New Rule: OK Boomer | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

23. april. 2021
1 566 945 Ganger

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Ageism is the last acceptable prejudice in this country, but Joe Biden is the right man for this moment precisely because he IS old.
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  • Oh Bill you kill me. LOL I want some of what you're smoking because that stuff must be really good. That one about Biden being sharp. You slay me.😂

    Chris BroguiereChris Broguiere28 minutter siden
  • What about all the old geezers that made America a complete mess, a laughing stock worldwide, anti science, systemic rasiscm deniers, climate change deniers, liars, socialists for the rich, and so on. Get over it Bill, you have to rely on a younger generation whether you like it or not

    muge0711muge07113 timer siden
  • We're not worried about Biden's age because we're "ageist" we're scared about him LITERALLY DYING ANY MOMENT DUE TO OLD AGE

    SolusSolus7 timer siden
  • Gee Bill... Where would have gotten the idea of discriminating against older people from?

    grim triXgrim triX9 timer siden
  • Ok Boomer

    Cobra CommanderCobra Commander10 timer siden
  • so basically “i’m right and you're wrong, i’m big and you're small, and there's nothing you can do about it.” *got it*

    mob psychmob psych12 timer siden
  • teenagers are natural communists

    Phil TengPhil Teng13 timer siden
    • Elders are natural dictators

      SolusSolus7 timer siden
  • An old man whining about the youth... never been done before

    DeeDee15 timer siden
  • This man is the definition of an old fool... Wisdom does not come with age and you just seem angry and bitter, because the world is changing and you can't keep up. Watching video games is a waste of time? If that's your logic, this show is also a waste of time, so are movies, and so on. Also, what's up with the feet touching reference? Do you just want your feet touched by young people? What is wrong with you? :D Wait, you think young people are most gullible? Try disposable income, they have the money, so they buy stuff. Also, who do think invents all the new stuff, the new technology? Younger generations. We will give respect to wise older people, but that's obviously not you.

    Roberta K.Roberta K.15 timer siden
  • Yikesss

    Its meIts me15 timer siden
  • Declare ageism is bad and then shit on millenials. And you wonder why people don't take "old people" seriously.

    ShreyaShreya15 timer siden
  • From 6:30 on is perfect.

    May R. McCheeseMay R. McCheese16 timer siden
  • sharp, focused? I can't tell he's serious or sarcastic?

    vagetavageta17 timer siden
  • Bill, did you get paid extra to lie abt Biden getting things done? The rating approved 59% for Biden did only come frm the Dems! You’re pretty intellectual funny for most of the times, until you realize you’re a lefty. Too bad......

    Maria CavaliereMaria Cavaliere18 timer siden
  • I'm a Biden supporter and I think it is completely reasonable to be concerned when 78 year old man becomes president in a country where the average life expectancy is around 79 years

    Sara MazurSara Mazur20 timer siden

      SolusSolus7 timer siden
  • Abolishing the police is more of an extreme leftist thing.

    Helsie JeffersonHelsie Jefferson20 timer siden
    • @Augustus331 EXTREME leftist, not all democrats. Just thought I should reiterate that for the sensitive folks.

      Helsie JeffersonHelsie Jefferson6 timer siden
    • And a very useful tool for Republicans to paint all Democrats as 'Black panther' extremists. It cuts twice

      Augustus331Augustus33113 timer siden
  • The fact that most of his statistics questionable, and majority of the people from that statistics agree with him is just..... 😵

    Soki NoraSoki Nora21 time siden
  • Bill: Biden is a competent President. Thomas Sowell: Not so fast, Bill.

    Hyacinth LynchHyacinth Lynch21 time siden
  • I agree video games are a waste of time and so is being a weed head.

    Taurus NicholsTaurus Nichols21 time siden
  • I just remembered the scene from Mathilda : "You young, I'm Old, You Dumb, I'm smart, You're wrong, I'm right "

    Soki NoraSoki Nora21 time siden
  • RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.... calls young people idiots 😒 timer siden
  • Biden hasn't done anything except screw up the border, give out free money to people who don't want to work and fill the jobs that are out there. The guy is a clown.

    Ken FettKen Fett22 timer siden
  • Fucking hell, his audience will literally clap and applaud anything 😂😂

    Lawrence LuffmanLawrence Luffman23 timer siden
  • We repsect our elders in my culture. They dont talk about us the way Bill does. Hmmm wonder what the correlation is.

