Real Madrid vs. Liverpool reaction: How Vinicius Jr. overcame his biggest flaw | ESPN FC

6. april. 2021
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Real Madrid has one foot in the UEFA Champions League semifinals following a 3-1 win vs. Liverpool. ESPN FC's Craig Burley, Alejandro Moreno and Steve Nicol break down what Zinedine Zidane's side did well to top Jurgen Klopp's side. Moreno focuses in on Vinicius Jr., specifically his composure and decision making on the ball. Burley praises Madrid's midfield and the ever-consistent Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. Nicol says Liverpool is not out just yet, but getting the likes of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane more involved in leg two is imperative.
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  • them what a game toni kroos had Vini was amazing Militao and nacho superb Casemiro was a tank Modric turned into Prime modric What a performance

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu9 dager siden
  • It is crazy for how many years Kroos is already performing.

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy10 dager siden
  • Unpopular opinion : I think real madrid will win the ucl.

    NavaneethNavaneeth11 dager siden
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    Tally BairdTally Baird11 dager siden
    • Madrid's midfield ain't bad vis a vis Liverpool's.

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu9 dager siden
  • Madrid are the better side in the game, why is this hard to say? Liverpool do not allow anything, there is nothing they can do to stop it from happening!

    Muhammad KabeerMuhammad Kabeer13 dager siden
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      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy10 dager siden
  • This win is for Stevie ! Hala Madrid !

    Chuck PioneerChuck Pioneer13 dager siden
  • "Liverpool let them dominate the middle of the park..." really? With KCM catching their form at the right time, any liverpool mf will warm the bench if they come play for real madrid.

    LeeMikeLeeMike13 dager siden
  • Hala Madrid ! While Liverpool has it's defensive issues, it's their midfield play that has unraveled in all competitions. Madrid has had the best midfield for years now. Vinicius can singlehandedly penetrate defenses and wreak havoc. Liverpool were poor & Madrid had missed many scoring chances.

    D RomanD Roman14 dager siden
  • Espn brings in such low graded people to there shows none of them ever won a champions league or i doubt even they have played proper champions league games themselves

    Rubin DevasiaRubin Devasia14 dager siden
  • I didn't expect from vinicius that first goal getting the ball inside of two centers backs that was class He look different from other old times

    kennatakennata14 dager siden
  • Gotta admit that this show has some of the dumbest pundits going around lol

    E TE T14 dager siden
  • Kroos and Modric are the most consistent and best midfielders no doubt about it. Another one would be KDB. They are very different but always at the top level.

    MAXIM The InternetBreakerMAXIM The InternetBreaker14 dager siden
  • Real Madrid fans love Vinicius what is he talking about lmao

    AlvaroAlvaro14 dager siden
  • Let's wait for the next game I don't really care much because I am also a real Madrid fun

    Mahbub AbdiMahbub Abdi14 dager siden
  • We always have hope

    Mahbub AbdiMahbub Abdi14 dager siden
  • As much as these guys are likeable, I sometimes think the likes of Stevie don't really have the technical nous to provide good analysis on the technical aspects to today's game. "The middle three have to stop the opposition getting at the back four"...really? That it? That's all he took from that game? I know there are fundamentals, but it's more complicated than that

    H MH M14 dager siden
  • Always take Real Madrid like a god, never underestimate.

    AruAru14 dager siden
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    Ruby HillRuby Hill14 dager siden
  • Madrid's midfield ain't bad vis a vis Liverpool's.

    Richard SatherRichard Sather15 dager siden
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    Daniel MasisDaniel Masis15 dager siden
  • Don't you just love hearing Ale having to backpedal on his constant hate of Vini? And not even that much. 😆

    LinteriaLinteria15 dager siden
  • vinicuis did not overcome any flaws, both goals he scored was given to him on a plate. any Real Madrid player should be able to put those in the back of the net

    Scott WestiScott Westi15 dager siden
  • And byyyyyyyyy the wayyyyyyyy

    Bughatii LovrenBughatii Lovren15 dager siden
  • liverpool fans stop talking about barca comeback. You have been knocked out of CL ffs

    sk 87sk 8715 dager siden
  • Can someone tell me what thiago actually does? He can't tackle he can't run he hasn't set anything up, loses possession alot! So what's he actually good at?

