New PREDATOR Skin in Fortnite! (Season 5)

21. jan.. 2021
4 641 370 Ganger

New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 solos gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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  • Please play more predator hunting grounds

    Lime green3Lime green32 dager siden
  • I was that predator

    Herleria LeahyHerleria Leahy3 dager siden
  • blipping

    Mandy mikaylaMandy mikayla5 dager siden
  • I love.

    Karen TurtonKaren Turton5 dager siden
  • He is lowkey rude

    Tyra KarlssonTyra Karlsson8 dager siden
  • Fg

    Kha KhaKha Kha10 dager siden
  • My birthday is on March 23

    Gabriel SevillaGabriel Sevilla13 dager siden
  • Did you know someone just died

    Pamela DonnersonPamela Donnerson13 dager siden
  • I like when you shoot people out of the sky

    Quintin LorussoQuintin Lorusso14 dager siden
  • Lucky

    Thapelo LefaThapelo Lefa14 dager siden
  • Haha 51:05

    Gera's Jr GamingGera's Jr Gaming14 dager siden
  • ,v,bkhklbg.mcngldxk d,kv mn

    Wali MuhammadWali Muhammad14 dager siden
  • fortniet

    Wali MuhammadWali Muhammad14 dager siden
  • f1

    Wali MuhammadWali Muhammad14 dager siden
  • Hsbdjndbn☺️☺️☺️🤦☺️🛴☺️🛴☺️🛴

    Lester MosesLester Moses16 dager siden
  • I watch you ever day

    Ariana PattonAriana Patton17 dager siden
  • it's ok

    Joshua BolishJoshua Bolish17 dager siden
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    Luz RogersLuz Rogers18 dager siden
  • Go

    Marislay CruzMarislay Cruz18 dager siden
  • Where are u from typical gamer

    Bishram SinghBishram Singh18 dager siden
  • Play Predator hunting grounds again

    Ethan RitchieEthan Ritchie18 dager siden
  • When typicalgamer dies I'm like hahahhahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😄

    Gary ForbesGary Forbes19 dager siden
  • no

    Jennifer itotiaJennifer itotia20 dager siden
  • Lol

    julian vallejosjulian vallejos20 dager siden
  • nice video tg

    GVlogs GamingGVlogs Gaming20 dager siden
  • do u remember predator mod in gta

    Harvey CampbellHarvey Campbell21 dag siden
  • wat that person tipt that is scary

    Faris Diaaeldin BendaryFaris Diaaeldin Bendary22 dager siden
  • When it was a duo that guy was spamming

    Supersonic ZionSupersonic Zion22 dager siden
  • i got it so easy

    jany medinajany medina22 dager siden
  • Hi

    dameer Khandameer Khan23 dager siden
  • Tiger hamdan

    dameer Khandameer Khan23 dager siden
  • I is a kid

    Cheikhou SaneCheikhou Sane26 dager siden
  • Samara is so bad

    Cheikhou SaneCheikhou Sane26 dager siden
  • I like predator predator is So good predator Predator is so best

    Cheikhou SaneCheikhou Sane26 dager siden
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    IC4c3s GamingIC4c3s Gaming27 dager siden
  • Bro. Are. U. Mad. Or. Not

    Nida UmarNida UmarMåned siden
  • yes

    Jayden BenjaminJayden BenjaminMåned siden
  • noob

    Jayden BenjaminJayden BenjaminMåned siden
  • On season 6 put on agent jones skin and go in battle lab and defeat a boss he won’t try to defeat you so you can kill him

    Andrew ParksAndrew ParksMåned siden
    • Without dying

      Andrew ParksAndrew ParksMåned siden
  • I have that skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ramandeep KaurRamandeep KaurMåned siden
  • I have wachted mando every episode

    Eneida MalokuEneida MalokuMåned siden
  • awsome

    Edward EmbreyEdward EmbreyMåned siden
  • HEY

    Derek HitchDerek HitchMåned siden
  • A purple weapon that is better than your blue AR

    Mateo ParkerMateo ParkerMåned siden
  • Andre I got the predator skin last season of Fortnite I want to visit you andre (heart this comment i am you and samara’s fan)

    Zean’s gaming and reviews The coolest gamerZean’s gaming and reviews The coolest gamerMåned siden
  • hi

    Cherkevious BinghamCherkevious BinghamMåned siden
  • When is the new season 6 gonna come out

    Charnise JacksonCharnise JacksonMåned siden
  • I like I am your biggest fan

    Charnise JacksonCharnise JacksonMåned siden
  • Hi

    Charnise JacksonCharnise JacksonMåned siden
  • I just hate watching when your girl says like I have no gun but a pistol and you have a full inventory of guns and can’t drop her one 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Angellrey PachecoAngellrey PachecoMåned siden
  • How do you get the Predator skin

    Blanca RicoBlanca RicoMåned siden
  • you can trap predator on a cliff and he would not be able to kill you

    IAintHandsomeIAintHandsomeMåned siden
  • I killed prediter at 3hp

    Angel GodoyAngel GodoyMåned siden
  • and the ghost rider pack typical gamer

    karder crumkarder crumMåned siden
  • i am airsoftboy5338 can you gift me the predator and th batte pass

    karder crumkarder crumMåned siden
  • Don't mark your place

    Allan BialkowskiAllan BialkowskiMåned siden
  • ddoggDallas

    KING KAYDEN KongKING KAYDEN KongMåned siden
  • this is crazy

    Sjkarnelia2 MooreSjkarnelia2 MooreMåned siden
  • x-ray

    Tymel McQueenTymel McQueenMåned siden
  • Your my favourite

    NCE DobboNCE DobboMåned siden
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    Jovon MedleyJovon MedleyMåned siden
  • 1v1

    Jovon MedleyJovon MedleyMåned siden
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  • 1:07:39 you left him hanging

    GPG - Gabe plays gamesGPG - Gabe plays gamesMåned siden
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    Valerie VasquezValerie VasquezMåned siden
  • I have Predator in Fortnite

    Unbreakable BellUnbreakable BellMåned siden
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    Chantelle JonesChantelle JonesMåned siden
  • i play fortnite

    Chantelle JonesChantelle JonesMåned siden
  • hi

    Chantelle JonesChantelle JonesMåned siden
  • lol

    claudia rubioclaudia rubioMåned siden
  • If you hear music it mean je close

    Deek dude PlazDeek dude PlazMåned siden
  • hi

    Jessica de LangeJessica de LangeMåned siden
  • Among Us

    محمد الهيروبراينمحمد الهيروبراينMåned siden
  • Immmmmm preder

    Jane MillerJane MillerMåned siden
  • O wow

    Jack NJack NMåned siden
  • is cool.

    Ethan FerrerEthan FerrerMåned siden
  • Can you give me the cradle skin please at Masdude13

    Heather ManessHeather ManessMåned siden
  • Your GF is bad 👎

    paul de la cruzpaul de la cruzMåned siden
  • Gg tg

    fyber_ roadfyber_ roadMåned siden
  • Amazing play TG

    Sebastian FariasSebastian FariasMåned siden
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    Oscarhhnty DiazOscarhhnty DiazMåned siden
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      laxmicnivaslaxmicnivasMåned siden
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