerate communist agitators trying to steal an American election you've been caught it'll be all over today it came out yesterday the video cameras from the Atlanta convention center thousands and thousands of votes you and your friends are going to go to prison for the rest of your life

    Donald RiderDonald RiderMåned siden
  • MM is a old duddy who won't come smoke weed with me.lol

    Sunsets horizon newclear orangeSunsets horizon newclear orangeMåned siden
  • Yeah Biden had no help from the media hiding his draft "dodging" squashing the harrassment allegations or not mentioning the negatives in his tax plan lol

    The Common Sense Conservative316The Common Sense Conservative316Måned siden
    • @John DiGiacomo oh man cool deflection! Talking about Biden you dumb foreigners

      The Common Sense Conservative316The Common Sense Conservative316Måned siden
    • Asthma is a reason for a 4F classification, regarding tax plans you apparently never looked at the Republican tax bill, or it's results. You've neither common sense nor are you conservative. Just a Trumpublican.

      John DiGiacomoJohn DiGiacomoMåned siden
    • You are dumb LOL

      fishface123ismfishface123ismMåned siden
  • OMG. That fckg hat! #Cavsin7. #Badboys >>>

    Dominic SandineDominic SandineMåned siden
  • I would have voted for a "Blank Space" who said Covid19 was real so Trump defeated himself. The only thing Biden needs to do in the next four years is get Covid under control.

    Deborah CaswellDeborah CaswellMåned siden
  • Trump won because of COVID19 and Mail-in Ballots. Pretty simple unless you're in the Amen Corner of the Democrat Party.

    radar0412radar0412Måned siden
  • First perspective with a golden thread of truth in every word

    Jo PJo PMåned siden
  • 6M+ votes shifted by big tech: report; 105% voted Milwaukee election turnout unusually high. More evidence of fraudulent voting.

    Roman WardRoman WardMåned siden
  • OMG Michael Moore looks like hes dead,

    John MahoneyJohn MahoneyMåned siden
  • Michael Moore is a complete air-head. Blacks have been persecuted for 500 years by multiple European nations. In America, it took a Civil War to get legal recognition of being a human being (Darwin??) and every president and congressman since 1865 has had the opportunity to... "Do the Right Thing" but no one DID it! But now, Moore thinks that JOE BIDEN is going to be the ONE? Air-head.

    Bill SterlingBill SterlingMåned siden
    • Given the multi-racial diversity of present-day America, it is somewhat difficult to enact the kind of changes that could satisfy all non-white ethnicities throughout the country, not just African-Americans.

      zorbathegreekzorbathegreekMåned siden
  • No, sorry, Michael--Pete Buttigieg won the Iowa caucus, no matter how many times you Berners lie about it. God, that is so sad and tired. Why do you even care at this point--Joe's won, the primaries are long over--to keep floating that falsehood? That's Trump territory. Bernie won a number of contests for sure. It so happens, the very first caucus, he did not win.

    Michelle FeldmanMichelle FeldmanMåned siden
    • Now that the nightmare called Trump has been voted out - how many Dem congressman and senators will publicly state that - The entire anti-Russian narrative and “Ukraine impeachment” were deliberate fabrications

      Boris PetrovBoris PetrovMåned siden
  • Michael Moore is furious with Donald Trump! The president wasted FOUR YEARS - and never went to war!

    Bill SterlingBill SterlingMåned siden
    • @fishface123ism Thanks for the personal hate comment! But the statement still stands; hate Trump or love him. Business people aren't in the habit of killing their customers - only politicians do that - with "other people's" sons.

      Bill SterlingBill SterlingMåned siden
    • Hey FOOL, we are still at war

      fishface123ismfishface123ismMåned siden
  • If Biden could only use his signature, he'd be golden. But, alas, when he breathes, he speaks.

