I Made a FULL NETHERITE Beacon in Minecraft Hardcore

18. jan.. 2021
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Mining a FULL NETHERITE Beacon
How I made a FULL NETHERITE Beacon in Minecraft Hardcore. I'm finally free
This is the full story of how I mined a full Netherite Beacon in Minecraft Hardcore. With more than a hundred hours spent mining in the Nether, with digging sand and crafting TNT, I did it. In 2 weeks I managed to push myself to my limits and mined 4000 Ancient Debri. This was my most lonely experience.
Was it worth it?
Not Minecraft, Mining for 10 Hours Straight, I Survived for 100 Days Straight, or any other challenge like that. This is Mining a FULL NETHERITE Beacon
Watch the bonus video and watch the 5904 Debri Netherite PP: notown.info/two/video/sJdtdY1ph6qIrpY.html
Video inspired by WadZee: notown.info/two/video/r8SjgI5kmsyiuMU.html&ab_channel=WadZee
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  • I forgot about the gold as well because i am too busy calculating the amount of days this can take minimum if you can get 200 debris per day (btw, i estimated it would take 1 month to get all the debris if you do the same thing everyday)

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  • Actually, it’s REALLY rare but it is possible to get 1-5 in 1 vane

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  • Here's a tip whenever you have a donkey and you running out of diamonds or debris put a chest on the donkey and then put it in the chest slaughter it (just make sure you have looting 2 or 3) it will multiply the amount of diamonds or debris

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