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Isaiah (Videographer): @isaiaharnoldfilm
My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • I’ll be honest Alec I miss you here!

    bernard millerbernard miller5 dager siden
  • What's up with the hat. Mrs. Steele give you another hair cut?

    Rhodes KillerRhodes KillerMåned siden
  • 9:00 greatest seguay to an add every award goes to!!! ....... Alec Steeeeeeeeeel!!!!!

    Dan LuckinsDan LuckinsMåned siden
  • Hey Alec, what is that long sleeve shirt you wear?

    Timotej KruškaTimotej KruškaMåned siden
  • All this red dicum... How many bottles of scotch is alec going through for therapy

    timothy naquintimothy naquinMåned siden
  • Some of my favorite episodes, have always been the ones with Sam as a guest.... im curious if Sam will ever make a another appearance now that he is back in the UK

    Nick GidzakNick Gidzak2 måneder siden
  • Make a dovetail die.

    jordan secristjordan secrist2 måneder siden
  • As a hobbyist wood worker I have no idea what half of this stuff is but man I love watching it! I always wondered how he was so successful so young but now I’m starting to get it! He’s smart, and inventive and has a level of ingenuity that I aspire to have someday! The dudes brilliant and super talented at what he does and it’s so inspiring! Keep it up brother! Love from Tennessee!

    Christopher McCaigChristopher McCaig2 måneder siden
  • Not fancy gadgets says the guy with a piece of machinery that is more fancy then anything I'll ever have in my shop

    Austin BlevinsAustin Blevins2 måneder siden
  • Hey Alec, project idea you make a sword possibly a straight sword or long sword with a very dark Damascus centre running up the middle with a very bright outer edge?

    Donovan DemeesterDonovan Demeester2 måneder siden
  • Alec what is your EDC?

    brays3440brays34402 måneder siden
  • does anybody know the Brand and model if that saw?

    TheGammel GalopperTheGammel Galopper2 måneder siden
  • That pop is a great sound 😜

    Ross GraveleyRoss Graveley2 måneder siden
  • Good your pants are brown, since you ship them so often.

    Jack ManduJack Mandu2 måneder siden
  • Not sure I want Steel pants. Alex's face on my boxers wouldn't be great. Or would it? OK, you've got me. Where can I get Steel pants?

    DaveVespaDaveVespa2 måneder siden
  • Red spray on dykem??? Heresy! When I was in metals class in high school the teacher didn’t even call it blue dykem, he called it dykem blue.

    Matthew MartingMatthew Marting2 måneder siden
  • When is this power hammer getting a paint job? What will be the inspiration this time?

    LifelinkerLifelinker2 måneder siden
  • Alex... those aren't pants

    TheJesusaurusTheJesusaurus2 måneder siden
  • I am not a blacksmith, or really that handy but man this channel is excellent.

    jack smalejack smale2 måneder siden
  • bang! Alec installed a cannon.

    alfblack2alfblack22 måneder siden
  • Please Please make timascus it looks so beautiful and no im not talking about Damascus

    Sean JamesSean James2 måneder siden
  • BANG!

    Truman DornTruman Dorn2 måneder siden
  • Every time I see the title I think who/what is modular and how did it die?

    Xvaldez32Xvaldez322 måneder siden
  • I don't follow you consistently but...stop talking about shipping and your pants...Haha.

    IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthoughtIthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought2 måneder siden
  • That loud bang is just either the gas or exygen choking off first I believe. Wouldn't you be able to tweak the pressures on them a tad, or get a snappier set of check valves to close off faster. Maybe have one side close off faster than the other

    FuzewallFuzewall2 måneder siden
  • It hasn’t been the same since the sword breaker. I miss the huge multipart forging series 😔

    Andrew CantrellAndrew Cantrell2 måneder siden
  • Bro, did you get deported?! Or is your wife working on dual citizenship now? One of the two!

    Scott ThomasScott Thomas2 måneder siden
  • did you back in usa?