    Bill SterlingBill SterlingMåned siden
    • @Bill Sterling PLEASE, you know nothing about me. Don't live your life so upset and full of fear that your hard work has not been compensated, or that others get more for nothing. While some may be true that you say, not all for sure and you need not hurtle insults around and use it to open the door for you to say whatever it is you are saying and including me in it as though you know. It sounds like you are the working middle class who has been cheated and Biden supports rebuilding the middle class. NOT TRUMP. And if you recognize the rip off cheat the Trump actually is, then don't try to lump every public servant into the same category.

      fishface123ismfishface123ismMåned siden
    • @fishface123ism Look! WE don't live the lives of congressmen and presidents. This nation was started for people like you and me, and we "hire" people to take care of justice, so we can live OUR lives in PEACE. Well - news flash! - they don't always do it! And my life - and hopefully YOUR life too - has more meaning than just being a cheerleader for "them." They've got their work to do, and they need to do it! Congress is full of MILLIONAIRES! Look it up! I'm retired on a small income after working hard for over 55 years. When any one of them acts like an idiot, I speak up. He's not being paid to be an idiot. YOUR life has meaning! Act with self-respect and hold these people accountable.

      Bill SterlingBill SterlingMåned siden
    • But alas, another tRump supporter types insults. How utterly novel.

      fishface123ismfishface123ismMåned siden
  • Guff.

    Non SpeculatorNon SpeculatorMåned siden
  • Rope a dope

    Frankie VFrankie VMåned siden
  • Trump is The most selfish president in American history people are dying in a pandemic this guy only worried about the election what a sad guy he is.

    Laugh out loud jokesLaugh out loud jokesMåned siden
  • I thought massive ballot drops at 3am with 99% of them for Biden and none of them even signed gave fake leads over Trump? And he's far from defeated.

    Ingur LundIngur LundMåned siden
  • Majority of the population were honestly just ready for an adult to be in charge again.

    Vegas stokerVegas stokerMåned siden
    • You need a parent in life, so sad.

      Not SureNot SureMåned siden
  • Acting as if Biden’s hiding was a "strategy" is laughable. Every time they let him out he’d babble and drool. He was staying in seclusion because TRUMP was hurting himself? LOLOLOLOLOL. He was hiding because HE was making a fool of himself.

    John TobinJohn TobinMåned siden
  • I hate Trump and agree with the majority of left-wing policies. Biden is rubbish. Corporations are running the US. These two clown shoes are a complete joke. Universal healthcare. Biden is against it. Educational loans write-off. Biden is against it. As much of a death sentence this is for the Republicans, it's worse for the Democrat party.

    SizzleChest McMurphySizzleChest McMurphyMåned siden
  • Can't wait to see all the mommy basement dweller faces when Trump is declared the winner

    Walker StradleyWalker StradleyMåned siden
    • Cant wait to see all the reptillian under rock dwellers when Biden is inaugurated.

      fishface123ismfishface123ismMåned siden
  • Lol veru funny, attacking a president continuously and hysterically with all kind of means that no president ever faced , from media , big tech , Covid 19 hysteria, protests ,and then non stop russian hoax then impeachment , and then claim he defeated himself 🤣 its miracle he stpd for 4 years despite leftist hysteria 🤭🤭 but it's ok they set the trend now , for presidential hattasment and playing dirty

    Aya MAya MMåned siden
  • Final quarter of life?

    Richard KeyserRichard KeyserMåned siden
  • For once, I agree with Michael Moore.

    Richard KeyserRichard KeyserMåned siden
  • Nobody underestimated him. He's not trump and that's all that matters.

    Kelly HKelly HMåned siden
    • Four years from now when things are the same but most likely worse come back here and gloat so I can have another laugh from another group of starry eyed voters who have not a clue as to what is really going on they go by what they are told and leave it at that. If you vote like that you are detrimental to this country more than Ttrump could ever do. This is not the big game between rival teams this is your future and your kids future become involved just don't watch and do what everyone else is doing.

      Not SureNot SureMåned siden
    • Nope. Trump is a loser, but it took a competent politician to let him self-destruct.