    Reece DoyleReece Doyle15 dager siden
  • Just give us the Champions league trophy to Real Madrid already we are just unstoppable 👍

    Abdimalik DekowAbdimalik Dekow15 dager siden
  • Its not over yet . remember what happened to barca.

    scouser kopitescouser kopite15 dager siden
  • HAHAHAHA they all look so upset except the narrator. Oh I can never get enough of these guys.

    NicoleNicole15 dager siden
  • All of a sudden his a star but before this game haha saying his waste of transfer this that lmao

    KeezyWithABangerKeezyWithABanger15 dager siden
  • second leg madrid died

    markel tavaresmarkel tavares15 dager siden
  • Liverpool had no choice but to start those centre backs. They are not experienced and all I can say is that’s “too bad”. The reason why it’s just too too bad for them is because they lack experience like they just said. Now tell me what team has more experience in the champions league than Real Madrid does. It’s like a mouse against a tiger. The mouse is Liverpool’s defence and the tiger was Real Madrid painfully break them apart. Despite that, we all know that Liverpool can be dangerous when they have a full healthy team to their deposal. Just keep this in mind Real Madrid’s defence wasn’t at 100% either. We’ll see what happens in the second leg.

    Ibrahim DurraniIbrahim Durrani15 dager siden
  • I remember someone called David something was ranting about how Liverpool are gonna expose all opponent defences in UCL lmao!!! Where the F is he, hope he didn't jump off a tower! LMAO!!!!!!!

    Duke SinDuke Sin15 dager siden
  • Stevie will replace Jurgen as a manager!! he will coaching from the pundit table.

    Eddy SylverstinEddy Sylverstin15 dager siden
  • Jeez Craig calling Arsenal heartless is no excuse of what was happening to Trent and Allison

    BottomEye ViewBottomEye View15 dager siden
  • Really looking forward to using him in Pes

    Dishan Singh MehtaDishan Singh Mehta15 dager siden
  • Southgate calling Taa :- I was right about the euro call.

    Anmol DhingraAnmol Dhingra15 dager siden
  • Real are trough

    Nitro NarNitro Nar15 dager siden
  • Kabak and Phillips gave Vini his goals. He is fast but against these two centre backs ...i can score a hattrick.

    Its me JoeIts me Joe15 dager siden
  • Zidane should pick Nacho/Militao more often,they are better compared to Varane

    AunchitoAunchito15 dager siden
  • Whatever you say, craig knows the game more than most pundits here

    NutriLane_Neyaz AhmedNutriLane_Neyaz Ahmed15 dager siden
  • You just proved us you do not Watch other leagues! Gtfo of the studio

    ULTRA MUCULTRA MUC15 dager siden
  • Sorry Steve How on earth could anyone say Liverpool will beat Real Madrid

    Daniel BayuoDaniel Bayuo15 dager siden
  • Arnold should never plqy at the back again id play any defender there instead of him and move him to midfield

    marcel matanimarcel matani15 dager siden
  • La liga always dominate the premier league

    Ricky RichRicky Rich15 dager siden
  • You guys are biased for Premier League clubs. I like the show, watched a lot of it. But every single time this bias arises. And I really question myself why I even clicked on a video from this channel.

    Nilesh KhatriNilesh Khatri15 dager siden
  • As a Liverpool fan I can't argue with the result , I thought we had a good chance to make mark , but real stopped us playing controlled the midfield most the game , if we want to win this which I think is a tall order , we need to sort Trent out quick he is our weak link when it comes to defending

    alec horsburghalec horsburgh15 dager siden
  • Vini scores 2? Hmmmmm

    Catalan DonCatalan Don15 dager siden
  • people ae forgetting liverpool are the comeback kings, anything can happen in football.

