Our New Truck Is Already Broken!!

22. april. 2021
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  • So what is the proper fender to fertilizer ratio?

    Charles KawskiCharles Kawski2 dager siden
  • Great video thanks again

    Smooch McguireSmooch Mcguire3 dager siden
  • cheers chet,gbz

    MrGjc310148MrGjc3101485 dager siden
  • Sup

    iBelieveiBelieve7 dager siden
  • cheers matey,glad to have you back,plus your wife NICOLE of course,gnz

    MrGjc310148MrGjc3101487 dager siden
  • Oh also got my degree through peterbilt and worked for freightliner . Every single time you use.those plastic wear plates . Be careful the back up pressure you put into the they tend to break when you slam the kingpin in

    Nolan viersNolan viers9 dager siden
  • Ima be straight up . You have the tools and a place to live out there I'll be your full time mechanic. Washington is horrible . I need something to make me happy. You need a preventive maintenence mechanic

    Nolan viersNolan viers9 dager siden
  • Send some rain to Northern Illinois. We're dry as a bone!!!!!!

    Paul HereleyPaul Hereley9 dager siden
  • The place that you bought your semi has ripped off so many. But at least it's a farmer screwing over another farmer. 🤣

    Biden SupporterBiden Supporter10 dager siden
  • To be honest......... Unless it was leaking, I would have not touched anything until there were issues. To close to field work and needing a water tender to be messing around with that right now.

    S. PursellS. Pursell10 dager siden
  • my girlfriend likes to pinch the gasket

    TericNoahTericNoah10 dager siden
  • Did you ever think about putting Chemical control system in like cole the corn star and just use a tablet to program and automatically feed all your chemicals into your system?

    Charlie SutterCharlie Sutter10 dager siden
  • That's what you get when you buy a used new truck it's almost like used and new truck you're complaining about putting five grand into a truck I wouldn't have one of them it's got that DDF and a diesel treatment exhaust on it because they'd none of the manufacturers have it figured out you got to spend a lot of money into that and fix it up and rebuild everything in it is buying a new one you might as well just get your checkbook and start writing checks that plastic whatever you want to call it on the 5th wheel I don't care for them things thank you😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 I'd rather have an old-school 379 Peterbilt old school might as well just get your checkbook on start writing checks one right after another with that cuz that's where you're going to end up at😆😆😆😆

    Jason ThopmsonJason Thopmson11 dager siden
  • Sounded good to me, you know how those engineers are

    James BreaultJames Breault11 dager siden
  • Remove tripping hazard in the dark good idea!

    Tuco BenedictoTuco Benedicto11 dager siden
  • 👍 From Cadillac Michigan prayers for Nicole 🙏

    justintimejustintime11 dager siden
  • Call a tarp maker...they have glue for making doors...it can be done at your farm...just sayin!

    Gary WilliamsGary Williams12 dager siden
  • What do you guys use liberty for? Up here in Saskatchewan we have liberty link canola

    Kale MartinKale Martin12 dager siden
  • Excellent video! How many horsepower is your new truck? Or how much horsepower in a semi truck to pull your 3 axel grain trailers? Love your videos. You guys have great tips to save time and improve productivity. Those options or upgrades for your equipment seem like they would really pay off.

    Jay JohnsonJay Johnson12 dager siden
  • can't wait to see the batch mate in action and see how efficient it's going to be! Another great episode fellas! Than you Nicole, hope all is well.

    Darin PetersDarin Peters12 dager siden
  • Dougo, give Chet and Big Swede an open cheque book so they can get hoseless water transfer.

    Robert JDRobert JD12 dager siden
  • Give a man a break, Chet, you can´t pull Water Boy Dougo´s handwashing sink out. 🤣

    Da vidDa vid12 dager siden
  • ewwww a Fleet 579

    Outdoor CoryOutdoor Cory12 dager siden
  • God bless you this season, and keep you and your family safe

    Mike McdonaldMike Mcdonald12 dager siden
  • Them newer trucks are the reason we keep running older c15 CAT single turbo 6NZ. Way less trouble with the engines

    Love Las VegasLove Las Vegas12 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Wilson AndradeWilson Andrade12 dager siden
  • For someone who swears tying his shoe...I agree with big Swede

    Jordan CaroneJordan Carone12 dager siden
  • Gotta watch out for paper bag pieces getting into hopper

    Harvey StephensHarvey Stephens12 dager siden
  • well done men.

    stumpy2816stumpy281613 dager siden
  • the lights 2:10

    Aedin RundellAedin Rundell13 dager siden
  • slaming jugs ????????????????????????

    Marshall HerronMarshall Herron13 dager siden
  • If you set the clutch on the drill it won’t kill you as fast

    AnthonyAnthony13 dager siden
  • Did Chet say “owie”??? Lol

    Mark EbelMark Ebel13 dager siden
  • Always Nice to follow you from France guys !!

