2. mai. 2021
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  • NDL

    Adam KezzaAdam Kezza2 timer siden
  • For me that reaction is a strait red

    Lix LiveLix Live12 timer siden
  • Don’t have to wear masks while you all play? Here in my league we have to. But I live in America where Covid is running wild

    FrankRizzoFrankRizzo14 timer siden
  • In the second half it was WWE😂

    Art MadalaArt Madala15 timer siden
  • ez wins even on a shit pitch u guys should never be losing against this well done great game

    RadicalzRadicalz16 timer siden
  • 5:15 shat ma sel

    Sam MorrisonSam Morrison17 timer siden
  • tobi?

    The BootycheeksThe Bootycheeks17 timer siden

    MK _MK _17 timer siden
  • 18:45 it was 4-1 before it was even 4-1 😂😂

    Flanimal 101Flanimal 10120 timer siden
  • Where is John

    Cameron SkiltonCameron Skilton23 timer siden
  • Letssss goooooo finally

    QexcityQexcityDag siden
  • Is it just me or does the keeper sound exactly like Anthony Joshua

    Jay LeeJay LeeDag siden
  • I swear EZE players for crystal palace, I’ve heard that name and seen that haircut

    FutWilsFutWilsDag siden
  • They can do alot of things ..... BUT they cant stop the BLUDCLAAT shine

    Jahleel MarshallJahleel MarshallDag siden
  • is there anywhere to watch the full games?

    Justin MJustin MDag siden
  • Anyone know where Tobi is ??

    Gga 19Gga 19Dag siden
  • The guy scored the freekick looks like specz 😂

    xGameFreakx0xGameFreakx0Dag siden
  • AYO! I thought they had Anthony Joshua playing when Rilwan started chatting😂😂😂😂

    BarraBarraDag siden
  • “I don’t think it’s us letting them back in the game it’s the ref” that’s actually the worst mindset I’ve ever heard

    Shane McKeonShane McKeonDag siden
  • Why don’t you and Tobi play anymore?

    TPR GamingTPR GamingDag siden
  • Shouts manny and tobi but that tune at the end if fucking weak lads

    YourANeekYourANeekDag siden
  • How come manny isn't playing?

    Alex CrossAlex CrossDag siden
  • Its funny that all of the players thinks that theyre profesional footballers.🤡

    Krolbert_9Krolbert_9Dag siden
  • UTR filling the gap while I wait for Hashtag to come back. this is a decent series ig but it just goes to show HTU are on another level.

    Hank ShepherdHank Shepherd2 dager siden
  • Handball should be a red as he could have placed Rilwan in danger from other players rushing towards the ball.

    Chase McGhayChase McGhay2 dager siden
  • These lot are a bunch of dirty bastards

    Kieran BrookesKieran Brookes2 dager siden
  • you guys should make a football game, 99 rated manny

    angry grandmaangry grandma2 dager siden
  • Anyone else think rilwan sounds like Anthony Joshua... just me🤷‍♂️

    Charlie GregoryCharlie Gregory2 dager siden
  • that is a definite red

    Hamish MurphyHamish Murphy2 dager siden
  • Utr come along way with players big you up 👏

    ITS B333ZITS B333Z2 dager siden
  • Why is manny not playing anymore? Someone please tell me

    Harley ReevesHarley Reeves2 dager siden
  • Life lesson: don’t play football like a dickhead or else your team gets embarrassed 💀

    ClarenceClarence2 dager siden
  • No8 grape can give it but can't take it!

    MrKing70000MrKing700002 dager siden
  • Both red cards easily

    Brandon MacleodBrandon Macleod2 dager siden
  • Yes I they deserve it they just can't do that the first one yeah and 2nd one red card all day

    Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell2 dager siden
  • Red card all day

    Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell2 dager siden
  • Where’s prime Zidane 😂😂

    fadedclips _fadedclips _2 dager siden
  • Where's Tobi has he left the team

    Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell2 dager siden
  • Im so late what happend to tobi and manny why dont they play and who are the nee faces

    Mario LucasMario Lucas2 dager siden
  • How come manny is not in the squad

    BuckyhopBuckyhop2 dager siden
  • " two grapes in front of him " lol 11:42

    VoifleXVoifleX2 dager siden
  • 1:36 Tolu is so good he plays CB and CDM

    Brad HornBrad Horn2 dager siden
  • can someone tell me why manny never plays

    rory Gibsonrory Gibson2 dager siden
  • First time watching one of these videos actually entertaining

    Kye NortonKye Norton2 dager siden
  • Sheeeshhh they bak

    Josue GarcíaJosue García2 dager siden
  • where is tobi

    KiLLz PantherKiLLz Panther2 dager siden
  • big up the real one in net

    Aahil KhanAahil Khan2 dager siden
  • where’s filly?

    Dan KercherDan Kercher2 dager siden
  • Why is manny not playing

    Mario AlbMario Alb2 dager siden
  • Just started watching manny again and why does he not play for Under The Radar FC

    Rebel BinxRebel Binx2 dager siden
  • Number 8 grape all game was pushing and coming in unnecessarily hard. They do it back to him and he blows up. Give it out and best be able to handle it back

    Kerrod RileyKerrod Riley2 dager siden
  • UTR vs Hashtag United?