    MRKMRK15 dager siden
  • BMW guy- The only Benz i love is Benzama

    Manmeet SinghManmeet Singh15 dager siden
  • The aback sunday cranially injure because state basally promise behind a gleaming tile. changeable, abashed america

    Sofa KingSofa King15 dager siden
  • honestly i do like LIVERPOOL but last night they played like bunch of rookies i think they were sleepwalking

    saeed tabatabaeesaeed tabatabaee15 dager siden
  • 2nd leg I bet Madrid will score 2 atleast .....just enough for us to qualify than face Porto or Chelsea....

    secular Indiasecular India15 dager siden
  • “Best club on earth” yea liverpoop fans haha

    Just like youJust like you15 dager siden
  • Next game is at Anfield, easy for Madrid.

    Haris AftabHaris Aftab15 dager siden
  • Real Madrid isn't as solid as many people think and next week it'll be proven. They only took advantage of their tiny training pitch which really affected Liverpool team especially in the first half. It might sound funny to some people but that's the fact and my assertion will be proven next week when Liverpool exposed RM's lapses next week.

    Biodun SavageBiodun Savage15 dager siden
    • i hope so

      LUCAS 123LUCAS 12315 dager siden
  • What if Liverpool turn it around? Then they and Klopp gonna be lauded and Madrid and Zidane castigated and the yo yo silly pundits will be at it again

    L9ino L9inoL9ino L9ino15 dager siden
  • Hail Spanish Kings Hala Madrid 💛Don Antonio Kroos ❤️that ball

    Sohail MerajSohail Meraj15 dager siden
  • Everyone knows Real to be a beast on the biggest stage,it wouldn’t be surprising to see them storming into the final despite their domestic form.

    nkululeko mfononkululeko mfono15 dager siden
  • 3 -1 is a good victory for Real. Better was a victory of 5 - 1

    Ray IndraRay Indra15 dager siden
  • Modric 👑❤

    c gc g15 dager siden
  • Modric idolo

    c gc g15 dager siden
  • It shows liverpool are nothing without their fans

    ibo gunesibo gunes15 dager siden
  • Before the game they said Liverpool mid Wijnaldum, Fabino and Thiago was superior to Modric, Kroos and Casemiro. LOL. Not even near. What a game for Kross and Modric!

    Thukten LamaThukten Lama15 dager siden
  • I guess we know why Trent was left out of England's Squad 😙😙😙

    Khotatso MokoatleKhotatso Mokoatle15 dager siden
  • No way, front 3, maybe Liverpool are better with the exception of Benzema but there is no way Liverpool midfield is better than RMA midfield

    D.Z. B1âçkD.Z. B1âçk15 dager siden
  • If someone understands football, they will realise this panellist know nothing 🤣

    Aditya KalraAditya Kalra15 dager siden
  • Liverpool midfield was non existent

    Abc XyzAbc Xyz15 dager siden
  • I dont know why liverpool still keeping Alexander Arnold. He have no experience no skills. Only he knows haw to kick the ball that's all.

    Mohammad.NizamuddinMohammad.Nizamuddin15 dager siden
  • Madrid a different breed in UCL.

    Chika ClaudeChika Claude15 dager siden
  • Actually Real won against Liverpool and the referee. Felix Brych is a problem. He’s very often not impartial. And his linemen do not follow the ball.

    Tomek GTomek G15 dager siden
  • These guys are a bunch of hacks... The same bunch of wankers said Liverpool's midfield were better than Real Madrid's 3 😆 look at them backtrack now. All they every do is have a go at Mourinho... The most if not one of the most decorated managers walking around but love and celebrate klopp for doing the same thing they criticise Jose. It just goes to show how biased and unqualified for the position these idiots actually are.

    Clayton D'SouzaClayton D'Souza15 dager siden
  • Belle histoire

    HUJAMBO KorodaniHUJAMBO Korodani15 dager siden
  • Unpopular opinion, but Kroos+Modric>>> Xavi+Iniesta

    prabhat mehtaprabhat mehta15 dager siden

      LUCAS 123LUCAS 12315 dager siden
  • Zidane was so smart he knew he only needed to change the two wingers. Changing anyone else would have destroyed the chemistry.

