My 50 Cal Exploded

29. april. 2021
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“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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  • Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

    Kentucky BallisticsKentucky Ballistics10 dager siden
    • I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.

      Paul AlejandroPaul Alejandro9 dager siden
    • That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!

      theyetirulrstheyetirulrs10 dager siden
    • Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery

      Fanie SmitFanie Smit10 dager siden
    • We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland

      Tim MeijerinkTim Meijerink10 dager siden
    • Kinda suspicious 2 of y’all having 50s mishaps . Glad you are still with us.

      Trogdordog04 SmithTrogdordog04 Smith10 dager siden
  • Jesus Christ brah glad your ok !

    Camillo YbarraCamillo Ybarra49 sekunder siden
  • Glad to see you recovering well.

    Jay 313Jay 313Minutt siden
  • This video weighed in on me heavy. Scott is such a good guy who doesn’t deserve anything bad happening to him. Glad he’s making a good recovery. If there’s anything I can take away from this it’s to always wear your eye pro and never skip out on safety/ medical. Won’t be shooting questionable ammo anymore either like I used to

    Caleb TatolaCaleb Tatola2 minutter siden
  • This guy is a badass for surviving this accident ! Also thank goodness his father was there to help him out ! To shove your thumb into your own neck to stop the bleeding is remarkable to stay conscious and make it to the hospital is amazing!

    LORMINGOLORMINGO2 minutter siden
  • This is a insane story. Almost crazier than fiction. I can’t believe you survived this, incredible. Also crazy how advanced our medical technology has come.

    soinu foigsoinu foig3 minutter siden
  • dude, you are one lucky son of a gun. Your life almost got cut short by a hot round, but by the good graces of god you're still on this earth. Someone up there is on your side.

    JoshJosh4 minutter siden
    • Very unfortunate I wish you recover soon

      soinu foigsoinu foig3 minutter siden
  • 4:27 good part

    Nates PicsNates Pics8 minutter siden
  • Hey man I'm so glad your still around and ticking. Hearing and seeing what happened to you is shocking and scary. Remembering your family gave you the will to fight to stay alive from them is so touching. I pray for you for a quick recovery and I love your channel Kentucky strong 💪.

    Ing LyIng Ly15 minutter siden
  • What an incredible story of luck and belief. This is the first KB vid i have ever watched and i am about to subscribe. T shirt is Ace too haha. Glad you're okay after such a horrific incident and best of luck with the rest of recovery.

    BertZX9RBertZX9R23 minutter siden
  • Yikes thank the heavens for eye pro 😂 did you hit the target tho?

    Ricky CastroRicky Castro24 minutter siden
  • Did u have a spiritual experience while you were in the operating room.. ? Tell us about that please.

    Chuck KieChuck Kie26 minutter siden
  • I’m happy your alive to tell this story

    Brandon RBrandon R26 minutter siden
  • 8.6k dislikes wow there are some ignorant people out there.

    Marz8999Marz899926 minutter siden
  • I would say thanks your dad cause if it wasn't him for shoving a thumb in that hole.

    Marz8999Marz899927 minutter siden
  • This is absolutely insane

    xSkraevxSkraev28 minutter siden
  • Did you build that yourself there bub?

    Peter HadekaPeter Hadeka28 minutter siden
  • Hey man, glad you are still with us. Hoping you heal up fast.

    NealNeal35 minutter siden
  • I’m glad your doing better man

    Da ShopDa Shop36 minutter siden
  • This gives me.psd watching this happened to me too with a 7mm

    Rodney WalchlyRodney Walchly36 minutter siden
  • Friends: hey have I ever told you about this time I went white water rafting? This guy: yea that’s cool and all but have I ever told you about the time when my 50 cal exploded and had a steel shard shot through my throat, and a metal cap that broke my nose and temporarily blinded me.

    Julien PendergrasJulien Pendergras37 minutter siden
  • 4:25 title

    PajaroGamer07PajaroGamer0737 minutter siden
  • Very unfortunate I wish you recover soon

    Suresh DasSuresh Das38 minutter siden
  • And you lived! If you think about it the threads saved your life.

    Standupforyourself9Standupforyourself939 minutter siden
  • Maybe he made enough from the vid to pay for the hospital bill. Get better soon.

