New Hyundai Ioniq 5 full review - the 300-mile Tesla EV rival styled by Minecraft

26. april. 2021
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Welcome to The Late Brake Show's full review of the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 - the 300-mile true Tesla EV rival styled by Minecraft. We say Minecraft, but any 8-bit video game really. So is this really as good as electric car enthusiasts had hoped? Jonny seemed convinced by the Korean EV efficiency, the retro-future bold styling, massive cabin and boot space, and the charging/power output versatility.
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E-GMP is the codename for Hyundai's Electric Global Modular Platform that the Ioniq 5 is based upon. This is dedicated EV as opposed to shared with piston models, like the Kona and Niro models previously (good as they are). Don't get confused with the existing Ioniq either - that's a much smaller car that can be purchased in petrol hybrid, PHEV or full EV form.
4635mm long
1890mm wide
1605mm high
3000mm wheelbase

Longer than ID.4, shorter than Mustang Mach-e and 78 mm longer wheelbase than a full size Range Rover!
Boot space 531L + 57L froot (24L if AWD optioned)
Boot space rivals:VW ID.4 = 543L, 1575L seats down
Ford Mach-E = 402L + 81L (froot), 1420L seats down
Nissan Ariya = 468L (2wd model)
Much of the interior is eco-friendly (saw this many years ago on the first generation Kia Soul EV) and uses sustainable sourced materials, recycled PET bottles, plant based (bio PET) yarns and natural wool yarns, plus eco-processed leather with plant based extracts and bio paint with plant extracts.
400 or 800v charging capability supported (world first), The IONIQ5 also can rapid charge up to 380kW, so although much of the UK isn't there yet it is ready. Theoretically it can can charge 10-80% in 18 mins at this level. Or get 100km of range from 5 mins of charge.
Two batts, two or 4wd:
Two battery choices (similar to its competitors): 58kWh or 72.6kWh
Two electric motor layouts - either RWD or AWD, the latter having two motors.
Best performance is the 72.6kWh AWD with 225kW and 605nm of torque = 5.2 0-62
Longest range car obviously has bigger battery and 2WD for up to 480km range - or 300 miles WLTP.
All cars have a top speed of 115mph or 185km/h.
Hyundai's V2L (Vehicle 2 Load) means you can use an external or internal plug socket to power things, charge e-motorbikes, or even other electric cars. This could be just what we need for some distanced entertainment in 2021 (and beyond?) 3.6kW output sockets. There's also a socket inside the Ioniq 5 (between rear seats) and a 15w fast charger for mobile devices.
Prices are not confirmed yet, but the ballpark is looking incredibly promising. Expect the Ioniq 5 to start around £36k and for the big battery 4wd launch edition (as tested) to be £47k. With all that space, charging innovation, unique styling and performance (not to mention unlimited mileage 5 year warranty) Jonny may have whispered that he would have an Ioniq 5 more than any other EV right now.
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Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98
0:00 Intro
1:36 E-GMP new platform
2:25 Don't confuse with the Ioniq
2:57 Dimensions
3:18 Interior space
5:25 Rear passenger space
7:20 Main rivals
7:36 Boot space
9:04 Charging info (up to 380kW)
10:05 Driving impressions
11:06 8-bit Lancia Integrale
12:57 2 x battery options
13:15 Specs
13:30 Performance stats
14:45 Heritage Pony Concept
15:10 0-62 mph launch
17:21 Prices
18:50 External power sources (V2L)
21:25 Verdict and outro, proudly supported by Continental Tyres

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  • thank you Jonny for years of excellent auto journalism, a refreshingly honest & quirky personality, and last but not least for bringing electric vehicles to the people in a fun and cool way. as we say in the south, you're doin the lords work!

    Ben GullyBen Gully9 dager siden
  • Man you just killed me with that bouncy castle use-case at the end ... ROTFL

    Ralf HenkeRalf Henke25 minutter siden
  • The retro/future design is a true masterpiece - like the design of many Hyundai/Kia these days is. Peter Schreyer is a genius! But speaking of retro: Why doesn't anyone ever mention the BBS-cross-spoke design of the wheel centers (my first car had those in 1986). Blending that look with a through-and through 2021 design of the outer part of the wheel is just plain awesome. This car is just SO cool. Now if only I had a charging point anywhere in our underground car park... :-((

    Ralf HenkeRalf Henke34 minutter siden
  • Brilliant review 👍👍

    John NeeshamJohn Neesham48 minutter siden
  • Brilliant! Running a bouncy castle!

