My Thoughts On Manchester United PROTEST.

3. mai. 2021
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The Irish Guy gives his take on the Manchester United protest before the Liverpool game at Old Trafford on Sunday.

  • Why has he started looking more like Jack grealish than himself??

    Pranil PawarPranil PawarTime siden
  • Surprised the voice modulator didn’t tell him it couldn’t make his voice any higher.

    Andrew SealeyAndrew Sealey8 timer siden
  • Time to Man Utd for a revolution.

    Dariusz DudkaDariusz Dudka12 timer siden
  • Man united should just go bust and pretend to be the same club. Worked for rangers up in Scotland lol. They just won their 55th league title since being formed in 2012 lol

    G MG M13 timer siden
  • enjoy protesting while you can government is making it illegal to do anything but politely and silently march as long as you dont block anyone's journey to work

    paul claytonpaul clayton15 timer siden

    Awesome PinewoodAwesome Pinewood16 timer siden
  • Where's the next upload mate? It's been like about 3 years. Come on

    Leonardo CarvalhoLeonardo Carvalho17 timer siden
  • Please make the video schedule the way it was you upload 5 days a week at 7am

    Tadhg MooreTadhg Moore18 timer siden
  • It is also the fault of the fans who allowed rich fucks to make football clubs their playthings. In their greed and stupidity, fans let this happen. And now it is inevitably coming to bite the fans. A proud working class history to this, it seems nothing is sacred in this world. Please claim your clubs back fans. All my support to the fans always.

    Jimmy SolankiJimmy Solanki18 timer siden
  • It's ironic that the press calls a bunch of fans going into a stadium a riot, but people burning down cities a peaceful protest. I'm going give props to a small channel that you should support. Nieve a NOtownr who goes by Stunt Peg was doing what the BBC claims to do. On the ground journalism.

    Al WallaceAl Wallace19 timer siden
  • why did the owners of United Sale??? its not like the club needed the money in 2005... forced out by American bullies.

    relentless 1989relentless 198919 timer siden
  • Calling Simon Pegg Sean 👍🏻

    Jamie MahonyJamie Mahony21 time siden
  • Bring in the 50+1 rule to england

    Kian IsherwoodKian Isherwood21 time siden
  • I agree with them as a liverpool fan we should do the same we need to get these rich yanks out of our club still deduct points cuz United are shite but fair play to them the Glazers have no idea what the value of the club means to the local fans and the rest of english football utterly disgraceful that they're even still involved in football selfish bastard

    Kian IsherwoodKian Isherwood21 time siden
  • love how you jumped on the media cart!!! pathetic.

    IzzyMannGamingIzzyMannGaming21 time siden
  • Tbh I saw a lot of normal people saying that Manchester United fans were ungrateful for millions invested which I don’t understand like are these same people for the super league ? As by their definition if a owner who owns a billion dollar generating club that is the biggest club in the world invests billions he is a perfect owner.

    dont crydont cry23 timer siden
  • As much as I like the 50+1 practice in Germany, RB Leipzig have already shown us how it can be loopholed.

    MiztarBriteCideMiztarBriteCide23 timer siden
  • Still waiting for the celery stick video. It's almost three weeks since.

    otop potop pDag siden
  • Why do u smart soo smart😂😂

    shivneil pratapshivneil pratapDag siden
  • Vide idea:PL table if every team would have Irish guy as a manger

    Иосиф ЛарцевИосиф ЛарцевDag siden
  • What do you have against Big Bang Theory :p ?

    Manideep NuluManideep NuluDag siden
  • Why were they wearing green and yellow

    CAMdaKINGCAMdaKINGDag siden
  • "E quem não salta e lampião allez allez"

    NybanNybanDag siden
  • The Irish guy has so many promises that he doesn't even remember

  • The ones on the phones looking clueless killed it, they went quite after 2minutes to check there instagram accounts the gays

    Danny DyerDanny DyerDag siden
  • “Iff iff that hit u in in the wrong place it would of KILLED ME”

    Danny DyerDanny DyerDag siden
  • Honestly, I don't think the glazers will even give a fuck.. We are just pawns

    Why DiihavetoWhy DiihavetoDag siden
  • Liberty = revolution ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 fuck the PlanDemic 🖕

    on lineon lineDag siden
  • Am I the only one who actually tried to search how many people do die from beer cans to the face?

    Yinzer22Yinzer22Dag siden
  • Sell !!! Fight !!! United !!!

    ALYSSA VelaALYSSA VelaDag siden
  • Man u fans should go support fc United of Manchester the club that was formed in protest of the glazers

    ryan lairdryan lairdDag siden
  • still kinda dumb that they ruined a game

    TheInvincible HTheInvincible HDag siden
  • 3:25 Bebé in disguise 😭😂

    ECECDag siden
  • Remind me how many peaceful protests includes people getting pissed 🤔

    thomas hurleythomas hurleyDag siden
  • Good video

    Darragh WardDarragh WardDag siden
  • where is his video tody? I don't like the other guy cause his voice is boring and it makes me sleepy, while Irish guys voice is exciting!

