Ollie Ball & Jacob Talk Getting Famous, Crazy School Stories & What's Next? - FULL PODCAST EP. 23

6. april. 2021
1 149 831 Ganger

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  • I feel like Ollie and Jacob are just mini Geordie and Lawrence ngl

    Bart ZBart ZTime siden
  • This is actually shit who watches this

    Dr KruegerDr KruegerTime siden
  • Who’s cares tf

    ArchArchTime siden
  • Big up cal, Thai sweet chicken mcoys are elite Also bbq hula hoops

    arvin 23arvin 23Time siden
  • 1:01:40 he was gonna say 20 years but remembered he’s only 16😂😂😂

    Teddy youngTeddy youngTime siden
  • tounging a hola hoop is a standard procedure

    Oscar WarrOscar WarrTime siden
  • It’s ollie Ball here

    Bertram Berg BRUV !Bertram Berg BRUV !2 timer siden
  • 36:07, ummm you alright Callum?

    Rhys HumphreysRhys Humphreys2 timer siden
  • Why dose Jacob look like chips younger brother

    Tg SolidTg Solid2 timer siden
  • Remember when ksi got jumped and cal just watched, eating popcorn.

    Kalyana PemmarajuKalyana Pemmaraju2 timer siden
  • Not even tryna be a dick but i don't understand the hype around these lads? like, i get they're young and they're just tryna have fun on tiktok, but they're so overrated.

    Oliver WhitingOliver Whiting3 timer siden
  • I dont like this podcast just because of ollie ball and his mate

    Kaid3N 91Kaid3N 913 timer siden
  • the new sidemen

    Ross OliverRoss Oliver4 timer siden
  • Chips a dead host tbh

    CurlyCurly5 timer siden
  • This is such a shit podcast channel. 2 of the most boring people cal and chip

    Harry PowellHarry Powell5 timer siden
    • Then don’t watch it lmao

      Tommie RusheTommie Rushe5 timer siden
  • It’s Ollie ball here

    Something 01Something 015 timer siden
  • Mikey j

    Ryan BrackenRyan Bracken5 timer siden
  • 🤣

    Ryan BrackenRyan Bracken5 timer siden
  • Blackburn are the best

    Stephen ArkwrightStephen Arkwright5 timer siden
  • Guys I think their new show is crimes and freezy conspiracy theories

    Nailea GarciaNailea Garcia6 timer siden
  • Why did they get banned ?

    Mithul BMithul B7 timer siden

    scythe GaMeZzscythe GaMeZz7 timer siden
  • My cousin lives in bolton

    kgk_ Kadenkgk_ Kaden7 timer siden
  • it’s like watching a young peter kay and paddy mcguinness

    Taylor VineTaylor Vine8 timer siden
  • They said they don't know any other Everton fans they forgot about AJ3

    Isaac KnightsIsaac Knights8 timer siden
  • They tell them 10 then change it to 2 midway through ,then they proceed to make them record for an hour before telling them it wasn't recorded , that's why you plan it out first cal 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Mr AMr A9 timer siden
  • Oli balls is over rated he aint even funny

    Ted BroadbentTed Broadbent11 timer siden
  • Jacob would get it 😏😉

    BungleBonceBungleBonce11 timer siden
  • Call freezy sometimes sound like the caption of the Dutchman in pirates of the Caribbean

    Aung MinAung Min12 timer siden
  • juan fire bts alex

    HeyublueupHeyublueup12 timer siden
  • Can someone please tell me where cal’s flannel is from

    Spaceboat-_-Spaceboat-_-13 timer siden
  • Everyone in north wales support Man Utd Liverpool everton and then the odd arsenal

    Chaz’s tunezChaz’s tunez13 timer siden
    • correct there👍👍

      Lola xxLola xx13 timer siden
  • The pubcast

    Corey MossCorey Moss14 timer siden
  • Dw chip I have put my tongue in the bbq hoops 😂

    Gracie - mae ChurchillGracie - mae Churchill14 timer siden
  • When they done chip and cal dirty 😂

    Anthony RutledgeAnthony Rutledge14 timer siden
  • is It just me or does Jacob look nervous and uncomfortable

    Killer ShockKiller Shock15 timer siden
  • miss finch best teacher no cap

    Bex & PheeBex & Phee15 timer siden
  • Why am I only just finding out chip is from Oldham, this gives me hope that I can get out of this shit hole 🤣

    Libby SheaLibby Shea15 timer siden
  • I don’t get how people like the tiktoks but these two just talking it hilarious

    Max MillionMax Million15 timer siden
  • They remind me of True Geordie and Laurence in the best way possible

    BDEBDE15 timer siden
  • Is that young chip

    Fate Yo boiFate Yo boi15 timer siden
  • Remember when ksi got jumped and Cal just watched.

