MINECRAFT HARDCORE (at night) w/ The Norris Nuts

2. mars. 2021
842 062 Ganger

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  • (RARE) NORRIS NUTS UNCUT notown.info/two/video/r6iKjH6TjJhjopI.html​ BEING A KAREN IN AMONG US notown.info/two/video/rbiOo6uAf8-aybM.html​ MAMA PLAYED AMONG US AGAIN WITH US notown.info/two/video/qdekm2GIaKV_y7s.html

    Norris Nuts GamingNorris Nuts GamingMåned siden
    • @Amanda McClelland pp00

      shush wemburgshush wemburg13 dager siden
    • I’m last

      Anime._.LedgendAnime._.Ledgend13 dager siden
    • I remember

      Banks DasBanks Das19 dager siden
    • hey

      burnt nuggetburnt nuggetMåned siden
    • Your videos are so funny

      Cookie, Pearl and PippaCookie, Pearl and PippaMåned siden
  • Sockie quick tip poison takes to to half a heart

    Emery HensleyEmery HensleyDag siden
  • Sockie did you know the poison doesn’t kill you in Minecraft it only gets it half a heart

    DaTigerGirlGamer 101DaTigerGirlGamer 1012 dager siden
  • Nobody: Me: see mama in the back and then dies bc she was mimicking naz I think

    Lisa KaushikLisa Kaushik2 dager siden
  • Is it just me or do you want them to just do more regular survival or maby like skyblock

    Claire PrinceClaire Prince2 dager siden
  • You need milk for the poisonous

    Ryan Is coolRyan Is cool2 dager siden
  • At the start of this vid Naz kinda overreacte 😬

    Cookie.GachaXDianeCookie.GachaXDiane3 dager siden
  • I can’t find ot 2?

    MayMay3 dager siden
  • Why Ed you make a iron sword always make in iron pix axe first

    Dylan SmithDylan Smith4 dager siden
  • 3:02 did anyone else see slender mum in the background 😂😂

    Lucy LaskerLucy Lasker4 dager siden
  • Don’t let naz back

    Niamh GunnNiamh Gunn5 dager siden
  • Bedrock doesn't have Hardcore. Hard mode makes the mobs stronger and stuff however, if you die, you can still respawn. And since you guys play Bedrock, this wouldn't be Hardcore. I think

    Someone On The InternetSomeone On The Internet5 dager siden
  • Me and sockie have the same skin :o

    Miixa_xoxMiixa_xox5 dager siden
  • No he just tipped that’s not hard-core mode that’s hard mode

    traveyboitraveyboi5 dager siden
  • thats survival

    hilp gameshilp games5 dager siden
  • Hi Norris nuts this is just because I really like your minecraft videos I think you should do some more pls

    Evie MonksEvie Monks6 dager siden
  • ep 3

    Cute AbirCute Abir6 dager siden
  • Naz should get to sabotage

    jada violetjada violet7 dager siden
  • Did you guys see skin of Sabre is ex wife of popularmmo I forgot her name

    Jhon Carlo MaggayJhon Carlo Maggay7 dager siden
    • jen lmao

      Ayla MoyleAyla Moyle7 dager siden
  • Hi ledgends ╔══╗....

    Hogworts EditsHogworts Edits8 dager siden
  • Fake

    Juan MartinezJuan Martinez9 dager siden
  • Naz is absolutely hilarious omg I’m dying

    noxellenoxelle9 dager siden
  • Sockie:mining in the Rocks Sockie your strip Mining :)

    Legendarmy _We’renotperfect!Legendarmy _We’renotperfect!9 dager siden
  • Part 2

    Drone DoctorDrone Doctor10 dager siden
  • An idea for a Minecraft video could be a pause challenge in Minecraft survival

    Eloise PattisonEloise Pattison10 dager siden
  • Uwu

    Legendarmy _We’renotperfect!Legendarmy _We’renotperfect!10 dager siden
  • Who’s going to tell them it’s not hardcore...

    Kinzie McDermottKinzie McDermott11 dager siden
  • Hardcore minecraft Right?

    Karam KhalilKaram Khalil11 dager siden
  • fun fact: if you get poisoned in Minecraft you won't die. it finishes when your at half a heart.

    Roberta VenskeRoberta Venske12 dager siden
  • Naz is like me when I am in Survival, except, I only see a spider and panic. I never play Survival.