    DenVerDenVer2 måneder siden
  • But what is that red stuff you are using to mark your work?

    Ruben van AkenRuben van Aken2 måneder siden
  • I kinda like the pop when the valve shuts off. TFS, G :)

    Graeme BrumfittGraeme Brumfitt2 måneder siden
  • That pop from your torch is because the acetylene is being turned off before the oxygen. Rule of thumb is to turn off oxy before acetylene.

    Matt MillerMatt Miller2 måneder siden
  • Be great to see Sam again, any chance you two could do a video together, please 🙂

    Ben RoperBen Roper2 måneder siden
  • Good job man

    AD MohAD Moh2 måneder siden
  • Jamie is really a great video guy... He has a great sense. So much better.

    Filippo FiorFilippo Fior2 måneder siden
  • Can a whole blade be made by a single piece of metal and i mean everything hilt handle blade, no cutting. Just one hunka chunk piece of metal

    NivedakNivedak2 måneder siden
  • does the thing turn off one line before the other, or does it turn off both lines at the same time? if it turns off one line before the other you want to arrange it so that it turns the oxygen line off first so it doesn't bang

    SuperAWaCSuperAWaC2 måneder siden
  • My son, Wyatt, is 8 years old and is obsessed with Blacksmithing! He's been into tools, in general, since he was 3 years old. His dad and I both have been with Home Depot for 20+ years. He watches you every day before school, as his 'educational' selection. We truly back him in this interest and see a future. He has quite the set up in the garage...anvil, tool box, tongs, hammers, etc. He's wanting hot cuts now. Just know that your show is very kid appropriate while at the same time appealing to all ages! Thank you for being someone we can trust to teach, have fun and make things that appeal to even the youngest of Blacksmiths! :)

    Sheltzy CarmichaelSheltzy Carmichael2 måneder siden
    • He also has a kid's go-pro type camera and makes videos like yours in the garage! Truly entertaining. :) Lol

      Sheltzy CarmichaelSheltzy Carmichael2 måneder siden
  • My favourite bit was 8:33 - 8:35. That was very enjoyable.

    Neill WylieNeill Wylie2 måneder siden
  • Alec love what you're doing but just a heads up the bolts you are using for your modular dies are too soft you need at least a grade 5 and yours are grade 3 one day they will twist off in the die

    Crazy horseCrazy horse2 måneder siden
  • Hi Alec build another mountainbike it was super fun seeing you make your own bike

    Tijs van der WerffTijs van der Werff2 måneder siden
  • Good to see Jamie on the camera 2.25 Great camera work bro!!

    Happy as BarryHappy as Barry2 måneder siden
  • The edm disco time-lapse had me rolling! Mr. Editor needs a raise

    Tyler chikosTyler chikos2 måneder siden
  • How do you get your moving time lapse shots.

    Christian St HilaireChristian St Hilaire2 måneder siden
  • You know why it is going “pop”

    Dylan YewchynDylan Yewchyn2 måneder siden
  • Alec, please know this message comes from a person who respects who you are and what you have built. Alas, the move back to the old UK forge and loss of Will feels like empty backwards and not interesting forward creativity. Not seeing anything fun, funny, and interesting.

    GarretGarret2 måneder siden
  • Hey Alec any idea on when the pants are coming back in stock? I ordered some last time but got the wrong size!!

    stihl2017stihl20172 måneder siden
  • oxy propane torch anti-lag?

    Ethan AndrewsEthan Andrews2 måneder siden
  • I hate red dictum

    WillWill2 måneder siden
    • Not, I hate leaving the EU

      WillWill2 måneder siden
    • I would love union jack marking out, EU and all that celebration 🤣

      WillWill2 måneder siden
  • My MeeMaw hits harder than that hammer

    Don BinoDon Bino2 måneder siden
  • Oooh, I looove those round dies! can't wait to see what you do with them! Those organic shapes are utterly fantastic!

    Fiery25123Fiery251232 måneder siden
  • Ghastly noise! Ha!

