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Isaiah (Videographer): @isaiaharnoldfilm
My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • For someone who focuses on safety... He's not really safe but it makes for a great video.

    KeolokaiKeolokai5 dager siden
  • This feels like a more permanent move...

    Eric LindquistEric Lindquist2 måneder siden
  • Alec its stuck due to the pressure on the charged side of the pipe. Also do yourself a favour and check all air joints with soapy water. Enjoy

    samuel twaitessamuel twaites2 måneder siden
  • Alec just traveling the world setting up random shops ... damn, how can be unboxing new stuff boring?

    Rude DudeRude Dude2 måneder siden
  • I have a air compressor kinda like that, but it is about 30 times smaller lol

    Jason's Outdoor MischiefJason's Outdoor Mischief3 måneder siden
  • I have a question what is going to happen to this new workshop when you are back in Montana, are you going to start a intern to work this shop in the UK

    Kevin AckleyKevin Ackley3 måneder siden
  • I love watching someone else work. Great job Alec. That forge looks a little top heavy. If it is add a little ballast weight down underneath by adding a shelf as low as possible,

    Russell BabcockRussell Babcock3 måneder siden
  • well he got martied quick haha

    ProphetrexlexfulProphetrexlexful3 måneder siden
  • Нифига непонятно ,но очень интересно)

    Video MixVideo Mix3 måneder siden
  • Has Plasma Cutter and uses battery powered grinder to cut straight lines... Alec, we gotta talk about tool usage.

    Matt BMatt B3 måneder siden
  • Hey Alec, instead of cutting the top of the plasma cutter off haha. Why not modify the metal cart? Either lower the bottom shelf. Or cut all for legs and add the two inches of height . Then you’ll be good and have both on the cart without cutting off the handle of the plasma cutter. But it is yours, and if you plan to keep it then it doesn’t matter. But if you sell it or have warranty on it they might not like it missing haha. Love the videos! Have a good one!

    KYote 422KYote 4223 måneder siden
  • Great video man, great to see everything come together

    Thomas SamohtThomas Samoht3 måneder siden
  • Person: Hey Alec, what do you exactly do? Alec: Umm.... its complicated

    Thomas SamohtThomas Samoht3 måneder siden
  • Wait... i thought you had a parnership with lincoln electric... why not get the plasma and welder from them?

    d is readyd is ready3 måneder siden
  • You tube must be paying well these days.

    Beanie WeenieBeanie Weenie3 måneder siden
  • Kove headphones are garbage. Mine broke after 6 hours and you can’t get a response from customer service. They are a scam.

    WayneRiteWayneRite3 måneder siden
  • i swear this guy acts so high all the time

    Rej MejRej Mej3 måneder siden
  • did you actually go to public school or is the way you talk just an affectation you put on to let everyone know you are english

    clive ramsbottyclive ramsbotty4 måneder siden
  • I thought you would find an old shed at a family member and build a simple forge, get an anvil and a rusty old welder and just build something.

    Johannes RJohannes R4 måneder siden
  • Raise the welder on the cart to get the plasma in?

    GarThor Son of OdinGarThor Son of Odin4 måneder siden
  • Hope he annealed that crowbar, after possibly hardening it

    Brandy EllisBrandy Ellis4 måneder siden
  • Where did you both those shelfs

    KazokuKazoku4 måneder siden
  • Alec Steele "I am serious international business man. I have wife, employees, corporate sponsors. I do fire and machine tools that can literally maim and I kill. I make swords and deadly things. See me do man thing" Also Alec Steele "a big pile of cardboard? Wheeeeee" Cracked me up 😅

    Ed OrzedEd Orzed4 måneder siden
  • Are you saying your steel supplier in the US had crappy service?

    Joseph CostaJoseph Costa4 måneder siden
  • I love how he just had digestives on the table

    MIndOfPlatMIndOfPlat4 måneder siden
  • I will eat my shoe if he opens one in Canada

    Digital HammerDigital Hammer4 måneder siden
  • HI Alec - have you moved permanently back to the UK ?

