Reacting to the Most Competitive Match in Warzone | Top 0.1% of Players Tips to Improve #3

2. mai. 2021
378 859 Ganger

Spectating Twitch Rivals in Warzone Trios to see how they play in hopes to -provide tips to help players improve at modern warfare battle royale.
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Reacting to the Most Competitive Match in Warzone | Top 0.1% of Players Tips to Improve #3
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  • Great video JGOD. Keep them coming 😎

    Jaco NaudeJaco Naude19 minutter siden
  • i just came to tell you you are and amazing content creator, so much better than any other "NeW bEsT cLaSs". I really apreciate what you do. keep it up !

    Bartłomiej DrozdBartłomiej Drozd5 timer siden
  • top 0.1% player on this game is a top 25% player on any other BR if that. 100

    Patrick O'SheaPatrick O'Shea5 timer siden
  • MORE !!!

    MegaHertzenMegaHertzen8 timer siden
  • He die too much.

    AmosK4AmosK412 timer siden
    • you just dont understand and its sad.

      JGODJGOD12 timer siden
  • Can you start spectating players who play more aggressive. More player like Methaphor, he is crazy.

    AmosK4AmosK412 timer siden
    • this was a custom match, almost nobody was playing as aggressive as they normally do

      JGODJGOD12 timer siden
  • how am i in the top 0.1% with a kd of like 1.4?

    And PrsAnd Prs13 timer siden
  • I'm more impressed the commentary is all one take

    jjomezjjomez14 timer siden
  • I remember getting a layup on vince carter once. Good times

    Hank Solo GuitarHank Solo Guitar18 timer siden
  • What's this gun in the beginning? I know they announced it but where did he get that ?

    Michal ZiolkowskiMichal Ziolkowski18 timer siden
  • It's crazy that you say a 1.2 is super sweaty in normal lobbies. I just made it to 1.22! And still climbing!

    John HernandezJohn Hernandez23 timer siden
  • How do you get a win w/o kills? @jgod 6:25

    Nico ANico ADag siden
  • The tittle should be: roze skins lobby

    juguito DeMangojuguito DeMangoDag siden
  • Day as usual for me

    Mat FenixMat FenixDag siden
  • ALMOST UP TO A MILLION!!!! Great work.

    C L SwinneyC L SwinneyDag siden
  • i dont get the hate for skill-based matchmaking and ranking systems, I wish there was a clear rank like halo have, you win your rank goes up, you lose rank go down.

    Tore NylandTore NylandDag siden
  • React to jukezys

    ii BU11ETPROOFiiii BU11ETPROOFiiDag siden
  • The aim assist he has is absolutely ridiculous. Controller is a joke

    Kumat MebroKumat MebroDag siden
  • I’d rather watch the slow gameplay than watch people reverse boost

    K JeezyK JeezyDag siden
  • @JGOD would you happen to know the ttk difference between the diamatti & renetti as Single handed pistols rather than akimbo?

    Keanan MorrisKeanan MorrisDag siden
  • Love seeing aiden lose. Cheating loser

    Luke DLuke DDag siden
  • it doesn’t make sense to me what if you hot drop a place (which isn’t smart for these guys) and slay out w atleast 10 kills and die as soon as possible then, wouldnt the multiplier combined w kills be too high for such little effort

    Bobby GareoBobby GareoDag siden
  • No one can possibly watch this dumb voice over.

    Thug lifeThug lifeDag siden
  • The reason they're "significantly better," is because the lobbies are filled with players who use console with higher ping, lower frames, low FOV, standard controllers(no back paddles), basic headsets(audio in warzone is terrible). Warzone would look entirely different and more RNG based if everyone had the same equipment. If you have the high end pc, scuf, astro40 with mixamp, high fov, high frames, and low ping then you BETTER be better.

    Bryan AbleBryan AbleDag siden
    • stay mad and bad.