    Antony OAntony O39 minutter siden
  • I had a 7mm explode on me when I was 16 almost blew my thumb and middle finger off was able to save both with surgery

    Rodney WalchlyRodney Walchly40 minutter siden
  • Dang that must have hurt really bad

    MCgamerpro256MCgamerpro25640 minutter siden
  • Hope u heal well man

    Casper gamingCasper gaming42 minutter siden
  • The power of prayer, brother. ....the power of prayer. ....and Mello Yello!

    maxxrocketmaxxrocket46 minutter siden
  • I noticed the shirt just before you talk about it 17:12

    James NanselJames Nansel46 minutter siden
  • Do it again

    Vincent MontgomeryVincent Montgomery47 minutter siden
  • you are a proof miracle do happen and the quick thinking of your dad save your life so may god bless you both that real life not like what happen in the movies.

    Alain BlaisAlain Blais50 minutter siden
  • Incredible story- glad you’re still kicking. God bless on a speedy recovery sir!

    Jeffrey BatesJeffrey Bates50 minutter siden
  • Glad to see you getting better, it’s crazy luck that you survived that. wish you well

    TANmasterisMETANmasterisME52 minutter siden
  • i think i know how this happened, this was caused by some one put the shell in a vibrating shell cleaner that made the shell nice and clean. the powder has a special coating on it that makes it burn slower since its a 50 cal but when you do it causes the powder coating to come off making the powder burn faster.

    Aaron CherryAaron Cherry53 minutter siden
  • This video appeared randomly in my feed. I have never seen one of your videos before this one. That was a harrowing story. My heart was racing hearing you retell it. I am so happy you are here to talk about it now.

    B. PilpsonB. Pilpson54 minutter siden
    • Same here and I'm glad to see him recovering well

      Neptunis RexNeptunis Rex47 minutter siden
  • Glad you’re still here with us Scott.🇺🇸 God bless you and your family.👍🏼

    Joshua MurilloJoshua Murillo56 minutter siden
  • This is what happens when you glorify guns rather than use them for self defense. Take notes kids.

    You're Emotional I'm LogicalYou're Emotional I'm Logical57 minutter siden
  • Cheeses cwise

    KaiKai58 minutter siden
  • .50 caliber rifle turned into a .50 caliber grenade

    Dom HowardDom HowardTime siden
  • men wear scars like medals of honor

    Divine ChomusukeDivine ChomusukeTime siden
  • Jesus man you remind me of wolverine. Your a tank man and im glad your ok God bless you and your family :)

    AstroNoodlesAstroNoodlesTime siden
  • Wow brother , take care God still has a mission for you on this world 🤙🏽🍻

    BoujeeBoujeeTime siden
  • Holy S***... You're lucky to still be here, oh my god.

    ModernModernTime siden
  • God bless you 🙏🏾😇

    Ramone ThorntonRamone ThorntonTime siden
  • 4:29 if you wanna see it explode no problem

    LavisLavisTime siden
  • The jugular returns blood to the heart, from the brain. Carotid artery takes blood from your heart to your brain…but I’m glad you’re ok bro!

    Johnny SulikJohnny SulikTime siden
  • 👍

    Devon LopezDevon LopezTime siden
  • God helped you huh......

    imjonny001imjonny001Time siden
  • I'm glad you're ok 😟 you're the coolest dude ever ❤

    EL_C4N0EL_C4N0Time siden
  • Sadly that can happen when you use firearms.

  • Don't let Joe donkey biden and the Libtards see this...or no mo guns! 🤪

    xxTime siden
  • bro So crazy. Glad your still around! 👌

    xxTime siden
  • Your angel was watching over u that day!your very lucky to be alive!wishing u to a full recovery brother! shrapnel no joke!🙏💪🦾

    Marcus PalermoMarcus PalermoTime siden
  • Damn man you were F~ck£d up! Glad you’re healing!

    veiledallegoryveiledallegoryTime siden
  • This is absolutely crazy I didn’t know about who he was before but man am I glad he is alive this is so crazy stay safe man

    Pedro DelgadoPedro DelgadoTime siden
  • God bless you brother🙏. Glad you’re still with us!!!

    derek dixonderek dixonTime siden
  • Glad your ok. Keep your head up ! 🙏

    Y.L.K. ProductionsY.L.K. ProductionsTime siden
  • Poor weapon design

    B EB ETime siden
  • ❤️

    Jai TonerJai TonerTime siden

    JAY JAYJAY JAYTime siden
  • Wellcome back

    Mauricio Luis VegaMauricio Luis VegaTime siden
  • Love u man hope u get better hope everything heals well

    Ashton WilliamsAshton WilliamsTime siden
  • You were shooting some dam good amo

    H2 OH2 OTime siden

    YGYGTime siden
  • 4:30 Boom Boom 💥

    ulises Gulises GTime siden
  • Really glad you're healing

    GT GTGT GTTime siden
  • God does all things for the good of his people

    JhordyJhordyTime siden
  • 4:22 Explosion

    BulbDramaBulbDramaTime siden
  • Praise GOD for his mercy.