      4CardsMan4CardsManMåned siden
    • @Boris Petrov sss 1. Conservatives build and create. Liberals tear down and destroy. 1a. As a corollary, conservatives have beneficial long-range goals and plans. Conservatives aspire to accomplish something positive. Liberals exist only to oppose, mock, and heap scorn. 2. Conservatives have a sense of humor. Liberals have little or no sense of humor. In other words, conservatives find joy and laughter in life. Liberals may indulge in gloating, smirking, and gleeful derision, but they virtually never laugh at the delightful humor inherent in the human condition. 2a. As a corollary, conservatives appreciate and often employ self-deprecatory humor. Liberals never do. 3. Conservatives don't stir others up to anger. Liberals elevate that to an art form. Stirring up anger in others is the fundamental basis of how liberals operate. 4. Conservatives are willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. Liberals love to accuse others. 5. Conservatives are willing to personally sacrifice for the benefit of others. Liberals have no interest in personal sacrifice and in fact elevates itself above others and views them as inferior and unworthy of any sacrifice. 5a. A corollary is that conservatives focus on others first, which is the main ingredient of genuine love. I have a simple definition of genuine love of any kind: "love is when your happiness is necessary for my happiness." Liberals have no interest in love and generally views it as a weakness. 5b. An additional corollary is that if liberals ever feign any interest in the welfare of others, it's only for the purpose of imposing and enforcing the oxymoron of "compulsory charity." 6. Conservatives are willing to defer gratitude and take a long-term approach to accomplish lasting benefit. Liberals demand satisfaction right now. 7. Conservatives cherish truth. Conservatives are willing to revise their narrative to fit the truth. Liberals revise the truth to fit its narrative. 8. Conservatives rarely and judiciously employ the principle that the end justifies the means. That principle is liberals default operating system. 9. Conservatives are humble. Liberals are arrogant. 10. Conservatives focus on opportunity. Liberals focus on outcomes.

      Larry RossLarry RossMåned siden
    • Now that the nightmare called Trump has been voted out - how many Dem congressman and senators will publicly state that - The entire anti-Russian narrative and “Ukraine impeachment” were deliberate fabrications

      Boris PetrovBoris PetrovMåned siden
  • Trump new name "LOSER".

    JohnJohnMåned siden
  • OMG, you people need to appoint your own standards to yourselves...

    The Devils AdvocateThe Devils AdvocateMåned siden
  • I've been saying this a lot lately- I live in a "blue" state, Mass. I understand only about 1/2 my country. East Coast, West Coast, and a couple blue states in the middle. The South and Mid West? Wt-? Who are they? Thank God Trump is defeated! But, all these people who did vote for him again- what is that? There are two different Americas, imho. I'm mystified that so many fellow Americans agree with a racist, misogynistic, selfish, uncaring, self-serving and delusional arsehole. I'm just really perplexed. Anyway, I have faith that intelligent policy will be back.

    Rosa NagleRosa NagleMåned siden
  • People didn’t vote for Biden ,, they voted against Trump

    Freddie VillaFreddie VillaMåned siden
  • It didn’t look like it UNTIL they needed a puppet!

    Maria OrsicMaria OrsicMåned siden
  • When you figure you are smarter than everyone around you, usually you outdo yourself.

    Joe JustbelowJoe JustbelowMåned siden
  • Trump had EVERY CHANCE to be a better president. He FAILED. He got into the presidency insulting people...and he will leave a DISGRACE. AN IMPEACHED, DISGRACE. A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT.

    Bigtruckseriesreview MotorsportsBigtruckseriesreview MotorsportsMåned siden
  • Trump lost because he told old racist Republicans that mail-in ballots were unsafe, this is why Trump lost, not because of some ideological pushback as Michael Moore suggests, so they stayed home, but more people voted for Trump in this election than in 2016, that is a very scary factoid, our nation is so utterly divided almost in half, and also you can thank a virus for Bidens win as well

    Dennis BunikDennis BunikMåned siden
  • He’s NOT gonna seize anything...😂🙄 He’s gonna take care of his friends. He just won’t do it like TRUMP. He’ll be respectful and Posed, Presidential. Maybe he’ll keep a promise of two.