    Guillaume GergaudGuillaume Gergaud13 dager siden
  • Who's to say some moron not going to grease it anyway

    Glenn BryantGlenn Bryant13 dager siden
  • Eyewash station in chemical trailer?

    Robert ValentineRobert Valentine13 dager siden
  • Hello iam new around here

  • Probably because it has a sleeper

  • God bless you all with great health and prosperity! Thank you for farming and thanks to all farmers!

    michael tabletmichael tablet13 dager siden
  • Hey Chet I know I am late can you have Nicole link the mic for the gopro in the next video? I am thinging about starting a channel

    Joseph PalmJoseph Palm13 dager siden
  • You can send some of the rain north we are dry here in Saskatchewan

    Sask_Red NeckSask_Red Neck13 dager siden
  • When mom comes to supervise, you know your in trouble

    jl Highfieldjl Highfield13 dager siden
  • 👍

    Mike McguireMike Mcguire13 dager siden
  • A company I used too drive for once back in the eighties bought a batch of five new Peterbuilt trucks and all five were missing a check ball valve in the fuel systems and all the fuel would back flow back into the fuel tanks every time they shut the engine off and they would have to refill the fuel filters to get them started again until they got the check valves and got them installed and one other batch they bought had a problem with the short driveshaft between the two rearends three of them actually fell off going down the road and one of them ended up going through the windshield of a state patrol car

    Mike BonnettMike Bonnett13 dager siden
  • Mike Mitchell in Canada would want some of that rain for his farm, go Mike!

    AmishHitman73AmishHitman7313 dager siden
  • Love my Milwaukee’s!

    thomas leonardthomas leonard13 dager siden
  • Prayers for Nikki and please give us a update please thank you from your NOtown family

    Tracy EavesTracy Eaves13 dager siden
  • Hey Chet I was just up in your neck of the woods yesterday had to go to Morris to get a wing lift cylinder for one of our DB60 planters

    Bryan HildBryan Hild13 dager siden
  • You know you've made it when you purchase stuff with your own coupon code

    PopeyePopeye13 dager siden
  • Great video

    Stephen WardStephen Ward13 dager siden
  • Peterbroke

    920ron920ron13 dager siden
  • You can’t be running those drill bits that fast you’ll burn them up

    Brandyn GouldBrandyn Gould13 dager siden
  • Using an inductor is going to be different than using suction. I think that only one inductor can be used at one time. The bypass valves have to be moved to the other side. Moving the pumps further into the trailer will mean that the side curtain will have to be open.

    Ron SommerRon Sommer13 dager siden
  • So we don't hav jugs flying every where. We took the tank out of a 300 gallon toat and mounted the cage that was on it. Onto our sprayer trailer. When it's full it's super easy to climb in an toss all the boxes into a dumpster or whatever.

    Olan EbyOlan Eby13 dager siden
  • Fyi you're going to need to turn those inductors around, that bypass valve must be closed for the venturi to work. If you open the venturi valve with that bypass open, you're going to get a shower.

    jburling81jburling8113 dager siden
    • The inductor can be replumbed to put the bypass valve on the other side. shop.farmchem.com/product/batchmate-2-30-3-plus/

      Ron SommerRon Sommer13 dager siden
  • Cut a slit in the cover and sew in Velcro..... zippers will get damaged by the chemicals.....

    Denis RicherDenis Richer13 dager siden
  • hey chet do you guys spread any manure just don't step in it. later

    Lonnie CurtisLonnie Curtis13 dager siden

    Thord SvenssonThord Svensson13 dager siden
  • Great vido as always hope yoyr wife Nicke is doing better she is in my and prayers

    Brendan WhiteBrendan White13 dager siden
  • Always look forward to seeing what you boys are up to.hope nikki is doing ok miss seeing her n her adding that sense of humor of hers.n dougo too.what the heck dougo needs to get up sooner to get in the vids.

    Exotic TonesExotic Tones13 dager siden
  • Salut à vous je comprends pas ce que vous dites car je suis français mais j'adore t vidéos tout les trois vous êtes super continue comme ça chaos 😉😉😉 bien le bonjour de la France

    Jean claude JugeléJean claude Jugelé13 dager siden
  • whats the go with the lights in the main shop during the time-lapse, was Dugo having a disco

    Adam BRANDISAdam BRANDIS13 dager siden
  • Like them poly fifth wheel plate and looks like those inductors will be a lot better Dougo was sad that his master pieces was taken apart.

    Samuel WalchSamuel Walch13 dager siden
  • Amy thanks for the updates! God bless Nikki and CHet and the whole family. Glad Chet has the Big Swede to help him through his days! Love to all from Texas!

    zulu0219zulu021913 dager siden
  • So nice to see Amy sneaking into the background :)Chet,your strength,heart,and humility are owed to a great set of parents...they have done a fantastic job.I pray each day for Nicole's health.I miss her sense of humor and her cool furniture refinishing.May you have nothing but happiness ahead of you both.Thank you as always for a tiny respite from the meaner side of life.