    Comy LareComy Lare23 timer siden
  • I love all the whiny comments. Make sure you post a selfie of yourself "reacting" to this video, kids. Post it to facetwitter. Very important use of your time.

    Thorne WorthingtonThorne WorthingtonDag siden
    • @Solus I have a master's degree in engineering and I couldn't care less how to post a selfie to facetwitterbook. And that's what you consider to be a caveman. LOL. Perfect. Go drink your Zima.

      Thorne WorthingtonThorne Worthington4 timer siden
    • "Technology bad, devolve to caveman" - old people

      SolusSolus7 timer siden
  • Ok boomer

    edbEduardedbEduardDag siden
  • This so called lesson was a waste of time, none of your arguments are valid, and you can’t blame young people for the fact that you don’t get respect. Releasing stuff like this out to the world only makes people disagree with you more and respect you less. You can’t blame the younger generation because you don’t get respect. You do that on your own.

    Justina KaveckaitėJustina KaveckaitėDag siden
  • Bill, this wasn't it. Yes, ageism is an issue in almost every society, and we should start talking that discrimination seriously. But *this* was not it. I don't care about Biden (being better than Drumpf doesn't mean he's the best your country's got), and there were a few candidates over 60-70 that were actually GOOD. And yes, some young (and not that young) people are stupid and idealistic, but this whole "phones bad" thing is so reductive that I can't believe you just said that. So, watching other people play sports is not a waste of time, but watching a streamer play a videogame is? I don't do either, but if I had to choose, I'd rather watch someone play a videogame, I find it a little bit more interesting. And I don't know anyone above 60 that's not on their phone for at least a couple hours a day. You can literally do everything with your phone now. You sound like someone who was already 80 in the late 00s when phones weren't as necessary as they are now. You usually make such good points on most things, but you completely missed the mark here. And I'm the first one that I want this whole "ageism" debate to be finally open. By the way, you've always been a progressive, but some of the anti-communist points you tried to make sound so right wing, what is happening? XD I don't consider myself a communist (don't have a time to read the manifesto or books about it), rather an anti-capitalist, but it was thanks to the communists that the Nazis didn't win WWII (hello, the red army anyone?). Communism like socialism is an idea/ideology. You can apply it well or not (some socialist countries do it well nowadays, others don't), but it's not as simple as saying "oh this country did it once then it means it's bad". Then capitalism is bad because there's no capitalist country that's not screwed up one way or the other? Applying the same logic, I mean. And yes society would be better off if all property was owned by the public. But no, not managed by the government, at least not like the governments we have now. PS: you're not gonna have a decent running socialist/communist country because the (capitalist-neoliberal) system won't allow it. In this globalized world, you cannot just run things without being affected by other countries/economies/corporations. The day we get rid of all of this and start from scratch, we'll be able to have a more equal and decent world (THAT is idealistic, I know).

    Jordi VanderwaalJordi VanderwaalDag siden
  • This video will trigger many people 🙄😅🤷😂

    Pavlo BilousPavlo BilousDag siden
  • How not funny is this guy??? This laughing in the audience is staged and an embarrassment to any sort of intellect.

    Christian WagnerChristian WagnerDag siden
  • Okay boomer.. watch this: with your TIK-TOK and twitch references...this guy speaks my feeling about your video exactly...!!! SO to @Dylanisintrouble

    Emma JosephineEmma JosephineDag siden
  • "people watching other people play video games is a waste of fucking time" Allow me to present to you, by your point of view, what would be a waste of fucking time: -Watching talk shows -watching sports that you don't even play yourself -Watching you "maybe the one whos hopeless is the one that can't stop using it" (smartphone) maybe the one who is hopeless are the people that choose to take a moment of their day to be a live audience to a talk show, or better yet, the ones that can't stop watching tv.

