Nick Walker 3 Weeks Out + Eddie Hall Blasts Thor on IG + Shawn Rhoden 2021 Olympia? + MORE

26. april. 2021
134 333 Ganger

#HafthorBjornsson #EddieHall #ShawnRhoden
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0:00 Intro
0:08 Nick Walker 3 Weeks Out, Speaks on Blessing Beef
2:23 Justin Rodriguez
2:55 Eddie Hall Blasts Thor on IG
4:28 Keeps
5:41 Charles Griffin/ Chicago Pro Preview
7:33 Sadik Confirms Comeback Date
8:20 Rhoden Looking Huge Ahead of 2021 Olympia

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    Nick's Strength and PowerNick's Strength and Power9 dager siden
    • @Murkafella ok pro 😂

      Sean MckellSean Mckell8 dager siden
    • Should a bodybuilder with a criminal charge be allowed to compete? Yes. For example: Kobe Bryant continued to play basketball while he was on trial. Was Mike Tyson banned from boxing?

      Mr. RudyMr. Rudy9 dager siden
    • We love you NICK

      44niok44niok9 dager siden
    • they body are almost the same

      questquest9 dager siden
    • hassan vs nick i think hassan gonna take this one just because he should be ready to win now.either one can win

      questquest9 dager siden
  • Nick Walker's veins in his legs just creep me tf out. Amazing physique nonetheless.

    Jack ScottJack Scott2 dager siden
  • Sean Rhoden should be able to compete until proven guilty! Plain and simple. That’s not cool he’s being treated like he’s guilty already

    ant1r559ant1r5593 dager siden
  • The body grows & heals at the rate nature allows. These are phony physiques based on drug use. For that reason at 60 I am so grateful to be able to live fully healthfully & vigorously thanks to long natural weight training. The impact of the drugs is huge. But for what? Ego. That's what bro.

    Angelo A. AngelorumAngelo A. Angelorum3 dager siden
  • Hassan Is the underdog who will come in with a BANG! And take 🥇

    Timmy TurnerTimmy Turner3 dager siden
  • Bit patronising nick... All these little channels copying you... BE A LEADER💪

    Chris YoungChris Young5 dager siden
  • Eddie is going to knock Thor’s head off his shoulders.

    BMR 3BMR 35 dager siden
  • Eddie seriously needs to grow up and stop licking Brian's back Brian can defend himself if needed

    hva faen skal jeg hetehva faen skal jeg hete5 dager siden
  • Shawn Roden come back is A PUBLIC DEMAND. V all want to C Shawn On stage this year bcoz he's the best of best bodybuilder....

    JASH JKJASH JK6 dager siden
  • Shawn's had his life ruined by the ifbb/olympia because they're spineless cowards. Pathetic!

    SnakeSnake6 dager siden
  • Eddie

    Josiah GibbonsJosiah Gibbons6 dager siden
  • Eddie hall is going to slap the taste out of his complaining mouth 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Eddie still hold the deadlift I might try a wr next week at home 😂

    Scott MounseyScott Mounsey6 dager siden
  • Shawn is over. Betrayed psycho fitness and his beautiful wife Michelle. Greatness.

    manduheavy vazquezmanduheavy vazquez6 dager siden
  • Got to love Eddy ahagahhahahagagaa

    veton sulejmaniveton sulejmani6 dager siden
  • Guys... this Thor and Eddie thing is so clearly manufactured for profit.

    Bryan LBryan L6 dager siden
  • Eventhough i would like to see them on the stage again as much as you do. Sean and Kai wont come back, can we just stop this madness.

    Helt FlängHelt Fläng7 dager siden
  • Eddie is right actually

    elvis daodelvis daod7 dager siden
  • Eddie's going to win.

    Jeff StokerJeff Stoker7 dager siden
  • Eddie is going to win the fight hands down, taking $100 bets lmk if your interested

    Kade AugsburgerKade Augsburger7 dager siden
  • Nick's Strength and Smaller Channels

    Herbinator_88Herbinator_887 dager siden
  • Shawn is getting too old. Unfortunately he's done

    Michael OmariMichael Omari7 dager siden
  • I really hope Shawn Rhoden comes back this year.

    Steven MccannSteven Mccann7 dager siden
  • It won't be a KSI vs Logan Paul match for sure.

    Bence Gábor SlezákBence Gábor Slezák7 dager siden
  • I’m putting my money on Eddie.