    D MD M2 måneder siden
  • it bangs because the oxygen needs to be turned off slightly b4 the fuel. does it adjust? what if you change the order of the hoses? alternatively run the fuel to the torch at a higher feed pressure then the O2. that way when you shut it off, the O2 in the hoses between your fancy shutoff valve and the control valves on the torch will run out before the fuel.

    BiscuitTinOrchestraBiscuitTinOrchestra2 måneder siden
  • can you use a vaper torch for forging?

    Owen WilliamsOwen Williams2 måneder siden
  • Remember when Alec used to make videos in that really small workshop. It looked like a cave. Hahaha

    Lucas DionizioLucas Dionizio2 måneder siden
  • That mill is crying out for a turbo encabulator. 😜

    Jo ElthamJo Eltham2 måneder siden
  • Thank you but we already have a shitstation.

    Pete MitchellPete Mitchell2 måneder siden
  • bukin billy says hi

    Alfie BoydAlfie Boyd2 måneder siden
  • Shipstation......very unfortunate name branding.....

    Adam MarshallAdam Marshall2 måneder siden
  • NOT "stanKO", but it is "stanOK" (станок - rus) - what means - "machine".

    Olegs AndrejevskisOlegs Andrejevskis2 måneder siden
  • about the noise i think i remember from pneumatics that there is some sort "backdraft reducer" correct me if i'm wrong but the bang comes from one gas burning faster as the other with a reducer, that would solve the problem

    Dominik KempenDominik Kempen2 måneder siden
  • In my experience, the "pop!" is from the gas flame dying while the oxygen is still draining. I always cut my O2 first, but I suppose that would defeat the purpose of the fancy machine. :p

    George WolfGeorge Wolf2 måneder siden
  • Hi can you make half a train out of steel on video

    natalie eleazar Galeanatalie eleazar Galea2 måneder siden
  • I used to hang my torch by the red acetylene valve not the end of the torch nozzle

    Mat GurdMat Gurd2 måneder siden
  • Freek is a uses modular dies alot. I thought i came up with the idea until i saw his in action.

    FajileFajile2 måneder siden
  • Im sorry who dies?

    Tobü WierrelsTobü Wierrels2 måneder siden
  • So are you done with the Montana shop? Or so you be going back?

    Kyokushin-4-lifeKyokushin-4-life2 måneder siden
  • @3:44 Alec you need to make a Money-Pink Floyd parody called Forging

    Brannon PetersonBrannon Peterson2 måneder siden
  • modular has a stroke and frickin dies

    Ranveer JainRanveer Jain2 måneder siden
  • Looks awesome Alec! Thank you for sharing! 👍😁

    Braxx JuventaBraxx Juventa2 måneder siden
  • Personally I enjoy the shop work and setup as much as the forging and making. I am a hobby machinist who is working on my own shop, so its all very enjoyable. 👍

    Az TAz T2 måneder siden
  • Fun fact, a center drill is for drilling center holes for the lathe, not for predrilling, the point drill exists for that.

    Paul LammensPaul Lammens2 måneder siden
  • I hate when I SHIP MY PANTS!!

    durasux99durasux992 måneder siden
  • have you moved back to the UK permanently

    John DowlingJohn Dowling2 måneder siden
  • This noise is not good! Get it off. It's danger.

    RodogastRodogast2 måneder siden
  • The reason fro the bang when you shut off de flame, is that your oxygen pressure falls to fast. It lies in the operating principle of the torch. It's an injector torch and that means, that the oxygen that has a higher pressuere than the propane or acetylene sucks the burning gas into the mixingpipe. But when you turn off the oxygen and burning gas, the oxygenpressure falls to fast and then the flame can burn back into the mixing pipe and with the right oxygen/burning gas mixing ratio in there, it exlplodes. At our factory we always turn the oxygen a little bit up before killing the torch. Im sorry for my bad english skills. But im just a sheet metal worker from Switzerland.