    Bea Scott-LeeBea Scott-Lee13 dager siden
  • Give naz another chance please

    Rosie GamerRosie Gamer13 dager siden
  • Oo Maybe Naz can make a shop!!! To help u guys survive

    Peachy SquadPeachy Squad14 dager siden
  • yowww!! that's a nice video i totally love ur minecraft videos....

    alliya parnadaalliya parnada14 dager siden
  • Naz: this stylish outfit is gonna help me survive!😜 Naz 5 minutes later: 😵😵😵

    Amelie TijouAmelie Tijou15 dager siden
  • Its better to mine at night because then in the day you have light, in the cave you just use torches.

    ꧁ Lemon Kawaii ꧂꧁ Lemon Kawaii ꧂15 dager siden
  • I think u should let nazzy back in for a fresh start over bc she tried so hard and I feel like she could totally do it, and she was out so early

    Kennedy PupKennedy Pup15 dager siden
  • naz is the noobiest mc player

    Sapphire - RobloxSapphire - Roblox15 dager siden
  • there minecraft vids are my FAVORITE. i miss when they used to do building challenges

    t a y l o rt a y l o r16 dager siden
  • that's not hardcore ur mode is just hard if someone dies the game ends for all and nazzy died in this video so ur not playing hardcore.

    Angel Fiona RamosAngel Fiona Ramos16 dager siden
  • Only ogs remember naz used to play mine craft on her I pad love you norris nuts

    Shazia KhanShazia Khan16 dager siden
  • when sockie turned around and there was an enderman and screamed she sounded like elsa from frozen

    Jade GreenJade Green17 dager siden
  • guys you can't die from poison it always leaves you on a 1/2 a heart

    Thea FruscioneThea Fruscione18 dager siden
  • Bedrock or Java?

    bloxburg frisebloxburg frise18 dager siden
  • Not to be rude or anything but naz has no idea what she is doing lol

    Ava LeadbetterAva Leadbetter19 dager siden
  • Later on you guys should open shops and buy from each other by paying with ores

    Abdulla sialAbdulla sial19 dager siden
  • Poison can't kill you

    sian bodenhamsian bodenham19 dager siden
  • dose anyone know why in America they say Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz instead of Naz?

    Lindsey EvansLindsey Evans20 dager siden
  • You should defo do a part 2 And let Nazzy back in because it was kinda unfair the way she died and she is really nice all the time so she should be allowed a second chance

    Phoebe FarnhamPhoebe Farnham20 dager siden
  • Anyone notice mama in the background when naz said she jumped over lava 😂😂😂

    boba_ pretzelboba_ pretzel20 dager siden
  • Wow cool im really good in mincraft

  • The Norris nuts are such good singers much better than me lol

    ShaunHayley ButlerShaunHayley Butler20 dager siden
  • 3:01 in the background. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Sharon DoesSharon Does21 dag siden
  • YOu can oliy play hard core on java not bedrock

    creeper Awmancreeper Awman21 dag siden
  • Yes part two

    Eden CouttsEden Coutts22 dager siden
  • Can somebody pleaseeeeeee tell me how to name things in Minecraft!?! Also I play on an iPad.

    Pink QueenPink Queen22 dager siden
  • naz gits 1 more chans

    May AndrewsMay Andrews22 dager siden
  • Why does no one ever help naz

    Amyiah's WorldAmyiah's World22 dager siden
  • Do you play on java?

    IzahAlontoPlaysIzahAlontoPlays22 dager siden
  • Hardcore look at the hearts um pretty shur its not hhardcore!?

    Fish Ake.Fish Ake.23 dager siden
  • Pls notice

    Ronald HimpisallaRonald Himpisalla23 dager siden
  • Sockie: don’t mine at night Me: uhh... that’s a lil to late to say that *gets blown up by creeper*

    Letha HassenLetha Hassen24 dager siden
  • Bruh it’s not even hardcore the hearts do not have the eyes like bruh

    Aiden GonzalezAiden Gonzalez24 dager siden
  • Part 2pls and Naz should come back in pls

    Charlotte HawkeyCharlotte Hawkey24 dager siden
  • when witches poison drink cows milk it'll get rid of the poison

    MakaylaMakayla24 dager siden
  • ofc we wanna see a part two!! and it would be hilarious if Nazzy could go around sabotaging for u guys :D :D

    s ellinores ellinore25 dager siden
  • I would love a part 2.

