Pokémon Direct 02/26/2021 - Pokemon Presents

26. feb.. 2021
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Pokémon Direct 26/02/2021 - New Pokémon Direct 2021 Pokemon Presents
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  • I’m happy for all the things

    SonicandMariouniversefan Gamer 1SonicandMariouniversefan Gamer 1Måned siden
  • A trash has usual

    Otavio Ribeiro FrechianiOtavio Ribeiro FrechianiMåned siden
  • Let's be honest the remake's music is awesome

    JJ SpeedJJ SpeedMåned siden
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      yasio boloyasio boloMåned siden
  • La generación con la que yo y muchos nos adentramos en el mundo de Pokémon , uno de los mejores juegos de Pokémon (sino el mejor , en mi opinión), un juego que para los que como yo fue el primer juego de Pokémon que jugaron y que llevábamos años esperando por el remake y le hacen esto ... Es una absoluta vergüenza y un insulto para este juego tan maravilloso, se merecía muchísimo más . Los gráficos son horribles , parece hecho para bebés , un estilo súper infantil , no han cambiado nada : poner nuevas ubicaciones o eventos, hacer pequeños cambios en la historia o directamente hacer como en heartgold y hacer un Pokémon diamante unos años después de los acontecimientos del team galaxia... Tantas posibilidades, tantas expectativas e ilusión tiradas a la basura. Y lo que más da rabia me da es que hayan hecho los remakes anteriores han bien y nos hayan dado joyas como heartgold y soulsilver y nos vengan con esto... Parece que lo hayan hecho por hacer, no le han puesto cariño ni esfuerzo y lo peor es que los que esperábamos la vuelta de este juego con tanta ilusión lo acabaremos comprando , pero no porque sea bueno , no por la ilusión , sino por el simple hecho de tratar revivir una cuarta parte de la ilusión y nostalgia que sentimos al jugar estos juegos. Tanto que se le dió al bombo diciendo que llevaban años diseñándolo, sin dar noticias , sin decir nada ... Creo que hablo por todos cuando digo que nos esperábamos el mejor o uno de los mejores remakes de Pokémon que se habían hecho en la historia y no llega ni a eso, sino que retrocede y hace de este un juego penoso que te hace sentir rabia e impotencia . Porque esta región , este pedazo de juego se merecía muchísimo más . Like porque ojalá y esto sea una trolleada épica y luego desvelen la versión definitiva real.

    Elena López MartínezElena López MartínezMåned siden
  • maaaaaan puros ingleses

    alexalexMåned siden
    • Si :(

      JuanDa 76JuanDa 76Måned siden
  • Give us Pokémon Conquest 2

    Aidan BeesleyAidan BeesleyMåned siden
  • Does anyone know what the pokedex at 4:38:51 is from?

    8-bit Tri4ce8-bit Tri4ceMåned siden
  • Am i the only one sad about not getting pokemon platinum?

    MuggeMuggeMåned siden
  • The remakes look like weird remastered.

    Carlo BissolottiCarlo BissolottiMåned siden
  • Yeah, you know what. I just keep my original copy of Pokemon diamond ds, after pokemon sun and moon nintedo has not get any of my money. Anyway these bad remakes/games are going to sell, since there are a lot of brainless pokemon fans. Just pokemon Arceus looks like it has potential (but it looks laggi as hell, even more ugly the last one, how does the games after sun and moon look so bad), but I wait for gameplays of the youtubers I know best, looks like Pokemon wanted a piece of Monster hunter rise style.

    Angelo HjulskovAngelo HjulskovMåned siden
  • The release date will probably be November knowing Pokémon

    Ethan GarnerEthan GarnerMåned siden
  • 7:39:55 ssg ambition??

    가요리가요리Måned siden
  • wheres the mega evolution

    Brian BellBrian BellMåned siden
  • People need to shut the fuck up about the art style of BDSP, it’s really good. I’d rather have that than SWSH.