    Tritchet_Tritchet_2 måneder siden
  • Do you think I can install a powerhammer in my apartment?

    Kyrie KwstaKyrie Kwsta2 måneder siden
  • So what happened that you had to come back to your home and what’s happening to your shop in the USA?

    Guillermo CarrilloGuillermo Carrillo2 måneder siden
  • Modular! Awesome, that is some professional level kit.

    mwnciboomwnciboo2 måneder siden
  • Ship my pants 😂

    Michael LeggMichael Legg2 måneder siden
  • Are you going back to Montana?

    poeplay2008poeplay20082 måneder siden
  • What hapend tot you man, the old alac would never stoop zo low to use dicum other than BBBLUEEE DiCuuuuUum. Love the vids man

    troy00114troy001142 måneder siden
  • Bring sam back for a reunion please

    Jarrett WilliamsJarrett Williams2 måneder siden
  • Welcome back stranger, wondered what happened to you Alec 🤪

    Sean HaarhoffSean Haarhoff2 måneder siden
  • The initial D reference tho😂

    Erica JolinErica Jolin2 måneder siden
  • Was that a bit of Initial D theme music in there i heard

    Charles RushCharles Rush2 måneder siden
  • did he say shitstation?

    SpakenSpaken2 måneder siden
  • On the gas saver you can adjust the gas and air so you don’t get the loud pop sound. Either adjust the gas slightly down or air slightly up so the air shuts off after the gas. The adjustments are in the device.

    Startup StudiosStartup Studios2 måneder siden
  • I think my favorite thing about the new shop is that the hammer is called stanko

    rustjupiterrustjupiter2 måneder siden
  • That pop that you hear is a too rich oxygen and propane mixture. It explodes instead of fizzling out. This is dangerous, because the explosion could travel up the hoses (known as flashback), and without the proper safety valves this could really damage your equipment, or worse. Before shutting of your torch decrease the oxygen flow a bit, and when reigniting it adjust back to the flow you prefer.

    Nofun AllowedNofun Allowed2 måneder siden
  • Who is modular and why did he die? Oh thats what you ment...

    Avroskroks, the StarfishAvroskroks, the Starfish2 måneder siden
  • Hola Alec!!! Vuelvo a verte despues de mucho tiempo y veo que estas de nuevo en el viejo lugar de trabajo! Ojalá que, el echo de volver a tus raices, y la experiencia adquirida en estados unidos, te ayude a volver a la reconstruccion de armas historicas de la manera en la que comenzaste esta aventura. Te deseo todo el exito que tus acciones te puedan brindar! Cariños desde Ushuaia " Fin del Mundo, comienzo de todo", Argentina 🇦🇷 P.D: Voy a extrañar los "Steele vs Stelter"

    Quique RoneroQuique Ronero2 måneder siden
  • Speaking of pants, are more colors on the horizon? Maybe brown, olive green, or a good blue? 🤔😃

    Cole ParkinsCole Parkins2 måneder siden
  • Your back in England now they are called TROUSERS!

    Dylan Ashman-picklesDylan Ashman-pickles2 måneder siden
  • Please make throwing viking ax's

    Chris BurnsideChris Burnside2 måneder siden
  • I keep hearing shitstation when I start the video and my attention is drawn elsewhere.

    NI0VATNNI0VATN2 måneder siden
  • That's got to be the best segue I've ever seen

    Will JolliffWill Jolliff2 måneder siden
  • Would you not need to re-harden the female dies?

    Haler_Haler_2 måneder siden
  • Hi Alec, enjoying watching all your videos. Just want to ask your opinion on the Evolution metal chop saw you have as I'm looking at getting one. Thanks. Dave ⚒⚒⚒

    David PeacockDavid Peacock2 måneder siden
  • Let me trim the top key because it sticks out a 1/4"; proceeds to leave the bottom key which sticks out a foot... :)

    Kswa SKswa S2 måneder siden
  • Flash arrestor just before the torch handle should stop the pop

    Anony MousAnony Mous2 måneder siden