    Vidar HalvorsenVidar Halvorsen4 måneder siden
  • The fact you used John Guest for the plumbing made me laugh as I’m the person who would get these products WRAS certified 👌🏻in my opinion and experience, nothing beats John Guest Fittings.. great choice 👌🏻

    Lewis WLewis W4 måneder siden
  • That cardboard stunt made the video!

    ArtonizPNArtonizPN4 måneder siden
  • As a welder why have you not built your own welding cart ? Bigger casters holds 2 machines and hold tanks above the top machine is a shelf and custom holsters for mig gun and or plasma cutter gun

    Private PersonPrivate Person4 måneder siden
  • I think I wanna leave a voicemail ????

    Rock girlRock girl4 måneder siden
  • My forge is on wheels!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Obi Wan KenobodyObi Wan Kenobody4 måneder siden
  • So wait. They hold your materials in customs, and they charge you fees for storage, while preventing you from accessing your stuff. Oh government.

    DrackarDrackar4 måneder siden
  • Just extend the legs on the cart.

    Justin LivermoreJustin Livermore4 måneder siden
  • Him being able to get to shops with lots of expensive stuff me not being able to get a forge and anvil

    Xzavier GoodmanXzavier Goodman4 måneder siden
    • Has will fixing his Fairbanks power hammer

      Rock girlRock girl4 måneder siden
  • Please study speeds and feeds so you don’t keep making knife ribbons when u drill or machine stuff I’m not trying to b an ass but it’s vary dangerous and it trips out my ocd every time I see you do it

    Shawns Derby denShawns Derby den4 måneder siden
  • I’d recommend not using the coolant inside the drill. When drilling a lot of holes the coolant will fill in your marks, making it difficult to be accurate

    David BurtonDavid Burton4 måneder siden
  • A word from a wise man Your welds should sizzle like bacon, but if you smell bacon, you're on fire

    FrostyFrosty4 måneder siden
  • Shouldn't of gone with a multiprocess welding machine, ya they can do everything if you got the ac/dc option but not well.

    613repforme613repforme4 måneder siden
  • Did Alex leave USA and move bk to Uk again ?

    phil cramptonphil crampton4 måneder siden
  • I'd like to see a traditional Finnish puukko knife made by Alex Steele.

    JettSquirelJettSquirel4 måneder siden
  • I have two questions. 1. why won't you use an electrical forge which is better for the environment. 2. when I see you working on a Damascus project I see you pouring some kind of powder on the block of Damascus when forge welding. What kind of powder is that and what does it do? BTW love all of your video's I'm planning on doing a blacksmithing workshop when COVID-19 will allow it.

    Luuk De jongLuuk De jong4 måneder siden
  • Where’s your new video!!!

    Fearless Ferrous FireFearless Ferrous Fire4 måneder siden
  • Dude u can't give us 3 videos in one week and then just stop! We need updates on the new shop

    james Hurleyjames Hurley4 måneder siden
  • bits pouring out smoke only to snap seconds later.

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty4 måneder siden
  • effing customs LOL

    wbwilliewbwillie4 måneder siden
  • I was wondering if you do custom orders, if so, how much would you charge for a 1,000,000 fold nickel chromium steel Tom Brown Tracker Jr. with full tang and textured rubber handle?

    Phucketol2LPhucketol2L4 måneder siden
  • I love your Videos

    Moin CrafterMoin Crafter4 måneder siden
    • Please please please try and make the subtle knife from His Dark Materials. Challenging design!

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty4 måneder siden
  • Has will fixing his Fairbanks power hammer

    Hyde AlmenHyde Almen4 måneder siden
  • I have a question is it possible to get a Damascus design in tungsten steel I'm really interested in learning

    TheEric2977TheEric29774 måneder siden
  • Hei Alec have you ever considered entering the "Forged in Fire" competition? :)

    WTFamItalkingWTFamItalking4 måneder siden
  • Make a lightsaber!

    Naethan CastroNaethan Castro4 måneder siden
    • But can you replace those fittings? How does it let go?

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu4 måneder siden
  • Where do you get your propane?

    Boogeyman J YOLOBoogeyman J YOLO4 måneder siden
  • Alec, are you going to have a hose spigot plumbed up so you don’t have to use the bathroom sink to fill up the quench buckets this time?