    YellowStagYellowStag7 dager siden
  • Eddie needs to quit his bellyaching with Thor. It's a competition, and I'm sure tensions are high in the WSM community when they compete. Thor beat Eddie Halls record, so either Eddie gets stronger or lives with having the second heaviest deadlift

    Wade MarshallWade Marshall7 dager siden
  • Sadik was good when he used to compete with Jeremy

    OP_ BACARDIOP_ BACARDI7 dager siden
  • Nick and Hassan similiar physiques? I don’t see it

    Jamil khJamil kh7 dager siden
  • Nick Walker's arms are too big to match his chest, especially from the front. Am I the only one who recognizes that? The dude looks great, don't get me wrong, I just think he should skip a few arm days and focus on dem tibbies.

    Bonen' YamomBonen' Yamom7 dager siden

    Paul Emil LevasseurPaul Emil Levasseur7 dager siden
  • I mean Nick has a gr8 physique, but his calfs, jesus christ wassup with the veins xD

    NicklasNicklas7 dager siden
  • I love how Eddie Hall vs Thor is a thing even though neither is really active in the fighting circle... What's next Pacquiao vs Mayweather in the strict curl??!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Raamie IbrahimRaamie Ibrahim7 dager siden
  • I like both of them but tbh i think eddie is going to flatten thor :I

    Shaun PageShaun Page7 dager siden
  • Flexatron comeback would be so amazing

    Lucky 45Lucky 457 dager siden
  • Eddie of course!

    sexydjole93sexydjole938 dager siden
  • I would love to see Shawn compete again .

    Mya WestMya West8 dager siden
  • Thor mainly cause I don’t like eddie

    Topp dawgTopp dawg8 dager siden
  • I want the cycle Keone is on.

    Legend Gotta Catch Em AllLegend Gotta Catch Em All8 dager siden
  • Shawn looks like a bag of milk

    Shane HShane H8 dager siden
  • I would love see the former Olympian (Rhoden) conduct himself like a Pro... since there are some many younger fans out there that look up to him! Can we talk about accountability instead of who you would like to see on stage NSP?

    bigstew0369bigstew03698 dager siden
  • 1st off! for starters his upper body over shadows his lower body! So how are you going to criticize someone else's legs!!!!!

    bigstew0369bigstew03698 dager siden
  • As per usual, eddie is a baby

    Chris GassenChris Gassen8 dager siden
  • Rhoden is the next Kai Greene of Olympia speculation ? Kind of sick of hearing about him

    brent barrebrent barre8 dager siden
  • Quality slugs thrown at the smaller channels there Nick, it's true lol.

    RoB.RoB.8 dager siden
  • Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!

    SFHFWillSFHFWill8 dager siden
  • Eddie Hall all the way!!

    Michael MadridMichael Madrid8 dager siden
  • Eddie for the win, FTW

    mortarman13mortarman138 dager siden

    Jason REILICHJason REILICH8 dager siden
  • When will that trial be over with???

    Fredrik LundinFredrik Lundin8 dager siden

    CraigyMonsterCraigyMonster8 dager siden
  • Eddie all the way got f him up big edd

    paul edwardspaul edwards8 dager siden
  • Eddie

    DevDev8 dager siden
  • I still feel like Eddie hall is going to win

    Zachary KnightZachary Knight8 dager siden
  • Hey Nick. Found someone who could possibly break the world record for strict curl. His IG is neizi_333 watch him curl 109kg easy

    XRP GainsXRP Gains8 dager siden
  • I like both Eddie and Thor as athletes but imo I think Eddie will take it, he will dig in the tank more when it gets taxing on the body as he wants it the most.

    RjayRjay8 dager siden
  • I think Eddie will win, but I like both of them!

    Steve SedgwickSteve Sedgwick8 dager siden

    blah blah blahblah blah blah8 dager siden
  • I wonder if Kyriakos Grizzly will break the Deadlift world record🥴

    Sachwin KohliSachwin Kohli8 dager siden
  • Def eddie

    Ry SchmidtRy Schmidt8 dager siden
  • I want to see Thor win but I think Eddie will take it

    Jacob MayoralJacob Mayoral8 dager siden
  • N Walker, cosplaying a dumpster diver from the neck up👨‍⚖️

    Sparrow MarcucciSparrow Marcucci8 dager siden
  • I ask a question when Chris aceto thts his coach was live on his Instagram. I asked do you think if Shawn doesn't compete this year do you think tht will be him cos of his age and father time always catches up with everyone. And Chris aceto says it's now or never for Shawn

    Daniel GeddesDaniel Geddes8 dager siden
  • Hey Nick look up the video of Eddie and Thor hanging out with Larry Wheels doing that sushi challenge. They seemed cool with one another 🤔

    Michael ArriolaMichael Arriola8 dager siden
  • Nick Walker's Strenght and Power

    Gaylord FockerGaylord Focker8 dager siden
  • Well rhoden is going to have to start dieting now for 2022 Mr OLYMPIA....he looks 60 pounds overweight

    montague218montague2188 dager siden
  • Eddie winning the fight

    steve crossteve cros8 dager siden
  • I think he'll be competing in Classic, cause 20lbs might be over his weight limit for men's physique. IDK the exact limits, but I strongly belive that it's going to be classic

    Swapnil IngaleSwapnil Ingale8 dager siden
  • Shawn almost got me I thought it was busta rhymes at first! 😅

    ComedyDailyFitness RxComedyDailyFitness Rx8 dager siden
  • Eddie breaks Thor's jaw

    MrJtin69MrJtin698 dager siden
  • He doesn't have a bubble gut. Its nice to see that nowadays.

