Minecraft, But the Entire World is DIAMONDS

7. april. 2021
976 430 Ganger

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In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but the entire world is Diamond Blocks. You would think this makes the game easier, but it actually presents a challenge, in finding Iron, Coal, and wood. Can I beat the game on Minecraft Hardcore mode?
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  • 9:00

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  • Hey guys did you here about the New Stone Age enchantment?

    Kerry GiesenKerry Giesen58 minutter siden
  • I want sb Sundays

    Parham NaderisamaniParham Naderisamani3 timer siden
  • Can you make a world in honour of Prince Philip?

    Null ArcNull Arc3 timer siden
  • this reminds me of diamond survival

    Atharva JhaAtharva Jha4 timer siden
  • how do you become so op so quickly

    Isaac Latter casasIsaac Latter casas4 timer siden
  • you are my faviorate NOtown

    Isaac Latter casasIsaac Latter casas4 timer siden
  • any newcomers i suggest watching friend or foe, awesome world on the sb channel.

    The cloudsThe clouds5 timer siden
  • Beat minecraft pocket edition without dying

    Shibli FaruquiShibli Faruqui5 timer siden
  • You say notch appel and get one

    Mariam HoullichMariam Houllich5 timer siden
  • The only person who has diamond armour in day 1

    RL'S GAMINGRL'S GAMING6 timer siden
  • What if animals were made of diamonds on a normal mode?!

    Isla MayIsla May6 timer siden
  • I’ve done this once, it’s really fun

    MitchDaGamerManMitchDaGamerMan6 timer siden
  • Your my best childhood i really like your vids last 3 years ago with you and Fred

    Brieanna FloresBrieanna Flores7 timer siden
  • hey Sb you should make a floating island hardcore video

  • The max XP I’ve got was 277

    Night FuryNight Fury8 timer siden
  • this is the most extreme

    Harizdananto Prayata HudaHarizdananto Prayata Huda9 timer siden
  • When dirt is harder to find than diamonds

    MatthewPlayzRoblozMatthewPlayzRobloz9 timer siden
  • Nice

    ItsbluehitItsbluehit10 timer siden
  • And barely won three people and I’m one of them and you get something so just stop it

    flower Ahmedflower Ahmed11 timer siden
  • "and I'll get in your bed" -SB 2021

    ghosty the tommyinnit and mono fanghosty the tommyinnit and mono fan11 timer siden
  • this video reminds me of your diamond survival series

    Samik ShahSamik Shah12 timer siden
  • I like how his skill in minecraft has become unstarable minecraft player

    Hoyeon ChoiHoyeon Choi12 timer siden
  • "if you see a golem, take him out." -SB 2021

    wattle boiwattle boi12 timer siden
  • He has more enchanted golden apples in this 20 min hardcore speed run than I do in my 6 month survival server....

    Cole KinzieCole Kinzie12 timer siden
  • 😻

    Sydney tag Test and tagSydney tag Test and tag12 timer siden
  • Only ogs will remember remember the first time he did it

  • Sb why is there no more Xbox world video

    weirdoguy123 /kamiazeweirdoguy123 /kamiaze12 timer siden
  • World download link

    AadarshAadarsh12 timer siden
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  • If you are reading this, I love your content so much it is so entertaining and I like that you don’t swear. Thank you for being such a great content creator during my quarantine. Keep it up!

    Sully LongSully Long12 timer siden
  • Befor I thought his character was robo cop

    Among susAmong sus13 timer siden
  • He’s in Hard-core

    Lily an puppy RayburnLily an puppy Rayburn13 timer siden
  • 80k likes for part 2

    Rachel KompassRachel Kompass13 timer siden
  • You look like Chandler

    head huntertvhead huntertv13 timer siden
  • Flashbacks to diamond ore only world

    Frxsty PlayzFrxsty Playz13 timer siden
  • Sb I have watched u since your 120 day on your survival world I remember when dinner bone died and then you went back in time and saved him

    ProfektoProfekto13 timer siden
  • World

    Che FatalChe Fatal15 timer siden
  • Send me this eorld

    Che FatalChe Fatal15 timer siden
  • When normal resources are rare it makes you apperciate them

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  • Please do a video of your awesome world

    Alexander KaoAlexander Kao16 timer siden
  • Are you posting a 600 day video next

    XG The OGXG The OG16 timer siden
  • Hi

    Jessica051984Jessica05198416 timer siden
  • Your in hardcore

    Pokemon Hunter62Pokemon Hunter6216 timer siden
  • *2012 intensifies

    FaizOneFaizOne16 timer siden
  • my mine off:

    RuthRuth16 timer siden
  • Okay I love SBs videos and why is everyone so mean to him

    Snowywolf GamingSnowywolf Gaming17 timer siden
  • A world of diamonds sb737: i got sone age after diamonds

    Toran MatharuToran Matharu17 timer siden
  • I love you so much

    phil padphil pad17 timer siden
  • Sb737 u love ur vids

    Mary HigginsMary Higgins17 timer siden
  • Can you do netherite?