      JGODJGODDag siden
  • Just like all of my random lobbies, sweating tryharding rozeskibs

    Hamza FakhroHamza FakhroDag siden
  • RIP to the below 1.00KD players

    Irish_25Irish_25Dag siden
  • splashed hat so gemilkt

    ManuelManuelDag siden
  • Small piece of advice.. dont talk as much bcs its distracting just comment once in a while its better ... its just boring to me hearing you all the time no offense

    Cobu FCobu FDag siden
  • What pisses me of is that all streamers destroying bot lobbys and making fun of them or even calling them „fcking camper! Rat!“ But we see they doing exactly the same thing if they have a tournament.

    OjinOjinDag siden
  • SBMM stops absolutely stacked lobbies yet my the average kd of one of my lobbies was over 2, mine was nowhere near that, SBMM for this game is shocking and not accurate

    Robert GrahamRobert GrahamDag siden
  • What kind of gun is Tommy holding? I've never seen a gun like that in game.

    xXtytyXxxXtytyXxDag siden
  • Sad

    Harvey RidgewellHarvey Ridgewell2 dager siden
  • These dudes are disgustanggg I'm over here with my 1kd admiring the skills that I know I'll never have 😂👌

    The Cuban (Candi)The Cuban (Candi)2 dager siden
  • Do they turn off aim assist off in tournaments ?

    Sagar GandhiSagar Gandhi2 dager siden
  • Hey Jgod , I watched a little of the match on Twitch. He started using a Stoner load out at one point. I tried it out, but ADS was too slow for me. Do you see the Stoner coming in as viable when the AMAX gets nerfed?

    R3DHAVOKR3DHAVOK2 dager siden
    • yes

      JGODJGOD2 dager siden
  • More Rivals commentaries please!

    Andy TAndy T2 dager siden
  • I got a 1.5 median lobby and it was literally the hardest lobby I’ve ever played lol. There were 2 squads with 4 kds with the best player had over 1000 wins. Can’t imagine everyone being like those two squads.

    elieli2 dager siden
  • Not true

    Edward BoutwellEdward Boutwell2 dager siden
  • If you also watch sports, you know the most exciting wins come with major ups and major downs and if you’re there to see the downs, the wins are always that much sweeter. I wish content creators would show everything like in this video instead of just the aggro parts of their games

    fatbodyskinnylegsfatbodyskinnylegs2 dager siden
  • Awesome! Please do another one where you cut between the different teams and show the most interesting/funniest stuff too.

    nelsonkunanelsonkuna2 dager siden
  • Definitely do the other matches

    Adam SkinnerAdam Skinner2 dager siden
  • NGL I dunno how people are SO into cod when they have bad stats. I wouldnt even feel an interest in a game im bad at. Whatever keeps these guys getting up and getting online to camp with their 0.7 K/Ds I guess I need some of that lmao

    Mars GamingMars Gaming2 dager siden
  • I could taste the sweat watching this 👀🤣

    Cezar GligoreCezar Gligore2 dager siden
  • i got into a game with teepe merk maven and sally yesterday lol

    exslipexslip2 dager siden
  • Watch NinexT (Brazilian Streamer)

    Adam Junior CardosoAdam Junior Cardoso2 dager siden
  • funny that you mentioned how normal people never get in such lobbies, meanwhile.. my friend and I are constantly being absolutely Destroyed every Game getting Diamond 1-4 lobbies with players that have 3-4 KD sweating their a** off even tho our KD is around 1 and we barely make it till the first Loadout each Game

    Ayman ZazaAyman Zaza2 dager siden
  • This guy hasn't seen the light of day in years?

    Headless GamingHeadless Gaming2 dager siden
  • I can get 0 kills and still be happy to win ngl

    Shepherd RMShepherd RM2 dager siden
  • that makes zero sense. multi your kills with your place and thats your score. so the worse you place the higher your score and if you get first you get no mulitplier because 1 x any number is the original number

    She said she was Lvl18She said she was Lvl182 dager siden
  • This is what it’s gonna be once we get competitive playlists

    RenkziiRenkzii2 dager siden
  • Jgod works so hard he post almost everyday and he does test to every weapon and then he responds and sees and likes almost every comment he even posts on Twitter this man is a legend

    psluxpslux2 dager siden
  • I wanna see a collab with Jdog, swagg and nickmercs trying to get 1st place or a collab with whosimmortal and icemanissac with jgod

    psluxpslux2 dager siden
  • "they are learning the map" yeah it must have taken like a while to find out whats new

    Xy ZXy Z2 dager siden
  • This what all streamers and pro players should play in. Leave us casual players alone. We have real jobs.

