Philip DeFranco Sets a YouTube Record While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

5. april. 2018
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Philip DeFranco is O.G. NOtown royalty, and his eponymous show is a paradigm-shifting mix of news and opinion tackling everything from politics, to celebrity gossip, to the crypto-currency boom. But what does a decade-plus on the platform mean if he can't handle his spicy wings?! By popular demand (i.e., an insane amount of comments demanding his presence at the table), Philly D finally steps into the Hot Ones terror dome to go head to head with our bald protagonist, Sean Evans. As they fend off the Scoville onslaught, the duo gets into the weeds of NOtown history, unpackages the problems with contemporary media, and reveals photographic evidence of a bygone era when Sean actually had a six pack. And that's not all-with the weight of NOtown on his back, DeFranco boldly sets out to go where no guest has gone before. Don't miss this piece of Hot Ones history.
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Season 5
Episode 12
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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  • What never-before-seen Hot Ones feat do you most want to see a guest tackle?

    First We FeastFirst We Feast3 år siden
    • @Jacob Melara Bb. Can.

      brian vargasbrian vargas21 dag siden
    • sacha baron cohennnnnnn

      Laetitia PohlLaetitia Pohl2 måneder siden
    • @Emmanuel Alejandro id rather see someone drink the last chicken wing....hue

      Roland DescheinRoland Deschein4 måneder siden
    • Mixing all the sauce flavores in 1 deep dipping a wing in it and eating the wing in its entire form lol

      BAD ASTROBAD ASTRO5 måneder siden
    • I wanna see pewdiepie here XD

      Jeffzilla 07 AnimationsJeffzilla 07 Animations7 måneder siden
  • Philly D is that ONE GUY that you love to hate, but you hate to love. There's a reason he's been around for all these years.

    Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael9 timer siden
  • Hysterical! Just about everything you guys talked about I just watched on Phil's channel today. Haha

    Victoria PrestonVictoria Preston19 timer siden
  • 4:13 Ironic cause thats why I stopped watching his channel in early 2020. He cant help but feed his viewers left narratives cause he's seemingly very left and he shares his opinion. Its not just the facts anymore. Its " the facts " from a person who has ate up a lot of the propaganda that is floating around this country. He's vilified the average Republican. If you voted for trump he despises you, and he should come out and say it, if he was honest. But hes not dumb either. I dont even like trump, I didnt vote for him, but these last couple years have been telling to how phil DeFranco thinks. He started out wanting to give us an unbiased news source. Now, hes very obviously bias to the left. Cause nowadays there's " right facts " and " left facts ". They're both true in a way but reality is in the middle.

    Troy RussellTroy RussellDag siden
  • LonelyGirl15! Haven't thought about that in ages!!!

    Tenea ColemanTenea Coleman2 dager siden
  • Trisha Paytas should be on Hot Ones! Or at least on First We Feast somewhere! I WANT TO SEE TRISHA PAYTAS!

    Jamie SummersJamie Summers2 dager siden
  • I heard Sean Evans has an 8-pack, that he's shredded.

    SD WaterSD Water3 dager siden
  • My favorite this far

    Gabby MataGabby Mata4 dager siden
  • That's my boy!!! Love you phillyD!

    Errol WildeErrol Wilde6 dager siden

    Joe MassengaleJoe Massengale7 dager siden
  • This is Full House Bob Saget...wearing a mask ! ....just listen closely..wake up Y'all, it's called deception...he lost his Soul.r

    Telly SavalasTelly Savalas8 dager siden
    • Fake as Fake can be.

      Telly SavalasTelly Savalas8 dager siden
  • Hell yeah let's get Paul vs Paul after Ben knocks out little brother

    Jamie BrunerJamie Bruner14 dager siden
  • You fucking represent, phil!

    Jessica ConleyJessica Conley17 dager siden
  • "Do this 108 times and then don't drink the milk." hahahahha

    Spiritual Knowing ASMRSpiritual Knowing ASMR18 dager siden
  • COLLIE BUDDZ .. please

    iCStyles Entertainment randomiCStyles Entertainment random21 dag siden
  • hes a lot better in person that in his show where it feels so fake for me. nice talk

    simqbisimqbi21 dag siden
  • "Everywhere" -----nuff said.

    Varian EngVarian Eng22 dager siden
  • Holy shit, Philly D can handle his spices.

    SmurpoSmurpo22 dager siden
  • Love this. Well done Philly D!

    Maria DaweMaria Dawe22 dager siden
  • he didn't handle it. he felt those kicks and it hit him at times that he lost his train of thoughts...he recovers but it hits hit and he played it off. ballers were the chefs like padma, etc.,. and a few celebs, also.

    ballershanelleballershanelle22 dager siden
  • HE LIKED DA BOMB ?????