    Daniel BenderDaniel Bender4 måneder siden
  • 1:51 so im not the only one who rides pallet jacks

    asioe kiouasioe kiou4 måneder siden
  • Alec why did you go back to the uk

    Jeremy HughesJeremy Hughes4 måneder siden
  • It seems like a mojo reset for this channel is needed. Talk about confused identity. Alec, work out where your home really is and what you want to do.

    Russell Chapman Esq.Russell Chapman Esq.4 måneder siden
  • Alec please tell me what do you prefer MDF or WOOD to make you workbench or any Table related stuffs and why?

    NoTimeToPlayNoTimeToPlay4 måneder siden
    • @asioe kiou nope not together I'm saying choose one and why

      NoTimeToPlayNoTimeToPlay4 måneder siden
    • some way of letting the pressure out of the line like a valve before connecting them. Otherwise they wont come off!

      asioe kiouasioe kiou4 måneder siden
  • Can't even image what it would be like to put a workshop together that quickly.. 😂😂🤷.. to used to trawling add for second hand broken stuff I can fix to save myself all that money. Just costs me in time instead and plenty of it 🤦😂😂

    Fraggle PoopFraggle Poop4 måneder siden
  • whens next vid coming out im inpatient😁and weres will ?

    chedd woodworkingchedd woodworking4 måneder siden
  • Please please please try and make the subtle knife from His Dark Materials. Challenging design!

    Metal Head DetectingMetal Head Detecting4 måneder siden
  • could you make a two handed bar mace. one that is around 3 to 4 feet long. i have only ever seen the short single handed ones. and i want to make a two handed one for myself but i want to see how someone els would go about doing it.

    eageuseageus4 måneder siden
  • You should make a whole mandalorian suit of armour!!

    ben wheeler vlogsben wheeler vlogs4 måneder siden
  • But can you replace those fittings? How does it let go?

    DrigrXDrigrX4 måneder siden
  • Where in the Uk is this?

    itztorryninititztorryninit4 måneder siden
  • Blocked in shipping or as we call it, you're being grifted for money. Essentially, bureaucratic theft.

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni4 måneder siden
  • Hi, I have a question: At what cost can I build a complete workshop with all the tools and equipment (blacksmithing and woodworking)? Like you

    hossein valizadehhossein valizadeh4 måneder siden
  • No offense, but you just can't get away from forging!🤣

    Kylynn BoiKylynn Boi4 måneder siden
  • Hi! I want to buy your Damascus steel manufactured? do you sell?

    Nghĩa cuaNghĩa cua4 måneder siden
    • I wasted my time watching this video

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni4 måneder siden
  • Please do a collab with colin furze now you have a uk workshop

    thaJACthaJAC4 måneder siden
  • Those john guest connectors that you use. That is actually something i use a lot as a beer tap mechanic. They work amazing and are super easy to use. Make sure you have some way of letting the pressure out of the line like a valve before connecting them. Otherwise they wont come off!

    stefan Scholtenstefan Scholten4 måneder siden
  • Could you make Damascus gallium

    many thing dude bossmany thing dude boss4 måneder siden
  • now that you are visiting family, you could do a collab with colin furze he has built a trebuchet, what about forging a nice barbed ball as ammo for it?

    Ulrich KälberUlrich Kälber4 måneder siden
  • When ur worth 700k i expect at least a screw compressor , i mean come on :p

    Stefan RHStefan RH4 måneder siden
  • Try cutting the lip at the front of your welding cart's bottom shelf instead of the welder. :-) Unless it's still too short.

    Craig ReicheltCraig Reichelt4 måneder siden
  • Just saw you in Norwich 😮😮

    Mouldy Bread GamingMouldy Bread Gaming4 måneder siden
  • Hey I am trying to get into forging. I am taking a welding class that my school provides, but there is no forging class. For a beginner what type of forger would you recommend?

    James HarrisJames Harris4 måneder siden
  • You know you are growing when you watch one of your forge welding videos in a welding class

    Izaac RuckerIzaac Rucker4 måneder siden
  • which made it all funnier. Hahaha

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu4 måneder siden
  • Can you talk a little bit about how the UK education system has blacksmithing classes? We don't have anything like that in the US. I think it would be a great topic and I'm sure I'm not the only one that can't figure out how someone your age seems to be a complete master of all things blacksmithing.

