MODULAR DIES! PART 1 (and building a sweet leg vise stand)

21. jan.. 2021
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Isaiah (Videographer): @isaiaharnoldfilm
My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • Wait! He’s not 13? That baby face is lying 🤥

    RPHelpingHandRPHelpingHand8 dager siden
  • Testing hardness of random things with file... Someone has been watching AVE

    Wild ChildWild Child25 dager siden
  • What’s the use of a leg vice? I can’t see why that metal rod goes down to the floor, what use can it possible have?

    cwuziicwuziiMåned siden
  • Abt the coffee i just drink coffee with milk lol

    Projects and BikesProjects and BikesMåned siden
  • Hey Alec. Are you able to cut demascus on the carbide toothed chop saw if it's annealed?

    Flux BaeFlux Bae2 måneder siden
  • already have Steele toes. Everywhere you go all of your shoes have Steele toes in them ; I'll see myself out then xD

    EvilM0nkeyRulesEvilM0nkeyRules2 måneder siden
  • Why not turn it on it's side and move them in that way? Clown shoes.

    Jamie BuntenJamie Bunten2 måneder siden
    • He made this so much more complicated than it needed to be to fill time in his video. I miss Will and when Alex actually made real stuff.

      Jamie BuntenJamie Bunten2 måneder siden
  • where can I find the shoe company?

    DewDryteDewDryte2 måneder siden
  • Please Please make timascus it looks so beautiful and no im not talking about Damascus

    Sean JamesSean James2 måneder siden
  • Uhm... I'm pretty sure the leg has to withstand the force, but that way the bracket (which should normally just have to keep the vise tight against the support) will have to do most of the job.

    Marco Dell'AcquaMarco Dell'Acqua2 måneder siden
  • You need a tank of heated cleanser just to soak things in. You'd save so much time.

    No Longer AmusedNo Longer Amused2 måneder siden
  • The last minute was the pearl.

    Ron LegatoRon Legato2 måneder siden
  • Looking great so far Alec! 👍😁

    Braxx JuventaBraxx Juventa2 måneder siden

    Alex HiseAlex Hise2 måneder siden
  • whenever Alec posts a new video I'm like YES he posted I love this guy.

    markus zhmurkomarkus zhmurko2 måneder siden
  • Red dyekum!!! 0.0

    n0ret82n0ret822 måneder siden
  • 9:32 "One important step we shouldn't miss..." **Yogo casually walks by**

    ThaFuzzwoodThaFuzzwood2 måneder siden
  • I am here to rest al little after organic chemistry class, dont draw benzenes please (9:24)

    Raúl AnzaldúaRaúl Anzaldúa2 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or are y'all falling back in love with the cannel with these last videos?? Love the vibe of the videos back in britain with a smaller crew. It feels more like a family and like we're forgeing with a friend. Keep it up Alex!!!

    AndithemagoAndithemago2 måneder siden
  • Now you need a new surface grinder.

    DD2 måneder siden
  • Been a while since he sang about blue dycum. 😔

    Dru AndersenDru Andersen2 måneder siden
  • Yea those steel toe boots make you feel safe till you drop something on them that crushed the toe of the boots and cuts your toes off. Adam Savage did a show on the safety of steel toe boots and they aren’t that safe

    Baby HulkBaby Hulk2 måneder siden
    • Plus they just suck to wear. I’ve had some just dig into the side of my toe and I just find them super uncomfortable and they make the shoes way to heavy. You need something light to keep your foot movement nice and fast like a ninja 🥷 lol

      Baby HulkBaby Hulk2 måneder siden
  • Wait a second, they could precisely bore holes before electronics were invented? :P

    Julian WeinertJulian Weinert2 måneder siden
  • FYI, with a regular file, you don't test for hardness by going biting into it. You'll jack up your file (and that looked like a new one, which is a shame). You skate the file, and listen to the ring. The only files that are for biting are the test files. Those have specific hardness and teeth patterns to do that job. Regular're just dulling the teeth for no reason.

    asertaaserta2 måneder siden
  • If trade coffee, had tea, then I'd care cause I'm an iced tea toddler

    TheRubyGamesTheRubyGames2 måneder siden
  • Alec can we get a reunion episode with Sam now that you are in the UK.