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  • Lancia Delta? Alfa Romeo SZ front end, Audi A3 side profile. Wow, what a car!

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  • Great! Ionic5!

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  • I thought this was the new VW GTI at first lol

    H BoogieH BoogieDag siden
  • The looks remind me of a Lancia Delta Integrale... love it.. posted before he got to the part of mentioning it in a video, lol

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  • That stupid white interior is a big turn off

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  • 7:20 What about Kia EV6?

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  • My borther has TUCSON HYBRID 2021 and i have to say, i driove it and this car is off the chain with 230HP, with the battery and it lunch like a SUV Rocket ...! Hyundai are now TOP 3 of my favorite brands ...!

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  • The Peugeot 205 GTi is back!

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  • “The only thing that Tesla outdoes them at is charging infrastructure.” Really? What about range? Performance? Software? Autonomous features? “Froot” size? It seems like the only thing this car wins on is probably price and the V to L is very cool too. I do like this car and I like Hyundai but be honest if you are going to compare and use Tesla as clickbait.

    Noah AbramsNoah AbramsDag siden
    • @The Late Brake Show I hear you. Hyundai’s warranty has always been stellar. I used own an Elantra and enjoyed it. I am not sure about build quality, Tesla’s issues have been almost entirely cosmetic and mostly a thing of the past as they continue to make massive improvements in this area. I see dealer networks as more of a negative a than a positive and I guess autonomy is more of a personal preference although I enjoy the safety benefits that I get from it. Thanks for your review and input. I look forward to seeing these on the road soon.

      Noah AbramsNoah AbramsDag siden
    • Warranty. Build quality. Dealer network. The aesthetics. I'm far less bothered with Tesla's auto pilot than their Superchargers. Autonomy will become the norm on certain roads in 10 years, but as a driving enthusiast I'm not convinced this is sensible.

      The Late Brake ShowThe Late Brake ShowDag siden
  • Can I get one without a glass roof?

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    • Yes

      The Late Brake ShowThe Late Brake Show4 timer siden
  • Great content! However, your camera operator could do a better job capturing some of those details you emphasize, such as the real spoiler and inside the boot.

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  • Hola Jonny! Congrats on 250k + subscribers. Any chance to do a segment on the 4th generation Toyota Supra. Why so highly coveted? Cheers!

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    • Good idea Dee, cheers 👌🏽

      The Late Brake ShowThe Late Brake Show4 timer siden
  • Lovely review! 10/10 I might get this car

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  • The looks reminds me so much of a Lancia Delta Integrale. I really like it.

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  • So they have tried to take the Mercedes style dashboards and make them look bland and boring.

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  • Great review. Have to say they clearly had separate design teams (that didnt talk) styling the inside and the outside. Exterior is cutting edge and a little bit overstyled for me while the interior harks back to the 2000s and looks ..... - sorry. Even the interior is sending mixed messages.....

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  • Can’t believe you can say “e-gimp” so many times with a straight face 😂

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  • still far too expensive & poor mileage per charge. only they get a few thousand miles per charge will there be change . there are not enough charging stations for a large fleet of electric cars on the roads as yet

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  • YES! at last! manufacturers utilising solar power on body panels (ok, only for the limited first few... for now at any rate) Every time you make one of these (brilliant) episodes on new EV's, I'm always thinking, WHY oh why are manufacturers not making solar roofs, solar bonnets etc, anything to aid self charging just that little bit, then I see this. Ok, I can relax now :D

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  • The best Ioniq 5 review hands down!