    Adulfo SalgadoAdulfo Salgado2 dager siden
  • Why is Manny not playing? Am I forgetting something

    oso Wweoso Wwe2 dager siden
  • Rilwan bare sounds like AJ🤣

    JJones07JJones072 dager siden
  • That number 8 was aggy fam wtf bare unnecessary late challenges 🤧🤧

    Nathan LhoniNathan Lhoni2 dager siden
  • 19:47 he said they are down to nine grapes😂😂

    Sylvester SiaraSylvester Siara2 dager siden
  • DO MOREEE PES 2021

    TM Channel YTTM Channel YT2 dager siden
  • Seems like WESFA didn’t know how to record that red card for the handball so they now decided it was violent conduct and gave the player a 3 game ban. Great decision and understanding of the rules🙄

    samuelsoilesamuelsoile2 dager siden
  • Had so much more respect for Bradley before I found out he eats yogurt with a fork 🤣

    AlphaPanda6 _AlphaPanda6 _2 dager siden
  • the rule for denying goal scoring oportunities is called DOGSO as it can be a bad tackle when infront of goal or as you saw a handball. Btw I am a qualified referee in Australia.

    Cricket-A-HolicsCricket-A-Holics2 dager siden
  • They’ve Been watching to much Roy Keane

    DTDDTD3 dager siden
  • I don't understand why doesn't manny play?

    oscar hoscar h3 dager siden
  • 2 reds

    Hair and Football By Adam and AlexHair and Football By Adam and Alex3 dager siden
  • I Swear these vids never disappoint❤️

    Ibrahim SalimIbrahim Salim3 dager siden
  • Out of the radar now

    Bford Lancer memesBford Lancer memes3 dager siden
  • 17:20 can we talk about this pass

    Newcastle UnitedNewcastle United3 dager siden
  • Ebere eze brother is a Baller

    Steven EbirimSteven Ebirim3 dager siden
  • stop swearing my mom do like it

    Q PLAYZQ PLAYZ3 dager siden
  • 18:57 you know it's a bad foul when jed looks at you like that

    Akil SpringetteAkil Springette3 dager siden
  • #8 was so ass he was making petty fouls all match. Shoving Temi , he deserved that red card

    x-SPIDERMaN-x13x-SPIDERMaN-x133 dager siden
  • Is tobi the coach

    Hazhir HunarHazhir Hunar3 dager siden
  • nah fam, man woulda swung at #8 first time no doubts. fuckin tosser

    Alex MejiaAlex Mejia3 dager siden
  • Where is tobi?😂

    MahmoudSFD 7MahmoudSFD 73 dager siden
  • i cannot be the only one who wants to move to the UK for soccer cuz its a money grab in the US😕

    v iDubYew vv iDubYew v3 dager siden
  • How did it go from 3-1 to 4-1 at 18:35

    Owen AddisonOwen Addison3 dager siden
  • How did it go from 3-1 to 4-1 at 18:39

    Owen AddisonOwen Addison3 dager siden
  • UTR played against Grape flavored Jam today

    Adan AguirreAdan Aguirre3 dager siden
  • That number 9 he a menace to society

    Andy BermudezAndy Bermudez3 dager siden
  • Eze and Dom in midfield is just unfair 😂

    SNP DxrkSNP Dxrk3 dager siden
  • Make a PES video

    Jordan BecklesJordan Beckles3 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ali ReynoldsAli Reynolds3 dager siden
  • Sam Bailey is as overrated as Werner

    Ronnie TerrillRonnie Terrill3 dager siden
  • Handball wasn’t a red obviously but that no.8 deffo deserved to get sent off 😳

    AWildHumanoidAWildHumanoid3 dager siden
  • So technically you can just catch the ball in the middle of the pitch and it’ll be a yellow?😂

    JoelJoel3 dager siden
  • I would have thrown hands on number 8

    Pierre CeballosPierre Ceballos3 dager siden
  • bro I clicked this video sooo fast! Glad to see the boys back.

    Tom LivoTom Livo3 dager siden
  • That no 8 in Jam isn't good, lol.🤣🤣🤣 Man is out here fouling other players, nd that's what his function/job is.

    Michael UzohoMichael Uzoho3 dager siden
  • Look like a dive from Femi. in my opinion it look like he went down before the jams player put a foot out

    Mitchell NunesMitchell Nunes3 dager siden
  • Red

    Josh HansleyJosh Hansley3 dager siden
  • When is Manny and Lanre going to play, I miss watching them play.

    Jessy PintoJessy Pinto3 dager siden
  • That purple team is dirty!!! All red cards were deserved 🤦🏻

    Marco delarosaMarco delarosa3 dager siden
  • You guyz wiz luckee coz ar goalie wiz shit yeah next time you get me

    Kris BowerKris Bower3 dager siden
  • 1st was soft. Yellow for me.. 2nd was dead cert haha. Can't do that no matter what haha

    George BlackGeorge Black3 dager siden
  • Where has will gone does anyone know??

    arsh bhagchandaneyarsh bhagchandaney3 dager siden
  • why doesn't Manny play anymore, is he injured??

    CamasGaming 9769CamasGaming 97693 dager siden
  • Why doesn’t manny play anymore?

    Fezap ToodFezap Tood3 dager siden
  • Since when did Anthony Joshua become a goalie for UTR????

    MirajiMiraji3 dager siden
  • Where’s Liam?

    Mase 08Mase 083 dager siden
  • 7 grapes in the pitch now

    Chelsea FcChelsea Fc3 dager siden