New Batteries for Old EVs : 150% more range for a Nissan LEAF | FULLY CHARGED

1. april. 2021
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Battery swapping is the perfect solution for keeping first generation EVs like the Nissan Leaf on the road and giving them a new lease of life.
Robert heads to Cheltenham to visit Cleevely Electric Vehicles who have partnered with Muxsan in Holland to offer this brilliant battery swapping service. As battery technology has greatly advanced in the 10 years since the launch of the Leaf, updating with a larger, newer battery from crash damaged cars increases both the range and lifespan of the car.
Cleevely EV -
Muxsan -
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0:00 Introduction
1:47 Battery swap service
2:44 Not so simple
3:19 Gen 1 Leafs
4:16 2nd lease of life
4:39 Replace & reuse
5:45 Range increase
6:58 How long does it take?
7:53 Same pack size
9:07 Coded communications
10:20 Huge difference
11:05 No battery waste
11:49 Costs
13:22 Future batteries
14:04 Adapt to the market
14:18 Keeping EVs on the road
15:01 Subscribe, support & join
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  • SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE if you want Clean Energy & Electric Vehicles to be the norm. Battery swapping is the perfect solution for keeping first generation EVs like the Nissan Leaf on the road and giving them a new lease of life. Robert heads to Cheltenham to visit Cleevely Electric Vehicles who have partnered with Muxsan in Holland to offer this brilliant battery swapping service. As battery technology has greatly advanced in the 10 years since the launch of the Leaf, updating with a larger, newer battery from crash damaged cars increases both the range and lifespan of the car. Cleevely EV - ​ Muxsan - ​ Make sure you are subscribed then enter 'The Great EV Giveaway' for your chance to win an EV for a year and lots of other fantastic prizes ​ Fully Charged is 100% independent thanks to NOtown Memberships and Patreons. Without you this channel wouldn’t be possible! If you’d like to help support the Fully Charged channel and its mission: Become a Patreon: ​ Become a NOtown member: use JOIN button above Subscribe to Fully Charged & the Fully Charged PLUS channels Buy the Fully Charged Guide to Electric Vehicles & Clean Energy : ​ Browse the Fully Charged store: ​ Visit our LIVE exhibitions in the UK, USA & Europe: FullyCharged.Show/events ​ Subscribe for episode alerts and the Fully Charged newsletter: ​ Visit: FullyCharged.Show ​ Find us on Twitter: ​ Follow us on Instagram: ​ Timestamps: 0:00​ Introduction 1:47​ Battery swap service 2:44​ Not so simple 3:19​ Gen 1 Leafs 4:16​ 2nd lease of life 4:39​ Replace & reuse 5:45​ Range increase 6:58​ How long does it take? 7:53​ Same pack size 9:07​ Coded communications 10:20​ Huge difference 11:05​ No battery waste 11:49​ Costs 13:22​ Future batteries 14:04​ Adapt to the market 14:18​ Keeping EVs on the road 15:01​ Subscribe, support & join

    Fully Charged ShowFully Charged Show8 dager siden
    • @Ryan Rohan cool! Took like 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

      Alec JazielAlec JazielDag siden
    • Dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instapwn. Just google for it enjoy!

      Ryan RohanRyan RohanDag siden
    • No comment on here or their website about the warranties they provide on swapped batteries, do you know what it is? Seems a potential literal minefield if they only do basic state-of-health testing of the crashed packs

      nomoreheroes93nomoreheroes932 dager siden
    • How many miles has this car traveled in 10 years?

      Walquiria AlembergWalquiria Alemberg2 dager siden
    • @David Moore I'm in CA looking for the same thing.

      David Von RaesfeldDavid Von Raesfeld3 dager siden
  • Do this and solar and house battery backup using old car battery pack. I think might give basic needs. Where get done in states?

    Donald BurkhardDonald Burkhard9 timer siden
  • Take apart the packs to see which cells bad or can still be used vs bad cells. Then make a better pack from good ones

    Donald BurkhardDonald Burkhard9 timer siden
  • Bmwi3 2017

    Chuck FortierChuck Fortier11 timer siden
  • I was expecting it similar to a Prius, £700! That is bonkers money, perhaps they should look to stripping out good cells to rebuild with a useable range as this is what makes the Prius cheap.

