My Parents Were SECRET WOLFS in Roblox BROOKHAVEN RP!!

3. mai. 2021
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My Parents Were SECRET WOLFS in Roblox BROOKHAVEN RP!!
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In the Previous Video we escaped the craziest zombie apocalypse ever!!
And in todays video we did the greatest bank heist in roblox brookhaven rp, No wait in todays video its not sirenhead or scp 086 its Not cartoon cat or even my adopted daughter being creepy!! Today is the story of my life a lvoe story. The Birth to Death story ... Actually, the Poor to rich to filthy rich story!!
No wait!! its 100 DAYS in roblox brookhaven.. wow this description is getting messy i really dont love it eek
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Not Roblox, But Rich To Poor or Roblox, Golddiggers, or any other but challenge like that. This is a Roblox roleplay of Roblox Brookhaven Sirenhead, cartoon cat, angel, demon & more!! And This is ESCAPING THE PRISON
👪 Family Friendly Content!! No swears & No cursing

  • I LOVE EVERYONEEEE!!! BABABOOIE!! I should make spicy chip merch because well.. SPICY NEVER DIESS!!

    Calixo - Roblox AdventuresCalixo - Roblox Adventures3 dager siden
    • SPICY NEVER DIES!!!!!!!!

      jmjchumphriesjmjchumphries8 minutter siden

      Kelysa KnowlesKelysa KnowlesTime siden

      Kelysa KnowlesKelysa KnowlesTime siden
    • I love ur videos

      Kelysa KnowlesKelysa KnowlesTime siden
    • Wow 🤩 🤫 ahah

      Jeremy HfnhJeremy HfnhTime siden
  • Bruh iching your butt bruh why Im 8 but im in 2nd grade

    Linh NguyenLinh Nguyen46 minutter siden
  • Furries

    jojo fanjojo fan53 minutter siden
  • U kinda sound like tofuu sus

    m fearm fear54 minutter siden
  • dad:No more SPICY CHIPS FOREVER spicy chips army:Ok we have a new target lets destroy his home!

    batman chien de dray.batman chien de dray.Time siden
  • You good

    lil gasklil gask2 timer siden
  • I love cally. He was s the best ever you tuber and funny and I love spicy chips

    Orett LawrenceOrett Lawrence2 timer siden
  • This is so funny

    Shahirna Mohammad SajabudinShahirna Mohammad Sajabudin2 timer siden
  • Please stop copying tofuu :( your disrespectful

    Bryson Shirley-BesleyBryson Shirley-Besley2 timer siden
  • Yeah I can tell by the title and thumbnail

    Joeythegamer4268 GJoeythegamer4268 G2 timer siden
  • He’s so weird and so talented at the same time...

    Joel FootJoel Foot2 timer siden
  • bep bop bop bap

    antoni zakantoni zak2 timer siden
  • LOL

    Jose ZamoraJose Zamora2 timer siden
  • Do you know if I was a mother and there was like two teens Bullying my son and I was an animatronic I would like say to the teenagers hey somebody and my son and if they Say no well you know what’s going to happen There would be a second I am coming out of my back two of them actually and extra legs coming out of my torso and you know I have veins end I kill all of them

    John Eduard MedallaJohn Eduard Medalla3 timer siden
  • calixo i am harrys friend i love ur vidos and i have liked and subscrid to the channl

    Harry DarbonHarry Darbon3 timer siden
  • fun fact i actully lost this channle then came back to it

    LPK DiabLPK Diab3 timer siden
  • Nah fam they furries

    Demon IdiotDemon Idiot4 timer siden
  • Uhhhhh ugly dad

    Kelwin JohanssonKelwin Johansson4 timer siden
  • Hi bro

    Daniel DsilvaDaniel Dsilva4 timer siden
  • I’m biggest

    Chris NorthChris North4 timer siden
  • I love the video, it was so funny

    Rapunzel LoverRapunzel Lover4 timer siden
  • I love a Cali

    Rapunzel LoverRapunzel Lover4 timer siden
  • my parents are secretly dababys

    jordan nealjordan neal4 timer siden
  • The end was funny

    UnknownUnknown5 timer siden
  • cali im a fan and i eat alot of spicy chips my mom be like stop it and i be watching ur vids and spicy chips never diesss!!!!

    camisha meekycamisha meeky5 timer siden
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    Charquel MadryCharquel Madry5 timer siden
  • SPICY NEVER DIESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jellyjelly6 timer siden
  • Can be in you of your vid

    Rockell A.Rockell A.6 timer siden
  • Cali always gets in trouble by his sister or brother

    Javy JurawanJavy Jurawan7 timer siden

    Wan AzahariWan Azahari7 timer siden
  • Bababooie

    Wan AzahariWan Azahari7 timer siden
  • Besc

    Alex GibbaAlex Gibba7 timer siden
  • Is ur family is a pack?

    eden gumabayeden gumabay8 timer siden
  • IM A WOLF TOO!!!

    eden gumabayeden gumabay8 timer siden
  • Spicy never diess

    MyzanMyzan8 timer siden
  • I eat pizza for dinner but i love when he says spicy never dies💔