    Ches CablerChes CablerTime siden
  • I have an iPhone 8 and what is the button to do the alarm thing

    Rylan PutnamRylan PutnamTime siden
  • Glad Nothin happened bruh, u got our prayers!

    AkhileshAkhileshTime siden
  • Man this is fucking bonkers. Glad you survived that. You seem like a good dude.

    terrellmaterrellmaTime siden
  • And white men think the rest of us will end them LOL and on my bday!

    Nona EubinisNona EubinisTime siden
  • Your courage and stamina saved your life. Thank God you made it.

    Roger AloisiRoger AloisiTime siden
  • Wow. Friendly fire from the 50 cal. Glad your alive.

    adonisnetworksadonisnetworksTime siden
  • What was the brand of the last round you fired? Sounds like they load it a lot hotter than other manufacturers.

    Daniel CDaniel CTime siden
  • Glad you're good buddy

    Dustin guyDustin guyTime siden
  • What I wanna know is where that hot round came from?

    Adventures In Modern RecordingAdventures In Modern RecordingTime siden
  • Thank you for telling us your story. As i was writing this i was in tears. Because its stories like yours that help me to realise that as life nears it's end its often the little things in life that matter the most, the touch and sounds of loved ones the scent of a flower etc. You've been given a second chance please use your time left wisely and God bless.

    Benjamin StoryBenjamin StoryTime siden
  • The 50cal build cannot withstand the force

    Developers TutorialDevelopers TutorialTime siden
  • Kinda sad your most viewed video is you in almost dying. Something wrong with the world haha

    Domingo RamirezDomingo RamirezTime siden
  • God watches over his people. PTL your doing well man!!

    Alek CouchAlek CouchTime siden
  • So no full auto Friday?

    Christian UrquizaChristian UrquizaTime siden
  • Thank GOD all mighty!

    America First #MagaPartyAmerica First #MagaPartyTime siden
  • Rest well buddy.

    John Piolo GalangJohn Piolo Galang2 timer siden
  • Jeez man you top my injury bro.

    Marshal SMarshal S2 timer siden
  • Happy to see you're doing good.

    Chris BaberChris Baber2 timer siden
  • gonna be hard to push that wheelbarrow around. the one that carries his giant patriot testicles.

    Toby RosenbaumToby Rosenbaum2 timer siden
  • Proud of you man!!!! Glad you still here with us !!

    jaywow bilottojaywow bilotto2 timer siden
  • I’m so sorry man. It is a miracle you are still with us and I hope you getter well soon. God bless your dad, and the doctors.

    Clacxzy GamingClacxzy Gaming2 timer siden
  • You are a badass.

    Ignis ShadowflameIgnis Shadowflame2 timer siden
  • Glad your ok

    Greg RogersGreg Rogers2 timer siden
  • Terrifying, but a hell of a story for the grandkids!

    Jack SkellingtonJack Skellington2 timer siden
  • God Bless brother. God speed

    66azannor66azannor2 timer siden
  • If you think about it the safety glass prevented him from being blind or fully blind

    mincraft g a m e rmincraft g a m e r2 timer siden
  • You are a lucky guy !

    Chas NoyesChas Noyes2 timer siden
  • Glad your still around brutha!! I didn't know what to think about your channel at first because I was and am a hardcore Demolition Ranch fan. But I learned of your channel from demo ranch. Then I quickly realized I was watching more of your vids than I was demolition ranches. The way I see it both of you run excellent channels and I care about both of you. So I'm glad you survived. And can't wait to see some more epic gun footage!! Hope's and prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery!! Take care and plz be safer...

    Brian StewartBrian Stewart2 timer siden
  • Glad you're still with us brother!

    Nick FuryNick Fury2 timer siden