    Adam RussellAdam RussellMåned siden
  • So the Diamond/Pearl remakes were not done by Game Freak???... That could be good or bad. Either way it will be a bit refreshing

    RetroKoHRetroKoHMåned siden
  • Música del minuto 4:32:19

    Sr.JeffrψSr.JeffrψMåned siden
  • im excited about pokemon legends. PVP had me going, because the pokemon actually did the moves.

    alaynacalaynacMåned siden
  • Es español mire

    Alonso HernándezAlonso HernándezMåned siden
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    Jaime SybertJaime SybertMåned siden
  • DP remakes: No. No. No. What is this? Pokemon Legends: Okay, as long as we're getting a good one, too.

    Emma P-4Emma P-4Måned siden
  • I was hoping for a different story for diamond and pearl

    Walls UnitedWalls UnitedMåned siden
    • As long as they bring back mega evolution and do not bring back dynamaxing im fine.

      MlpfanboyMlpfanboyMåned siden
  • The frame rate on some of those pokemon in the Arceus Legend is rough, BUT it's a step in the right direction and here's to hoping future games look as polished as Breath of the Wild.

    Bleach ChuggerBleach ChuggerMåned siden
  • when new snap looks better than any current pokemon game

    Ivy OhIvy OhMåned siden
  • Hang on a sec is it really this long

    Zany SkeletonZany SkeletonMåned siden
  • we pokemon, do a format where you give me every game you own? surely it will work

    Hody JonesHody JonesMåned siden
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  • The chibi art style looks super bad in hd, especially with the gross plastic sheen on every surface. Can't say I'm too confident that they'll be good looking at footage alone. Legends, on the other hand, is interesting. Can't wait for more footage, I always get excited when Company's release new games instead of old ones.

    Kimg KomgKimg KomgMåned siden
    • I hope that the 720p 309 fps NOtown video was what made the games look bad and that they are more defined in the real game

      Jace DavisJace DavisMåned siden
  • No entiendo por qué había gente que no hablaba español en el directo, o sea, que vayan al canal de Pokémon en inglés si no entienden español, no? JDsjdksd qué raro

    #Luke#LukeMåned siden
    • @Max reset bruh

      JuanDa 76JuanDa 76Måned siden
    • México

      Max resetMax resetMåned siden
  • Lofi name plz 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔

    Idyllic DIdyllic DMåned siden
  • The remakes looks a lot like links awaning

    Bernardo AbraãoBernardo AbraãoMåned siden
    • Yesss

      Neo RemixNeo RemixMåned siden
  • Es normal que el fusión 3 tenga la pila interna agotada?

    SteelSheep YTSteelSheep YTMåned siden
  • 4:33:34 So you don't have to skip through

    ImABlind UnicornImABlind UnicornMåned siden
    • Thank you so much

      MariMariMåned siden
    • thank you

      Eric VintageEric VintageMåned siden
    • Thanks

      Carlo BissolottiCarlo BissolottiMåned siden
  • OMG! Pokemon is so epic! I didn't realize it was around for so long! And that there were so many games and shows and movies and things! And a new Pokemon Snap?! Awesome! And a new 3d main Pokemon game?! That's awesome too! Look at those graphics! There is more then one new main Pokemon game?! That's great! They all look amazing! That was a nice direct! ...I'm not going to watch it for nine hours though!