    NanashiNanashiDag siden
  • "Millennials are ruining everything!!" screams the man who was just complaining about ageism two seconds ago

    TableWrensTableWrensDag siden
  • Bill: Ageism is tolerated and that is wrong Also Bill: Spends 8 minutes being ageist against younger people Bill: Watching people play games on twitch is a waste of time Also Bill: Expects people to watch him on a talk show that is technically just as much a waste of time. Bill: It's not that I don't understand, it's that you are stupid Also Bill: Proves he doesn't understand through hypocrisy and that HE is stupid by not giving valid reasons to back up the claims he is making. Dear Bill, Didn't your teachers ever teach you that you can't just say "I thought this book, author, assignment, decision, etc was dumb" without going into proper detail to back up what you are saying? If you had anything worth saying then perhaps there could be a conversation or consideration. However, instead you just keep shovelling out the same type of groundless/ baseless drivel that you always claim others shovel out. You look at things that seem to tell you that you are right and decide it must be the truth because it fits into what you already believe and then you never truly verifying the validity or the context of what it says. The very fact that you claim young people are the most gullible age group while being from the generation that falls for the most scams, advertisements, biased news, and are the generation that will whole heartedly believe any article you read regardless of how factual it is as long as it seems to back up whatever your viewpoint is (just like you did in this video) shows in itself that everything you are claiming is nonsense that you only say because having others that you can conveniently look down on makes you feel better about yourself.

    The Drawing BoardroomThe Drawing BoardroomDag siden
  • Wisdom doesn't automatically come with age. You're the prove.

    KikolopitaKikolopitaDag siden
  • Dylan (a man who sometimes records himself playing games and i watch) made an excellent video about fact checking your rant Bill, apparently you're a bit gullible too despite your age: the GALLUP statistic for example shows that 33% you're talking about agrees with the idea of disbanding police departments, buuuut in favor of different public safety models (1/3 of those younger that 35); the MarketWatch statistic (36% of millennials want communism) was made over only 2,100 people. Assuming all those people where "millennials", with ages that oscillate between 23 to 41 (or 20 to 38 at the year the poll was made), the total is 756 people. A bit of a small portion of the total population of millennials in the EEUU don't you think?.. Actually, i feel you're forgetting something kinda important Bill, roughly 2/3 of the people you're deliberately making fun of in your show actually agree with you, and you are upset because they said OK boomer at you? It's their ideas you're against, or you're just hurt they don't kiss your feet because of your age instead of having to earn their respect by being an actually decent and reciprocally respectful human being? Look, you got me rating too! lmao, long story short: OK BOOMER.

    Mica PereyraMica PereyraDag siden
  • Falling down the stairs was comedic gold.

    Christian AdamsChristian AdamsDag siden
  • I guess we know where bill maher stands on the border crisis. Only cares about immigrants when they can be used to talk trash about the other side. More kids are dying and being abused at the border than ever before yet bill says biden is on top of it? Kamala said she would shut it down if elected Vice President then proceeded to laugh about not going to the border at all while allowing the situation to keep getting worse.

    Ernest MarshallErnest MarshallDag siden
  • ah yes, using ageism as a point while simultaneously being ageist. this whole video is just more fuel for him to be the butt of the joke 💀 now go get your nurse bill

    Dekayla PollardDekayla PollardDag siden
  • derp derp im bill maher young people are dumb *pause for applause * derp derp

    mosse mattersmosse mattersDag siden
  • Maybe you should actually read the articles you use for your statistics. And not use sentences out of context. Just a thought

    Tandile VuyoTandile VuyoDag siden
  • ok boomer.

    Siia7 ⟭⟬Siia7 ⟭⟬Dag siden
  • Oh look, he said tiktok. He's trying to be funny. 😂

    Clyde Erickson CapatiClyde Erickson CapatiDag siden
  • This is just an old man being ageist towards young folks whilst at the same time complaining about young people being "mean towards boomers" everything in this video is just pure and utter hypocritical nonsense based purely on his and his wiriting staff's own biases. Pot, Kettle, you know the saying...

    Felicia LarsenFelicia LarsenDag siden
  • Is this guy serious? And do people find him funny?

    FahmiFahmiDag siden
  • ok boomer

    The Majestic Witch of Drama & TheatregoingThe Majestic Witch of Drama & TheatregoingDag siden
  • Who is here after Dylans video?

    Līga StūrmaneLīga StūrmaneDag siden
    • me lmao

      onlyangel94onlyangel94Time siden
    • i have found my fellow troublemakers

      Raelis VidalRaelis Vidal3 timer siden
    • Me‼️😩

      SolusSolus7 timer siden
    • Yep

      Alexandra ChiakiAlexandra Chiaki15 timer siden
    • 🖐️

      Its meIts me15 timer siden
  • "People watching other people play video games... is a waste of fucking time" So Is watching your shitty ass show Bill Maher, despite having a show for 30 years you still don't understand what entertainment is.

    paran0iaparan0iaDag siden
  • What is more interesting: A old guy being an old guy trying to appease a old people crowd Or A collective of people who are more entertaining and more knowledgeable of modern society.