    SassattackSassattack23 dager siden
  • I like dad body Phil

    Hyper WolfeHyper Wolfe24 dager siden
  • Rewatching this in 2021 just made me realize - he doesn't do Today In Awesome during his shows anymore... Or at least it's been a while since I remember hearing him do it. Anyone know why?

    Jonathan NgoJonathan Ngo24 dager siden
  • Big man Phil, you got 'orient' blood in you fam, weather you know it or not 😂😂😂

    gogadget gogogadget go25 dager siden
  • Love that you’re a big fan of ozzyman and nardwuar!!! Having a good time just ripping them off cause your viewers don’t watch those people?? Pfffff ur a sad story mate!

    ali sasanianali sasanian26 dager siden
  • Here after Trisha apologized to the “skinny legend”

    T QT Q28 dager siden
  • 21:00 "I want 2 extra wings" *boss music starts playing*

    Chad PhridayChad Phriday28 dager siden
  • This show makes my scalp sweat.

    Turd FergusonTurd Ferguson29 dager siden
  • Philly D is a beast. So glad I watch your show daily.

    reymond lopezreymond lopez29 dager siden
  • What a madlad.

    Stickman ZedStickman Zed29 dager siden
  • he's just built different

    Cedar SparrowCedar Sparrow29 dager siden
  • I can’t believe I have never seen this episode! What a great one! Man, gotta come back around to Phily D and have him back!

    journogonzojournogonzoMåned siden
  • Three years later and Philly D is still shitting blood.

    FacepalmDailyFacepalmDailyMåned siden
  • The political harmonica sequently advise because lace outstandingly load along a lively business. careless, dangerous expansion

    Winifred HawkinsWinifred HawkinsMåned siden
  • Who’s here from frienemies lol

    Ella perezElla perezMåned siden
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    Sharyl FloretteSharyl FloretteMåned siden
  • That crazy bastard said Da Bomb was good........holy hell.

    FattieMcBibblesFattieMcBibblesMåned siden
  • The mountainous japanese surprisingly appreciate because taxicab reilly cycle a a few fierce jeep. colorful, charming flax

    Squilliam FancysonSquilliam FancysonMåned siden
  • Da bomb beyond insanity is normally a game changer😂😂😂

    Tumelo PuleTumelo PuleMåned siden
  • I just gained so much respect for Philly D. I have always loved him because my late fiance introduced me to him and loved him but this makes me love him EVEN MORE!

    Phoenix DaVidaPhoenix DaVidaMåned siden
  • 3:52 What is that music?!?! Love it.

    brettlooney44brettlooney442 måneder siden
  • You know Chuck Norris bows down to PhillyD.

    aMeRiCaNaRcHyaMeRiCaNaRcHy2 måneder siden
  • I would gladly break that record

    Laura ridgeLaura ridge2 måneder siden
  • "What's up you beautiful bastards" My Heart

    TheMajorLeeTheMajorLee2 måneder siden
  • No idea who this is

    Satan Is TypingSatan Is Typing2 måneder siden
  • Phil best still rocks

    Megan KinsellaMegan Kinsella2 måneder siden
  • D.P.V. R.I.P. ME.

    ZatonietzscheZatonietzsche2 måneder siden
  • This guy reminds me of one of my Grandad's who would sit at the dining room table &Drink the HOTTEST SAUCE out of the Bottle whilst he was SWEATING& sometimes ut looked like he was Crying, But he kept eating with Loads of Sauce anyway.

    Rhiannon VorstagRhiannon Vorstag2 måneder siden
  • "I would do this challenge with Vegan Wings" Even though now due to MS I can't take Spicy food.

    Rhiannon VorstagRhiannon Vorstag2 måneder siden
  • 8:25 it’s a got a little

    James HJames H2 måneder siden

    NateModo DragonNateModo Dragon2 måneder siden
  • Phil was 2 years ahead of “The Social Dilemma”

    Syntaxpoint GamingSyntaxpoint Gaming2 måneder siden
  • I am 2 years late to the viewing, but, I am amazed He didnt SWEAT. That is alien to me. Are there people who can do that?

    Ivan PirsicIvan Pirsic2 måneder siden
  • The painstaking screwdriver topically punish because scent joly thaw after a alleged peanut. limping, plastic shake

    MarlonMarlon2 måneder siden
  • Sean: It's a tradition to put a little extra.. Empty's 1/4 of the bottle 👏🏼😭😂😂

    MrEvinMrEvin2 måneder siden
  • 17:08

    Sky StarSky Star3 måneder siden
  • Impressed way to go

    Robert WatsonRobert Watson3 måneder siden
  • I love how after every Philip DeFranco show it recommends and/or takes me to this video.