    George WashingtonGeorge Washington2 dager siden
  • Is anyone playing with mouse and keyboard

    Filip VuletićFilip Vuletić2 dager siden
  • This lobby literally looks like my lobbies. I need to know the rotation that the under .9 players go

    T YT Y2 dager siden
  • im pretty new playing the game, but i prefer playing with a strategy to win or get top10 every game. i liked that video a lot, thx man.

    Agroel LeograAgroel Leogra2 dager siden
  • Wow i can't believe they actually won. How many times they had to regain i did not expect for them to win. Crazy. Great video 📹👍

    J HarmonyJ Harmony2 dager siden
  • wish i could get 140 FPS

    HereTo AnnoyUHereTo AnnoyU2 dager siden
  • great commentary and tips JGOD thanks for these videos

    Diego CoronaDiego Corona2 dager siden
  • It’s fair until my duo partner has a 2.46kd

    Fred StephFred Steph2 dager siden
  • I can't wait to see you hit 1 million subs. You deserve it JGOD. I love all your videos, been here since 100k subs

  • 1:20 What is up with high-skill players missing critical loot? All the time I see this happen. Here he misses a plate to the left (yes, only one in this circumstance, but how many times is he doing this throughout the match) and then 20 seconds missed a big pile of cash to the left of a small pile he grabs. Is this intentional or are they going too fast and not checking every spot? Seems to be a lack of awareness but I know that can't be too at this high level of game play.

    Spencer KrausSpencer Kraus2 dager siden
  • 19:55 why is there a weapon drop field upgrade???

    Caleb JCaleb J2 dager siden
  • i have a .89 kd in rebirth and .74ish in regular and i do almost everything right but i still cant figure out what im doing wrong when i hit my shots i get a average 5 and on a really good day 10 average what would you recommend i do?

    Isaiah RosalesIsaiah Rosales2 dager siden
  • I run into these streamers all the time. There is a big difference between pro and streamer.

    Christopher HanlonChristopher Hanlon2 dager siden
  • I feel like jgod would be such a cool understanding father.

    Abdul Sattar MAbdul Sattar M2 dager siden
  • The Krig 6 is meta

    TRxSpooke TRxSpookeTRxSpooke TRxSpooke2 dager siden
  • 11:54 WTF is this??? Savage would be roasting this guy

    Some Random DudeSome Random Dude2 dager siden
  • 3+ KD players in this tourney playing exactly like JOGD and Savage tell us NOT to play... laying in cubbies ADS’ing at the entrance trying to pick off the attacking team.. completely ignoring peaker’s advantage and getting wrecked

    Some Random DudeSome Random Dude2 dager siden
  • Continue with this kind of games they are awesome

    Arturo BarberáArturo Barberá2 dager siden
  • You talk so much you can't hear anything any of these guys are saying lmao.

    neocerrylneocerryl2 dager siden
  • I saw them using the carv what do you think abt it

    Nyrok AjaxNyrok Ajax2 dager siden
  • In 3 months I’ve gotten up to .86 k/d and it’s been from watching a lot of your videos, thanks brother. I’m starting to really get some good games going!

    millhouse313millhouse3133 dager siden
  • Question! Why does it always look like streamers and content creators move super duper fast in their gameplay? I feel like I move at half of the speed that they are.

  • Video idea: react to a few theseknivesonly gameplays

    millhouse313millhouse3133 dager siden
  • 15:38 man, he didn't get the free self revive

    Francisco RozoFrancisco Rozo3 dager siden
  • We not gonna talk about how newbs has a literall L3 button in is clan tag?

