Moving our Snakes to the New Facility!

19. mars. 2021
921 656 Ganger

Today is a day we've all been waiting for- we're moving our snakes to the new facility!! It was 17 solid hours of hard work, including some surprises and "grab bag shenanigans", and we're SO EXCITED!! :D
We love fan mail!
Snake Discovery
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Hammond, WI 54015
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  • 24:34 I see youuu

    Venice ZhayneVenice Zhayne4 timer siden
  • Can anyone explain how much fan mail they get😱😱

    Francesca SzotFrancesca Szot9 timer siden
  • Congrats Ed and Emily !!!

    Shanice RazoShanice Razo22 timer siden
  • I remember when this channel was just at 50k

    dylandanielb Robloxdylandanielb Roblox22 timer siden
  • Where is the alligator

    Dark AngelDark Angel23 timer siden
    • They aren’t moving Rex to the facility yet (I think)

      Misty SudiosMisty Sudios21 time siden
  • She got that Bucees drip

    Andrew PulverAndrew PulverDag siden
  • Ed's hair looks like ramen noodles

    Amy BeallAmy BeallDag siden
  • idk why i thought of this but the snakes rack could be called the snake hotel just a random thought

    Ryan HughesRyan Hughes2 dager siden
  • What is the name of the snake that they can't say on the channel?

    love4bodymodlove4bodymod2 dager siden
  • Yesterday i saw a tiny little baby brown snake at school!

    Ocean LeavesOcean Leaves2 dager siden
  • Who’s Sharon? Why is she a reptile in this video and a squirrel in another?

    Alexa productionsAlexa productions3 dager siden
  • 24:34 a little sneak peak :D Btw big fan.

    Azmain AribAzmain Arib3 dager siden
  • U house is Zoo?

    • XxkîãrägãmīngxX•• XxkîãrägãmīngxX•3 dager siden
  • Why did you name a snake something you can't say on youtube

    Clare PracticeClare Practice3 dager siden
  • Do you think you could give us a little house tour in the future/ show us how many floors you have cause it looks like four floors

    Clare PracticeClare Practice3 dager siden
  • The scaleless is named scrotum so everyone knows

    London NovakLondon Novak3 dager siden
  • Are you selling your pets or is it just for you and keep your pet so you have more room at your house or what are you gonna do

    Zoey ReederZoey Reeder3 dager siden
  • I haven’t been on your channel in a good while but why was there a penny in still naughtys water bowl ?

    Fallon PaulFallon Paul4 dager siden
  • I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking when they saw how many snakes you actually had lol

    Fallon PaulFallon Paul4 dager siden
  • It’s snake hotel

    Vu PhamVu Pham4 dager siden
  • I have a question do you ever get lonly and just go get a snake to play with

    briar mullenbriar mullen4 dager siden
  • Are you guys going to have kids

    Kendall and Kaylan studios AlexanderKendall and Kaylan studios Alexander4 dager siden
  • Wont the snakes die in side the bags

    Savanaah VaogaSavanaah Vaoga4 dager siden
  • How many snakes in total so u have

    Savanaah VaogaSavanaah Vaoga4 dager siden
  • If you get a white ghost or albino snake soon you should name it Soul but without the u so it would be Sol

    Bamboo drawsBamboo draws5 dager siden
  • I love the facility

    Corey MCorey M5 dager siden
  • Dose it all ways snow

    natalie layernatalie layer5 dager siden
  • I just can't belive they cleaned all those reptlies every few weeks in their house all by themselves 😶

    Amber ForbesAmber Forbes5 dager siden
  • Why are there Pennies in the water

    Lexie FogleLexie Fogle6 dager siden
  • Where is your facility ever since the video of you renovating it I’ve wanted to go! Mouse-r-us I love that 😆

    Maries 3Maries 36 dager siden
  • I wonder what the name of the name of that snake is 🤔🤔and why they couldn’t say it (The one were Emily said they couldn’t say the name on the channel)

    kc u792kc u7926 dager siden
  • Im sad

    Erdenbeleg ErdenehorolErdenbeleg Erdenehorol6 dager siden
  • Snake= GIVE ME FOOD~