    Michael StephensMichael Stephens8 dager siden
  • Eddie will knock the granny out of thor full stop

    Greg JonesGreg Jones8 dager siden
  • Ofcourse I would love Shawn coming back and take his title and Sandal back which he truly deserves.

    Tulasi KrishnaTulasi Krishna8 dager siden
  • Nick, I really believe that you should stop mentioning the beef between the bodybuilders. Just escalate it more than it should and you will have bbs who beef up just for the mention. Not healthy for the sport.

    Ammar AlsamakAmmar Alsamak8 dager siden
  • It's crazy how bad Sean looks off season and that he gets into such great shape

    H. S. L.H. S. L.8 dager siden
  • I want to see Flextron defend what he never lost. And I see Sergio Olivia Jr winning Chicago pro

    Christopher MacriChristopher Macri8 dager siden
  • Thor got the reach. Eddie is bit short. But we will never know. But Mike Tyson love to beat taller people than him.

    Alif Norman FITNESSAlif Norman FITNESS8 dager siden
  • 100p eddie

    Theis NelanderTheis Nelander8 dager siden
  • eddie attention seeking again...

    Roo-BearRoo-Bear8 dager siden
  • I convinced there is a plot against Shawn. They are dragging TF out of his case.

    XCruzrR6XCruzrR68 dager siden

    XCruzrR6XCruzrR68 dager siden
  • He ain't comin back.. Just like Kai..

    Talha ShykhTalha Shykh8 dager siden
  • Eddie will throw in towel or get hospitalized, his anger is gonna get him HURT

    Russ Gaar Texas Training and BodybuildingRuss Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding8 dager siden
  • Eddie is just ..... if you think about it.. Thor is a WAAAAAAAY WAAAY BETTER strongman. people complain about eddie did 500kg in competition.. he only did the deadlift and not the other events. thor have won way more important titles. eddie is just a media person and thats okay but that what he is..

    XXXX8 dager siden
  • Love Sadik Hadžović ❤️

    Marinho MarinhoMarinho Marinho8 dager siden
  • Blessing is going to look like a dumbass from talking all this mess and not even placing top 5

    Ryan CruzRyan Cruz8 dager siden
  • Shawn 🔥

    common mancommon man8 dager siden
  • why isn't the shawn rhoden rape case over yet?? its been years what is it that takes so much time?

    Samuel ASamuel A8 dager siden
  • Rhoden's History !!!

    Michael MarshallMichael Marshall8 dager siden
  • Eddie is going to take this fight imo. I like Thor, but Eddie has lived a fighters life before. Thor is prepping hard but I just don't see that fighters mentality coming from him.

    Hairy Black BeardHairy Black Beard8 dager siden
  • I like Sadik, I am a fan, dude works hard and looks great...but is he going to make top 5 in classic? Probably not

    Darryl McbrideDarryl Mcbride8 dager siden
  • Eddie is gonna destroy thor 💪👊👊

    Blake BrownBlake Brown8 dager siden
  • I see you Nick at 6:00 ....smooth💥

    Deano CrowieDeano Crowie8 dager siden
  • I like both Thor and Eddie but I think Eddie’s comment is in bad taste. Thor complaining about a deadlift during a contest isn’t out of line when you are trying to win. That’s not personal. This comment is very personal.

    Kenneth WindsteinKenneth Windstein8 dager siden
  • Does anyone else wonder if Thor vs Eddie is a long running marketing scheme?

    Jon HatchJon Hatch8 dager siden
  • Next upcoming fight walker vs blessing 😎

    Stompz KarlssonStompz Karlsson8 dager siden
  • Either Eddie is a big crybaby or he is a promoting genius.

    Gfors85Gfors858 dager siden
  • Nick keeping an eye on the smaller channels. Bit of a swipe there buddy 😂

    Jack MetzJack Metz8 dager siden
  • I have my money on Eddie.

    Adam MaddoxAdam Maddox8 dager siden
  • Nick being 💪@6:00

    dbyajitroydbyajitroy8 dager siden
  • Eddie wins hands down.

    Szoterr JasonSzoterr Jason8 dager siden
  • I think sadik is out his league in classic physique

    Joe NapsJoe Naps8 dager siden