    Steve ElkinsSteve Elkins19 timer siden
  • a great episode. Full marks to the guys for pioneering this kind of upgrade.

    Jetex JimJetex Jim21 time siden
  • The Nissan Leaf was so innovative and really well engineered. Fun car to drive.

    Jay WhyeffJay Whyeff22 timer siden
  • I did think it a bit wierd that the owner of a business didn't seem know exactly how much Nissan were charging for the battery swap.. That would be the first thing I would want to know... otherwise how do you know if you have a viable business model..

    Mark SimsMark SimsDag siden
  • Already dated. Battery tech has taken over these even last years cars. Surprised the guy doesn't watch youtube. DiY guys easy battery change. But hey hope he keeps it up.

    zander1960zander1960Dag siden
  • Hope I get to see new tech in batteries on old cars this way!

    AstearonAstearonDag siden
  • My opinion on EV's has unfortunately not been changed.£8 500 is an absurd cost every 10 to 12 years. I bought my 1.6 diesel hatch at 5 years old 11 years ago meaning its over 16 years old now. I maintain it to an exceptionally high standard (recently had injectors rebuilt, new egr e.t.c) it doesn't smoke even under heavy acceleration still returns over 720 miles on a tank of diesel and does so with over 150 000 miles on it. Even after all these years in repairs, maintenance and the purchase price I have not spent over 8 500 on it. The cost of replacing batteries on an ev will need to come down significantly (80+%) before I'm tempted.

    JJ BrownJJ BrownDag siden
  • Is this the guy who plays in red dwarf

    concrete manconcrete manDag siden
  • How much I don’t want to go through whole video.

    David DrakeDavid DrakeDag siden
  • It is a nice fun thing to do, but financially it doesn't make any financial sense at all, unfortunately. It is cheaper to sell an old leaf and buy a used newer one.

    Paul FPaul FDag siden
  • If it was a Tesla you just have to throw it away.

    ano Tano T2 dager siden
  • Well done to this guy for spotting a temporary gap in the market and trying to keep the old gen cars on the road. However, there will come a time when it’s no longer financially viable for “old” Leafs and the market will die out. Also, good for him trying to find a 2nd use for the old battery packs. This is the elephant in the room with battery Vehicles and saving the planet. As mentioned in the video, there are 1/2 MILLION of just Leafs on the road with battery packs that will one day end up, who knows where? When you consider all the other manufacturers using batteries too, one has to wonder what the future holds for the eventual disposal of old battery packs, unless someone tackles this problem with some seriousness. As always, it’s down to costs and profits, rather than looking at overall pollution of the planet.

    Radar FairyRadar Fairy2 dager siden
  • Great work. We need more like clevely.

    yadagiri lakshmi narasimha kishore Mallelayadagiri lakshmi narasimha kishore Mallela2 dager siden
  • Why keep swapping, what's wrong with removing the compromised cell's and replacing individually???

    S CS C2 dager siden
  • Marvelous.

    H-J. K.H-J. K.2 dager siden
  • The cheapest Nissan leaf on eBay or autotraders cost ~£5k. To do a 40kwh battery swap with these guys cost ~£9k. That's a total of ~£14k. A second hand 40kwh Nissan leaf with newer gadgets cost ~£17k-£20k, you're saving ~£3k-£6k. If you drive less than 30 miles daily, 90% of the year, it doesn't worth it, it's a terrible investment! Save your money to help your children's future.

    Nice-oscarNice-oscar2 dager siden
  • Seems like a lovely guy but for 8 & a half grand I think I'd want a brand new battery from nissan, not another second hand 🔋

    Darren HolmeDarren Holme2 dager siden
  • £8.5K for a second hand battery.Haha thats a joke and stupidly expensive.I think i,ll keep my Lexus Hybrid which is 10 years old and 110K miles and the battery in this is still 100% healthy with no loss after all these years.Which to buy new is only £2500.

