Priorities! - Your First Week in the Shadowlands

10. nov.. 2020
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Today Mike breaks down what you will need to know and what your priorities should be in the Shadowlands and how this is different from previous expansions.
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  • What i Dont understand is why everyone is so BIG of a PUSSYYYYYYYYYYYYY do you want to be MAX level in 222222222222 Two day's when another expac. IS NOT coming for at LEAST (2222222222) YEARS minus BUGS why i s there even an END game ( STUPID).no such thing in an mmo UNLESS the game is shutting down!!!!! Sorrry don't follow much since blizzard has been a SHIT-HOLE since wrath :((((((

    Sheo GorathSheo Gorath26 dager siden
  • Yo...where do I buy that fucking shirt Mike....

    Jamie SlaysJamie SlaysMåned siden
  • im not impressed with the expansion at all... its basically bfs re packaged.

    Todd LasseigneTodd LasseigneMåned siden
  • This guy looks like he's 50

    CencilCencilMåned siden
  • only thing worth buying is darkmoon trinket IMO cause even in BFA the fathoms one was pretty much used till next tier

    Vagelis KrastefVagelis KrastefMåned siden
  • Where is the link for the legendaries? I can't seem to locate it...

    Sara B.Sara B.Måned siden
  • what are your frames called mate, and the cast bar?

    Ad gAd gMåned siden
    • it's ElvUI

      kyzakkyzakMåned siden
  • the only weekly things that feel mandatory are renown and torghast both of which i personally enjoy a lot

    Cody JamisonCody JamisonMåned siden
  • Anyone know where Preach got that shirt?

    dean gianottidean gianottiMåned siden
  • how do you find these callings?

    Matt lastnameMatt lastnameMåned siden
  • I like how you said that they are moving back to TBC and WotLK style of weekly content, but completely skipped Cata, which was just like TBC and especially WotLK.

    IIIRattleHeadIIIIIIRattleHeadIIIMåned siden
  • Emmisaries give soul ash aswell why to not do em?

    N.JN.JMåned siden
  • 'Do not do what so many people did in BFA and Legion and buy pre-raid BiS. Join the side of those laughing at people doing this.' How did that turn out? :P

    Tom RadfordTom RadfordMåned siden
  • Had to read the preview twice.. I thought it said islands 😱

    Michael WatsonMichael WatsonMåned siden
  • Thanks preach

    NES7117 ZeroooNES7117 ZeroooMåned siden
  • Between my 2 level 60 characters, I've done about 8 callings so far. Got vendor trash from all but 2 of them. Spammed a bunch of dungeons, did all 6 available layers of Torghast. Neither of my characters has enough anima to finish their weekly renown quest and I'm already feeling burnt out. This 16 weeks of timegating isn't going to work for me...

    Alpha-087Alpha-087Måned siden
  • I'm not going to like videos that Preach doesn't start with "What up BAWLLAS". Good video though.

    Rafael SantosRafael SantosMåned siden
  • hair plugs

    Rick KRick KMåned siden
  • what is the problem with buying the items that are powerful now and then it being redundant in 2 weeks? You might aswell skip the expansion then, because its all obsolete when the next one comes out...

    Kenneth BKenneth B2 måneder siden
  • Thats one fatty

    Kai NoctisKai Noctis2 måneder siden
  • the changes to M+ loot has really killed my motivation to play shadowlands :(

    SnugglesSnuggles2 måneder siden
    • No fun allowed

      T KT KMåned siden
  • Excellent guide, cheers!

    Calin LungeanuCalin Lungeanu2 måneder siden
  • Might want to move whatever you are reading closer to the camera. It's a little distracting that you are clearly reading a script.

    alrdyealrdye2 måneder siden
  • TLDW (but do watch it for Preach

    maximef1maximef12 måneder siden
  • where can I get that shirt??

    AlexeiAlexei2 måneder siden
  • Your priorities should be, Don't buy it.

    Paul Wesley LewisPaul Wesley Lewis2 måneder siden
    • it's great so far! sad to see people like you being so negative.

      AlexeiAlexei2 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the extra info!!