    Kalyana PemmarajuKalyana Pemmaraju15 timer siden
  • Every school in UK has guys like this

    Bean SauceBean Sauce15 timer siden
  • This was a lil awkward

    Brandon HickeyBrandon Hickey15 timer siden
  • i love it

    stlujaestlujae15 timer siden
  • 13:05 “he’s determined” 😭😭😭

    John SmithJohn Smith15 timer siden
  • The colorful viscose mechanically transport because feather consequentially crawl till a fine anteater. married, victorious summer

    TroubledTroubled16 timer siden
  • their charisma is actually so good

    bunoass runsbunoass runs16 timer siden
  • 40:57 they moved the same time

    Joe DearsleyJoe Dearsley16 timer siden
  • You could replace Chip with the bottle of water and wouldnt make any difference

    sota sideinsota sidein16 timer siden
  • Hey guys it’s Ollie ballllll hereee

    Zaryab KZaryab K16 timer siden
  • Wth man you get these on here when man like deleo and jukeyz don't get a podcast they deserved one ages ago :(

    veyconveycon16 timer siden
  • WeRe YoU nOt TaLkInG aBoUt MeSsI SuArEz NeYmAr

    racerguy 173racerguy 17316 timer siden
  • I love chip and thogden road to 1 million thogden and TDL for life

    Miles HMiles H16 timer siden
  • this going to be the only good content out of this channel

    DynaMightDynaMight16 timer siden
  • lmao dunno why calfreezy is being so condensing in this video


    Mo AllyMo Ally17 timer siden
  • When cal and chip started talking about MSN and dial up! It's all good boys im old aswell I understand hahaha

    JeremyJeremy17 timer siden
  • Could be looking at the next ant and dec

    MrLawless GamerMrLawless Gamer17 timer siden
  • "what does lettuce go with?" A salad 😂😂😂

    Samer MSamer M17 timer siden
  • ‘My mother bought it me’ Jacob 2021

    OllyOlly18 timer siden
  • 1:14 is jokes😂😂

    Zachariah AmaraZachariah Amara19 timer siden
  • Gues what was in the lasagne

    Joseph KayJoseph Kay19 timer siden
  • Live in Yorkshire. I get for people down south these people seem very rare,unique and funny but honestly, I’ve met a million people like this

    Itz IG BroItz IG Bro19 timer siden
  • thai chicken mccoys are elite

    lee reynoldslee reynolds19 timer siden
  • Video was top but wow Cal’s laugh was winding me uppp. Got so annoying after hearing it constantly

    Sunny ScottSunny Scott19 timer siden
  • Whats brooksies gamer tag

    Shdncn ShsjsksjcjcShdncn Shsjsksjcjc19 timer siden
  • burntchip is getting bullied

    DIY haxDIY hax19 timer siden
  • Never watch podcast but watched the whole thing aha legends

    levianlevian19 timer siden
  • It really annoys me that they are off centre and not symmetrical each side

    charliemcc22charliemcc2220 timer siden
  • These kids haven't heard of MSN Messenger or BBM?? Yea, I'm too old now lol

    Sam FreemanSam Freeman20 timer siden
  • Anyone else feel like these two are gonna end up replacing Ant & Dec hosting all the talent shows?

    KogsyKogsy20 timer siden
  • 29:25 he literally couldn't be more wrong, Liverpool's 50/50 blue and red

    AlexAlex20 timer siden
  • The hand gestures 🤯 32:00 and 36:06

    zac_ is_lejzac_ is_lej20 timer siden
  • 13:34 cal and chip are in sync

    Alfie DawsonAlfie Dawson21 time siden
  • I’m not going to lie the only reason I’m here is for Ollie and Jacob and I’m disappointed with cal and that other guy. Just feels unprofessional from the get go :/