    Jarrett WilliamsJarrett Williams2 måneder siden
  • River sand ie for block paving would help more because it's spherical and not angular, which sticks, you can actually use a funnel with this when dry 🐹

    Jonathan TowleJonathan Towle2 måneder siden
  • No blue dicam song... lol

    Robert HoldRobert Hold2 måneder siden
  • as a non-native english speaker my first thought at the title was "What's a modular and why is it dead?"

    Luke BeksLuke Beks2 måneder siden
  • "Modular" dies held together by bolts just don't work for a long time. The fast sharp shocks that forging hammer create loosen bolts quite quickly. There's a reason why the dovetail design or taper design (on japanese knife hammers) won the test of time. And trust me the forging manufacturers tried looking for other solutions.. nothing else worked.

    chronokchronok2 måneder siden
  • Hey lol kinda random but have you ever tried feather Damascus, it’s beautiful and would probably make a good video

    Dylan WilliamsDylan Williams2 måneder siden
  • when will you be back in the states?

    David BolickDavid Bolick2 måneder siden
  • you drink way to much coffee

    Mike LMike L2 måneder siden
  • Are you ever going to get back to blacksmithing?

    Tom AndersonTom Anderson2 måneder siden
  • Hey you should make a Flying Thunder God Kunai from Naruto would love to see you make it

    TOBEN FLOTOBEN FLO2 måneder siden
  • I miss your regular posting Alec , I do understand you need down time , just got spoiled all those years if multiple posts a week ! Take care , keep posting !

    jeffery bilbyjeffery bilby2 måneder siden
  • Hey Alec i have an idea of project for you !! Making an Handpan. That would be Just awesome.

    PA PiatPA Piat2 måneder siden
  • More content, miss you and the work, keep up the good work - nice looking stand

    Joe KessingerJoe Kessinger2 måneder siden
  • What’s anealing

    Sam BudworthSam Budworth2 måneder siden
  • Just FYI 16mm is not 2,5 inches ;)

    Mark ByrtnoyMark Byrtnoy2 måneder siden
  • The thumbnail looks like someone's finger got chopped off.

    Aries ArriesgadoAries Arriesgado2 måneder siden
  • So did Harry Potter drop out of Hogwarts and become a blacksmith/metalworker?

    youngn9na92youngn9na922 måneder siden
  • One of your project should be a misericorde. The weapon to deal the deadly blow in the upcoming Ridley Scott movie The Last Duel. Staring Matt Damon and Adam Driver

    Jon BlairJon Blair2 måneder siden
    • If you start the project soon the edited footage/episodes could be done and ready for release by the time the movie comes out. Then you can use its publicity to improve your own.

      Jon BlairJon Blair2 måneder siden
  • I didn’t need to be told Jamie was back to know Jamie was back that camera work is amazing!

    Clay PClay P2 måneder siden
  • “Quit milling around!” Can that be a shirt? With the mill in the background

    The Last Air VendorThe Last Air Vendor2 måneder siden
  • I've owned Nic's boots for 30 years

    Jason GannonJason Gannon2 måneder siden
  • hey alec i want to get into forging but don't know the best fire brick to use so i can make a home made forge first to see if i like it

    Boudreaugg24 dudeBoudreaugg24 dude2 måneder siden
  • Really? You had to cut the legs off did you not know that you could just keep it up on its side and wiggle it to the door

    samuel shellsamuel shell2 måneder siden
  • what would be cool would be the base of the stand being a plentum with many small holes drilled in the floor side of it. Then you have an air source pressurize the plentum and the vise floats on a cushion of air to where you push it. You could move a power hammer that way. Just a neat, elegant, "non moving part" way of doing it.

    Rattletrap1970Rattletrap19702 måneder siden
  • Hey Alec, thank you for your generosity! Love the channel. From The Buckin Army! 👏🏻👏🏻

    Roger MulvaneyRoger Mulvaney2 måneder siden
  • Over here to give thanks from Buckin’ Billy Ray!!

    Andy J Can’tAndy J Can’t2 måneder siden
    • But I’m also long time subscriber.