    MartianTaneMartianTane15 dager siden
  • Where is Hutchinson!?? Absolute clown

    Adrian SierraAdrian Sierra15 dager siden
  • How do these guys get here to analyze soccer ? How do you get surprised a team like Madrid dominates Liverpool. EPL teams are overrated. Madrid and Barca will dominate in epl for years if they played there .

    Yaw OwusuYaw Owusu15 dager siden
  • Where is don? lmao.

    Mehedi Hasan SizanMehedi Hasan Sizan15 dager siden
    • My thoughts too :-)

      Said BelkacemSaid Belkacem15 dager siden
  • Stevie was laughing about ramos

    Jelldric DegrooteJelldric Degroote15 dager siden
  • Great performance today, but the battle’s not over yet. Let’s keep this up, Hala Madrid!

    Ash Blitz HDAsh Blitz HD15 dager siden
  • People forget dat real Madrid also have inexperienced CB partnership

    anil bodaranil bodar15 dager siden
  • Form is temporary, Class is forever.

    Ameen RAmeen R15 dager siden
  • Just poor team selection from klopp. Keita not completely fit and firmino can drop in mid and outnumbered them. Genuinely feel lfc can turn thus around still. Real aren't all that

    Thomas 123Thomas 12315 dager siden
  • For all who (including kloop ) think TAA deserved England place .he best attacking RB but defensively its problem ..

    anil bodaranil bodar15 dager siden
  • Madrid was "degraded" because they have old, slow, fake & overhyped players (kross, modric,vinnie, benz, etc.) yet they showed team spirit, class, experience & talent. I really admire Zidane keeping his frame and believing in his team.

    Dado DodaDado Doda15 dager siden
  • That midfield 3 is just ridiculous. Now they’re older they can’t sustain it all season. But for the champions league and the business end of the season. That pedigree and experience is just unmatched. Modric , kroos and casimero can control a game perfectly. To beat Real Madrid you need to score first and make them chase you to tire the midfield.

    Marcus GreenwoodMarcus Greenwood15 dager siden
  • lose to a madrid team without ramos while liverpool had salah(only scored),mane,"jota"firmino what could be worse

    mohammed roshanmohammed roshan15 dager siden

    Lijo AugustineLijo Augustine15 dager siden
  • Liverpool are out now

    Jay KaliraiJay Kalirai15 dager siden
  • Militao and nacho are solid CB duo.

    Mencius LesidanMencius Lesidan15 dager siden
  • I hope to see the pundits here show some genuine appreciation when Real Madrid win and not just put the blame on the opposing team as to have played poorly or not upto their alleged "usual" standards

    Avlash93Avlash9315 dager siden
  • Liverpool sucks

    LadiozLadioz15 dager siden
  • If Lord Don would have predicted the Covid 19, we would have been safe by now.

    AbhayAbhay15 dager siden
    • lol

      Said BelkacemSaid Belkacem15 dager siden
  • 3-1 might not be far Stevie but the way liverpool played especiallly the backline, they are milles away from going through, real were notoriously bad at scoring yet they bagged 3, unless liverpool picked up the pace in anfield they will get battered again

    Bassam EljaafariBassam Eljaafari15 dager siden
  • It’s because liverpool didn’t subscribe to ESPN plus

    Steven LightSteven Light15 dager siden
  • Vini and O dembele remind me of same players who are talented but inconsistent

    Samson JSamson J15 dager siden
  • He will be the next Brazilian superstar for sure just need to give him time

    NONO15 dager siden
  • Midfield got outplayed by Madrid's midfield most of the game. Mistake/mistakes leading to goal. 3-1 scoreline. It gave me 2018 feels. Still hoping for a comeback from my team in the 2nd leg albeit a tiny hope.

    sayan roysayan roy15 dager siden
  • Vininho Junior what a legend........... Lingardinho is better tho 😉

    Maxx - FTSMaxx - FTS15 dager siden
  • They actually giving credit to real Madrid but honestly if TAA hasn't made that mistakes The scoreline should be 1-1. Two errors from him and no criticism at all. Wow 👏👏👏

    Akash DixitAkash Dixit15 dager siden
  • And people doubt Zidane....LMAO

    Ahmed IslamAhmed Islam15 dager siden