    Mia byrneMia byrne8 timer siden

    Ивиян ВасилевИвиян Василев8 timer siden
  • 0:17

    Rodolfo TulodRodolfo Tulod10 timer siden
  • The Parents could be furries

    simply frogisimply frogi10 timer siden
  • K R: well well well what does my back shirt says Cali: its says biggest bully K R: IM BIGGEST

    Rasazy sister of sela verRasazy sister of sela ver11 timer siden
  • Spicy never dies!!!!

    glamrock freddyglamrock freddy11 timer siden
  • Calixo and calixo brother

    大哥大哥12 timer siden
  • Calliope eats dog food calico brother eat spicy chip burger and drinking soda calico HEY MY FOOD BRUH

    大哥大哥12 timer siden

    Polly GayPolly Gay12 timer siden
  • Spicy Chips Are Cool

    Raymond NepomucenoRaymond Nepomuceno12 timer siden

    Roblox fanRoblox fan12 timer siden
  • I told my school friends spicy never does they laughed

    Vihaan LandVihaan Land13 timer siden
  • Fun fact: Get stabbed with a needle to become a wolf

    normannewnormannew13 timer siden
  • SPICY NEVER DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Muhammad Usman HakimMuhammad Usman Hakim13 timer siden
  • What's rp!!

    Samridhi ShresthaSamridhi Shrestha13 timer siden
  • Now this is where bababooey was oegined

    M.O.E twistM.O.E twist13 timer siden
  • YOUR BIGGEST!!!!!!

    cathleen kasendacathleen kasenda14 timer siden
  • Die fluffys

    Zara AlyssaZara Alyssa14 timer siden
  • A person said I consumed a banana

    Kyle TrowerKyle Trower14 timer siden
  • not just kids but me a adult enjoys it

    Syed Abdul Hannan Hasnain ShahSyed Abdul Hannan Hasnain Shah15 timer siden
  • So funny

    Mia YoshimotoMia Yoshimoto15 timer siden

    Adbi AliAdbi Ali16 timer siden
  • I like how he puts him in the cemetery

    Enkh-Amgalan TserenpurevEnkh-Amgalan Tserenpurev17 timer siden

    RDTokyo_V2RDTokyo_V218 timer siden
  • Cringe😬

    NinjaLLamaNinjaLLama18 timer siden
  • everytime cali says yes yes I lose my brain cells

    Elite Roblox deleted videosElite Roblox deleted videos18 timer siden
  • hey calixo pls accept my friend request becuase i love your videos

    Bluethunder 309Bluethunder 30919 timer siden

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  • Spicing chip never dies

    Kate SevilleKate Seville20 timer siden
  • yes spicy never dies

    Aliyah Alexandra FiefieAliyah Alexandra Fiefie20 timer siden
  • This guys dictionary consists only of yEs YeS and sPiCy ChIpSsSsSsSSsSSsSsSssS

    Karen OsbornKaren Osborn21 time siden
  • Furry

    Edna BautistaEdna Bautista22 timer siden
  • i think he on pcp or weed

    digbydigby22 timer siden
  • Rey

    Heather KirkwoodHeather Kirkwood22 timer siden
  • You are a unicorn🦄🦄🦄🦄🦋🦋🦋🦋

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  • I can eat spicy

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    To the catchers o’w’oTo the catchers o’w’o23 timer siden
  • your parents are Furrys😂

    Nixen HillNixen HillDag siden
  • No that is furrys

    Gamer VlogerGamer VlogerDag siden
  • Where you get those costumes from the game 🎮

    Isabella BahenaIsabella BahenaDag siden
    • What is c4

      Isabella BahenaIsabella BahenaDag siden
  • Who is KR

    Isabella BahenaIsabella BahenaDag siden
  • Who is who is KR

    Isabella BahenaIsabella BahenaDag siden
  • P

    Gordon JamiesonGordon JamiesonDag siden
  • I love them

    Jace PlayzJace PlayzDag siden
  • Spicy Chip the purple durrito

    Jace PlayzJace PlayzDag siden

    Robert WalterRobert WalterDag siden
  • I must check for spiders

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  • I hate you

    Amber GordonAmber GordonDag siden
  • Yea she was hahahahahahhahaa

    Evosi JaimeEvosi JaimeDag siden
  • calixo do my parents were SPIDER-PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael OnabajoMichael OnabajoDag siden
  • Yaaay wolfs i like wolfs

    S SelmaS SelmaDag siden
  • furry

    Maricar RodriguezMaricar RodriguezDag siden
  • How about your parents were secretly gods?

    E Pierre-LouisE Pierre-LouisDag siden
  • Cool video

    baljit singhbaljit singhDag siden
  • How cute is his expression when he talks

    Tanesha ThomasTanesha ThomasDag siden
  • I think you should

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  • Shot

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  • Tf

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  • Why did you put the Hunter right in the graveyard because you think he’s dead

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  • 12:48 Lol best ending

    Ryan SuperSonicsRyan SuperSonicsDag siden
  • I love wolves ngl

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