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  • 4:51 WHYYYY? Why would you limit such an amazing thing to only 3000 units - that were pre-sold before most of the world had even heard of the model? /sigh Well, I know what's going on my shopping list for 2025... Gently Used Ionic 5 First Edition at 50% off O-MSRP! =)

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    Joel PefoubouJoel Pefoubou2 dager siden
  • This is not a Tesla beater. The competition are ICE cars. I love the Ioniq 5 and think it will be successful. The world needs more EVs like it in order to comply with government regulations.

    NickBallNickBall2 dager siden
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  • This Hyundai will steal sales from Tesla, no doubt about that. And, being a Hyundai, there will be considerably less worry about quality issues, plus there's that 5 year warranty.... Tesla will need to raise their game....

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  • I've always wanted a tesla, but the ioniq5 looks a whole lot better than the model 3... I'm loving those 80's video game headlights and brake lights... damn this is a tough one for me...

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    • @Iriaka Stanley sound advice

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    • Wait for the second generation

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  • Hyundai has come a long way from the Excel

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  • Ugly electric car That gets you to the shop and back Well done human race

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  • Very attractive looking vehicle, sadly too large for my needs but really impressed with the range. I look at range as I would be solely reliant on public charging infrastructure as I wouldn't be able to have a home charger, so not so much for long journeys but for daily commuting and being able to recharge say once a week

    Andrew GageAndrew Gage2 dager siden
  • This car has a lot to offer, except proper looking interior. Shame.

    Nils Peter LundenNils Peter Lunden2 dager siden
  • If it comes 2ft longer in wagon form - I'm sold.

    Mark MilanesMark Milanes2 dager siden
  • Unfortunately if you're on an average wage. .you're walking to work in the future. Buying a second hand five hundred pounds shi**er that would last you a couple of years will be over. Dread to think what damage we will do to the Earth when we've mined the hell out of it for battery materials?

    KarlosKarlos2 dager siden
  • So... 400km or 300 miles of range; which is it?

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  • I think Jonny's made me want a new car...

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  • Hyundai freakin killed it with this car

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  • So in the U.S. we say 'Hun-day' are we wrong?

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  • No offense to the presenter who’s doing an amazing job. But those electric cars look dull and bland to me. No emotion, no real engine noise, no smell of fuel, screens everywhere instead of good old analog dials. And V2L is practical, but I’d rather have the Ford F-150 hybrid: 7.2 Kw of power and a big gas tank so you don’t end up without enough juice in the battery to make it home. Not to mention spending 30+ minutes to “fill up” a car when it can be done in less than 5 with a conventional or hybrid solution is a big no for me

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    • @The Late Brake Show I didn't, I will go watch it after this, thanks for another great video.

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    • I can see that. Cool car. Did you see my video of an SZ last year?

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  • My 2003 xsara picasso also has a full flat floor ! just sayin'

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  • looks ok, but the plastic colour arround the wheel case looks so bad i wanna vomit:( atleast freaking colour it in so you can´t see it... if you cant change the Hyinday chrome shit either then no thanks... NOI chrome.. it looks so freaking bad..

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  • "Oh look, there are some children." haha

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  • This car looks so good and seems so well thought out it should be a hit. Very well done Hyundai. It really has an "instant classic" look so far ahead of any other EV.

    jeanpeupjeanpeup3 dager siden
  • Sweet ending

    Angus GiorgiAngus Giorgi3 dager siden
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  • Wow... The most boring review in motoring history. Yawn fest

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  • They ripped off Honda's Urban EV design.

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  • You have not got any friends, they are all virtual NOtown watcher friends 🤣😂🤣

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  • I want 500miles + before any of my money goes towards an electric car, all these cars are way to expensive and old battery tech,, give 5 years from now and Joe public might buy one if 5hings get much better and sub 20k

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    • @abbsnn cose I sure hope so! Nothing against Tesla, I just want the world to have more options.

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    • Is it Yuri? So you are taking into account all of the aspects of a car - warranty, build quality, dealer network, supply issues, handling, comfort, quality of materials. It isn't just Superchargers and 0-60 remember...

      The Late Brake ShowThe Late Brake Show3 dager siden
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  • 36k is enough to deter the majority of people to buy an electric car. I wish I could exchange my diesel polluter but at these prices it's absolutely impossible. The world can't change fast enough unless these prices don't come down to acceptable prices soon.

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