Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000...

5. april. 2021
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Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000 (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game with @Wisp​, but every mob is Hostile and has Knockback 1000! this idea was inspired by @TapL's "Minecraft, But Every Mob Has Knockback 1,000,000" video, except I put my own twist on it!
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  • Alternative Title: Pigs hunt down Wisp & Silver for 24 minutes straight

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    • What are you doing here

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    • Yo

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    • @That HoneyDukes the greatest title was that one

      The Scarlet KingThe Scarlet KingTime siden
    • the last reply

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    • More like technoblade.

      Faris AlhammadiFaris Alhammadi10 timer siden
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  • Now you 4(69)k subs (nice)

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  • 5:35 He killed dababy!

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  • uHMM.. DID HE COPY TapL's video that has the same title?..

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  • You’re crazy

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  • Ok

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  • Can you do this but 5 thousand next time

    Strange _CreatureStrange _Creature43 minutter siden
  • *I never thought someone would be scared of bunny’s*

    Desiree RoccaforteDesiree Roccaforte44 minutter siden
  • I’ve never seen a player be that scared of a chicken

    Teresa GriceTeresa Grice48 minutter siden
  • Minecraft version 1.16.5

    Saymon BGSaymon BG50 minutter siden
  • hey silver... can you remember me when you get famous?

    Luca BermúdezLuca Bermúdez52 minutter siden
  • Hi bro! Just to inform you incase u did not know : Ender dragon is a female, not a male, so don't call her "him"

    Hardik saysHardik says55 minutter siden
  • Sounds like speedsilver tbh

    EtganEtgan57 minutter siden
  • He is Wisp

    Saymon BGSaymon BGTime siden
  • Is that wisp

    Harris RajHarris RajTime siden

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  • WISP!?!?!?

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  • Did any one see his xp bar in the begging

    Marsh ._.Marsh ._.Time siden
  • 3:06 he was walking on water

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  • Make a litlte house

    ايمن البركيايمن البركيTime siden
  • "they cant clutch lol" pigman: a couple of hearts is a good price

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  • Chicken at the start be like: buck buck b!ch

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  • This man got 80000 sub in four days dude that insane 👉👈

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  • look at his levels in the intro

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  • I think they are spawning so low because they’re propably hostile so they spawn in the dark

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  • Haaaàaaa

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  • bruh

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  • Clickbate at 12:00-12:45

    merlin aka emysmerlin aka emys3 timer siden
  • I think wisp is the only one who try’s to kill the ender dragon with an iron shovel

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  • You have epik levels at the start of your video :)

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  • In 5 days almost 100k subs 🤯

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  • 13:12; you Left a damn GOLDEN APPLE!!

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  • Your channel is SOOO GREAT and your channel IS FASTLY GROWING Keep up the good work Bro

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  • I love how silver and wisp’s intro are same

    Snigdha KSnigdha K3 timer siden
  • “We’re so lucky to be spawned on a island” A minute ago: Wisp and silver:AHH THE CHICKEN ITS HITTING ME THERES A PIG AND. A TURTLE AJSIIWJXJSKA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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  • They started in an island and yet they end it in an island

    Arcana PrimeArcana Prime3 timer siden
  • Love in wisp and selvir

    CSGo toyokoCSGo toyoko3 timer siden
  • And that's what u call fast travel

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  • I'm a friend i'm a friend that i cannot to your game only i can just play christmas

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  • Janelle

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  • 👍

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  • 2:18 rip rabbit

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  • Try surviving 💯 day but mob explode when thier about to die

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  • pls datapack

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  • imagine you went so far that you went to the end city knockback (10000)

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  • Hi Scott

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  • 😂 🎽 👖 👟 ME

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  • the "dis"like button only exists to dislike ytrewinds

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  • Tehehehehehhe shessssss

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  • Your intro is copypast of tapl

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  • That birch biome was normal not tall

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  • If mobs kick you its fun

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  • Į watch wisp

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  • should've been the title lol: Minecraft manhunt but mobs are the hunter and they have 1000 knock

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  • i...i know wisp

    Jürgen ResamenawiJürgen Resamenawi5 timer siden
  • Silver: *got knock backed by villager* The radio: *"i believe i can fly"*

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  • WAIT WHAT?@%#*$^#@$ u got 72k subs in 4 days WHAT

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  • ok how did they do it they are haxing lol

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  • Plz more manhunt

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  • You are my favourite minecraft youtuber who s doint this kind of stuff. You are the best and the reason is that you are chill and ur not screamkng:)

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    • OP I support u bro

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  • 17:02 the villagers have had *enough* This video also features *Technoblade* (i mean't deadly pigs)

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  • OP wisp

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  • Can I know the seed

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  • do a one where mobs have knockback 1,000,000

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  • He's one of the must fast growing youtubers I ever see

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  • I was here at 1k subs

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  • Do u play Agar.io Silver?

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  • I love how wisp is just in the intro 😩🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • It’s like 2 knockback = 2 blocks

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  • It’s like 2

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  • 😐😑😶

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  • Hehe 69 levels

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  • Rabbits would be scary!

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  • how did they even get the mobs to attack them

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  • Is it just me, or this recommended video is awesome...

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  • Your like dream the youtuber

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  • How lucky is this man I mean lime how did he get so many rare areas

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  • Il

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  • i like your voice

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  • gets hit by dolphin... 10000 knockback

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  • Birtch forests aren’t rare. Whay did you say that it is rare?

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  • why u copy wisp

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  • You copied tapl smh think of your on content

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  • Is that the real wisp

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  • 4:57 “so many diamonds” (literally 2)

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  • I know this mod I also tryed it

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  • 2:17 that buny just kiled yourself

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  • 7:10 his scream lol

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  • I was in his first 10k

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