    SprinkleOfHolly xxSprinkleOfHolly xx21 time siden
  • Reposting the timestamps someone else created so that more peeps can find it... peace!! 0:00- 0:21- Intro 0:22- 1:00- BTS Alex mistake 1:01- 2:40- the lads trip to the studio from bolton 2:41- 2:58- what music were the boys listening to on the way to the studio 2:59- 3:25- Ollie Ball saw Take That live 3:26- 3:54- There tiktok accounts got banned 3:55- 5:02- Lewis Capaledy followed Jacobs account 5:03- 5:35- what football players followed the lads accounts 5:36- 6:00- fortnite 6:01- 6:56- have they ever been grounded 6:57- 8:40- the worst thing they got in trouble for 8:41- 9:33- Invisible wire trick 9:34- 9:55- Ollie wiggling his ears 9:56- 12:03- are they the top dogs in school 12:04- 12:55- who backed them from the beginning 12:56- 15:03- The boys cameramen 15:04- 15:30- do they boys have a card 15:31- 17:33- AD 17:34- 17:41- the boys youtube channel 17:42- 19:03- the video that kicked them off 19:04- 19:30- how their friendship began 19:31- 20:02- what’s it like at school 20:03- 21:14- trims 💈 21:15- 22:10- when you can’t tell someone that it’s bad 22:11- 23:42- gangdam style 23:43- 24:53- interviews 24:54- 25:10- PE 25:11- 25:44- their favourite teacher 25:45- 27:41- teacher vs pupils 27:42- 28:52- Jacobs season ticket for Bolton 28:53- 29:38- who does ollie ball support and why 29:39- 33:47- what food ollie had on the way and crisp talk 33:48- 34:18- easter eggs 34:19- 36:45- Christmas- santa claus, best and worst thing they got for christmas 36:46- 37:43- Cal and chip being old 37:44- 38:08- worst thing about mums 38:09- 38:59- chips microwave explodes 39:00- 39:29- ollie teaching chip about cooking 39:30- 40:16- what’s next 40:17- 41:00- Corry has gotten in touch with Jacob 41:01- 43:50- what do the boys watch 43:51- 45:08- what’s it like videoing in school 45:09- 48:48- their canteen in school 48:49- 50:49- their local shop 50:50- 51:29- Bolton 51:30- 51:53- what are they doing in the future 51:54- 52:49 - what tiktokers do they talk to 52:50- 54:10- Cal the Dragon 🐉 54:11- 57:02- ollie ball the wall 57:03- 58:22- do the people support them 58:23- 59:25 - do any teachers want to be in their videos 59:26- 59:55- what do the younger kids think of them 59:56- 1:02:01- being recognised 1:02:02- 1:02:34- buying magazines and match attacks. 1:02:35- 1:03:00- loom bands 1:03:01- 1:03:38- fidget spinners 1:03:39- 1:07:30- black market 1:07:31- 1:09:00- do the teachers like the boys 1:09:01- 1:10:59- pranks in school 1:11:00- 1:11:22- Co op 1:11:23- 1:11:54- Ollie had a great day 1:11:55- 1:12:35- cooking 1:12:36- 1:14:10- lasagna- Ollies funny story 1:14:11- 1:14:28- are the jokes prepared 1:14:29- 1:15:29- are they single 1:15:30- 1:22:16- Relationship advice 1:22:15-1:22:35- dominoes dip has 500 calories 1:22:36- 1:23:06- gym and bulking 1:23:07- 1:23:44- Ollies question 1:23:45- 1:25:15- Outro

    Punwani 7Punwani 722 timer siden
  • Ollie ball isn't funny

    beau millingtonbeau millington22 timer siden
  • I love Simon and Randy but what's good podcast is nowhere near this good.

    Amir TaufiqAmir Taufiq22 timer siden

    Jake FoxJake Fox22 timer siden
  • kings

    sketsket22 timer siden
  • i really enjoyed this podcast i dont normally watch a podcast all the way through but for this one i did

    Emily StrokerEmily Stroker23 timer siden
  • These boys are going places

    Fern ._xxxFern ._xxx23 timer siden
  • Its Ollie Ball here

    Laura VickersLaura Vickers23 timer siden
  • I can't understand what they are saying I can understand English but these accents make me think I'm listening to a different language

    MoneyHeistMoneyHeist23 timer siden
    • They aren’t even strong accents lol

      Lewis TillettLewis Tillett20 timer siden
  • Can Confirm Scottish Toast run exists lmao

    Eisa MahmoodEisa MahmoodDag siden
  • Chip really isn't funny he brought nothing to this podcast

    Privatejose B32Privatejose B32Dag siden
    • @Mark H haha 😂

      Privatejose B32Privatejose B3222 timer siden
    • The drinks lmao

      Mark HMark H22 timer siden

    K.ZarembiakK.ZarembiakDag siden
  • Tf are these questions g 😂😭

    ZootedZootedDag siden
  • olli ball in 5 years: its ollie ball here and i got some caviar.

    Casual EditingCasual EditingDag siden
  • Only just realised calfreezy looks like elon musk

    Callum DavidsonCallum DavidsonDag siden
  • Pov get rid of chip off the show

    Someone liked your commentSomeone liked your commentDag siden
  • LET'S GO!

    HyperHyperDag siden
  • but... celery and carrot are actually meant to be in lasagne

    Rogueshadow_32Rogueshadow_32Dag siden
  • Ratio

    Cian DoyleCian DoyleDag siden
  • Putting Bolton on the map!!!

    jack jonesjack jonesDag siden
  • BTS Alex needs the sack proper ruined this one

    A HA HDag siden
  • fuckin hell Cal get it together mate 😆 most unprofessional shit, wrong time which you didn't even know yourself, its your show! didn't even record, I hope you paid them double time for this. sort it out.

    Dram OnlDram OnlDag siden
  • Mickey j hahah

    Sean FairnsSean FairnsDag siden
  • 💯💯

    CoryJTCoryJTDag siden