    Pendragon LovePendragon LoveMåned siden
  • the main reason he lost was his own stupidity on telling people mail-in ballots were unsafe, most elderly Republicans who are scared of the "darkies" do early voting, "oh orange man who will save us from the "dark" ones says mail-in ballots are unsafe, so we not vote then"..this is why he lost not because of any ideological pushback as Mr. Moore suggests, Trump is just a clown who doesn't even know the most basic things about the most basic things, dumbass just shot himself in the foot

    Dennis BunikDennis BunikMåned siden
  • The white house didn't need a turkey for thanksgiving . They already had a big fat juicy one sitting behind the desk in the oval office hollering FAKE NEWS . FAKE NEWS !!

    Mike Mac InnisMike Mac InnisMåned siden
  • Did Moore or Your parents have any children that lived???

    foresaken to noneforesaken to noneMåned siden
  • Why would somebody give a s*** what Michael Moore thinks

    HamblinHamblinMåned siden
  • As a hopeful patriot of this country that is about to lose its democracy to a group of thugs threw years perfect propaganda and fake news that reviled Hitler and the Nazi party , I often wonder why no journalists and web bloggers as well as Michael Moore and the democrats never fought and brought to the medias attention and no more then ever convict Trump and his followers of the real and proven voter fraud!!! The post master general whom is Trumps bud pulled warehouse buildings full of mail drop of boxes from all key states as well as laying off postal workers to slow down the mail service. This was all done to stop mail in ballots from coming in on time!! Shame on the media we need to speak for us to investigate these crimes of the real voter fraud and treason!!! Yes this patriot is damn mad!! and worried about our children's future if you people do not investigate this and bring it to the media and the people!!

    Kande69Kande69Måned siden
    • Hi Boris and thank you for your rebuttal . I applaud you for this. but please beware of all the crazy fake news which after many investigations ,leads to Trump and his fake news propaganda which until his candidacy , we have never seen before!! Maybe the Russian govt and Putin have know part of this madness but we have much proof that our Trump lead senate are very corrupt and liars!!! I watch many u tube videos from your beautiful country and came to the conclusion that Russian citizens are just like us and just want piece and happiness and our great people!!! I would love to go to Russia someday and see your awesome country!! Its not us people ,its our leaders!! god bless you sir!!!

      Kande69Kande69Måned siden
    • Basic fact: The entire anti-Russian narrative is a deliberate fabrication. Clapper, Brennan & Hayden trio were among former 50 intelligence officials stating that Hunter-laptop is classical “Russian disinformation”. - They were also key promoters of the three-year Russia-gate hoax. - They were also key intelligence executives in Obama/Biden/Hillary government - the government which hunted Snowden (forcing Bolivian plane with Bolivia’s president to land to search it) and armed Al Qaeda (including “white helmets” hoax) and staged all chemical attacks in Syria to remove its government. Trump’s utter incompetence in handling Covid-19 created the human and economic catastrophe that will be called - Trump-virus; he brought into government religious extremism and racism. The Russia-gate hoax and Ukraine-impeachment “entertainment” was concocted by Obama/Hillary/Biden and their intelligence and DNC executives on behalf of their Wall Street and military industry donors, i.e., the imperial War party taibbi.substack.com/p/were-in-a-permanent-coup

      Boris PetrovBoris PetrovMåned siden
  • Bankers and corporate CEO's , Wall St and defense contractors will think very highly of Biden.