    Max football fans channelMax football fans channelDag siden
  • 6:18 mixture of simon pegg and shaun 🤣

    MeistyBoyMeistyBoyDag siden
  • From the media’s reaction, you’d think a group of walkers just tore clean through and set it on fire

    The Big QuackThe Big QuackDag siden
  • 3:00 we just gonna ignore the fact they’ve thrown a flare at the commentary team?

    Blue WombatYTBlue WombatYTDag siden
    • That’s not the commentary team. They’re the pundits.

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa BbbbDag siden
  • more minutes than van de beek

    nathan scettanathan scettaDag siden
  • -6 points for United

    Jason KirbyJason KirbyDag siden
  • If you think the media reaction was biased, you should see what happens when we protest police violence!

    Mista SpookMista SpookDag siden
  • Prime koulibaly is better then Maldini prime (im being serious)

    the football guythe football guyDag siden
  • Odion ighalo is better then prime r9 and cr7 COMBINED (im being serious)

    the football guythe football guyDag siden
    • @the football guy oh

      Someguy907Someguy907Dag siden
    • No

      the football guythe football guyDag siden
    • Your a jokester aren’t you

      Someguy907Someguy907Dag siden
  • My problem is the fact a protest won't do anything. Glazer's aren't going to sell cos a bunch of people don't want to.

    Albion news gamingAlbion news gamingDag siden
  • This was a uniquely bad take on this incident.

    The Halcyon ShowThe Halcyon ShowDag siden
  • Thugs in skinny jeans literally do not exist 🤣🤣🤣

    Hamza AssemHamza AssemDag siden
  • React to Daniel Ek bid for Arsenal

    Mal ShabaniMal ShabaniDag siden
  • 8:12. I could not be happier, he mentioned my home South Shields. I'm actually buzzing

    Thomas BannonThomas BannonDag siden
  • Video idea: best player to come out of every premier league clubs academy

    Harry HoganHarry HoganDag siden
  • Why the hell was there a picture with two toilets in the same stall 😂😂😂😂

    Random videosRandom videosDag siden
  • Kroenke out daniel Ek in Glazers out someone in

    PenguinGames TVPenguinGames TVDag siden
  • As an American this gave me flashbacks to 4 months ago

    andrew manutdfanandrew manutdfanDag siden

    Saranya RathanonSaranya RathanonDag siden

    Scott FannonScott FannonDag siden
  • what about the police officer that had the side of his face slashed though

    TeRa SHOCKZzTeRa SHOCKZzDag siden
  • CORRECTION: ManU debt is NOTHING to do with financial acumen. Glazers bought the club & then took that sum of money out of the club. They have boosted sponsorships but continue to drain the club of money. ManU is now registered in a tax haven. They took out £10million to distribute amongst Glazer kids as a 'loan' + £10 million in admin fees. Thieves & vultures.

    Suzanne LoomsSuzanne LoomsDag siden
  • Do you know that in any protest some people are bribed to do violence so that the media can show protestors in poor light

    unmesh daveunmesh daveDag siden
  • I think Cech's actions in the Stamford Bridge protests were heroic but that might just be me

    riley tuckerriley tuckerDag siden
  • Lmao do the 50+1 format is hilarious these fans couldn't even agree on how to protest how the hell they going to run a club properly.

    dg5bhsdg5bhsDag siden
  • The protester got more field time than van de beek

    Nash R.Nash R.Dag siden
  • Unrelated! Please can you do a video about the Polish Football League? There's some really interesting stuff happening there right now.... Wiśa Krakow (multiple Champions between 98-2010 & second most successful club in Poland's History), has had a massive fall from grace, nearly going bankrupt. Seriously corrupt owners across the league, huge questions are being asked of the League itself. Why is a league with massive attendances in a relatively successful country have such a shambolic Football League where there isn't even a guaranteed CL spot for the league winner. I think it's a rabbit hole you'd both enjoy & he terrified at going into.

    Alex NowisAlex NowisDag siden
    • Wrong hitc channel for those kind of videos

      ierbutza21ierbutza21Dag siden
  • But you just have to think where’s pogba? He has to do better

    Conor O’ReillyConor O’ReillyDag siden
  • media: THEY ARE NOT FOOTBALL FANS THEY ARE BARBARIANS! balkan football fans: yeah just a casual sunday match

    Filip BojovicFilip BojovicDag siden
  • the protests were more peaceful than the george floyd protest

    MaidenMaidenDag siden
  • Hate United Love Glazers. GLAZERS IN!