    JulianJulian2 måneder siden
  • IF YOU TAKE "YOUR TIME" you fall behind and no one will invite to m+ and raids. So guys better rush it or else, just my 2 cents

    MegaRoFLLMegaRoFLL2 måneder siden
  • there is nothing to do lazy bliz

    tess ellentess ellen2 måneder siden
  • So I hit 60 but idk how to start the rest of the content 😂

    Terry TmoneyTerry Tmoney2 måneder siden
  • First week in SL priorities.... well for us over att Draenor EU its trying to logg this video will be called "Priorities! - Your Third Week in the Shadowlands" at our server, hahahaha

    Pelle PPelle P2 måneder siden
  • At this rate, I will be 60 2 weeks after launch because of Blizz's inability to manage their hardware. Queue, into login, into INSANE LAG, into DC, into queue, into blank character screen for 5 minutes before my characters appear, into loading screen that disconnects me at 100%, into queue, repeat.

    Roald KammanRoald Kamman2 måneder siden
  • Sorry, just came to dislike this clown.

    BimoBimo2 måneder siden
  • Preach hates gold makers 😪

    Joseph TrentJoseph Trent2 måneder siden
  • breaks my heart watching you leave all that loot. I can't help being a tight tw@ lol

    kriazekriaze2 måneder siden
  • Thank God you are here Preach. SL may actually be expansion I can play for fun. If all this is true and I can choose what to do, this will be great. I refunded pre-purchase and completely stop doing BfA because I couldn’t stand doing what I had to and assumed SL would be the same but now it’s promising. Thanks.

    CeldorCeldor2 måneder siden
  • Is the Maldraxxus: Into The Shadowlands Tour Tshirt for sale yet? I've checked blizzard store and Jinx but can't find.

    Turtle GreatnessTurtle Greatness2 måneder siden
  • If there isnt a ridiculous grind like ap then I'm more inclined to play the game on new characters and actually enjoying the time spent

    VorusenVorusen2 måneder siden
  • Shadowlands is crap, and you did nothing to fix it so that’s a faif

    Martin jMartin j2 måneder siden
  • For the first time ever I'm going into a WoW expansion completely blind, with no obligation to mythic raid or anything else. It's refreshing. I don't even know what covenants are. I love it. Casual life!

    NeppyNeppy2 måneder siden
  • Can I please get the UI profile you have a 3:40? It looks really clean.

    EthanEthan2 måneder siden
  • Button goes *whack*

    Ethan DixonEthan Dixon2 måneder siden
  • im just gonna try to get max level this week xD

    SC2PrototypeSC2Prototype2 måneder siden
  • why is it that blizzard gets 15$ a month from million plus subscribers but doesnt bother upgraded servers for 14 years?

    cody laurencecody laurence2 måneder siden
  • I will only believe that it's alt friendly when I see it. I call bullshit.

    Johnson McBigJohnson McBig2 måneder siden
  • Aah, this Video is useless to me, only for the harcore gamers, which im not. I just dont have the drive to zerg through it

    RainkingRainking2 måneder siden
  • dont u yell at me

    Sebastian PammerSebastian Pammer2 måneder siden
  • ''Blizzard isn't going to give you a check list like you're a child'', Well, they did so, the difference being you have 1 week to do it instead of 1 day. Also, this is a game meant for teens, even though, most are physically adults the game ought to be fun, entertaining and an escape. Not to have more and more similarities with everyday jobs. That's what upsets people, I think, having to grind repeatedly, virtually forever, the same kind of content in order to play the rest of the game. I'm not suggesting the changes were bad, in fact, they helped but the problem is still there.

    jdderew1jdderew12 måneder siden
  • "priorities" and it's a 12 minute video? Doesn't seem very prioritized

    SevaerSevaer2 måneder siden
  • great information, thanks. I was kinda hoping for a priority list of the "real" first week - tuesday

    RellstonRellston2 måneder siden
  • gonna focus on capping alts and professions too.

    Chewy GamingChewy Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Play for 6 days and then go back to classic and play the real WoW.

    BoogeeKnightBoogeeKnight2 måneder siden
  • My priorities in first week will be to get four max level character for each covenant.

    PhoenixIllusionPhoenixIllusion2 måneder siden
  • i am completely lost...

    Thomas WilliamsThomas Williams2 måneder siden
  • My goal for week one is simply surviving the login que, then some how maintain my connection to Blizzard once I do..