    PaddingtonSavagePaddingtonSavage3 dager siden
  • How does he have that gun

    DadBeast 28DadBeast 283 dager siden
  • you should make this videos a weekly thing - commenting over competitive tournament game play. I love it, even if it was from the same tournament but for a few different teams.

    Konrad MarkowskiKonrad Markowski3 dager siden
  • Hey what with that weapon drop crate on the ground at 19:50

    tanner cowardtanner coward3 dager siden
  • These are my fav to watch keep em coming jgod!

    Dale MartinDale Martin3 dager siden
  • Does anyone know if any of these twitch rivals are console players or are they all PC?

    Jonathan TittertonJonathan Titterton3 dager siden
  • i wonder how he landed that shot in the storm??? there was nothing showing a guy was there. he is a really good player but please that shot come on?!?!?!?! and then he is always calling out hackers!!!!!

    rafael hernandezrafael hernandez3 dager siden
  • Love the content, great job explaining and educating new players and old.

    John TurgeonJohn Turgeon3 dager siden
  • Jgod, what’s your opinion on Dead Silence and Stopping Power and the fact that you can have both active at the same time.

    FlampleWamplesFlampleWamples3 dager siden
  • Jgod,do u know how to unlock CARV2 tactical rifle witch we can find on the floor loot? i dont have it in my tactical rifles slot even locked :(

    Mario MikulaMario Mikula3 dager siden
  • 9:55 Disagree that shotguns are broken. For you to even get to use it a lot has to go right where you get within 12 meters of the other guy without getting shot first because even though you CAN win most up close engagements you don't win so hard that you can run in with 1 plate vs someone full plated and expect to win the fight. Kinda sad the Streetsweeper is catching a nerf but I knew it would when they put it on ground loot because it's good immediately off the floor.

    Joshua JohnsonJoshua Johnson3 dager siden
    • I don’t use the streetsweeper unless it’s the only ground loot weapon I can find quick enough but I don’t think it really deserves to be nerfed but I do think they should take it out of the ground loot though, there’s like four different versions of it in the loot you find

      guitarmatt086guitarmatt0862 dager siden
  • The camera work itself is nauseating to watch 🤢 cracked out for sure

    jake mabryjake mabry3 dager siden
  • The heck is the gun he's using at the start? I've literally never seen that before. Is there a new gun in the game I don't know about?

    Joshua JohnsonJoshua Johnson3 dager siden
  • That d**khead kept getting overkill over and over lol, would’ve been off the heartbeat, could’ve looted his dead body

    Black Knives MatterBlack Knives Matter3 dager siden
  • You should react to the Europe Twitch Rivals, is swettier and more competitive

    Charlie MBCharlie MB3 dager siden
  • I'm a rank 40 and I get ranked with 500+ players I don't think skill based matchmaking is working

    RossMurrayFamRossMurrayFam3 dager siden
  • that last area when your heart beat higher than your fps

    doduarrowdoduarrow3 dager siden
  • @JGOD What do you mean when you say “Warzone is not a traditional battle royale”? 5:08

    Derryl CDerryl C3 dager siden
  • 200 fps!!!! Ps4 is 60 max. No wonder they play more campy against top players who also have super fps. They need to make crossplay an option not mandatory. Its ridiculous

    Alex MossAlex Moss3 dager siden
  • Love the twitch rivals commentary

    John TheofanidesJohn Theofanides3 dager siden
  • Every player in the lobby is in a Rose skin.

    Speed Bag BoxerSpeed Bag Boxer3 dager siden
  • You love to see it. Campy af. So basically what you are telling me is sweaty folks need harder lobbies. If you think you are super aggro then you need to lobby for tighter SBMM. Y'all running around here killing people who play an hour a day then complaining about campers. Of course they are camping. They can't compete. To them the game is on this level. To you it may be easy.

    coojofreshcoojofresh3 dager siden
  • rivals was so scrappy. loved it

    David HickeyDavid Hickey3 dager siden