    MC DaveMC Dave2 dager siden
  • Wow... crazy prices for batteries.

    GlowingTubeGlowingTube2 dager siden
  • 11,000 USD to repair a 5000 dollar car? Am I missing something?

    local378local3782 dager siden
  • Omg I'm in need of a ev

    ruskey101ruskey1012 dager siden
  • Too expensive.

    Antonio PalmeroAntonio Palmero2 dager siden
  • You can buy a nice Range Rover vogue tdv8 for £8500. Life is for living. I use my 8 year old leaf for the daily travel and get the v8 out at weekends ✅👍🇬🇧

    Antonio PalmeroAntonio Palmero2 dager siden
  • When people get cars on the never never 8k is just to much to pay.

    Kenneth DougallKenneth Dougall2 dager siden
  • What is the way to raise the Nissan LEAF bars from 10 bar to 12 bar and increase the kilometers traveled by 20 km Is there a specific way, my friend, after making software through Consult Plus 3 by opening the battery ???

    FUAD TAYEHFUAD TAYEH2 dager siden
  • Where do you get these batteries?

    spumonispumoni2 dager siden
  • Id like to see an inexpensive repack of old but still ok batteries with the addition of an onboard charger and inverter for AC use in simple situations like cabins or whatever.

    Ben DavisBen Davis2 dager siden
  • 8500??? You could just buy a low mileage 2017 for price. And you'd still have your old car to sell.

    macsuibhne02macsuibhne022 dager siden
  • The Great EV Giveaway

    Imperial DynamicsImperial Dynamics2 dager siden
  • is the giveaway open to residents of Greece?

    Imperial DynamicsImperial Dynamics2 dager siden
  • So, is a Tesla battery update in a Leaf a possibility?

    John ApodacaJohn Apodaca2 dager siden
  • when a reused battery is more expensive than the car itself

    Esa SaarinenEsa Saarinen2 dager siden
  • What about charging does changing pack allow you to charge faster?

    WH WHWH WH2 dager siden
  • So jealous! Here I am in the American midwest with a 2013 Nissan Leaf that's down to about 60 miles of range. I love the car otherwise and would gladly pay the $10,000 bucks or so to get the 40kWh upgrade. Sadly, in my part of the world, this car is abandonware and will end up in a landfill (not green at all, Nissan!). There's no Leaf upgrades available here, and no reason to think there ever will be.

    mbaxter22mbaxter222 dager siden
  • This is great for the early leaf owners that still have the car but even beyond having a larger battery the leaf I used to have was just not efficient in slightly hilly area. I’d average 3.2 m/kWh with my best averages a little over 4m/kWh. My 2017 bolt destroys that. It averages 4.2m/kWh in a hilly area and I can drive it like I stole it. Not reserved and slow with “hypermiling” techniques like I had to with the leaf.

    Marc KubuMarc Kubu2 dager siden
  • 10 year old used batteries for solar use. good luck with that

    Esa SaarinenEsa Saarinen2 dager siden
  • Looks nice but what are the safety standards that assures the safety and quality of this service? I see they are soldering things manually and it looks so risky.

    ElectrifiedElectrified3 dager siden
    • Same as any car repair, if someone screws up repairing an ICE then they could burst into flames or brakes fail putting you into a wall. Soldering is not risky...

      TheBrozTheBroz3 dager siden
  • Am contemplating the same thing for my 2014 Leaf, thanks for the peek, looking forward to seeing your swap!

    Nonyank SNonyank S3 dager siden
  • this is very cool. I didn't go this route because I wanted the autopilot feature and nissan had a really great lease deal, but otherwise, this would have been a great option, too

    tiga2001tiga20013 dager siden
  • This is all very nice, except that in the US market it makes absolutely no sense unless you can get a used but healthy pack for ridiculously cheap. A typical 2018 LEAF (with a 40 kWh pack) costs about double the value of a LEAF that's 5 years older (ie a 2013 LEAF). With 2018 LEAFs starting at around $15k for an SV trim, spending $8k - $10k on a used battery pack to upgrade an older LEAF makes no sense. It's unfortunate and frankly a sad state of affairs, but until replacement packs cost less than $150 per kWh there really isn't a market for replacement packs - at least, in the US and Canada

    Alan OsborneAlan Osborne3 dager siden
  • This is incredible. Makes so much sense and has such a great environmental impact! Congrats!

