moments that make me question my comprehension of reality | Kitchen Nightmares

7. april. 2021
735 315 Ganger

if 2 + 2 is 4
and 5 + 5 is 10
#GordonRamsay #KitchenNightmares
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  • so we all not talking bout Gordan walking headfirst into the door at the end?!?!?!?!

    Joel FogartyJoel Fogarty2 minutter siden
  • Good to Gordon regulating nasty restaurants

    alexander raelingalexander raeling11 minutter siden
  • Turn on subtitles and look at 1:12🤣

    Priya PrasaiPriya Prasai37 minutter siden
  • the titles on these lmao

    Jexter CaberJexter Caber58 minutter siden
  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that Gordon walked into a door at the end?

    MelMelTime siden
  • I'd like compensation please my eyes have seen too much.

    Ajinkya RaneAjinkya RaneTime siden
  • 7:01 This is how a lot of restaurants go out of business. They over buy on the food.

    Agim ArdolicAgim ArdolicTime siden
  • 6:26 Sushi pizza? Sushi disaster.

    Agim ArdolicAgim ArdolicTime siden
  • What if Gordon just doesent have good taste and the food really bomb

    milesmilesTime siden
  • Ngl this restaurants and their food are terrific! Terrifically Horrifying Shit

    [ C H I K O ][ C H I K O ]2 timer siden
  • 'akira disappears' and soon he'll explode along with Tokyo

    Andrhew KamiyaAndrhew Kamiya2 timer siden
  • 14:52 best scene ever!

    MoonByulidaMoonByulida3 timer siden
  • What’s the name of the Restaurant or the title of the full episode?

    E ME M3 timer siden
  • 2:43 gets me every time 😂😂😂

    Juan DontWorryAboutItJuan DontWorryAboutIt3 timer siden
  • Came to the comments looking for someone to mention the thumbnail... Guess it’s up to me *dab*

    The Fae NetworkThe Fae Network4 timer siden
  • The daughter of the sushi place is pretty.

    zintosionzintosion4 timer siden
  • Until this day the pigeon still seeks revenge on Gordon for offending him

  • since the pigeon was the only thing fresh he might as well have ordered it 😂

    Diana JDiana J4 timer siden
  • Gordon is the only man who can talk his way out of his murder by getting angry with his killer

    keenobeastkeenobeast4 timer siden
  • Epic rant...walks into door. Doh!!🤣

    WiseGuy5674WiseGuy56744 timer siden
  • Why was some of the chicken yellow in the freezer?

    Liv BensbergLiv Bensberg4 timer siden
  • Birds can’t see windows just like Gordon can’t understand push and pull mechanics... 14:52

    KrayonKrayon4 timer siden
  • He was surprisingly calm about that pigeon.

    Over 9000Over 90005 timer siden
  • The person who runs this account maintains my faith in humanity

    Pranay SinganalliPranay Singanalli5 timer siden
  • I’m sorry, but did the chopsticks come with the food and stuck upright in it? Because that’s what we do when we serve food as an offering.. to the dead..

    TheRealAidenTheRealAiden5 timer siden
  • How are you, account manager of NOtown account: Kitchen Nightmares?

    Spiral DeerSpiral Deer5 timer siden
  • Savage moves

    LucasDonValeurLucasDonValeur6 timer siden
  • moments that make you question what planet you're on

    Ambar AlianisAmbar Alianis6 timer siden
  • Gordon Ramsey's smile on the thumbnail made me genuinely happy

    CEO Y.CEO Y.6 timer siden
  • the manager of this account is one of the reasons i love kitchen nightmares with a passion

    sean thompsonシsean thompsonシ7 timer siden
  • "if 2 + 2 is 4 and 5 + 5 is 10 THEN WHAT THE F*** IS THIS" 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    CursedXKenshinCursedXKenshin7 timer siden
  • whoever run this channel is a legend lmao

    johnwithv1besjohnwithv1bes7 timer siden
  • that moment when Gordon Ramsay pushing the door instead of pulling them 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    jooojooo7 timer siden
  • wadmin

    aurmaan nahviaurmaan nahvi7 timer siden
  • 2:12 Hawaiian restaurant, poo poo platter. Quite literally.