      Andy J Can’tAndy J Can’t2 måneder siden
  • I wish I could show you the knife I just finished. Just started forging but I made my first knife and I think it looks awsome.

    Jeffery MullenJeffery Mullen2 måneder siden
  • can you make some chainmail? It would be really cool

    zazcozazco2 måneder siden
  • Glad to see you back home in the UK 🇬🇧 I’m sure your content has been shining brighter

    Irfaan PinheiroIrfaan Pinheiro2 måneder siden
  • Will ???

    Bill TsolakidisBill Tsolakidis2 måneder siden
  • So I get that you’re setting up two shops for simultaneous production during a pandemic with very strict restrictions in the UK, but can we see Jamie make the David Bowie knife 2.0 or something similar in the meantime? I do really appreciate your work ethic and I know you’re three steps ahead of the rest of us but it would be cool to see some of your other folks make some video content as well.

    Matthew MartingMatthew Marting2 måneder siden
  • Hey Alec look at you tube channel WILDERNESS COOKING it’s a awesome show. He cooks for his community as charity work for the kids in the village. But it looks like he could use one of your custom hand made knives. Would make a great show for a good cause.

    Adam & Andrea BrinkmanAdam & Andrea Brinkman2 måneder siden
  • Hate to say it, but I really love the energy in these videos - reminds me of your old ones. Love the Montana shop and hope you come back to the US, but some of those videos seemed like you were trying too hard. We don't need the "extra" entertainment - watching you in the shop is why we are here.

    Jennifer KrajcirJennifer Krajcir2 måneder siden
  • Pivot!

    gregiepgregiep2 måneder siden
  • Trying to remember the last time alec forged something cool

    Tom WillsTom Wills2 måneder siden
  • 12:48 16mm holes centers are not 2.5 in it's .629 in Alec

    Majmun LudMajmun Lud2 måneder siden
  • Anyone else notice the Captain America shield made of nuts?

    Jay ArmstrongJay Armstrong2 måneder siden
  • Dang it dude... I want daily uploads from this man... I miss it...

    Christian B -Christian B -2 måneder siden
  • Your video cutting the dies on the evolution saw is a better advertising the all i have seen from evolution or the sellers

    nicht erreichbarnicht erreichbar2 måneder siden
  • Trade not shipping in France 😥 I love coffee

    Loup CorbardLoup Corbard2 måneder siden
  • That is so funny. You are in England and had Nick’s boots sent to you. I pass it every day on the way home from work. It is about 2 miles from my house in Spokane Valley.

    Jason MaloneJason Malone2 måneder siden
  • Go legs first and round the corner. Legs were fine to go in the grinding room.

    Jason MaloneJason Malone2 måneder siden
  • Red Dykem!? looks like you just lost a subscriber bud!! I can't believe you!

    Kevin StockKevin Stock2 måneder siden
  • Alec, it could still go through the door with the wider legs if you put it on its side and put 2 legs in first and then the third (or visa versa)....

    Boosted98gsxBoosted98gsx2 måneder siden
  • 5:00 couldn't you have flipped the stand on it's side and basically u-turned it through the doorway?

    Björn Thor GudmundssonBjörn Thor Gudmundsson2 måneder siden
  • Coming from Malaysia, watching you switching back and fourth between metric and imperial is entertaining as I tend to use either for convenience!

    Chingro Kniofe WerkzChingro Kniofe Werkz2 måneder siden
  • Ever thought about making Damascus-Stilettos? I mean the heels?! With jewelry and engraving... put 'em on a plinth and you got a Discussion piece...

    Ernesto BrausewindErnesto Brausewind2 måneder siden
  • Quick warning about Steel Toe boots in a workshop environment. Stay the hell away from forklifts/loaders or anything else with ridiculous amounts of weight. The steel tip will flatten and literally shear the front of your foot off.

    smubbliesmubblie2 måneder siden
  • Your lack of content the last few months leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Especially after supporting the channel financially. Raid Shadow Legends is more important though I understand.

    SkankHunt42SkankHunt422 måneder siden
  • How come you're 30 and 13 years old at the same time? I only ask with love.

    B DunphyB Dunphy2 måneder siden
  • Alec has evidently never moved a table between rooms...