    Daniel LaviaDaniel Lavia3 dager siden
  • 01.04.!

    SchnaeutzSchnaeutz3 dager siden
  • Please stop talking about subscribing. You have enough!

    Ted TabakaTed Tabaka3 dager siden
  • IT is in portent for the susses of Electric Vehicles in the foucher that Standardization across all platforms is accomplish! so charge rang is not a ishow you simply pull into a battery station and swap out the battery for fully charge 1 and continent you jurny!!!! in fery theas Charg Station shood have Soler arays and Wind Turbines to assist in creating the power to fuel the Battery's, simple if thy whont to Mack it happen??????????????????????

    Les JonesLes Jones3 dager siden
  • Nice.

    Wouter 37Wouter 373 dager siden
  • 8500.. fuck that I'd buy another second hand car

    FlavonoidzExplosionFlavonoidzExplosion3 dager siden
  • I'd love to get a newer generation battery in my i3, 60-70 miles is adequate for daily use, but would be nice to have just a bit of extra range for roadtrips.

    ChayDChayD3 dager siden
  • I had no idea the range was os poor with a Leaf. I wonder if manufacturers will stop independent businesses doing this. That is what happens with many car manufacturers with much of the software - sadly. £8000 a lot of money, especially for a second hand product. £2000 will get you a decent Golf MKIV these days. Not sure why you think new batteries will outlast the car - not exactly environmental!

    Ian BIan B3 dager siden
  • Right now if you had to select one EV.. Under 35k 35-69k 70-90k 90k+ What would they be?

    tomattimetomattime3 dager siden
    • ID.3 Model 3 Polestar 2 e-tron GT

      TheBrozTheBroz3 dager siden
  • As soon as my car says I have 50 miles range I power it up in 3 minute and I have 500 miles of range. I power it with petrol though.

    Callum MunroCallum Munro3 dager siden
  • This is amazing the leaf has a new leaf of life😀

    Tech on TeslaTech on Tesla3 dager siden
  • I have Nissan leaf how to get new battery?

    Sumith SenarathneSumith Senarathne4 dager siden
  • I am glad that this is happening and not before time but we really need to put pressure on manufacturers to design and build for upgrades. The current 3-4 year replacement cycle that manufacturers encourage can’t be sustainable for the planet. I am hoping that it will be possible to upgrade the battery pack in all new EVs, as technology advances, as a manufacturer option. I am sure that the battery pack in my Mini electric will be technically obsolete in 4 years time but the car itself will have many more years in it. I should imagine battery technology advances will mean that at least twice the capacity could be squeezed into the same pack size in 4 years time. Wouldn’t it be great if Mini offered a factory upgrade pack? If this became widespread the cost should come down as well. £8k sounds is quite a lot to pay to extend the life of a 10 year old Leaf.

    Patrick O'BrienPatrick O'Brien4 dager siden
  • And the price of a battery for a car that is only 10 years old is the reason y ev is never going to be the transportation of the future + what is green about something that can't be recycled and kills the planet to make 🤷‍♂️ but it doesn't matter what gets destroyed as long as its somewhere else

    Andrew PattieAndrew Pattie4 dager siden
  • Hi Robert. Lovin' your work. On doing a quick search through your videos I was horrified to see nothing comes up for eVtols! ..There's a bunch of companies now sprinting into this sector, with estimations for the first product releases in 2024/25. Lilium, Joby, Archer, Volocopter, eHang and even Xpeng have some form of eVtol in development. Will you do a deep dive on this sometime? Would love to see it. Thanks.

    Shoeless JoeShoeless Joe4 dager siden
    • Yes, it’s planned. Most of them haven’t had much to physically show us yet.