    HerowebcomicsHerowebcomicsMåned siden
  • This is actual garbage I want a real Pokémon game not one where you take dumb photos. Edit: NO WAY PEARL AND DIAMOND REMAKE. IT LOOKS AWESOME

    PolarusPolarusMåned siden
    • @Polarus if you don't want Pokemon snap you don't want it just keep that to yourself

      Draconic LightningDraconic LightningMåned siden
    • @Draconic Lightning dnc dnc

      PolarusPolarusMåned siden
    • Yeah try watching thw full direct before commenting also pokemon snap is meant to be a relaxing game and has nothing to do with anything else

      Draconic LightningDraconic LightningMåned siden
  • Tanpoco asi vale yo esperaba que ivan a reccionar o algo pero no 9 horas de lo mismo

    Luisa UlloaLuisa UlloaMåned siden
  • 💣

    Juve RannoJuve RannoMåned siden
  • you called it remake?not just a copy from nds?such graphic on ns,r u serious lmfao

    satoshi Wusatoshi WuMåned siden
    • It's a remake they aren't the exact same and there's many differences have you seen the differences between ruby/sapphire and omega ruby/alpha sapphire

      Draconic LightningDraconic LightningMåned siden

    Abra KadabraAbra KadabraMåned siden
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    samu elsamu elMåned siden
    • ok

      NæbliNæbliMåned siden
  • Man, I really hope that you can get that Haunter through campaign trading without a DAMN EVERSTONE HELD TO IT!

    Your's Truly, JohnYour's Truly, JohnMåned siden
  • I finally get to get my ass handed to me by Cynthia IN HD QUALITY

  • Yo!!

    Jett the Speed DemonJett the Speed DemonMåned siden
  • what is this countdown for?

    Jtg plyr44Jtg plyr44Måned siden
    • dissapointment

      spartspartMåned siden
  • Les hackearon o como?

    Lu Villegas GarciaLu Villegas GarciaMåned siden
  • 4:33:32 Let's Go!

    Fabio YostarFabio YostarMåned siden
  • All that was needed to make pokemon better was innovation and not making each pokemon game the exact same.

    A Random No LifeA Random No LifeMåned siden
    • Exactly what I was thinking

      Walls UnitedWalls UnitedMåned siden
  • now watch as pokefans shift to ask for black and white remakes next.

    L LawlietL LawlietMåned siden
    • Sadly probably not until gen 10 or ever

      Draconic LightningDraconic LightningMåned siden
    • It makes sense, they've been making remakes in order. Black and white remakes should come next

      SleepydeitySleepydeityMåned siden
    • Nah I’m good

      TonyTonyMåned siden
  • please allow for a difficulty option pleaseeee

    brandon barrerabrandon barreraMåned siden
  • man i was hoping it would just be 7 more countdowns

    ghostwareghostwareMåned siden
  • So are the starter not shinnoh starters

    Tronkon BokonTronkon BokonMåned siden
  • sooooo cynthia is back remastered yeaa, hope she don´t get nerfed

    Silver LawSilver LawMåned siden
    • gods 99% of veteran players probably having vietnam flashbacks already

      wym gwym gMåned siden
    • notown.info/two/video/uqynZo2dZbuIpsU.html

      Younes SakhraYounes SakhraMåned siden
    • She will tho lmao

      Owen McDonaldOwen McDonaldMåned siden
  • necesito a mi equipo pokemón de kalos

    Giuliano Coccaro AlbernalGiuliano Coccaro AlbernalMåned siden
  • Gracias nintendo por cagarte en mi generación favorita

    em ._.em ._.Måned siden
    • Bien dicho

      Emilio AriasEmilio AriasMåned siden
  • poke basuras

    saya el taosaya el taoMåned siden
  • that d/p is kinda a pass tho

    br uhbr uhMåned siden
  • Pokémon breath of the arceus lol

    Mehdi EscobarMehdi EscobarMåned siden
  • Fuck yes! I love the new remake look! Bc it updates it and doesn’t stray away from it!

    Mehdi EscobarMehdi EscobarMåned siden
    • It's shit xddd

      ChanoWildChanoWildMåned siden
  • they did not need to go this hard for the opening

    That Kid SkatingThat Kid SkatingMåned siden
    • Because they know youre going to be disappointed with the final product

      John GatJohn Gat8 dager siden
    • @Pikachu Comments Well I liked it a lot personally, but fair enough

      Bunnyhop :DBunnyhop :DMåned siden
    • @Bunnyhop :D the intro was GOOD but not extravagant. And they talked about 3 games. It wasn’t THAT great of a direct, otherwise the 2021 Nintendo Direct is phenomenal in comparison

      Pikachu CommentsPikachu CommentsMåned siden
    • @Pikachu Comments what do you mean?