    Asma BalindongAsma Balindong17 timer siden
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    Jaime MeganJaime Megan18 timer siden
  • When you get "Diamonds!" before "Getting an upgrade".

    Roblox RileyRoblox Riley18 timer siden
  • Ree

    Jack The AxJack The Ax19 timer siden
  • SB737: There is no wood Also SB737: * makes diamond axe *

    _ Zeus07br7 __ Zeus07br7 _19 timer siden
  • Heh. Reminds me of Diamond Superflat.

    The Lord Of NothingThe Lord Of Nothing19 timer siden
  • Why did he say that it was a white white blue amp white brown black black pink blue blue amp black brown white brown black pink amp amp pink blue blue amp white

    piggmonmoon 5piggmonmoon 519 timer siden
  • Sb: gets sharpness 3 sord. Sb: using diamond axe.

    Rocky MaisyRocky Maisy20 timer siden
  • And can you mybe make a vidoe of you playing amung us

    Leonard PretoriusLeonard Pretorius20 timer siden
  • SB you are my the best youtuber i ever saw

    Leonard PretoriusLeonard Pretorius20 timer siden
  • Hi I went to see you about two years ago in minecon in Ireland but it was closed :(

    Tongue TwisterTongue Twister20 timer siden
  • This brings me back

    ReaceReace21 time siden
  • You never siad that you are in hardcore Minecraft

    Cali PerryCali Perry21 time siden
  • diamans

    Octopus GamingOctopus Gaming21 time siden
  • Funny thing is you can still do that if you have the older versions of Minecraft

    Hnation2021Hnation202121 time siden
  • CHALENGE IDEA- play mine craft in cinematic mode

    Ian DraperIan Draper21 time siden
  • I never thought I would see the day when someone is happy to get the trade of selling diamonds for amarlds but here it is!

    on fireon fire21 time siden
  • "oh look we got the stone age enchanment, full diamond armour we only just got the stone age enchantment" -SB737 2021

    Cookiebun 878Cookiebun 87821 time siden
  • There were two in enchanted books

    Tara SundbergTara Sundberg21 time siden
  • I love him when he gets diamonds before stone 😆

    mukul jainmukul jain22 timer siden
  • Do 100 Daly’s in a Dina one world

    Mashroor FMashroor F22 timer siden
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    Niamh CampbellNiamh Campbell22 timer siden
  • *SP *gets diamonds Me*I wish I could have diamonds

    Mason FelibertyMason Feliberty23 timer siden
  • End Your Hardcore series and back to your Awesome world and also bring back your old awesome world intro in episode 511 build a burger king. and in episode 512 make a underground for the glass garden so you can add more people the first one your gonna add is me. and in episode 513 destroy Eima Jolum's base.

    Uzayr JohnUzayr John23 timer siden
  • Don’t ask how he got iron pick

    Justin&alexaJustin&alexa23 timer siden
  • he SB, do Minecraft but its raining anvils and mention It if you do.

    A Smart EndermanA Smart Enderman23 timer siden
  • Your voice reminded me of someone *notable*

    Jaiden meme WiseJaiden meme WiseDag siden
  • "We got the stone age enchantment" Advancements: is this a joke?

    ChargedChargedDag siden
    • Lol

      Fiona TFiona T6 timer siden
  • This is like diamond survival

  • I would go crazy with the diamonds

    ItsMeh_AmyItsMeh_AmyDag siden
  • Uoo suc

    James LattoJames LattoDag siden
  • sb you should do a vid but every time you enchant they are infinite like sharpness infinity

    Nelson MojicaNelson MojicaDag siden
  • Now where have i seen this before

    Reinyboy WarsReinyboy WarsDag siden
  • Love you

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  • And you get my realy Happy

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  • I love your yt Chanel

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  • Selam len.

  • A world where iron is rarer than diamonds

    Glitcher GolemerGlitcher GolemerDag siden
  • plz do 100days series

    Shivam MeenaShivam MeenaDag siden
  • Mincraft but the world is nether right

    MATTDOG77MATTDOG77Dag siden
  • how dose he get that skilled

    kellorgamerkellorgamerDag siden
  • Look at all the weed were gonna make a lot of money!

    Henry Htat Myat AungHenry Htat Myat AungDag siden
  • What I heard...(got more weed)

    Henry Htat Myat AungHenry Htat Myat AungDag siden
  • He already did this. With ore

    Sumi TandanSumi TandanDag siden
  • Thumbnail : DiAmOnD tReE SB : there are no trees

    Manuka Kithnal BalamanageManuka Kithnal BalamanageDag siden
  • So I did a little bit of off camera mining and made a diamond world lmao

    Hydro AquaHydro AquaDag siden
  • Sb pls more friend or foe

    waqar ahmed ansariwaqar ahmed ansariDag siden