    Hal McGinnisHal McGinnis4 måneder siden
  • The effort into making this is amazing.

    Jheo SaysonJheo Sayson4 måneder siden
  • You know that for the longest time I honestly enjoyed your videos. But I feel that you have lost your touch. I enjoyed when you had a single project and taught us as well as yourself new skills and techniques as you forged a single masterpiece. Taking us for a ride along a journey in which we saw how you practiced and excelled at a new skill. A good example imo is the viking sword. You were able to demonstrate to us how a new skill with practice and dedication can be paid off in a master piece. And while I understand you need to make entertaining videos for your channel and business. I feel that the channel has gone off its rails and is now for fun and entertainment instead of demonstrating skill and passion for a craft. I miss your old content that brought inspiration and love to a skill set that is one of the oldest in the world. Regards from South Africa

    Quintin den hartogQuintin den hartog4 måneder siden
    • Thank you for the feedback - I agree. I’m trying to regain my creativity. I don’t know how but I’m trying!

      Alec SteeleAlec Steele4 måneder siden
  • Dear sir alec i'm your fans may i asking ýou to create damascuss sword from rusty scrap? Thx.gbu

    Tan ChuanTan Chuan4 måneder siden
    • Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu4 måneder siden
  • I wasted my time watching this video

    Artic WolfArtic Wolf4 måneder siden
  • I love the way you edit your videos!! The un creating and set up of the air compressor was brilliant!

    James ReidJames Reid4 måneder siden
  • Alec or Will I have one crazy sweet request... make Saba from the white ranger. I will probably comment this on all of your videos, but this would be a crazy series.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😏😏😏

    Travis ChoulouteTravis Chouloute4 måneder siden
  • I wanna see this man on forged in fire

    Logan GowLogan Gow4 måneder siden
  • make a gold hammer

    angel ponceangel ponce4 måneder siden
  • I can no longer support the NOtown platform. They are not supporting free speech or the constitution of the United States and I do not want to allow my views to make money for there community. I will support your videos on other platforms if available

    Vince HargravesVince Hargraves4 måneder siden
    • Lmao

      EntropicTroponinEntropicTroponin4 måneder siden
  • Playing this at 0.75 speed makes Alec sound like he`s been down the pub at lunchtime for a few sneaky jars

    FreeRangeGuitarFreeRangeGuitar4 måneder siden
  • I feel like we're getting nothing but Alec in the UK videos because Will is in a deep, deep depression right now...

    Alex GarbarinoAlex Garbarino4 måneder siden

    Faith MaddieFaith Maddie4 måneder siden
  • Please start posting to Bitchute or Rumble because NOtown has become a censorious Ministry of Truth.

    A NonymousA Nonymous4 måneder siden
  • "held up by customs" is the no 1 excuse for forwarding agencies, when they mess up your declaration or fail to deliver required paperwork.

    yasio boloyasio bolo4 måneder siden
  • Quick question. Can machines make Damascus steel? Or is it to difficult?

    Ben LoschniggBen Loschnigg4 måneder siden
  • How do you keep your air dry? I have a desiccant drying system but I feel like I spend a stupid amount of time swapping the beads out and baking the used ones dry again. Plus ran into an issue where I wasn't around to swap the beads out for a few weeks and because of that the beads basically melted and filled my regulator up with gunk. Planning on putting a radiator before and after the air tank with condensate traps but if there is a better/easier option then I am open to suggestions.

    Addicted2BreathingAddicted2Breathing4 måneder siden
  • Have you ever worked with inconel?

    Mārtiņš ČauneMārtiņš Čaune4 måneder siden
    • MILLER!

      yasio boloyasio bolo4 måneder siden
  • Couldnt even imagine how much fun this is

    Shop TherapyShop Therapy4 måneder siden
  • Strong biscuit choice, nice to have you back in the UK Al.

    Bren 86Bren 864 måneder siden
  • Its so weird sweing this shop in basically new condition.. Kinda deja vu goin on here lol

    Erik DresslerErik Dressler4 måneder siden