    NukieDokieNukieDokieDag siden
  • One step forward and two steps back for Bill...he'll get it right some say

    Meka Reacts and ReviewsMeka Reacts and ReviewsDag siden
  • That 'Ok Boomer' meme lasted about a month a year ago. Let go millenial, and gen x'er, and gen x,y, and z'er.

    DylanDylanDag siden
  • “Shit in the kitchen” 🤣🤣

  • There have been plenty jokes and material, but woke comedians won't touch him. I feel like Sheldon: don't know if you are being sarcastic or just following the Hollywood hypocrisy ...

    LuizfigobrLuizfigobrDag siden
  • One of Bill's cringiest segments ever.

    Michael KazmierczakMichael KazmierczakDag siden
  • With the dislikes, I am getting the impression here that identity politics are causing people to dictate whether they find someone funny or intelligent, or none of the above. I don't agree with everything Bill Maher says but I can still appreciate what he's saying.

    Charles DarwinCharles DarwinDag siden
  • I thought Bill Maher was exagerating, until I began reading the comment section. By the way, I'm a Norwegian on our moderat left, and I still think that a lot of the positions in the polls are far too radical. In fact the idea that all property (not just the means of production) should be owned by the government is even left of the Soviet Union.

    Alvar BergendalAlvar BergendalDag siden
  • lol at people who really think his approval rating is 59%

    Steve MassaSteve MassaDag siden
  • Yeah, "the right man" my ass. Biden, the man who said he "doesn't want his children to go to school in a RACIAL JUNGLE" is now protected even by so called Comedians who seemingly can't find anything to mock about this walking corpse of a leader. A man who can't face the press without fearing he 'will get in trouble'. Not to mention the thousands of Latin girls getting raped by people smugglers on the Mexican border due to Biden's idiotic policies.

    LibertyDownUnderLibertyDownUnderDag siden

    Diana McIntoshDiana McIntoshDag siden
  • Peak Bill Maher was Religulous, it's been a steady decline since then.

    Thomas Grové / dxSaigon / SéfuThomas Grové / dxSaigon / SéfuDag siden
  • The moment he said Biden has been a disappointment.....everyone was like😲.......🤣

    fUnK bEaTzfUnK bEaTzDag siden
  • "- Watching other people play video games is a waste of fucking time." So is watching your show

    AudiAudiDag siden
  • Bill has finally become an angry old man. Sad.

    Arthur MorganArthur MorganDag siden
  • Wow,talk about demented!!!

    Dave CaskeyDave CaskeyDag siden
  • He's making a ageism joke when making fun of young people.....

    Meme_PeganMeme_PeganDag siden
  • You can't find anything about Biden to make fun of? He's been "flawless"? Are you serious? I only came to watch this video because I thought you were starting to wise up, but you're apparently still the same idiot you've always been.

    CtrotCtrotDag siden
  • What a load of horseshite...

    Mad ScientistMad ScientistDag siden
  • When old people understand the nuances of the internet age, the growing weaknesses of capitalism due to expansive information and wealth-based power, and the reality that we have to change to keep going forward... then I'll be down for old people. But they'll never be this way. They don't want to be. Old people continue the climate change you beat your chest over. Old people bomb Syria, to which you apparently have no input on. Old people continue letting monopolies flourish because those monopolies pay you off. And when asked to comment on it, to maybe win over the young people who believe old people are not the answer... you reduce all of our points to "You don't get it" or "Lol you weren't alive" Stick to religion Bill. That's an old institution so it makes sense it's the only thing you know how to talk about.

    RyanKaufmanRyanKaufmanDag siden
  • Maher sounds like a kiss ass on this one

    synthsolutionmusicsynthsolutionmusicDag siden
  • No, Biden has been a huge disappointment to all Americans. where did he get an approval rating of 59% ?