    Lord AeroLord Aero2 måneder siden
  • Please buy my pre raid bis gear

    Soluminia0GSoluminia0G2 måneder siden
  • "You don't need to do as many things to get a higher power level, less things are mandatory." "If farming Maw rep is important to you because you want more gem-slots, then do it because of that, it's not as mandatory"... Uhm, don't gems make you more powerful? How am I supposed to interpret that as anything else than "If you want a stronger character, the Maw rep is mandatory".

    Amar DuranovicAmar Duranovic2 måneder siden
  • I dont get this whole get stuff as fast as posible and then cry that there is nothing to do nonsense...

    wajietauswajietaus2 måneder siden
    • People want to do the most damage in dungeons.... and get the most kills in pvp. They think that it’s gear dependent. Where in reality it’s based on skill instead

      Kole RiveraKole Rivera2 måneder siden
  • thank you

    Daniel KaspariDaniel Kaspari2 måneder siden
  • I never understood where the rush to get everything done in the first 2 days comes from.

    Second Unit MediaSecond Unit Media2 måneder siden
  • Was there not ... not .... going to be a weekly reset first week?

    Aelor GamesAelor Games2 måneder siden
  • So WQs gear now only tied to renown? Means does not scale with our gear ilvl? Thats interested. Btw, when the catch up renown mechanic kicks in?Is it every week? if I dont get to 60 the first week, will I have bonus renown for week 1?

    Giannis PapadopoulosGiannis Papadopoulos2 måneder siden
  • where is the legendary spreadsheet?

    Christopher BarrettChristopher Barrett2 måneder siden
  • My destro warlock legendary effect comes from the raid. Oh well I think I am gonna save up for it because 1 extra conflag charge and 3 sec cooldown is too good

    BronzebeardBronzebeard2 måneder siden
  • I'm still gonna go hard as possible on renown on my main I feel like it will still reset on Tuesday

    Chris ComstockChris Comstock2 måneder siden
  • Priorities- spend as much time as possible on the forums complaining about covenant abilities in hopes that they change them to something more like necklace essences as quickly as possible so that I can subscribe to the game without the clear and present knowledge that blizzard is trying to manipulate me into staying subscribed for longer by time gating my means to change abilities that will directly affect my experience in various aspects of core content.

    Anthony FaiellAnthony Faiell2 måneder siden
  • Blizzard is getting good at hiding their main focus. Player retention

    Dynarush333Dynarush3332 måneder siden
    • "This cake is so good i almost forgot the baker is only in it for the money"

      Fatzken PopulFatzken Popul2 måneder siden
  • Best video i have found yet, bro your awesome thanks so much! Subbed.

    Anonymous FriendAnonymous Friend2 måneder siden
  • Remember when you used to log on for fun not for some arbitrary goal Pepperidge Farm remembers

    BeckketBeckket2 måneder siden
    • @fuck google a little salty aren’t we? It’s okay to enjoy two games. Last time I checked I can do any content I enjoy to progress. I hope SL lives up to the hype . Maybe your daddy didn’t hug you enough good luck to you.

      BeckketBeckket2 måneder siden
    • @fuck google Oh he insulted your feelings about how bad WoW is currently and so you go out of your way to insult him, boo hoo.

      M BM B2 måneder siden
  • I don't understand a word

    Ed ZangeefEd Zangeef2 måneder siden
  • multiboxers aren't gone, they can't even get rid of the bots who get banned in waves so slowly they cover the cost of their creation long before they get banned...

    pipuk3pipuk32 måneder siden
  • Asslands

    OofOof2 måneder siden
  • Man, it feels too relaxed to be true. Sorry but I don't buy it. And the way you present it, "do this or that if you feel like it, no worry", feels like you are addressing people who don't raid, don't pvp, don't m+ and only do open world content through-and-through. I can't believe Blizz dropped the farming meta, it's not possible, there are the same designers running the game. Also, I have never seen before the amount of guides flying around on google docs, full of direction, where to go, what to do, how to do it...

    Bogdan Emil BunicaBogdan Emil Bunica2 måneder siden
  • Thanks for this video. I was thinking about coming back to WoW for this expansion but your video reminded me just how much this game is like a second job. I'm better off without it.

    WhitieWuWhitieWu2 måneder siden
  • I do not understand why the first priority isn't just "enjoy the story this expansion offers" people are gonna skip it again and then complain there is no content again despite story being significant amount of content.

