Minecraft, But You're On The Moon...

6. april. 2021
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This is Minecraft, But You're On The Moon... this was stressful.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
Edited By @ExtremeBlitz + TapL :L
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  • 0:33 perfectly cut scream

    a55a55in gaminga55a55in gaming11 minutter siden
  • Thag back round music thooo

    Kevin SagastumeKevin Sagastume11 minutter siden
  • Bro I just kill you in bedwar the one fire ball one and you have 4heart and me name is daniyalkhan12345

    Daniyal khanDaniyal khan14 minutter siden
  • Dream: no George we are not in the end right now

    Carlo SalasCarlo Salas16 minutter siden
  • “if thats the earth, THEN I MUST BE ON THE MOOOO *tapL cow confirmed

    Jimmy BimmyJimmy Bimmy16 minutter siden
  • Galacticraft? 🥺

    Juan JoséJuan José28 minutter siden
  • TapL can you put the link of the mods down in the description? Your mods are really cool.

    Cailey UwUCailey UwU36 minutter siden
  • Is anyone gonna talk about the three stacks of crafting tables in the intro-

    ღ Nihilist-IC ღღ Nihilist-IC ღ48 minutter siden
  • Ur using galacticraft mod

    Galaxy GamingGalaxy Gaming49 minutter siden
  • Type fuze III

    StelarinoStelarino52 minutter siden
  • Facecam?

    Jardar HansenJardar HansenTime siden
  • Ke

    Ark GamerArk GamerTime siden
  • this is literally just a texture mod with slow falling

    Juncheng FangJuncheng FangTime siden
  • What is the name of the mod/datapack

    Velicea Fabian PavelVelicea Fabian PavelTime siden
  • The real ending was Tap:L loses his voice due to screaming after every vid No hate :]

    The FNaF RatThe FNaF RatTime siden
  • Minecraft but your on the sun

    Galaxy UnknownGalaxy UnknownTime siden
  • Fuze

    karanemo69 mp4karanemo69 mp4Time siden
  • Is that fuze III

    karanemo69 mp4karanemo69 mp4Time siden
  • moon hamoon XD

    Igor BlochIgor BlochTime siden
  • Comments • 6,319

    bettadoombettadoomTime siden
  • Pixelated Earth

    bettadoombettadoomTime siden
  • Bruh I swear Mc youtubers like tapl and wisp are over exaggerated they scream like an idot and acting dumb for some reason.

    AVL Master 10AVL Master 102 timer siden
  • 4:34 Guys hear this laugh is like Tommoyinnit

    Perry BGPerry BG2 timer siden
  • can i get the mod?

    CabrozCabroz2 timer siden
  • he is like fuzeIII rithe

    • What

      Salade MC_Salade MC_Time siden
  • I don’t know if you done this but... Minecraft Uhc but everyone has an op stick.

    rockrock2 timer siden
  • If ur on the moon should you not be on Mars too?

    Poppy PoppyPoppy Poppy2 timer siden
  • Is that de skin van fuzelll ?

    DenisDenis2 timer siden
  • "Wha- is that the earth?!?, if that is the earth then i must be on the moo-"

    Shona Rhadika ShekarShona Rhadika Shekar2 timer siden
  • Cik

    ObliviomsOblivioms2 timer siden
  • I like how he said eh eh lol haha

    i am blue dody gaming a gamei am blue dody gaming a game2 timer siden
  • Moon: *No oxygen* Eminem: Hold my lungs Mobs: Amateur

    the kingthe king2 timer siden
  • Lesson of life from this video : Apple is the only thing that can defeat a moon dragon .

    Samir Kumar MukherjeeSamir Kumar Mukherjee3 timer siden
  • Pro

    HAA REKTHAA REKT3 timer siden
  • How the hell spiders and other earth mobs are there???

    CanjaJCanjaJ3 timer siden
  • UHC but its a bunch of different planets like spheres spread apart eachother like islands

    aaron espinozaaaron espinoza3 timer siden
  • Poland can't into moon

    Zacharyjames CarantesZacharyjames Carantes4 timer siden
  • Minecraft but xp bottle give you 100x stuff from bottle of xp

    mexican dreammexican dream4 timer siden
  • One is stuck playing the impassioned protagonist in one’s Subjective Narrative of Self🎈

    steeevesteeeve4 timer siden
  • Hey Tapl what's Ur country? bcuz ive just seen a video that u are a filipino if thats real well im also a filipino

    ELA 304 YTELA 304 YT4 timer siden
  • Who see the skin of FuzeIII

    Ianlebg13Ianlebg135 timer siden
  • You have the skin of FuzeIII

    Pilote Production GamesPilote Production Games5 timer siden
  • :::::::::::::::::0 0::::::::::::::: lol

    maddaremmeng panennungimaddaremmeng panennungi5 timer siden
  • :::::::::::0:::::::0:::::::0::::::

    maddaremmeng panennungimaddaremmeng panennungi5 timer siden
  • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::0:::::::::::::::::::::: lol

    maddaremmeng panennungimaddaremmeng panennungi5 timer siden
  • Cooper

    Amit SriAmit Sri5 timer siden
  • It’s like two balls and a B O N G

    Mr CelsiusMr Celsius5 timer siden
  • why Fuze III is on mignaturs ?

    Orions_LXXLOrions_LXXL5 timer siden
    • Idiot his skin is public. You can easily find it on name mc

      Salade MC_Salade MC_Time siden
  • Hello twitch

    Madiqula genMadiqula gen5 timer siden
  • where is defib

    Vi ctoryVi ctory5 timer siden
  • Il a le skin de Fuze III ( cc les fr)

    Nachosse RexNachosse Rex5 timer siden
    • Bruh il la juste pris de name mc.