    Jill ReedJill Reed6 dager siden
  • I don’t have a normal house either I have one Mouse one turtle three birds 6 Dogs and we are going to get more birds another mouse and maybe a pig later on And The inside of the house is covered in fur because of the dogs . Well besides that I love your videos so much have a great day😁

    Jasmine UjuetaJasmine Ujueta7 dager siden
  • Wierd moveing bags

    Shannon GoeppingerShannon Goeppinger7 dager siden
  • I’m so devastated that the black tailed cribo that escaped wasnt loki, the irony would be 😘👌

    Olivia BodilyOlivia Bodily7 dager siden
  • it's so sad that janet never got to see the facility

    Raven HelDracaRaven HelDraca7 dager siden
  • What about the garters?

    Poison Wyvern 69Poison Wyvern 697 dager siden
  • I have always wanted a parrot but I can't get one and if I lived in America and I met you I would ask for a parrot but I live in England 🙁

    Kayla MundayKayla Munday7 dager siden
  • This reminds me of when everyone in a small town comes together to help build a barn

    Watermelon 7Watermelon 78 dager siden
  • This is snake town all we need is a snakezilla

    gangstamario007gangstamario0078 dager siden
  • "can't say his name on the channel" um what did you name your snake guys?

    TheDigiSeviperTheDigiSeviper8 dager siden
  • 18:31 Does anyone know that snakes name and why they can't say it???

    RoselleRoselle8 dager siden
    • @Misty Sudios I know what a scrotum is lol.

      RoselleRoselle19 timer siden
    • I think it’s Scrotum, search it up yourself “scrotum”

      Misty SudiosMisty Sudios21 time siden
  • I love Emily and Ed's relationship. They are such a good couple.❤

    RoselleRoselle8 dager siden
  • Ed: this year, I lost my dear wife, Emily Emily: stop telling everyone I’m dead Ed: sometimes I can still hear her voice

    Jedda BarnesJedda Barnes8 dager siden
  • This has most probably been explained before but I can’t remember which video, but.. why are there coins in their water? Cheers in advance ☺️

    Jenifer KingJenifer King9 dager siden
  • Will we see them again once the zoo opens? Anyways congrats you guys have come so far!

    Anime PersonAnime Person9 dager siden
  • If you have someone named Emily and your family or if your named Emily I have a sister name Emily

    Dalinda ByrumDalinda Byrum9 dager siden
  • So many snake😵

    Venus NguyenVenus Nguyen9 dager siden
  • How many snakes do you think you have?

    Addison ScottAddison Scott10 dager siden
  • can you please get fishy

    Rebecca BrumptonRebecca Brumpton10 dager siden
  • Gecko: im still not marying you The elf: but now i have glasses on. Now im cool. Me: 👁👄👁

    Itz_kawaii-wolf girlItz_kawaii-wolf girl10 dager siden
  • If you get a new snake you shoud name it slithren

    Ineta KalinaiteIneta Kalinaite10 dager siden
  • You waking up the hognoses reminds me of my mom waking me up. Interestingly, the more cheery she'd sound, the grumpier I'd feel 😀

    Tanvi KhareTanvi Khare10 dager siden
  • That’s so cool

    Hoodini GamingHoodini Gaming10 dager siden
  • I have some beautiful snakes at home

    Hoodini GamingHoodini Gaming10 dager siden
  • And I just want to say I also love the hatching snake videos

    Hoodini GamingHoodini Gaming10 dager siden
  • And I love Rex

    Hoodini GamingHoodini Gaming10 dager siden
  • I love all of your snakes

    Hoodini GamingHoodini Gaming10 dager siden
  • “The pillow cases are alive!!”

    Kenley PeeleKenley Peele11 dager siden
  • It’s funny how in every moving video Emily is always dead lol 😂

    Juliana NavarroJuliana Navarro11 dager siden
  • That sounds really awesome

    Erin AndersonErin Anderson11 dager siden
  • It was my birthday April 4 and I got African fat tails tangirean 🦎

    Stephanie WestStephanie West11 dager siden
  • XD cheyenne!

    Shelby StensrudShelby Stensrud11 dager siden
  • pls do fan mail!