    Kelly GableKelly Gable7 timer siden
  • “This is butter and garlic” “ Umm garlic butter” 😂

    Jeff FieldsJeff Fields7 timer siden
  • The reason its called kitchen nightmares is beacuse its the kitchen from our nightmares

    billy Hawkinsbilly Hawkins8 timer siden
  • Yo im tryna eat mcdonalds while watching him put out a slimy bucket of snails..

    AaaaAaaa8 timer siden
  • The thumbnail makes me happy

    Robin MiotaRobin Miota8 timer siden
  • imagine Ramsay coming into the restaurant when ur eating with cameramen and u know ur fucked

    frozen minerfrozen miner9 timer siden
  • Tiki plat'a ? shitty plat'a

    API WORLDAPI WORLD9 timer siden
  • ive seen this so many times but it jus keeps getting better kldsjfslj

    d cd c9 timer siden
  • anime pigeon

    Saber GamingSaber Gaming9 timer siden
  • whoever runs this account gen z loves you

    Olivia DaddabboOlivia Daddabbo9 timer siden
  • God i hate unskippable ads

    ArtAuraArtAura9 timer siden
  • 14:44 😭

    Jovanni AnguloJovanni Angulo9 timer siden
  • Spicy class memes.

    Weaponized milk truck.Weaponized milk truck.10 timer siden
  • It boggles me that restaurants will hire people without food licenses.

    Sarah MSarah M10 timer siden
  • That screaming kid intro is hilarious

    ms. piratems. pirate10 timer siden
  • Wtf is up with that thumbnail?

    ms. piratems. pirate10 timer siden
  • When he hits the door at the end 😂

    AlbedoBTAlbedoBT10 timer siden
  • Watching them cooking and serving without a mask feels kinda off

    GeM HunTeRGeM HunTeR10 timer siden
  • title idea: kitchen nightmare moments that made me scream where’s the lamb sauce

    Adiba AfrozAdiba Afroz11 timer siden
  • I love how he smacked right into the door. That's how you know it's one take

    Skylar JenkinsSkylar Jenkins11 timer siden
  • Legend has it that Ramsy himself runs this channel 👀

    everything awesomeeverything awesome12 timer siden
  • 14:54 lol xD

    HOstrich GDHOstrich GD12 timer siden
  • that pigeon looking fresh tho

    moisesBTWmoisesBTW12 timer siden
  • Also isn't miso soup Japanese? Edit I searched it up it's actually Chinese

    Zack JZack J12 timer siden
  • Also the roof tile is either something they do use or it's just a stereotype

    Zack JZack J12 timer siden
  • Tbh some of the interior design wasn't that bad but the only thing that made it bad was all of the clutter & the none Hawaiian based stuff

    Zack JZack J12 timer siden
  • Girl in the black dress at the start got cakes 🥵🥵🥵

    FolksFolks12 timer siden
  • “That pidgeon is lucky he’s still alive” wonder where he is now and days, probably in another restraunt I assume

    Disenthralled RedDisenthralled Red12 timer siden
  • Even Thanos himself wouldn’t stand up to the almighty wrath of a fresh-frozen Ramsay

    Jake MillerJake Miller12 timer siden
  • That F***'n Door!!!! LOL

    Simon A CarsonSimon A Carson12 timer siden
  • These titles tho

    The ketamine TrainThe ketamine Train12 timer siden
  • The thumbnail is just perfection

    MalakaiMalakai12 timer siden
  • "I thought the kitchen was in somewhat disarray " Fucking pigeon flying around

    BCGxKirbyoneBCGxKirbyone13 timer siden
  • Viewers : Is this channel turning to a meme channel? Kitchen Nightmares : 🔫👨‍🚀 Always has been.