      Fully Charged ShowFully Charged Show4 dager siden
  • Try to make videos on electric bikes. Can you make a video on converting old bicycle 🚲 into EV bike?

    Ozair AkhtarOzair Akhtar4 dager siden
  • I seriously can't believe this channel hasn't reached 1mil subs yet.

    LoundsifyLoundsify4 dager siden
    • Answers with joe has recently hit 1 million subs 👍

      Antonio PalmeroAntonio Palmero2 dager siden
  • I find it very suspicious how careful you are to avoid mentioning that a great deal of early Leafs have terrible battery life retention because they lack any active thermal management. That wouldn't look too good, would it?

    Frank ReadingFrank Reading4 dager siden
  • This is so important. As a 2016 leaf owner, this is very exciting. the right to repair is crucial for sustainable evs. Although the cost is pretty expensive - it needs to be significantlycheaper that buying a new hatchback.

    Adrian SlatteryAdrian Slattery4 dager siden
  • Why not just take the bad cells out?

    Kieran MullenKieran Mullen4 dager siden
    • Complex and very time consuming without much benefit.

      TheBrozTheBroz3 dager siden
  • I would have thought that the exchanged batteries went to silicon heaven, otherwise where do all the dead toasters go? 😉

    gpan62gpan624 dager siden
  • I watch all your stuff

    West Coast CarverWest Coast Carver4 dager siden
  • I’m subscribed

    West Coast CarverWest Coast Carver4 dager siden
  • so about 60% more range then not 150% ;-)

    Coach LifeCoach Life4 dager siden
  • Waffler city ! Its such a shame content makers drag videos out in duration.. its so boring....

    shaaneeshaanee4 dager siden
  • Nissan should offer this too. We need many companies to get into battery replacement and recycling.

    Phoenix EAAPhoenix EAA4 dager siden
  • Batteries for EV’s will become standardise so that you will be able to use battery packs for all EV’s regardless of the car model or manufacturer. These “Energy Cells”, (battery packs) will also be used in electric aircraft.

    clifton clarkeclifton clarke4 dager siden
  • Price??

    jessica miajessica mia4 dager siden
  • I'm a great fan of your NOtown channel, but unfortunately at this moment in time, this company are being too greedy, they want too much money to put a bigger battery pack in a smaller battery pack car, I have a Nissan leaf 24 kWh, it's s 15 plate and has only done 29k milesthe range is not enough, I'm actually trying to sell it because of this, I am just going to buy a 0.9 or 1.0 petrol car, I have just about had enough of companies ripping us EV owner drivers off, Don't get me wrong, I'm not short of a Bob or 2' but to charge someone£1500 plus the vat is taking the pee somewhat, what will they give us for our perfect working order battery pack? Next to nothing I suppose! All the companies that charge us to top up our cars on street chargers are crooks too, it's nothing to do with the environment at all, it's all about money money money! I bought my leaf 3 years ago with only 11k on the clock, I mainly use it for commuting to and from my place of work, it's a shame I can't go to Luton and back from romford Essex on a single charge! I also noticed my car value has plummeted from £11750 (Jan 2018) to around £7000 (March 2021) very bad depreciation in my honest opinion, what have I gained in those 3 years? I only charge the car up at home on my 7kwh charger, I have never used a rapid charger because the companies are crooks, you tell me one good reason why I shouldn't sell my leaf and buy a small petrol car that is ULEZ compliance/nt? I'm not a communist or anything like that, I'm just Joe bloggs trying to do the right thing but finding it hard to be convinced that it really is to do with the environment and it's not just money money money! All the EV companies are also taking the pee with high fees to sell an ev without any guarantees of a sale, I therefore never use them, I'm also going to skip a couple of services as there is nothing to service on an ev apart from check the battery condition and check the brakes, it's money for old rope when I take my car in for servicing at Nissan, the non Nissan companies are not cheap these days either, I actually love my Nissan leaf, shame about the range, you had a look on Thier website? They want around£6000 to extend my range on my existing battery pack, the car is worth around£7000 for god sake, I've had enough of all the companies that deal with EV'S & service providers etc etc,..... I like you, I like your channel, I just hate everyone else taking us for a ride with our ev's

    Iqbal RajaIqbal Raja4 dager siden
  • 5:26 reg plate leak: EN11 PCO

    Ora LaboraOra Labora4 dager siden
  • 7:09 VIN number leak

    Ora LaboraOra Labora4 dager siden
  • I'm may not be physically able to change a Leaf battery, but I am smart enough to know that the plural of Leaf isn't lLeafs, but Leaves.

