Racing Nascar Drivers, Cleetus McFarland, Travis Pastrana in the Freedom 500

7. april. 2021
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Not really sure how I ended up here racing actual Nascar drivers but hey ill do the best I can to put on a show for everyone! LINK TO THE $1,000 SHIRT HERE:

  • To everyone mad at Heavy D for driving crazy... HES A FREAKING MONSTER JAM DRIVER HES NOT GONNA TAKE IT EASY OK??? Also here the link to your new Bugatti video should you buy one 😏

    WhistlinDieselWhistlinDieselMåned siden
    • dude i really wish i could help you with your vids my guy

      Landon BrowningLandon Browning12 dager siden
    • @Heavy hauling Idaho ummm are u gay bud?

      Benjamin GreenBenjamin Green13 dager siden
    • NOtown don remove video like this👇 But WD gets banned and removed all the time, what is wrong with ppl (moderators) youtube..

      RdVelios RanchRdVelios Ranch13 dager siden
    • Дружище скинь пожалуйста почудить 5536913847135296 тенькофф банк

      Дмитрий АндреевичДмитрий Андреевич13 dager siden
    • Soooo I was watching vlogcreations And seen the camping over night at stores and just randomly see you in the video buying them a 75 inch tv lmao you are the fucking best 😂😂😂 so random And funny I love seeing your videos keep up the hard work maybe one day I’ll able to afford your merch, but I spend like way to much on demolition ranch stuff sorry haha 😆

      Zeus GivensZeus Givens15 dager siden
  • Whistlin, your smile is extremely infectious bro!!! Keep being you

    Brett KBrett K3 timer siden
  • I'm not into Nascar or Racing or trucks...but I like this channel. Also the $1,000 shirt is quite ridiculous. More power to him tho

    The Gibron ChroniclesThe Gibron Chronicles8 timer siden

    Jeff ArroyoJeff ArroyoDag siden
  • So who else hit the low power mode button

    ArsenalgameingArsenalgameingDag siden
  • I am not mad at you

    king Bryce and king ziggy15 cousinking Bryce and king ziggy15 cousinDag siden
  • Gets his helmet stolen, never takes it off the next time he’s at the track he never takes it off

    Cornbread596Cornbread5962 dager siden
  • You need to be a nascar driver

    Trevor VecchioTrevor Vecchio2 dager siden
  • If you need someone to do work for you, I am ready to help.

    KubiKubi3 dager siden
  • Whistlin Diesel makes a ton of money of wrecking vehicles. Also Bitches about how much it cost.

    Real deal J SteeleReal deal J Steele3 dager siden
  • You gonna film and chill with hailie :)

    SuPerPiTsSuPerPiTs3 dager siden
  • Started from bananas now you’re here

    WorkableWaxWorkableWax3 dager siden
  • Quiet literally wreckfest irl

    Three ShotThree Shot3 dager siden
  • Yessir

    Shea MaysShea Mays4 dager siden
  • If WD did 1000 races he would be 0-0 100%DNF

    SPF MikeSPF Mike4 dager siden
  • WHEN IS MONSTER MAX 2.0 coming out

    Joe PenaJoe Pena4 dager siden
  • OMG that tshirt actually costs a 1000 bucks XD

    Digital Wolf RCDigital Wolf RC4 dager siden
  • 2:36 ... Haha you are great "And put it right back in" ! Lol

    Rob HuitingRob Huiting4 dager siden
  • True Nomad

    Masticus SturgeonMasticus Sturgeon5 dager siden
  • If you can afford to take a thousand dollars out of your own account to buy a shirt why do you need our money .

    Robert StratfordRobert Stratford5 dager siden
  • 6:45 anybody hit the screen by habit

    natenate5 dager siden
  • insted of roasting the bugatti you could tune it like the R8

    John HJohn H5 dager siden
  • Your the man diesel keep it up

    Cory ChamberlinCory Chamberlin6 dager siden
  • What a funny fucking video

    Jordan WolfJordan Wolf6 dager siden
  • I pay jack shit cuz that's what ur worth

    Christopher GamblinChristopher Gamblin6 dager siden
  • Ah yes Anderson speedway

    Astronomically Challenged GeniusAstronomically Challenged Genius6 dager siden
  • Dude is legit takes time to take a pic with a kid. I don't care how many truck you destroy bro your the shit. But could you make a t shirt for me that's a little cheaper 😂

    keith axtellkeith axtell6 dager siden
  • This poor fucking dude

    Spliff BurgerSpliff Burger6 dager siden
  • it’s so crazy to see that many influencers together at once, and they’re racing. nothing better than that.

    TT7 dager siden
  • Somebody "doest" know how to spell "doesn't".

    slammednissslammedniss7 dager siden
  • Who else watches NOtown while pooping 💩

    Silent WarSilent War7 dager siden
  • The low battery warning sent me

    MaxxMaxx7 dager siden
  • Just fun as hell. Good video. I laughed my ass off.

    Max MoovinMax Moovin7 dager siden
  • This is fucking awesome

    mrglock2002mrglock20027 dager siden
  • 14:22 lol why he like that

    Chris SanchezChris Sanchez7 dager siden
  • Cody, people like you because you don't GIVE A FUCK!!!