    Grimmity Mobile GamingGrimmity Mobile Gaming3 måneder siden
  • :D

    Chill HourChill Hour3 måneder siden
  • Two years later and Jake and Logan Paul are fucking actually about to fight

    D WD W3 måneder siden
  • The wretched niece phenotypically afford because step-son computationally gather qua a real stew. tiresome, obeisant divorced

    Cole BurnerCole Burner3 måneder siden
  • PDS was one of the first NOtown channels I subbed to well over 5+ years ago, before the crew before the studio. And I can't believe I'm seeing this 2 years after posting. 2 heavyweights on the NOtown platform coming together. Thanks guys.

    J.R. SmithJ.R. Smith3 måneder siden
  • The dude in the cowboy hat (2:50) is my dad for real. He's been dead for six years. This was fun.

    Rebecca H.Rebecca H.3 måneder siden
  • Does he still hold this record

    juan gonzalezjuan gonzalez3 måneder siden
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    just kiddingjust kidding3 måneder siden
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    Stephany GallegoStephany Gallego4 måneder siden
  • I love both you men and your shows, this is awesome!

    hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!4 måneder siden
  • I wish I could do this challenge before I die. I love the show and hot spices. I think my son and I should do this together and film it!!!

    hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!4 måneder siden
    • Dart Vader aka Joe bubba !

      hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!4 måneder siden
  • It’s honestly really interesting watching this video right now in 2020’s social climate. The question about how people interact on social media in 2018 and the contrast of 2020 is crazy. Things seem so dire now. I didn’t realize how even more polarized things have become. Love Philly D tho. Great interview as always.

    Virginia BrennanVirginia Brennan4 måneder siden
  • I'm noticing virtually nobody that's just discovering Phil through this, which is rare for hot ones

    Steven SchellhornSteven Schellhorn4 måneder siden
  • I love Philly D- iconic NOtownr!

    Stina RaeStina Rae4 måneder siden
  • big dick move right there, well played philly D

    ahab_dotaahab_dota4 måneder siden
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    Greg BakerGreg Baker4 måneder siden

    Austin HenricksonAustin Henrickson4 måneder siden
  • I can't lie, Phil handled those spices a lot better than I thought he would. Like a damn champ!

    Wendy DesparoisWendy Desparois4 måneder siden
  • Second time watching this still just as good 5/5

    Dead xRiotDead xRiot4 måneder siden
  • what a bitch

    Wes FreemanWes Freeman4 måneder siden
    • I watched this episode again in 2 years, figure I'd sort comments by new cuz why not... and then I'm greeted with your comment. It's amazing. I'm laughing my ass off.

      Sarude DanstormSarude Danstorm4 måneder siden
  • All I’ve learnt from this video is what PhillyD’s bottom half looks like.

    ShadowBoyShadowBoy4 måneder siden
  • No matter what time of day I watch any of these interviews, I get a craving for hot wings. Like my mouth is watering even though I'm not hungry kinda thing. Good job guys! 🔥

    marie siamarie sia4 måneder siden
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    Ronald RomanRonald Roman4 måneder siden
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    Heather RudolphHeather Rudolph4 måneder siden
  • I am intimidated by Philip DeFranco's taste buds

    Charlotte WenzelCharlotte Wenzel4 måneder siden
  • Damn didn't know phily could put away hot wings like a starving latino. He took it like a champ

    Fausto AndradeFausto Andrade4 måneder siden
  • That was a blast! Thanks for having me :)

    Charlotte WenzelCharlotte Wenzel4 måneder siden
  • "i know you don't want your show to be a competition ... " fast forward a few years and the competition now exist. did Phily D predict the future?

    Lluric ZurulianLluric Zurulian4 måneder siden
  • You've just been filled. Well done champ! I know this is an old episode. Late to the party but this was wild.

    R UmlasR Umlas5 måneder siden
  • Btw hes not un bias anymore.

    MemeMeme5 måneder siden
  • I like discovering people because they did this show

    Adam TeepleAdam Teeple5 måneder siden
  • Philip is just a fat ass, lets be real

    Brandon CabiadBrandon Cabiad5 måneder siden
  • I was looking for Ozzyman when you said "beautiful bastards".

    Adam DavidAdam David5 måneder siden
  • i know this video is old but 2 unskippable mid roll ads is just too much im gonna watch smth else. This is worse than tv

    WaltPlayer LPWaltPlayer LP5 måneder siden
  • Dude! Someone butt is going to be on fire. Lol!!!

    Silas CrumpSilas Crump5 måneder siden
  • beetlejuice musical

    jaquille Hintonjaquille Hinton5 måneder siden
  • I'd just like to point out that Dax did an extra wing with the 550k scoville Blaire's, while Phil did 2 wings running the Hot Ones 2M scoville sauce.

    Awkie AwksAwkie Awks5 måneder siden
  • Damn he ate those like they aren't spicy at all.

    issaciamsissaciams5 måneder siden
  • him eating those wings turned me on

    TheRealMartiansoupTheRealMartiansoup5 måneder siden
  • I dont know who this is but he seems like a well-adjusted Pete Holmes

    Mr. McCheezyMr. McCheezy5 måneder siden