    James DoeJames DoeDag siden
  • Souness is a dick and he should be banned from saying "Manchester United". He has absolutely no idea, remember his interview with the Sun after Hillsborough. Great video by the way.

    Dumb Mutts.Dumb Mutts.Dag siden

    Philip QvistPhilip QvistDag siden
  • Neville and Carra said they talked to them, they were just frustrated fans.

    BabyCumBackBabyCumBackDag siden
  • Tbf I love Big bang theory

    dale robertsdale robertsDag siden
  • Too bad the match was canceld, but maybe it was worth it, idk... GGMU

    Kalle KKalle KDag siden
  • 5:24 lmao who tf would ever use one of those toilets 💀

    Running Down The WingRunning Down The WingDag siden
  • Respect to Man United fans from a Manchester City fan.

    StingyStingyDag siden
    • And congrats on your champions league final. You lot made psg look like my sunday pub league team. Now go bring big ears back to Manchester! From a 40 year United supporter.

      felix leiterfelix leiter19 timer siden
  • Sarcastically saying "football fans in a football stadium, what a disgrace" is the dumbest take ever. A person in a house is normal, doesn't mean you can just enter other people's houses as you please.

    Shooter McGavinShooter McGavinDag siden
  • The Trap was Set...... Who Open the Gates........?

    John MacaroniJohn MacaroniDag siden
  • This take reeks so much omds

    Mizu SenpaiMizu Senpai2 dager siden
  • Somebody needs to show these pesky glazers who trafford belongs to

    Marcus HollowayMarcus Holloway2 dager siden
  • Thank you. But really annoyed you get this but paid pundits don't like sourness and jenas

    kellykelly2 dager siden
  • 50+1 wont work imagine the yer das keeping Lampard in the Chelsea job

    Aryan TyrannoAryan Tyranno2 dager siden
  • 6:29 what an absolute mug 😑😑

    MD MAMD MA2 dager siden
  • Respect for Irish guy📈

    Rish GomezRish Gomez2 dager siden
  • A police officer with a slash wound in the face I'm a united fan but still

    david norrisdavid norris2 dager siden
  • The 2011 riots were 10 years ago Weird to think about Protests usually have a little violence; Sunday was fairly minor Hopefully the Owners leave

    NotintheknowNotintheknow2 dager siden
  • FC United are a joke though, zero impact apart from a few weeks in the press.

    HelveteHelvete2 dager siden
  • PALM pronunciation was weird

    J HJ H2 dager siden
  • I think our fans went SLIGHTLY too far on Sunday! Still, we need to get rid of the owners ASAP!

    Ian DeeleyIan Deeley2 dager siden
  • Philosophically, destroying the bathrooms does actually make sense- the club and its property is only the fan's in spirit, and is legally not their's at all. To destroy something it has to be in your possession at the time, which makes it a form of claiming it back permanently as what is left after destruction is not the thing that was being repossessed.

    Cya NovaCya Nova2 dager siden
  • Comment 😁🖖

    Immortal TrekniqueImmortal Treknique2 dager siden
  • what the fuck and if only one was injured that day is that one too many no football club stands above the health of a person.....ohhh we hate the Glazers and when someone gets hurt it doesnt matter or what

    Albert WeskerAlbert Wesker2 dager siden
  • The chunkz comment wasn’t necessary he’s lost so much weight

    Yahya AhmedYahya Ahmed2 dager siden
  • These people should visit Joburg during a protest 😂

    Edward Tafadzwa FusireEdward Tafadzwa Fusire2 dager siden
  • goat of youtube football speak facts and in a funny way

    Max NobleMax Noble2 dager siden
  • Sean Pegg?

    SB MSB M2 dager siden
  • That guy who slashed the police officer is not a part of our football club that includes all of the other people who committed violent asks but the true protesters the true fans I applaud them

    Finlay ClayFinlay Clay2 dager siden
  • All they needed to do was shout “black lives matter” and they would have been celebrated by the mainstream media.

    Iron Bear MilkIron Bear Milk2 dager siden
  • 6:30

    The Cringe KingThe Cringe King2 dager siden
  • So man it's are a mess and Ashley young,Lukaku ,Sanchez are serie a ।Biggest club in engliland eh ,sweet,and as for the protest,English media being the incompetent husband and blaming it all on the unsatisfied party, classic

    Flawful FeelingsFlawful Feelings2 dager siden
  • what's good about the German model there league has one world class Munich team and two good team Borussia and Leipzig and Leipzig are using a loop hole to get round the 50+1 BS

    Peter ChambersPeter Chambers2 dager siden
  • I really hated that shit. I just wanted to watch my team thump liverpool.

    Just JamesJust James2 dager siden
    • Then you’re part of the problem. If you don’t want the glazers gone then you’re a fake fan.

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa BbbbDag siden