    Jacob HackmanJacob Hackman25 dager siden
  • If you die just for like a video I'm pretty sure you can switch your game mode to creative and your back in the world so you can just look at your world

    Klingler FamilyKlingler Family26 dager siden
  • I hate nazzy she keeps screaming ugh i hate you all

    Muhammad Radi EdilbyMuhammad Radi Edilby26 dager siden
  • They are not playing hardcore they are play normal survival

    Muhammad Radi EdilbyMuhammad Radi Edilby26 dager siden
  • Part two ps

    Chloe HubbardChloe Hubbard27 dager siden
  • I have missed these Minecraft videos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Clara LindbergClara Lindberg27 dager siden
  • stop it at 3:51 its soooo funnyy ahahhahaha im laughing my head off

    Wilma FranssonWilma Fransson27 dager siden
  • part 2

    6Solidass Ahrocc66Solidass Ahrocc627 dager siden

  • Who else wants them to build the best nether house?😊

    Roldi Unnr MagallanesRoldi Unnr Magallanes28 dager siden
  • It isn’t even in hardcore other wise the hearts would have black spots on them they would starve way quicker and when max died it wouldn’t let her back into the world so it’s in easy or something

    XCX_ ChayseXCX_ Chayse28 dager siden
  • Love your videos

    rascalsavrascalsav29 dager siden
  • How come nobody helped Nazzy when she was clearly needing help! I think you should have not eliminated her because nobody helped her.

    CatlandiaCatlandia29 dager siden
  • You guys should get Java edition. Its SOOOOOOOOO much better than bedrock. **NO HATE**

    Faye HeitzFaye Heitz29 dager siden
  • not sure if anyones told you but iron only spawns bellow the sea level

    TheRandomPlayersTheRandomPlayers29 dager siden
  • I cant stop laughing when sockie screamed that there was an enderman behind her 0

    MidnqhtMidnqht29 dager siden
  • I think you should vote to give NAZZY another chance but one of the Norris nuts have to let her live with them

    Lisath SirimanneLisath Sirimanne29 dager siden
  • Sockie = what’s it called? Me=iron

    Lisath SirimanneLisath Sirimanne29 dager siden
  • If you want a really good minecraft world put the seed -1000

    Lisath SirimanneLisath Sirimanne29 dager siden
  • Part 2

    Monniqueytc pilienMonniqueytc pilienMåned siden
  • Is there a minecraft for only 7 years old ?

    Aizah SajidAizah SajidMåned siden
    • No I dont think so

      Faye HeitzFaye Heitz29 dager siden
  • Naz should get back in! Pleaseeee :)

    Preksha K.KPreksha K.KMåned siden
  • I think Naz should stay in the competition because she yelled [anyone please help I'm gonna die]and everyone ignored and then she died . So I think she should stay. And yes please do a part 2

    Tatiana MradTatiana MradMåned siden
  • Sockie= Mining, being organized, and protecting herself. Sabre= Building, roaming at night, looking for resources Biggy= having fun, giving advice, laughing at mobs Naz= Staying with Biggy

    EmmaEmmaMåned siden
  • Nazzy came back

    Logan RobinsonLogan RobinsonMåned siden
  • It us not even hard-core mode

    Logan RobinsonLogan RobinsonMåned siden
    • Ikr

      Faye HeitzFaye Heitz29 dager siden
  • Btw its not hardcore i can see the hearts

    D4RXD4RXMåned siden
    • They just said it was hardcore😐

      Faye HeitzFaye Heitz29 dager siden
  • Its kinda fake if its hardcore u have different looking hearts

    Louis StuersLouis StuersMåned siden
  • Just asking, we’re you really on hardcore? Because if you were the heart should have little eye looking things on them and the ones in your video didn’t have them

    Charlotte TaylorCharlotte TaylorMåned siden
    • It’s because they were in hard mode not hard core, you can’t do multiplayer hard core

      Phoebe FarnhamPhoebe Farnham20 dager siden

    Itz LibanItz LibanMåned siden
  • I nEeD pArT 2 PlS

    Gita CandraGita CandraMåned siden
  • its not hardcore that's just survival

    mmonty canningmmonty canningMåned siden
    • Ikr

      Faye HeitzFaye Heitz29 dager siden
  • PLZZZ do a part 2

    Jasmine OlesJasmine OlesMåned siden
  • im going to start a survial sereis with my brotherr

    KingFrost456KingFrost456Måned siden
  • “I know you found a cave” “And your feeling kinda brave “Go to sleep and you’ll be alright “DON’T MINE AT NIGHT”

    Y.A.R _cool22Y.A.R _cool22Måned siden