    Ellen LeeEllen Lee13 dager siden
    • Amen!

      M PhasizeM Phasize13 dager siden
  • On the time lapse the lites in the background were flashing

    Ed PreeceEd Preece13 dager siden
  • 💤💤💤

    Skylar KovackSkylar Kovack13 dager siden
  • Nice 😊👍

    Birconu GamingBirconu Gaming13 dager siden
  • What's a bumper crop??

    John AveryJohn Avery13 dager siden
  • Chet send some of the rain up my way to the middle of North Dakota.

    Joshua ChrisJoshua Chris13 dager siden
  • Is it dougo’s fault again lol

    Big BocephusBig Bocephus13 dager siden
  • Enjoyed the show

    Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams13 dager siden
  • good quick off the cuff answer Eric.

    SCS SargeSCS Sarge13 dager siden
  • The Big Swede - the smartestguy here!

    Steve AdamsSteve Adams13 dager siden
  • Thanks

    Sean SmithSean Smith13 dager siden
  • Upgrade time. Hell yes.

    onefixitmanonefixitman13 dager siden
  • We Luv You Nichole 💓and are Preying for You. Ron & Susan in North Carolina

    Ronald ProulxRonald Proulx13 dager siden
  • I used to work with a trailer like your spray trailer, nicknamed it "Swish" due to the super sticky curtains. Decided to grease the curtain track after a year or two, the curtains moved fine then, but the "Swish" name remained.

    Mark LeadbeaterMark Leadbeater13 dager siden
  • You should do a tool tour video of like your tool bench and stuff love the videos man !!!

    Maxwell BjorkMaxwell Bjork13 dager siden
  • Auto roll tarp for chemical trailers, I can see it now.... near future..., the sink!!!!! How to wash up, impossible without it, come on....

    Green thumbGreen thumb13 dager siden
  • Hey guys come down to south east Texas then you will know what Humidity is!😃

    Scott JDScott JD13 dager siden
  • Wouldn't you want the sink to wash your hands after handling all the chemicals?

    Alec WilsonAlec Wilson13 dager siden
  • 'Where you wasting fertilizer Swede?' Always must be replied with, 'me no...I think it was Dougo?'

    Luther SloanLuther Sloan13 dager siden
  • Eric has taken a Fluid Dynamics class

    Mic HamiltonMic Hamilton13 dager siden
  • No mention of nikki?

    Richard HawksRichard Hawks13 dager siden
  • Was out chopping corn stalks till dark due to the high likelihood of getting more rain when I saw the notification come in saying a new video was out. So I did the only logical thing and made sure the Bluetooth was turned up and watched it as I went so I could see what sort of shenanigans you guys got up to this time

    Jared MenzeJared Menze13 dager siden
  • You guys ever think about getting back into the hog business?

    Greg HollingsworthGreg Hollingsworth13 dager siden
  • Is the big SWEDE an un-payed intern? 😉😷😂🤣😪🤧🙀😳 remember the 💩’s not done until the 🧻 is finished

    Gene MurphyGene Murphy13 dager siden
  • You have to watch when buying used trucks because most truckers out there get paid by the mile not by the hour therefore they don't want to have to put money back into the trucks because they're not making any money you got to make sure you have an inspection done on it before you take possession of it and even have it the engine dynoed to know whether it's weak or going to last

    Kerry SmithKerry Smith13 dager siden
  • You guys planning on building a fertilizer mixing shed in the future to eliminate the trailer of mixing all the time?

    Broc HoveyBroc Hovey13 dager siden
  • Hey nicole hope everything is going ok!! I love you guys and the videos!! Your family and the big sweed is awesome and I laugh alot. Keep up the great work and I love you guys!!

    Josh DyerJosh Dyer13 dager siden
  • I want 30 percent off! Do I use Larson Farms 30 when I order?

    ted coffmanted coffman13 dager siden
  • Eric and Chet is a wonderful combo. add dougo and it’s unbeatable 🤣

    Thomas JuhlThomas Juhl13 dager siden
  • When you stab your chemical jugs with those knifes you might get small pieces of the plastic from the jugs and plug up your sprayer nozzles,I have seen it happen.

    Bruce BakerBruce Baker13 dager siden
    • Yes I have also seen happen on a few farmers and sprayers of different color.

      Marshall outdoorsMarshall outdoors13 dager siden
  • It broke because it is a peterbilt

    cosmic farmingcosmic farming13 dager siden
  • It always gets to wet faster than it gets to dry.

    PABPAB13 dager siden
  • Hearing dougo chuckle after the Swede fell never gets old

    Crixus CooperCrixus Cooper13 dager siden
  • we love nikki

    wild outdoorswild outdoors13 dager siden
  • hearing the chatter of that grinder blade bouncing scares me because a friend of mine almost died from a grinder blade exploding earlier this week

    Promod1Promod113 dager siden
  • Thank God for the rain.

    Geraldo ReyesGeraldo Reyes13 dager siden