    DiggityDiggity7 dager siden
  • i bought one,my mom is yelling around and saying who sold the car....

    Kyron PlayzzKyron Playzz8 dager siden
  • When drivers go into the stands with the crowd ! 😁😁😁😁😁

    Derek McfadyenDerek Mcfadyen8 dager siden
  • Who else tapped the screen at 6:45 ? 🤣

    Eli MEli M8 dager siden
  • I love your videos bro

    David_ GamiingDavid_ Gamiing9 dager siden
  • Super smart to keep his helmet on during the interview with those hard hitting questions. Safety first, for once.

    Cory FrebergCory Freberg9 dager siden
  • lmaooooo he fell off and can’t take it

    Brenden ClaytonBrenden Clayton9 dager siden
  • I knew i was actually stupid when i thought the shirt didn't cost $1,000.00

    WngnutWngnut9 dager siden
  • 12:12 Who tf is she?! O_o --- I rewound once for Pastrana and once for that. Outstanding video as always.

    MaKaVeLi 087©MaKaVeLi 087©9 dager siden
  • I like your videos

    ColsonColson10 dager siden
  • What do you mean in NASCAR!!!

    Thais CascoThais Casco10 dager siden
  • I hope you get a lot of this shirt is 100 dollars so you can get a house

    TheAmazingDarknessTheAmazingDarkness10 dager siden
  • Pretty sure you didn't return that sweaty helmet to its owner

    Mike ferlandMike ferland10 dager siden
  • So 5 people bought your shirts for 1000 and you can't even call out theyre names..

    Kirby mootKirby moot10 dager siden
  • You should sell keychains

    Poo PooPoo Poo10 dager siden
  • commenting to help out because i’m too greedy to spend my money.

    The Kentucky MadmanThe Kentucky Madman10 dager siden
  • COP: How did u get a speeding ticket going 105 DRIVER: semi professional race car driver

    ryan wegeryan wege10 dager siden
  • You did Murder Nova dirty man. At least return the helmet, dont make him chase you down to find the helmet and get it back.

    Harold CarverHarold Carver10 dager siden
    • @Danny Joe no excuse man. No excuse. It’s about courtesy no adrenaline and camera time.

      Harold CarverHarold Carver7 dager siden
    • Let it go bro, I was but about it at first but then thought about it and realized that this event was extremely intense think out side of the box my guy the adrenaline was much more intense for Cody then Shawn, Shawn is use to these kinds things, obviously Cody is not

      Danny JoeDanny Joe7 dager siden
  • At least sing the shirt my man

    Undead scytheUndead scythe10 dager siden
  • This dude is living the Dukes of Hazzard life.

    Sunborn ArizonanSunborn Arizonan10 dager siden
  • that low battery

    Landon BrowningLandon Browning11 dager siden
  • yo whistlindiesel i love your vides i have haters to like wine i driving my ATV NO BODY HATE ME AND MY FAMILY IF HAVE TO THE HATES TO BACK UP AND TELE THE HATERSTO BACK THE FOCK OFF

    BEVERLY CockrellBEVERLY Cockrell11 dager siden
  • Thanks for having big trucks and also being a country boy other people got little pavement princesses😂

    JoshJosh11 dager siden
  • Should've been allowed to swap the tires.

    Douglas ColemanDouglas Coleman11 dager siden
  • Can't wait till you upload

    Nate BuckNate Buck11 dager siden
  • Where's Monster Maxx

    Annie LeeAnnie Lee11 dager siden
  • I see little Whistlin Deegans in those eyes

    Moto4 LifeMoto4 Life11 dager siden
  • Is it me or does whistlin look like he's strung out.. I hope he's okay

    drthik1drthik111 dager siden
  • onece you get monster max 2 you should try to put tracks on it

    Picklesloth1229Picklesloth122911 dager siden
  • Where’s the content miss you buddy

    M Dyllan MooreM Dyllan Moore11 dager siden
  • Goodbye Spend your money wisely.

    tdwebste3tdwebste311 dager siden
  • Put motorcycle tires on a truck please

    carter sigmoncarter sigmon11 dager siden
  • Little E Beging Not WD Noooo Never lol I don't care long as I get to see more vids hehe

    Erric D Johnson 74Erric D Johnson 7411 dager siden
  • My uncles company does mulching and land clearing. Let me know we’re in Pittsburgh

    Vestic AdenXBVestic AdenXB11 dager siden
  • 🇺🇸💯

    mike13899mike1389911 dager siden
  • Omg I'm @WhistlingDiesel and this guy copy me whah whah 🍼 I'm a wee baby

    FBIFBI11 dager siden
  • Really been 2 weeks since this video we went 1-2 uploads a week or we going on strike and you won’t be able to use your money to fix your cars

    Eric GreenbackmafiaEric Greenbackmafia12 dager siden
  • The dude could do vlogs while working on his land.