    Matthew JenkinsMatthew Jenkins4 dager siden
  • Legacy industry, learn from this if you wanna have a chance to compete with tesla. Third party swappable batteries, be it rented or sold, is the only thing that can make you compete with tesla in the long term by making your cars cheaper to manufacture and upgradable in the future, and possibly a cheaper and more feasible alternative to quick chargers.

    RenanRenan4 dager siden
  • At 13:40, the statement "in 5 years time, the battery is gonna outlast the car" I'm not as sure, on this statement! With lower end BEV cars coming on the market, equipped with small packs and owner who need to fast charge them because they don't have a house (city cars especially), without too fancy/costly temperature management, there might be a lot of highly stressed packs with a many cycles and ageing rapidly.

    François Simond (supercurio)François Simond (supercurio)4 dager siden
  • Title should be "Used Batteries for Old EVs" & the £8,500 price would mean forgetting the Mk1 Leaf & getting a Mk2 instead.

    Blah BlahBlah Blah4 dager siden
  • Are there any performance benefits to having a larger battery ?

    Tony SimmondsTony Simmonds4 dager siden
  • I heard you could lease brandnew batteries when you buy used electric cars, (like £50-60 per month and guaranteed to give %75-80 of battery life listed). Could cost almost same price for 12-13 years! how good or bad is that from this?

    kayahan karakayahan kara4 dager siden
  • 1:38 not sure a welding mask from Aldi inspires confidence!

    Joe MacLeod-IredaleJoe MacLeod-Iredale4 dager siden
  • I can't wait to see where the aftermarket goes for battery upgrades. Would love to see companies making replacement packs for older electric cars as the battery tech improves.

    tkittlitztkittlitz4 dager siden
  • 8-13k that’s a fair deposit for a new tech EV? But good job lads it’s the way forward 👍

    Rob SRob S4 dager siden
  • Good gravy, the English are a faultlessly polite people! God Bless them!

    WarBuzzardWarBuzzard4 dager siden
  • he is talking about charging batteries in his enterprise from solar. I don't know about UK but in certain EU countries you have to register your own power plant to do that.

    hagestadhagestad5 dager siden
  • Good show!

    Cecilia GarridoCecilia Garrido5 dager siden
  • Ik don't have to win (i'd like it very much), but i hope that who ever win's the EV could not afford it otherwise.

    Jan RozemaJan Rozema5 dager siden
  • Why not just drop the starting 1.47 sec of this 15m vid, i hate when former TV people bring their old fashion ways with them this isn't TV, pick up the pace.

    dominicdgtdominicdgt5 dager siden
  • Didn't watch this when it came out because of the date. I hope it isn't a prank

    Ibrahim Ng'enoIbrahim Ng'eno5 dager siden
  • Great to see old Leafs getting a new lease of life. It would be interesting to know how insurance companies in the UK handle EVs that have had their battery swapped. Here in NZ I have heard that some companies won't insure the cars because they have been modified, and those that will insure a modified car, won't insure the cars for the new value because in has increased in value.