    Daniel O'ConnellDaniel O'ConnellMåned siden

    alivamax25alivamax25Måned siden
    • Now that the nightmare called Trump has been voted out - how many Dem congressman and senators will publicly state that - The entire anti-Russian narrative and “Ukraine impeachment” were deliberate fabrications

      Boris PetrovBoris PetrovMåned siden
  • Biden my time until TRUMP leaves office on January 20th, 2020

    Steve America's Reality CheckerSteve America's Reality CheckerMåned siden
  • Absolutely 78 is not old

    Nancy RussoNancy RussoMåned siden
  • COVID won election for Biden. Other than higher taxes I don’t know what Biden’s for. Harris “I’m black and listen to rap?!” How’s Flint and Detroit going to do In census? Glad they’re Democratic

    JR SJR SMåned siden
  • Because they CHEATED! They cheated in the primary and they cheated the election. He was in the basement because he knew he would win due to cheating. So Trump didn’t beat himself. TRUMP WON! And you are wrong. And who cares what you think anyway?? Biden is not in the final quarter of his life! Ha! He is in the final years. You are pathetic with your bullshit. Go off

    Jennifer DePintoJennifer DePintoMåned siden
  • Trump lost because his act got old and boring. Most of all EXHAUSTING. Lying everyday about petty things. Forcing his base to have to defend stupidity EVERYDAY. The constant negative tone. We’re tired.

    Dcage PcuttaDcage PcuttaMåned siden
  • No. Democrat ballot fraud defeated Trump.

    quartytypoquartytypoMåned siden
  • Trump is the one who said that voters should vote by twice, he also told his supporters to not use mail in ballots. Didn't work to well did it. Then he took out sorting machines and made vote poll stations scarce. This made people get out and vote against his corruption

    Maureen ReynoldsMaureen ReynoldsMåned siden
  • Hi Late Night with Seth Meyers leaders and followers, good morning. We all have one common enemy and that is Satan. Satan does not stop his efforts for the perdition of man. We a huge spiritual battle right now communism, satanism, idolatry of islamism, freemasonry, terrorism, corruption, aetheism and etc. I encourage everyone to ask the help of St. Michael the Archangel he is a sure help in our daily personal battles and he is a protector against an unhappy death. The St. Michael the Archangel prayer is prayed like this many times during the day.: St. Michael the Archangel defend us in the battle , be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do you, O prince of the heavenly, by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen...I hope this helps..We can not afford the USA too become communist..God who created the world and the owner of the world is on our side ..we have to fight to the end and we will win...That is for sure

    Jean MauroJean MauroMåned siden
  • This dude hates Biden. 😂😂😂

    Black JayBlack JayMåned siden
  • 4:09 Michael Moore sounds like heath ledgers joker

    Mister DMister DMåned siden
  • Basically Joe Biden pulled a rope a dope on Donald Trump. Well done Joe. Motor mouth just can't shut up .

    Herbert RodriquezHerbert RodriquezMåned siden
  • hear ye hear ye ! I say everything every official medical doctor says and does in regard to CV is folly. And by the way this includes the CDC. And dr. FAUCCI and scarf lady. This is what you all must do people : Ski goggles worn in public stops the virus ( NOT A DUMB FACE MASK) how do I know this? Because I used to work in a restaurant cutting up onions, and swimming goggles was the only thing that prevented me crying while cutting them, proof of effective blockage of 100% of airborne particles hitting my eyes, which that’s EXACTLY how CV spreads. If you have cold symptoms, start this regimen : Eat a lot of raw garlic and ginger. If it is not burning your mouth, you aren’t eating enough of it. Milk helps after your mouth / stomach have been burning a while. Eat whole cloves, the spice. Anywhere from 2 pieces to 10 pieces a day. Chew them up ! Take 5 to 10 vitamin c pills a day. Have 10 ppm liquid silver, drink. 1 tablespoon a day of that. 5 dropper fulls of cantron a day. All of these things kill viruses. You would be well advised to obey what I have written here. Also, I want to say hunters dad did NOT win the election. That is clear. If you want to die, go ahead and listen to the doctors, who are skilled at helping you with a gunshot wound, but not skilled at CV help. Copy and paste this into your iPhone notes, and send it to all your contacts.

    Jason MitmesserJason MitmesserMåned siden
  • Every vote was for or against Trump No one wanted Biden

    888Sooty888SootyMåned siden
  • How dumb would you be to vote for dementia Joe. My guess is even Americans arent that dumb. I call bullshit. Stolen election

    E BE BMåned siden