    Cameron IsaacksCameron Isaacks12 dager siden
  • When is he going to upload

    Offroad king LearyOffroad king Leary12 dager siden
  • You should by a Honda Ridgeline and absolutely kill it

    Fn ClipzFn Clipz12 dager siden
  • How's the other monster truck going

    Raymond SmithRaymond Smith12 dager siden
  • Tug of war Heavy D monster truck build against your monster truck. Hercules vs Monster Max

    John WayneJohn Wayne12 dager siden
  • Karma said after millions of dollars you spend on cars and trucks to destroy you and wife can sleep in one ha ha and BEG for more money here !! hand outs ?

    Roy FieldsRoy Fields12 dager siden
  • Why did you take down the last video?

    Cabot GassCabot Gass12 dager siden
    • What was it?

      M AttM Att11 dager siden
  • WD and his growth show what the World really wants..... To Just Not Give AF......

    Brad WrightBrad Wright12 dager siden
  • you should release more updates on youtube about monster max 2

    Benjamin LynumBenjamin Lynum12 dager siden
  • Please post more frequent!

    CampLeoCampLeo12 dager siden
  • Waste of space whistlin doesel lol. Way to put put travis's name in your title, cuz ur such a loser, you have zero respect, that famous youtubers invite you you to their channel, but nobody will ever visit trash town lol

    Dave JohnsonDave Johnson12 dager siden
  • Looks like fun!

    Capn CrunchCapn Crunch12 dager siden
  • im scared for what cody has next, been 2 weeks.. maybe he went across the atlantic ocean with monster max or something??

    IsatntIsatnt12 dager siden
  • I think Whistlin went broke and has no more money for vehicles. He got a free Raptor from Demolition ranch and still no video of it. Wtf!!!

    Hector VelasquezHector Velasquez13 dager siden
    • Whats your deal?

      XC MorrisXC Morris12 dager siden
  • Stoned as fuck and definitely tried to turn off the low battery percentage 😭

    trevor warrentrevor warren13 dager siden
  • you shod post the video that you did with Adam LZ

    Hamish bobHamish bob13 dager siden
  • the real diesel... not like the diesel sisters that was in that race... aka, the bearded ladies...

    Jeff LuvvernJeff Luvvern13 dager siden
  • WhistlinDiesal you should do a video with Braydon Price

    Benjamin GreenBenjamin Green13 dager siden
  • Updates on MonstexMax?

    Airtime DLAirtime DL13 dager siden
  • Please post more videos I’m watching this for the 5th time dead ass

    Cavin 24vCavin 24v13 dager siden
  • Have an idea why don't you do a real life GTA impossible track and put a car to the test. Think you're the only channel that has the balls to put one together and pull it off.

    brandon scopinobrandon scopino13 dager siden
  • I absolutely love your videos dude! Keep up the great work! I respect the fact that you only upload when you actually have something to say or show us. You're not in it just for the views or money. You're just out having fun doing what you love and I love it haha. Not saying it's not hard work or anything like that. Just saying your content is genuine and I can see your passion for it. There needs to be more creators out there with your attitude towards this. You selling a 1000 dollar shirt is fucking hilarious and I'd probably buy one if I had the money. If just about anybody else did it I would say it's being greedy and shit. But I would gladly donate that for all the joy and laughs your videos have given me. It just somehow actually seems worth it 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 please never give up on your dreams and keep showing those haters who the mf man is 💯 I can't believe how much hate you get just for making original content and bringing joy and laughter to peoples lives. I think it comes from jealousy. People wishing they could do what you do.. I mean shit I do too but I don't hate you for it. I love you for inspiring me to just say fuck it and push the limits haha. Jealousy can be so ugly and I would feel ashamed for being so spiteful that I can't let somebody else feel happy or successful. You do such a great job of staying strong and proving them all wrong. I'm sorry so many people are like that towards you. You're videos give me genuine joy and anybody that attacks that is attacking something I care greatly about. You always take it like a champ but I imagine there's times where it can be a little discouraging being attacked with such negativity. I hope you know most of us really do care about you and want you to keep succeeding. Much love brotha! Keep up the great work and just keep being yourself lol. Your an inspiration to many of us and I value that very highly. Stay safe and keep your head up bro! Hopefully someday I'll be able to thank you for all the inspiration and the slightly better mindset that you've given me. And hopefully I'll be able to show you what I will have achieved because of it

    Skyler DannSkyler Dann13 dager siden
  • what does this guy actually do for a living where does all his money come from lmfao

    Adrian HuangAdrian Huang13 dager siden
  • NOtown don remove video like this👇 But WD gets banned and removed all the time, what is wrong with ppl (moderators) youtube..

    RdVelios RanchRdVelios Ranch13 dager siden

    Bradley KentBradley Kent13 dager siden
  • Soo many youtube car channels this is an awesome community.

    David wibbenDavid wibben13 dager siden
  • why dose his wife destoy his stuff mabey you should do that back to her

    xilllexillle13 dager siden
  • Honestly man, said this before when you were below 500k subs & I'll say it again. Your channel is going to blow up massively in the next few years 👌

    Video Shack WeeklyVideo Shack Weekly13 dager siden