      Bunnyhop :DBunnyhop :DMåned siden
    • I hope that was sarcasm

      Pikachu CommentsPikachu CommentsMåned siden
  • Pa cuando el let's go Bidoof?

    Inferno YTInferno YTMåned siden
  • looks cool but DONT tell me sword shield shouldnt have looked like this yall some......

    Al GarAl GarMåned siden

    Michael KayMichael KayMåned siden
  • i think the next remake is gonna be x and y,like prime x and assault y

    kaysar slamkaysar slamMåned siden
  • They had to of been developing this game while they were making shield which means they knew shield wasn't exactly what we were looking for but it was a distraction untill they could make more progress with this game

    Daniel PhillipsDaniel PhillipsMåned siden
  • I’m actually so happy we got what we wanted for Pokemon diamond and pearl remake

    [GD] limiez[GD] limiezMåned siden
    • It looks horrible..

      SleepydeitySleepydeityMåned siden
    • You can't be serious LOL

      ChanoWildChanoWildMåned siden
  • Is it me or is psyduck the best and most mysterious pokemon ever how can a water type be a psychic type

    doom spikedoom spikeMåned siden
  • *t h u d*

    LeafeonOof DoesGachaLeafeonOof DoesGachaMåned siden
  • I really hope they make a difficulty option. I know they won’t though

    thats-tuffthats-tuffMåned siden
    • @TheInfallibleFallacy I think you're forgetting these games are made for children. If we find the games too easy, its /our/ job to adjust. It's not hard either - overleveling isnt as easy as you claim it is. Sword and shield kept you about on level unless you decided to spend your xp candies from raid dens etc. or grind on wild pokemon. Play Radical Red or something bro, great rom hack. Sounds like it'd be up your alley, game literally forces you to stay on level etc

      Alexander BlackAlexander BlackMåned siden
    • @Alexander Black there are plenty of ways you can challenge yourself but that is the problem. The solution you’re suggesting itself is flawed because it is just preposterously easy to overlevel yourself in these games without even trying to. You say, just impose the difficulty in yourself by keeping up with this, I say it’s an inherent design flaw. One they never bothered to fix because the games have always sold like hot cakes. They’ve even made it worse in the most recent games with the exp share thing that they encourage the player to use. I can play dark souls without leveling up and with only the starter weapon but most people don’t want to impose that difficulty upon themselves because the game is challenging enough. Pokémon needs to take different directions with their main series games because they’re far too simple, easy and the magic of adding more Pokémon is lost when there’s over a thousand of them.

      TheInfallibleFallacyTheInfallibleFallacyMåned siden
    • @Kimg Komg Not if you nuzlocke it brodie. I think your definition of challenging is annoying in pokemon. Stick to never overleveling past the gym leaders ace pokemon and you wont find the games as easy. Just because we know how to grind and teambuild now doesnt mean they've become "easier", we've just become smarter with age. Here, take this; you dont even need to go full nuzlocke rules. Just run with permadeath, no oveleveling, no items in battle and set mode. Catch as many pokemon as you want. If you actually just want the game to be plain harder I dunno what to tell ya. It's super easy to build a challenge into these games, and its not "annoying" lol. Exactly what is it you want to make the game harder anyway?

      Alexander BlackAlexander BlackMåned siden
    • @Alexander Black nuzlocke rules are more annoying than challenging. If you play any of the games besides perhaps b&w 2, it's impossible to lose. Especially the newer games.