    Girak'tlanGirak'tlan2 måneder siden
  • So what's the thing with multiboxers ?

    Rins KRins K2 måneder siden
  • haha, getting that BOE epic during launchnight of BFA gave me enough money to last almost the entire expansion :D

    Mattias BergströmMattias Bergström2 måneder siden
    • me too, it helped that I couldn't use it on my main

      redfox435catredfox435cat2 måneder siden
  • does this man actually like wow, or he does this to pay hes bills?

    peterpeter2 måneder siden
    • why not both?

      nickturtlesnickturtles2 måneder siden
  • sounds like grinds and timegates to me

    mario salgadomario salgado2 måneder siden
  • Wait is shadow lands out??

    Josh CooperJosh Cooper2 måneder siden
  • "Shadowlands is looking pretty good.." [ X ] DOUBT That's exactly what you said in the last video before BFA

    Pepe SilviaPepe Silvia2 måneder siden
  • Are u going to do hair updates?

    Rick DiculousRick Diculous2 måneder siden
  • Isn't step 1 to level to 60? Not even addressing that is interesting....

    GM DeezGM Deez2 måneder siden
    • It takes like 4 hours to do that...

      Fabio MilitelloFabio Militello2 måneder siden
  • Love it

    Dante's DiaryDante's Diary2 måneder siden
  • Hello Preach, how are you? Congratulations on the content, it helped me a lot. I think this adaptation of the game mode will be complicated for players who tried to do everything in the game. I have a question for you: I am starting a tutorial channel for WoW aimed at non-English speaking players (mostly Brazilians) and I would like to know if I can use some of the information you have given here. Of course, I would give you credit for the information. Thanks for the video, see you!

    Lexotan GamesLexotan Games2 måneder siden
  • Ty so much for this video i must admit i was one of those idiots buying BoEs but thats just the min max mentality that manifests.... I hate it but i always end up making a lot of gold anyways because i do profs aswell early on

    KevumseKevumse2 måneder siden
  • What up with that grindcore mash up shirt?

    Sonny SutherlandSonny Sutherland2 måneder siden
  • i miss the deathwing intro :(

    JackJack2 måneder siden
  • do we have a "super herb" just like in legion/bfa?

    kaiosunkaiosun2 måneder siden
  • Thank you for the amazing and informative video! As someone who's coming back for Shadowlands, this makes me very excited and I'm looking forward to it even more now!

    AWeeLittleFoxAWeeLittleFox2 måneder siden
  • What im hearing is maintaining 2 mythic raid ready toons isnt going too be a full time job this tier?

    quizrquizr2 måneder siden
  • Rip to shamans trying to work out the document on their iPhone

    ShaglordShaglord2 måneder siden
  • ah yes. " alt friendly" I'm so glad this is a thing in modern WoW. No class identity, just everyone is everything and then some casual gets mad when their alt cant be as strong as a main

    NationalismNationalism2 måneder siden
    • @Jack Nixon What an npc reply. Hard to view you as anything other than that.

      NationalismNationalism2 måneder siden
    • Oh shut up, you bellend.

      Jack NixonJack Nixon2 måneder siden
  • Priorities ??? It should be about having fun not a chore list

    Wozzie LFCWozzie LFC2 måneder siden
  • omg so much systems wtf

    Roger Colbert TreewindRoger Colbert Treewind2 måneder siden
  • Another loser.

    StrayKittyCatStrayKittyCat2 måneder siden
  • More hairline content tbh

    Eve WallaceEve Wallace2 måneder siden
  • Can’t help but think if people are so worried about being behind. Why don’t they just find people that aren’t as sweaty to play with? Trying to keep up with the try hards make gaming so much more unenjoyable.

    KaboosOnX1KaboosOnX12 måneder siden
  • ey preach my man, important question: will i be able to do any type of non instanced content with friends who join other covenants ?

    Robin BinderRobin Binder2 måneder siden
  • Mr Preach, you dont mind that Asmongold made reaction video to this video actually making you do all the legwork and him just adding come comments ?

    Robert TRobert T2 måneder siden
    • Why would he mind it? It brings him a larger audience and therefore more money.

      jason murphyjason murphy2 måneder siden
    • Thanks to asmongold I knew about Preach. Otherwise I wouldn't check his videos.

      BleachRushBleachRush2 måneder siden