22. mars. 2021
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Egg Drop Challenge featuring GIANT OSTRICH EGGS! Wives vs. Chad returns along with a brand new segment, HACK ATTACK!
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Thanks for watching #Overtime25
Intro: 0:00
Wheel Unfortunate: 0:37
Get Crafty: 06:00
Wives vs. Chad: 13:49
Hack Attack: 20:26
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  • Leave your "we miss Cool Not Cool" comments here 🙄 Guys...it's not dead it's just on vacation come onnnnnnn 😹

    Dude PerfectDude Perfect29 dager siden
    • Next time wear masks bc corona

      Idkwhatthisisfor PlzhelpIdkwhatthisisfor Plzhelp5 dager siden
    • We miss cool not cool

      Tadne RoseTadne Rose5 dager siden
    • We miss cool not cool

      Reggie FN4898Reggie FN489814 dager siden
    • Cool not cool I wish to see it

      SilentGuy YTSilentGuy YT22 dager siden
    • We want cool not cool

      COY MCBRIDECOY MCBRIDE23 dager siden
  • I mean cory

    Peerapat RojsattaratPeerapat Rojsattarat10 minutter siden
  • Cody

    Peerapat RojsattaratPeerapat Rojsattarat10 minutter siden
  • Canadians are shaking our heads at the Wayne Gretzky question

    Kyla FrancoKyla Franco51 minutt siden
  • How many subscribers can I get from this comment? Current:0

    Frenzi_KillnFrenzi_KillnTime siden
  • 20:00 sandlot 🥲

    Ethan ReeEthan ReeTime siden
  • I laughed so hard when in the intro it showed Tyler tripping on the carpet

    Gamer's TaxiolaGamer's Taxiola2 timer siden
  • Garret its just the parachute lifts the egg up so it dosent break

    Tracey SoutoTracey Souto2 timer siden
  • Balloon one

    shaimaa alhosanishaimaa alhosani3 timer siden
  • Garrit

    Aiden’s Crazy AdventuresAiden’s Crazy Adventures3 timer siden

    ndm1120ndm11203 timer siden
  • 18:55 Funny Round For Me xD

    シAvehs AnimeシAvehs Anime3 timer siden
  • I’m a hockey player and when chad said hockey was not a sport😂🤣😂🤣

    PattowPattowNowPattowPattowNow4 timer siden
  • What is ot 25

    yolanda endresyolanda endres4 timer siden
  • 2:30 braces well I have a special brace... its a body one, I have scoliosis

    Carly BeckerCarly Becker4 timer siden
  • How did no one say remember the tiatins

    Dofis SmofizDofis Smofiz4 timer siden
  • Bruh

    LastCherioLastCherio4 timer siden
  • When chad said hockey isn’t a sport I left the video

    Owen DernovsekOwen Dernovsek4 timer siden
  • Purple hoser

    Ashley LopezAshley Lopez4 timer siden
  • Not cool

    Lazy goon YTLazy goon YT5 timer siden
    • Hockey is a sport

      Lazy goon YTLazy goon YT5 timer siden
  • Garret

    Chrishtun WilsonChrishtun Wilson5 timer siden
  • How dare you insult hockey Chad it’s my favorite sport.

    Mr. MccheetoMr. Mccheeto6 timer siden
  • I think the purple hoser will win

    Yuvraj BhatiaYuvraj Bhatia6 timer siden
    • He already won

      Money BamMoney Bam6 timer siden
  • Do some trick shot videos pls

    Yuvraj BhatiaYuvraj Bhatia6 timer siden
  • Gar Tessa and tate

    cannonsc3cannonsc36 timer siden
  • I think the balloon egg will win but if the balloons deflate then they have no chance

    Rinda SRinda S6 timer siden
  • Peace 👍

    SUDIRMAN67SUDIRMAN676 timer siden
  • Ia the best 👍👍

    SUDIRMAN67SUDIRMAN676 timer siden
  • I thought tye was the wheel unfortunate guy...