      Kimg KomgKimg KomgMåned siden
    • just force the difficulty on yourself, never overlevel play on set mode and box your pokemon if they faint. Nuzlocke rules baby

      Alexander BlackAlexander BlackMåned siden
  • 4:33:40

    Herecomesdatboi12Herecomesdatboi12Måned siden

    WindyWindyMåned siden
    • Kakegurui characters be like:

      Gustavo FreefireWireGustavo FreefireWireMåned siden
  • Leyendas de Arceus = Naruto. Remakes de Sinnoh = Boruto.

    rafael eduardo ramírez paredesrafael eduardo ramírez paredesMåned siden
    • @ColonelXZ O.K. Dude.

      rafael eduardo ramírez paredesrafael eduardo ramírez paredesMåned siden
    • notown.info/two/video/uqynZo2dZbuIpsU.html

      Younes SakhraYounes SakhraMåned siden
    • Algo cierto

      the protagonistathe protagonistaMåned siden
    • That's pretty much accurate.

      ColonelXZColonelXZMåned siden
  • Wtf super hackeado este canal

    Jesucristo the godJesucristo the godMåned siden
  • 0:38 von.lgbt

    Murphy ReeseMurphy ReeseMåned siden
  • I am just shellshocked

    GammaSunGammaSunMåned siden
  • Arcceus

    NeXgenNeXgenMåned siden
  • Arkeis

    Masta RamosMasta RamosMåned siden
    • Arceus .-.

      Cookie OwOCookie OwOMåned siden
    • You hurt me

      Ayden RaineAyden RaineMåned siden
  • Wtf is thats shit with pearl and diamond are you kidding me??? You can do game that looking like letsgo and sword and shield... And your tryong to release a remaster as a remake with chibi?? Wtf days after days, year after year, you game become shitty... And lets me guess, 79.99$ for pearl and diamond remaster? Ans that will allow only to get 6bages and to participate to the league we will have the buy the dlc 49.99$?? Nintendo is now japan ea

    Kidz The Wild TurkeyKidz The Wild TurkeyMåned siden
  • All these quick cuts gave me a headache

    brdybrdyMåned siden
  • pokemon and all their gimicks through the ages.

    B BallB BallMåned siden
  • Breath of the wild: Pokemon Edition! hahaha In all seriousness looks pretty dope, excited to see how it holds up to the previous games!

    PaulitoadPaulitoadMåned siden
    • The graphics are kind shit

      John GatJohn Gat8 dager siden
    • @Pablitolool Rorro ¿Cual es tu punto? Todos los demás están escribiendo en inglés, así que no veo el problema.

      PaulitoadPaulitoadMåned siden
    • Usted comentando en un canal en español

      Pablitolool RorroPablitolool RorroMåned siden
    • Can't wait to chop trees and crafts my own Pokeballs and pick Herb's to make potions oh boy

      NingNingMåned siden
    • More like if pokemon was a stealth game

      Walls UnitedWalls UnitedMåned siden
  • dude.... thats how you flex

    Erik AloyErik AloyMåned siden
  • Por qué duro tanto?

    ArturoArturoMåned siden
    • @ManuPM se llama robar visitas

      El Angel de la oscura feEl Angel de la oscura feMåned siden
    • @MAXIMILIANO RAMÍREZ ya, es muy raro

      ManuPMManuPMMåned siden
    • No se ni que paso, ni oorque habia tanto gringo y fan de digimon, pero ok, ni siquiera porque no aparecieron ni grillo ni lugre

    • Ni idea, creo que se dejaron el directo encendido 😂

      ManuPMManuPMMåned siden
  • arkeus

    PhoenixTVPhoenixTVMåned siden
    • You hurt me

      Ayden RaineAyden RaineMåned siden
  • hello

    Kpop fan 65847366645#Kpop fan 65847366645#Måned siden
  • Yaya

    Hector DiazHector DiazMåned siden
  • Heh

    skiperoo10skiperoo10Måned siden