    Kuro KenKuro Ken13 timer siden
  • I just witnessed the origin of the corona virus

    Gary EdwinGary Edwin13 timer siden
  • My least favorite part is when the owners go "I had no idea, this is unacceptable". When you're paying people you set the standards. The employees are just doing whatever they can to get their check, yet the blame is put on them when Gordon goes off

    Mark UlicnikMark Ulicnik13 timer siden
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    Yakavic AideyanYakavic Aideyan13 timer siden
  • Gordon if you read the comments can you do a kitchen tour of your restaurant

    Matthew GallagherMatthew Gallagher13 timer siden
  • I think the pigeon is more popular than Gordon at this point. Most of the people in this comment section are talking about the pigeon lol

    Karm3l KittyKarm3l Kitty13 timer siden
  • he almost ended it smooth asf

    Justus StanfordJustus Stanford13 timer siden
  • Stuff like this makes me question if I should keep giving restaurants with few customers a chance.

    ButterButter13 timer siden
  • Curious about the sushi being fresh or frozen. From my understanding, most states in the USA require raw fish to be frozen prior to being served (I believe there are exceptions for tuna in places).

    John BarryJohn Barry14 timer siden
  • The pigeon brought me here

    Christina TijaniChristina Tijani14 timer siden
  • That Exit of Gordon tho I always chuckle in it no matter how many times I've seen it

    XêrælXêræl14 timer siden
  • I really wanna meet the person who comes up for the names and thumbnails for these videos

    LazyPotatoAddisonLazyPotatoAddison14 timer siden
  • why'd they have to show ramsey struggling with the door at the end lmao

    Joel MalloyJoel Malloy14 timer siden
  • where nino at

    霜夜 彬霜夜 彬14 timer siden
  • Whoever owns this channel knows what the fuck is up and I love you you are doing Justice to gordan and memes

    Carrot KakoCarrot Kako14 timer siden
  • Content: Gordon calling people donkeys Channel Manager: Meme title it is

    The God Emperor of MankindThe God Emperor of Mankind14 timer siden
  • 6:30 The person who chose the music just finished playing Ratched and Clank

    SHINOBI XSHINOBI X15 timer siden
  • i thought it was basil lmfao 😄

    Ty JacobsTy Jacobs15 timer siden
  • The boiling creek accordingly spray because euphonium selectively sniff outside a vivacious value. energetic, successful anthropology

    Shanae SchedelShanae Schedel15 timer siden
  • Kitchen Nightmares is more rewatchable than The Office

    toss boytoss boy15 timer siden
  • If I’m eating and Chef Ramsay and his crew walk in you know I’m bout to dip.

    Ethan YarberryEthan Yarberry15 timer siden
  • Congrats on 5m (sorry i am late)

    Merhba12Merhba1216 timer siden
  • The thumbnail just shows how much of a meme it is

    NGNL AsianNGNL Asian16 timer siden
  • Gordon sees something disgusting his brain: Touch it and yell at it

    Solomon KongSolomon Kong16 timer siden
  • Ramsey is like a drug-dog for bad food. You just can't trick him. Ah, fuckin' pigeon!

    Gregory EspositoGregory Esposito16 timer siden
  • "what is that... Fucking pigeon..?"

    Brad NBrad N16 timer siden
  • Owners blame head chef, because they didn't give a fuck themselves.

    OlavOlav16 timer siden

    A KA K16 timer siden
  • Me watching this while eating my 4 day old tiramisu 👁👄👁

    Eden REden R16 timer siden
  • This meme channel is slowly turning into a food channel

    Robert PallierRobert Pallier16 timer siden
  • 10:15 "My fault." woe. somebody owning up to their mistakes? Love that.

    Captain OverThinkerCaptain OverThinker17 timer siden
  • Oh my god, such a powerhouse chef and you actually show him collide with that door? crying laughing

    J.S. WolfeJ.S. Wolfe17 timer siden
  • 2:15 First time I've seen a chef slamming a jug of cola in the kitchen. Whatever keeps you going I suppose.

    Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D.Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D.17 timer siden