    Haukur PálssonHaukur Pálsson2 måneder siden
  • as always, entertaining, informative and a pleasure to watch.

    Shane RShane R2 måneder siden
  • Yet another great clip..I look forward to forging with my son some day...a challenge I'd like to see is forging damiscus without welding...might seem odd yes but may appeal to those with out welding...good health sir and keep the content comming

    David McCormackDavid McCormack2 måneder siden
  • Please make your content available on Free & Open, Social Media, Platforms ; that do not censor our Free Speech and Expression.

    Pit BullPit Bull2 måneder siden
  • só queria mencionar que o café é BR, lógico que seria maravilhoso.

    LahyriAurbachLahyriAurbach2 måneder siden
  • An idea for another stand is an old school bus roader they are definitely strong enough to be used for any base for stand.

    Richard PlatoRichard Plato2 måneder siden
  • Just by interest are you 23 to 24 ?

    Aaron ThomasAaron Thomas2 måneder siden
  • Make a knife out of aluminum foil

    Vincent FurzeVincent Furze2 måneder siden
  • Alex I need a Job... give me one.

    Wind of changeWind of change2 måneder siden
  • at about 4 minutes 40 you talk about fitting the vice stand into the grinding room door.... can't you just hook it around (ie, put 3 legs in sideways and then basically scoot the 3rd around) like getting large table into a tiny apartment?? Or would it weigh too much to try that?

    Nick McKenzieNick McKenzie2 måneder siden
    • @Chris Larson you are fine, yeah should have made that link but my brain wasn't doing things the smart way yesterday

      Nick McKenzieNick McKenzie2 måneder siden
    • not trying to be mean but this is just a tip but instead of saying 4 minutes 40 seconds its way easier to do 4:40 because then its a link to that exact time your pointing out

      Chris LarsonChris Larson2 måneder siden
  • any EU trade coffee you would recommend ?

    DamokklesDamokkles2 måneder siden
  • is it just me who saw the shield made out of nuts at the back XD

    Nauman AyubNauman Ayub2 måneder siden
  • You should try and make a canister demascus knife out of the "Swarf"!!!

    Evin GalbreathEvin Galbreath2 måneder siden
  • Use kiln dried sand

    Anthony HarperAnthony Harper2 måneder siden
  • Well, not to be that guy but... You do seem a bit (a frickin lot) happier back in U.K.

    Mikael KarlssonMikael Karlsson2 måneder siden
  • I would like to suggestion that you make a shark sculpture to hang from the celing out of all those bolts that you have left over

    Jeremy HammannJeremy Hammann2 måneder siden
  • nice dog Yogo !

    vglmastervglmaster2 måneder siden
  • Spectacular mate

    Ger 13 NunYahGer 13 NunYah2 måneder siden
  • Even after firing Will and moving back to England over the Red Dykem controversy, Alec still finds Red Dykem in his shop!

    andrew breslinandrew breslin2 måneder siden
    • lol

      PneumarianPneumarian2 måneder siden
  • He sounds more British now than when he was in Montana. I guess our American accent was impacting his dialect a little.

    andrew breslinandrew breslin2 måneder siden
    • i mean he was saying pants instead of trousers in Montana so for sure the Montana accent impacted him

      Chris LarsonChris Larson2 måneder siden
  • Instead of sand you should melt some lead or similar heavy material. As dense as lead is that would be a great sound deadening material!

    Bret LambkyBret Lambky2 måneder siden
  • Alec literally could've flipped the table on its side and put it through the door frame lmfao

    mike mousseaumike mousseau2 måneder siden
  • If you use pool filter sand you can just pour it in

    777arc777arc2 måneder siden
  • I hope you have plans to ream those holes. Drills are not perfect cylinder makers, especially if you’re planning on a decently tight fitment.

    John WieliczkoJohn Wieliczko2 måneder siden
  • So did we leave US for good?

    ExNotesExNotes2 måneder siden
    • i think he still owns the Montana shop but hes still the owner of it. the montana shop is pretty much the USA head quarters of company then this shop will he the UK headquarters. but i dont think alec will live or work at the USA shop again if anything its a temporary thing

      Chris LarsonChris Larson2 måneder siden