    Shelby StensrudShelby Stensrud11 dager siden
  • Im not actually shelby im a kid

    Shelby StensrudShelby Stensrud11 dager siden

    Shelby StensrudShelby Stensrud11 dager siden
  • *I'm *

    limbaughlimbaugh11 dager siden
  • Whats a facility because 8m pretty young.........

    limbaughlimbaugh11 dager siden
  • The shirt that Ed has on I have one of them

    anchtnt lizardsanchtnt lizards11 dager siden
  • 7:12 The pillowcases are *alive* 😆😆😆😆

    Alina KAlina K11 dager siden
  • What was the candles name that she could not say??

    Chase VenemaChase Venema11 dager siden
    • I think it’s Scrotum

      Misty SudiosMisty Sudios21 time siden
    • Snakes I meantbsnakes

      Chase VenemaChase Venema11 dager siden
  • Get a blue maca they are super cool :)

    Blueberry SkiesBlueberry Skies11 dager siden
  • 19:29

    Dominick MrosewskeDominick Mrosewske11 dager siden
  • How many snakes do you have?!😱

    Ali MubashirAli Mubashir12 dager siden
  • Do. U have Axolotl?

    Random blue ice catRandom blue ice cat12 dager siden
  • I have that same shirt the person with the cool arm tats has

    R. J. MacReadyR. J. MacReady12 dager siden
  • hi

    Zina FoxZina Fox12 dager siden
  • Lol mysterious pillowcases

    Autumn DuffyAutumn Duffy12 dager siden
  • “You got sc- oh that’s right, can’t say his name on the channel” the scaleless snake.., I think we can figure it out

    PowerplayPowerplay12 dager siden
  • Did you get your vac.?

    Kylie ShultzKylie Shultz12 dager siden
  • 17:30 Tiny: i peaks through the hair forest

    I_Has_MoofinI_Has_Moofin13 dager siden
  • Don't get me wrong... I love snakes. But something about all those wriggling pillow cases kinda gave me the heebie jeebies.

    Mike PriceMike Price13 dager siden
  • Get a black mamba named brownie

    Isaac PrissmanIsaac Prissman13 dager siden
  • lol they have like 300 dollars worth of pennies in all of the water bowls

    Cole CagleCole Cagle13 dager siden
  • wait why couldnt you say one of the snakes name-?

    Alynn MonkeyAlynn Monkey13 dager siden
    • @Misty Sudios Ohh alright!

      Alynn MonkeyAlynn Monkey19 timer siden
    • I think it’s called Scrotum, if your curious about what it means, search it up.

      Misty SudiosMisty Sudios21 time siden
  • Where is your alligator

    Londyn HorrocksLondyn Horrocks14 dager siden
  • I loved your snack morning day it was so cool from sophie. 😋🥰😇😙😎💩💘🌈🎀🌵

    Sophie BodewesSophie Bodewes14 dager siden

    Oscar TorresOscar Torres14 dager siden
  • you can turn the basement into a play room for shayan

    Bonnie da freshBonnie da fresh14 dager siden
  • this is my dream

    Lisa DriesLisa Dries14 dager siden
  • 18:30 Why can't they say the name on the channel? I'm confused 😭

    Se SeSe Se15 dager siden
  • With the room cyanne is in your could make that just her room

    Olivia RahmannOlivia Rahmann15 dager siden
  • Bruh they could make Cheyenne’s (idk how to spell her name) but they could make her room into sort of a jungle room

    TDS Gecko GamingTDS Gecko Gaming15 dager siden
  • I lovee how she is soo positive and have a name for 1000s of snake's

    Twane Van AswegenTwane Van Aswegen15 dager siden
  • How much snakes do you have :0 OVER 1000 But seriously tho,TELLL MEEEEE

    Mia WatkinsMia Watkins15 dager siden
  • It’s like the snakes have a hotel

    Therese CamilleriTherese Camilleri15 dager siden
  • Bird room, plushie room, pillow room, game room, uhhh idk what other kind of rooms you can have now

    Courtney LeCountCourtney LeCount15 dager siden
  • When Emily said ‘ we can get a room for her ‘ for Onyx all I could think of was this being like a snake/reptile/amphibian hotel.

    Cardinal CoyoteCardinal Coyote15 dager siden
  • Are you gonna just film or are you gonna actually help? And where is Ed?

    Natasha CoadNatasha Coad15 dager siden