    April YoungApril Young2 dager siden
  • Gamers who work in inhome care where you at

    Delirious MysteriumDelirious Mysterium2 dager siden
  • Sounds like somebody is angry people are calling him old

    AkiraLionPilotAkiraLionPilot2 dager siden
  • such a loser

    lastmanstanleylastmanstanley2 dager siden
  • JFK started the Peace Corp and the moon landing goal. LBJ got the Voting Rights Act and safety net programs. Young and old

    jadedbradjadedbrad2 dager siden
  • What a load of crap

    Akosua BoahemaaAkosua Boahemaa2 dager siden
  • If you give a geezer enough speed, he'll look cognizant.

    Carbage ManCarbage Man2 dager siden
  • China says hi on the communism comment 😂

    Gabriel JankusGabriel Jankus2 dager siden
  • Shame to see Bill scared to make a joke about Biden. Real comedy is being brutally honest.

    DON WDON W2 dager siden
  • Wtf is Bill talking about!!!! FOH

    Marlo BrittonMarlo Britton2 dager siden
  • Ageism goes both ways, Bill Maher.

    Brain SparksBrain Sparks2 dager siden
  • Stop dying your hair then, boomer.

    HolowrxHolowrx2 dager siden
  • 😎☯️👌

    Z GZ G2 dager siden
  • Isn't this guys entire career just based of reading some underpaid interns jokes of a teleprompter?

    ClanBladeClanBlade2 dager siden
  • To my fellow gamers: can we stop acting like sjws and crying everytime someone says something we dont like. Bill maher is 65, of course he thinks twitch is dumb, hes still an awesome guy

    MarcTheGodMarcTheGod2 dager siden
  • On top of things. Great joke

    James MillsJames Mills2 dager siden
  • another waste of time is watchin your show nobody laughs at his jokes so he puts clapping audio 💀💀

    El CreamerEl Creamer2 dager siden
  • People think it's 'watching people play games.' It's actually much sadder than that. Twitch/Streamers are an online friend service for lonely kids. They pay real money so they respond to what they say and throw a hissy fit if they don't eg: 'you missed my superchat!! :(' They essentially pay people to listen to them and act like close buds when in reality they won't think twice about coming to their funeral, let alone you're PAYING to be responded to. It gets even worse with the female streamers. Ok I'm a boomer, at least I had real mates growing up and don't jack off to furry pron.

    KarlKarl2 dager siden
  • You have sold out. I thought you were better than this.

    Terry TeagueTerry Teague2 dager siden
  • I swear, Maher becomes more of a Grampa Simpson type of boomer every day. Oh these darn kids with their tik-tok and Bitcoin. The world is changing faster every day and Maher is salty about it. Phones today carry people's entire lives. Of course we use them all the time, because that's where our lives are. Twitch isn't a waste of time, video games are the new movies. It's todays escapism. Bill, you need some pepto bismol and a big fat blunt.

    Christian BengtssonChristian Bengtsson2 dager siden
  • I used to like watching Bill Maher for the last few months, but he lost me after this. In one video he turned himself into merely a propaganda tool, having no problem with blatantly lying to make his point. **spits contemptuously**

    DrDomichDrDomich2 dager siden
  • more Boomers celebrating themselves...

    Erica WelliverErica Welliver2 dager siden
  • Nah

    H the guyH the guy2 dager siden
  • ass kisser hahahahaha

    Alin NemetAlin Nemet2 dager siden
  • Only idiots believe they were born out of thin air and not from God also

    Eddie MEddie M2 dager siden
  • you're the joke Bill

    Lukas LeulLukas Leul2 dager siden
  • thats what happens when youre the only civilization in history to put children first and move the elders to the end of the line.

    Mike StandMike Stand2 dager siden
  • 6:55 see I don't support this dialogue and also watching talk shows are waste of my time (I am so kind I didn't swear like bill) let me tell a scenario to prove this Bill:what do you drink at morning Some random celebrity: I drink tea This is waste of my time this is useless unless you are going to be a cook at the celebrities house . So don't call watching Twitch is a waste of time If you want more detail on this I made a video on it with Pokemon it's a fun video Link :

    The GAMERThe GAMER2 dager siden
  • now bill!! Biden is a walking corpse...

    Gennady Loves MeGennady Loves Me2 dager siden
  • twitch is a waste of time? haha than his lame show is as well a waste of fucking long is this now? 30 years? OMG hes wasting ppls time since 30 years

    Gregor HöllerGregor Höller2 dager siden