      Salade MC_Salade MC_Time siden
  • The pause never gets old

    Pretty_UglyyPretty_Uglyy5 timer siden
  • First person to kill a dragon with apple 🍎 😂 LOL

    Ali Asghar ChunawalaAli Asghar Chunawala5 timer siden
  • Question if you go under the lava in da nether do you still lose oxygen?

    Wrath PG3DWrath PG3D5 timer siden
  • Dream must speedrun on thw moon lol

    Kenneth KurniawanKenneth Kurniawan6 timer siden
  • TapL please start a minecraft hardcore world it wull maik my day

    e11_t A roblox playere11_t A roblox player6 timer siden
  • Play minecraft with cinematic camera

  • 5:30 watch at 0.25x speed and you will see the slow falling II and jump boost II

    Angelo AmlanAngelo Amlan6 timer siden
  • I hate one thing that is he is shouting very loud in the video I hate it😂

    Deepak PatelDeepak Patel6 timer siden
  • Ok Finally a good Video after a long time

    androwin Kingandrowin King6 timer siden
  • Next video: minecraft but you are on the sun!

    Nitrate YTNitrate YT6 timer siden
  • Is this a mod or something?

    Gustavo_Cruz_Gustavo_Cruz_6 timer siden
  • That is epic.

    Gustavo_Cruz_Gustavo_Cruz_6 timer siden
  • love ur texture pack

    simontaxsimontax6 timer siden
  • Minecraft but with every block placed your fps gets lower (max fps: 120)

    Ace_ ClawsAce_ Claws6 timer siden
  • why do i feel that everytime he goes to the stronghold he always go to a stairwell in the middle

    Kurtdanniel01Kurtdanniel017 timer siden
  • Wisp

    Oliver MagnussonOliver Magnusson7 timer siden
  • Ur voice like tommyinnit

    Andy [GMD]Andy [GMD]7 timer siden
  • Ur tapl Armstrong

    Clayasorus RexClayasorus Rex8 timer siden
  • hol up... fire on the moon

    ThePihvi FINThePihvi FIN8 timer siden
  • That Coal be looking like cookies and cream.

    Mr Snowing otterMr Snowing otter8 timer siden
  • Hello, human from the past, you will get 2.97M subscribers by 2022, you can always change it

    Deavon JaymondDeavon Jaymond8 timer siden
  • “I only have a limited amount of oxygen, so I’ll have to be quick or il *suffocate to death*” -TapL 2021

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu8 timer siden
  • 😱😱😱😱

    Anneli KeeninenAnneli Keeninen8 timer siden
  • Lol

    Anneli KeeninenAnneli Keeninen8 timer siden
    • I survived for 100 days on the moon. Please, I need it 🥺

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu8 timer siden
  • 4:55 = tapL face is it just me?

    FuriousBladeFuriousBlade9 timer siden
  • RIP uhcs

    Farhana IslamFarhana Islam9 timer siden
  • Why do you need to shout while killing ender dragon my mom litrary shouted at me that you are watching vedios which have this much violance

    Vishakha BhaleraoVishakha Bhalerao9 timer siden
  • There's no water on the moon you rabbit

    CM JAINCM JAIN9 timer siden
  • aeiou john madden

    Cliff CardiCliff Cardi10 timer siden
  • Tapl is a god

    Justdimfoum DimfoumJustdimfoum Dimfoum10 timer siden
  • This the first video where he makes it difficult to himself

    Bhavesh AdvaitBhavesh Advait10 timer siden
  • I love how he has 3 stacks of crafting tables in the intro

    Chick kipChick kip11 timer siden
  • Video idea: You get the amount of hearts from the mob you kill

    errtingerrting11 timer siden
  • 0:02 Book bro!! No enter

    Arsenal hackerArsenal hacker11 timer siden
  • do a mod were you if you open a door it randomly teleports you somewhere

    Peta StewartPeta Stewart11 timer siden
  • Can you plz do a face revel?

    Carli TurnerCarli Turner12 timer siden
  • ты не поймёшь, что я тут написала, но просто... спасибо. мне херово, но, когда я тебя слушаю, мне немного лучше скучаю по uhc хах, но эти видео тоже классные надеюсь, у тебя всё хорошо, и твоя ютубная и твичная работа не слишком тебя утомляет

    osertyoserty12 timer siden
  • hi

    Rainbow WolfRainbow Wolf12 timer siden
  • pog

    Faiz nasserFaiz nasser12 timer siden
  • I survived for 100 days on the moon. Please, I need it 🥺

    Azz.Azz.12 timer siden
  • e

    CyberpointCyberpoint12 timer siden
  • Meow meow

    Almotazbellah NaserAlmotazbellah Naser12 timer siden
  • I know ur Wadzee

    Super SmashSuper Smash12 timer siden
  • Mr. Tapl you have done something that would be never forgetten , you have successfully graved your name in history ............ congrats on finding life on moon 🎉🎉🎊🎊🤜🤛

    Broto GhoshBroto Ghosh12 timer siden
  • its eggplantOne

    Michelle BosticMichelle Bostic12 timer siden
  • This is such a good idea

    Aj MarAj Mar12 timer siden
  • Minecraft but every block is liquid

    Dax FamorcanDax Famorcan13 timer siden
  • Hey Tapl pls rate my tapl statue. Rate it 1/10

    creepeercreepeer13 timer siden
  • u only need 6 or 7 blazes so that be better to say :> ;=;

    Bradley DesantoBradley Desanto13 timer siden