    Bandit DeadeyeBandit Deadeye6 timer siden
  • 1:44 Was... was that a The Office reference?

    Blaze ReaperBlaze Reaper7 timer siden
    • No

      Money BamMoney Bam5 timer siden
  • Garrett will win the egg toss

    Marshall BakerMarshall Baker8 timer siden
  • He forgot Harry Potter 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    It's time for Game-TimeIt's time for Game-Time8 timer siden
  • i watched ot 26 then this one and knowing what i do about ned makes this one a whole lot better

    TotalFusionTotalFusion8 timer siden
  • Only legends will remember that this video was originally called “Giant Egg Drop” - OT 25

    Ayushi SetiaAyushi Setia8 timer siden
  • they have changed the name of this episode 3 plus times

    AndroidGamezAndroidGamez8 timer siden
  • chad your asome

    the cluffypuffy brosthe cluffypuffy bros9 timer siden
    • *awesome

      Money BamMoney Bam5 timer siden
  • hats off to those who thought that they were twins😂😂😂

    Humayoon AliHumayoon Ali10 timer siden
  • Garret is gonna win

    Ivan PoyIvan Poy10 timer siden
  • Garrett: I know mine isn't gonna work Also Garrett: Wins the whole thing

    Ben's You Tube ChannelBen's You Tube Channel11 timer siden
  • i think garret is gonna win in the mext get crafty competition

  • Ủng hộ bạn đó nghe

    HDT Tổng hợpHDT Tổng hợp12 timer siden
  • Garett will win the egg drop

    Phinsy KunnathuPhinsy Kunnathu12 timer siden
  • Was so hoping someone would say the miracle game but Happy Gilmore made it all better

    Empire 501stEmpire 501st12 timer siden
  • cody

    Grace SorialGrace Sorial12 timer siden
  • Legend has it that Chad is on the movie Rocky 127849753890265201720740027203

    Sophia ElizarrarasSophia Elizarraras13 timer siden
    • @Money Bam it's a joke lol

      Sophia ElizarrarasSophia Elizarraras5 timer siden
    • There are only four rocky movies

      Money BamMoney Bam5 timer siden
  • It’s a dry erase marker

    Maddox BirchMaddox Birch13 timer siden
  • The first movie I thought of was Mighty Ducks🤣

    The Bored KidThe Bored Kid13 timer siden
  • For some reason Chad looks like one of their editors

    Andrew JoinerAndrew Joiner13 timer siden
  • Cars is one

    Siniya Jones10Siniya Jones1014 timer siden
  • Wives vs chad is best

    Wild ShadowWild Shadow14 timer siden
  • garret 100%

    land7510 land7510land7510 land751014 timer siden
  • Garret should now be called "purple braser"

    penny cenizapenny ceniza16 timer siden
  • Garrett

    Steven JensenSteven Jensen16 timer siden
  • This person is getting braces: Ad: AXE Body Spray

    _scarfie_scarfie16 timer siden
  • cody will win

    Pizzaboi PlayzPizzaboi Playz17 timer siden
  • Coby or cody

    Joshith VJoshith V17 timer siden
  • Is no one asking how ty is there but also Ned

    Joseph MauceriJoseph Mauceri17 timer siden
  • Cool not. Cool

    EmacshepherdEmacshepherd17 timer siden
  • cory

  • Purple hoser is going to win

    Sai SujithSai Sujith18 timer siden
  • Poor Chandler from Mr.Beast

    milkitlinkmilkitlink20 timer siden
  • I think that I think cory will win

    Samuel ArrisonSamuel Arrison20 timer siden
  • In last segment Cody's battery fire hack was really a 5 minute craft😁😁

    madhuri patilmadhuri patil20 timer siden
  • Garret

  • purple hoser definetly with parachute

    Shihaab MinhajShihaab Minhaj21 time siden
  • they should have watched mark rober's egg drop video xD

    Hestia's ChampionHestia's Champion21 time siden
  • Cory

    Judah SamuelJudah Samuel21 time siden
  • Mighty ducks LOL

    Viji JacksonViji Jackson22 timer siden
  • it costs like 6k to get braces tho. DudePerfect aren't humbe any more. I remember when they were a small channel, and when they newly moved into their warehouse, they were super humble.