    Paul SchofieldPaul Schofield5 dager siden
  • Great to see the older batteries reused for solar storage & older leafs revived. Inspiring work 👍

    nixta73nixta735 dager siden
  • Love this! Well done 👏

    The Vegan ShephThe Vegan Sheph5 dager siden
  • Sure. for $14,000 I can put a 62kwh battery in my 2016 leaf and raise my range to over 200 miles. Problem is $14,000 is MORE than the cost to buy another one. I can't justify or afford that. if the CAR breaks down in such a way that I can't afford to fix it after I spend $14,000 to put in a new battery I would be summarily screwed. :-(

    NerysNerys5 dager siden
    • @Colin McConnell sure I'm going to pay $2,000 round trip to send the car back to the company to take the battery pack out that they may or may not buy from me at a fraction of what I paid them and then to have the scrap yard reduced the value of the car when they noticed the missing battery that they wanted the profit from it's a lose-lose situation you can't win

      NerysNerys4 dager siden
    • @Nerys Hence my comment about the markup. It would be good to know what the actual market value of a used battery pack is from the perspective of companies like this. My first thought would certainly be to try and sell the battery back to whoever I bought it from, in the scenario you describe, rather than just take the car to a normal scrapyard. I came across the Muxsan web site a while ago, and then also saw that Clevely was providing the Muxsan offering, without the need to go to Holland. The prices did seem to be a bit inflated, though, compared to going direct to Muxsan. It's hard to know what a fair price is, but the economics do seem to favour getting a newer car, rather than upgrading.

      Colin McConnellColin McConnell4 dager siden
    • @Colin McConnell either which way I guarantee you if I put a $14,000 battery pack into my $11,000 leaf no one is going to give me $25,000 for that leaf

      NerysNerys4 dager siden
    • @Colin McConnell your typical scrap yard isn't going to give you any special amount of money above normal scrap value for the car in fact some of them might require you to remove the battery if they can't process and don't want to deal with high voltage packs I know I bought a hybrid battery pack for $30 from a scrap yard once I even let him know you know this is a electric car battery pack it's huge he said doesn't matter it says 30 bucks for batteries that's what you pay I sold that battery for $400 as is untested

      NerysNerys4 dager siden
    • @Nerys The companies providing battery replacement are sourcing them from scrapped cars (as are the companies providing other second-use products like home storage). One hopes the high prices of these products doesn't represent a totally exorbitant markup on the prices they themselves are paying.

      Colin McConnellColin McConnell4 dager siden
  • £ 15'000 for a battery 🐒🐒🐒🐒

    Juri VlkJuri Vlk5 dager siden
  • Changing the battery on such new cars is proving that electric cars are the most unecological thing ever! Electric cars are ridiculous and a disaster.

    Juri VlkJuri Vlk5 dager siden
    • @TheBroz Nothing substantial to say?

      Juri VlkJuri Vlk2 dager siden
    • You're a fool who has no idea what you're talking about.

      TheBrozTheBroz3 dager siden
  • One thing you didn't mention is how good this sort of thing is for the environment. Keeping an old car on the road is far more ecological than buying a new one - even if your old car is a smoke blowing V8. These batteries aren't going into landfill and a perfectly functioning car isn't being scrapped and replaced.

    David ForsterDavid Forster5 dager siden
  • I am subscribed

    Ally WangAlly Wang5 dager siden
  • Imagine the kind of battery replacement tech we’ll get in the 2030’s. This could be exponential. Perhaps a 2020 EV 170mi range could be 700mi+ w/ a future replacement. With all EV companies, especially Tesla, significantly ramping up production, we just might all have a cheaper newer alternative that charges 300kW+ in minutes. Unless you reallly love your older EV, and this is still cheaper, there may be no reason outside a small few.

    TheTanman412TheTanman4125 dager siden
  • This idea came to mind when Chevy unveiled the 2019 Volt Premier with 7.2 kW input capability (~25 range miles per hour). This doubles the 3.6 kW of my 2017 Volt Premier. If the energy density has improved sufficiently in the past few years, it'd be great to see a "power up" mod package where both capacity and input rate are doubled. So it would still take 4.5 hours to charge, but now the rated range would be 106 miles instead of 53. That would mean quite a few more real world trips that wouldn't require switching over to gas. Like the Leaf situation, this could be very useful undertaking for all involved, but for just a few years until early low range EVs and PHEVs age further into obsolescence.

    Dennis JohnsonDennis Johnson5 dager siden