New GLADiATOR Skin in Fortnite! (Season 5)

22. feb.. 2021
3 086 969 Ganger

New update in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 winning in solos gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
Use Fortnite Support a Creator code "TypicalGamer" in the item shop if you'd like to support me for free!
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  • fu

    ryan stokesryan stokes12 dager siden

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    Alison CraigAlison Craig13 dager siden
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    Ron BataRon Bata15 dager siden
  • So my sister. Browc

    Ron BataRon Bata15 dager siden
  • Where is play Roblox so can I play with you with Roblox

    Kemoy BowersKemoy Bowers15 dager siden
  • Hi tg

    Jacoba BascombeJacoba Bascombe15 dager siden
  • TG ur cracked

    Anna BAnna B16 dager siden
  • I am going to use your code right now.

    Aaron SeitzAaron Seitz17 dager siden
  • play modern warfare please i love watching those

    Steven TysonSteven Tyson18 dager siden
  • I be using your code to me to shine read Beauty and your cold cold cold Typical Gamer call typical gamer in the fortnite item shop

    Shannon ReedShannon Reed20 dager siden
  • Who remembers the og tilted towers

    Blanca GalvanBlanca Galvan21 dag siden
  • Martin Mason 57

    Rylan GrossRylan Gross21 dag siden
  • Martin Mason 1414

    Rylan GrossRylan Gross21 dag siden
  • Love u

    Waylen JonesWaylen Jones21 dag siden
  • Gg

    Cole WatsonCole Watson21 dag siden
  • I remember when this season first came out (I miss it)

    Spencer’s pet koala aka koala timezSpencer’s pet koala aka koala timez21 dag siden
  • I don't like the sica skin

    Ace DubzzAce Dubzz22 dager siden
  • I’m subscribed and liked and turn on notifications

    Dylan RothDylan Roth22 dager siden
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    Harmony GHarmony G23 dager siden
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    the painter deloethe painter deloe23 dager siden
  • I have that skin

    AgapeShortsAgapeShorts24 dager siden
  • Like I had go to school

    Kirsty EdgeKirsty Edge24 dager siden
  • I have that skin I bought it yesterday

    Kirsty EdgeKirsty Edge24 dager siden
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  • Typical gamerbe happy

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  • Typical gamer so you got

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  • Hhyg

    Janice GriggsJanice Griggs26 dager siden
  • i saw peely in the side!

    Reyes BautistaReyes Bautista27 dager siden
  • I used it

    Jaisa CrocktonJaisa Crockton29 dager siden
  • Season to school me really cool the 7th is trapped in the 0. Point so where trying to get him out but now there's new stuff in the map there's no bosses is MP c's the butter Barnes gone everything is gone of season 5 is set for the 0. Point that's weird I get it the maps change map site changing all around so I get it Have a great time because you're gonna need in that in the season 5 because you're gonna miss season 5 season 2nd not that fun is really annoying

    Lena TLena TMåned siden
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    M AnimationsM AnimationsMåned siden
  • Wow

    Cristian ArriagaCristian ArriagaMåned siden
  • Wht other games u play

    Cristian ArriagaCristian ArriagaMåned siden
  • How are u doing

    Cristian ArriagaCristian ArriagaMåned siden
  • Hi 👋

    Cindy SmallCindy SmallMåned siden
  • I love your video. Watch your video all the time

    Candace GonzalezCandace GonzalezMåned siden
  • I’m watching the live event

    Cash FosterCash FosterMåned siden
  • Typical gamer says he likes the female skins more, Why??

    Theodore RossTheodore RossMåned siden
  • I got my drone on mid-march

    Makayla AyersMakayla AyersMåned siden
  • Limp biscuit things that

    Itz Jay_yizzy _Itz Jay_yizzy _Måned siden
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    Adam WintherAdam WintherMåned siden
  • Mason jars in my house are the best in the world to have them on my way home from work to

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  • To freind me I am so good

    Gamingpaxton D JGamingpaxton D JMåned siden
  • I love your videos

    Fire_gamer_ 360Fire_gamer_ 360Måned siden
  • I bought that bundle in when I use the glider I didn't like it because well it looked cool but all I could see is it its butt!

    T GordonT GordonMåned siden
  • I have twine vicktre

    Raeleen SchultzRaeleen SchultzMåned siden
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  • I used ur code

    samuel lebrunsamuel lebrunMåned siden
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    Dustin SeeDustin SeeMåned siden
  • he sacraficed the flopper to the fishy gods

  • Do you realize peely is in the back?..

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  • Who else gets annoyed when he doesn’t use the skins combo? Lol

    KingKingMåned siden
  • I think he might me a robot

    Roblox SquadRoblox SquadMåned siden
  • Wow that was colllllll

    Toby Ruby BinksToby Ruby BinksMåned siden
  • Tyiplgamer I wanted the skin

    Amanda PennyAmanda PennyMåned siden
  • March20

    Hunter GuimontHunter GuimontMåned siden
  • You are the best gamer in the world

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  • Can you gift me it pls

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  • You killed me

    Joanne LoftsJoanne LoftsMåned siden
  • I just noticed the Peely skin in the Sica bundle

    Dominique RichardsonDominique RichardsonMåned siden
  • 3 headed dog huh you mean kerbeus

    WodahStoNsiWodahStoNsiMåned siden
  • Look back at that and look in the background you can see like a banana skin

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  • 2:44 fortnite simp for a creator

    Pixlle DPixlle DMåned siden
  • Definitely using your creators code today your killing it bro thank you🙌🙌

    Alex ShepherdAlex ShepherdMåned siden
  • T g plaz yes

    Jessie JohJessie JohMåned siden
  • I use your code

    Carter GuzmanCarter GuzmanMåned siden