    TheLegitNetworkTheLegitNetwork22 timer siden
    • Plus you joined NOtown 3 years ago so your not an OG

      Money BamMoney Bam5 timer siden
    • Also it’s humble not humbe

      Money BamMoney Bam5 timer siden
    • They have no need to be humble since they have already made a name for themselves. They literally have 55 million subscribers so they can do what they want.

      Money BamMoney Bam5 timer siden
    • @Lets play yes, (Australian dollars btw) that's like over USD$4.5k

      TheLegitNetworkTheLegitNetwork7 timer siden
    • 6k$?

      Lets playLets play19 timer siden
  • tyler and that wheel unfortunate host wearing same shoes. Tyler caught lacking

    TheLegitNetworkTheLegitNetwork22 timer siden
  • I think it will be braces man

  • non of them said sandlot...

    Gavin RiceGavin Rice23 timer siden
  • ive never laughed more than at chads answers

    Mark PattersonMark Patterson23 timer siden
  • Garret will win egg drop in ot26

    agastya rawatagastya rawat23 timer siden
  • It was at this moment that I knew that ty isn’t Ned forester

    Eli_gamerEli_gamerDag siden
  • Garret with the parachute

    jenna stephensjenna stephensDag siden
  • Hockey's not a sport, no chad it is.

    Zoe PierceZoe PierceDag siden
  • Ccchhhaaaaaaadddd cmon I was going for you

    Kaleb CollazoKaleb CollazoDag siden
  • No....cool not cool

    flopasticflopasticDag siden
  • Kristen is the nicest person ever!

    Weeb SenpaiWeeb SenpaiDag siden
  • 25:40 you can do that with steel wool too

  • garet

    Bodhi DixonBodhi DixonDag siden
  • nobody knew who wayne gretzky was?!?

    50PullUps50PullUpsDag siden
  • the editing of Ned and Ty is amazing!

    Milk SaladMilk SaladDag siden
  • A movie of Sport real steel its robot boxing

    Karla FrancoKarla FrancoDag siden
  • I appreciate Tyler for acknowledging that racing is a sport

    snowdevilsnowdevilDag siden
  • A for effort lol

    coal colliecoal collieDag siden
  • Nobody said “Sandlot” for sports movies?!?!

    MaxMaxDag siden
  • it went to add just before they said the name....

    Tactical GamerTactical GamerDag siden
  • Day 10 of asking for cricket trick shots

    _BUBBY__BUBBY_Dag siden
  • best episode yet.

    Tactical GamerTactical GamerDag siden
  • Braces are very painful I feel so bad for Garrett. Let’s hope I don’t get them again or yet🥴✌️.

    Kit-Kat POGKit-Kat POGDag siden
  • ty: were putting braces on people me: youjust made someone get them

    alphawolfalphawolfDag siden
  • Surprised that in the last part of wives v chad nobody said field of dreams or a league of their own.

    betsieswartzbetsieswartzDag siden
  • So glad to see Ned!

    chrismaster1chrismaster1Dag siden
  • Cody definetky

    mockingjay 4712mockingjay 4712Dag siden
    • *definitely

      Money BamMoney Bam5 timer siden
  • Purple Hozer

    Tristan DiSalvoTristan DiSalvoDag siden
  • Purple hoser with the parachute

    Johnny TrapantinoJohnny TrapantinoDag siden
  • Garret is going to win

    Owen chadburnOwen chadburnDag siden
  • why didn't chad say mighty ducks series on disney plus or COOL RUNNINGS

    Booker trump 377Booker trump 377Dag siden