27. april. 2021
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Follow my life on farms in south west Scotland, working not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer.
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  • Hey folks, I've gone down a slightly different route with this video - there's less music ... so that we can focus on the trim itself - normal service shall resume with the next upload :)

    The Hoof GPThe Hoof GP12 dager siden
    • I'll give you a subscription when I get an update from the cow. It would be interesting to see how she is doing in a couple of weeks.

      Der SchinkenDer Schinken13 timer siden
    • I prefer this way.

      Rick JamesRick JamesDag siden
    • Much more enjoyable without the music, especially with the birds chirping in the background!

      Tina StaggTina StaggDag siden
    • Helped me to help my family, we are poor and I want to change our life, fund my transport project in my country please😢😥 or give me alms😞 don't take me for a scammer I just need to be helped

      Gami GamGami Gam2 dager siden
    • Stay with this style. I like it. Bit ASMR

      Samson LiSamson Li4 dager siden
  • What causes rotting of their hooves? Could it be the wet concrete floors?

    Min YoungMin Young3 minutter siden
  • AMAZING NOtown etiquette btw! If only more people followed this. Thank you!

    Dee JaaayDee Jaaay7 minutter siden
  • Are hoofs made of the same shit our nails/hair are made of?

    Dee JaaayDee Jaaay8 minutter siden
  • may i ask what is the blue spray you used?

    iiTs_SpectreiiTs_Spectre12 minutter siden
  • I have no idea why I'm watching this, but wow it's incredibly fascinating. I watch the whole thing.

    Instructor TomasInstructor Tomas15 minutter siden
  • The music makes me want to puke

    Chad MacDonaldChad MacDonald21 minutt siden
  • What do you do if both toe are fucked?

    Wilson DuanWilson DuanTime siden
  • sad cows make the world a worse place.

    Bo HuggabeeBo HuggabeeTime siden
  • Did you use anesthesia?

    Md. Kamrul HasanMd. Kamrul HasanTime siden
  • Me gustaria poder escucharlos en Castellano y aprender sobre esto

    Angelica Lozano VargasAngelica Lozano VargasTime siden
  • How long does it take for a hoof to go this bad?

  • : ) Good job. Sorry haven't been around in a while. I've always wonder how far you can go down on a hoof trimming. Keep up the good works. I'll be watching.

    Homeboy The Black LeprechaunHomeboy The Black LeprechaunTime siden
  • Cows are so freaking tough!😳

    Jeanie WilliamsJeanie WilliamsTime siden
  • Are there any nerves in the hoof itself? Like how much peeling can you do before it is skin and whatnot?

    Holly LednumHolly Lednum2 timer siden
  • I don't know how this even popped up on my feed, but the work you do is great! Do cows normally have problems with their hooves? I know horses wear shoes. What preventive measures can be done for cows?

    slowpoke079slowpoke0793 timer siden
  • How much hoof can you safely trim off

    Dawn BakerDawn Baker3 timer siden
  • i work in a storage facility and use grinders regularly to cut locks, etc. this guy is a master...

    nonenone4 timer siden
  • 6:15

    Latino GroyperLatino Groyper4 timer siden
  • it looks like she is also somewhat lame in her back left foot.

    Cris ADCris AD4 timer siden
  • So I know nothing about livestock care. Was the cow under anesthesia or is it like when we get our nails clipped? This looked intense but the cow didn’t seem to be reacting like she was in pain. Just curious!

    Geneveive RoanGeneveive Roan5 timer siden
  • how i feel when i got to the dentist

    mecaga youtubemecaga youtube6 timer siden
  • How far can you cut into that?

    Kenn TollensKenn Tollens6 timer siden
  • 475 uneducated dimwits have disliked a video, that is actually a human doing his level best to improve the animals comfort and ease the pain , We live in a world of fuckwits !!!

    Kernow JanKernow Jan7 timer siden
  • thank god for people like you

    Sargentomate MARTERZSargentomate MARTERZ7 timer siden
  • Ok, just when you think you have seen it all on NOtown you got a got cleaning cows hoofs. And I sat there and watched it. 2021 is a great time to be alive.

    NCADVRNCADVR7 timer siden
  • "I'm the hoof GP, this cow has a sore foot" HUH?

    Hugh JaanusHugh Jaanus7 timer siden
  • pretty much had to take off the entire hoof.

    blackcore11blackcore118 timer siden
  • Hoof is Miracle of God !!!

    Yorumcu TurkYorumcu Turk8 timer siden
  • Questions...How do you know how deep you need to go? How do you know you're not hurting the cow? Fk that looks bad.

    Michael ColemanMichael Coleman8 timer siden
  • I wanna smell it and lick up all the good stuff!

    Mr. WMr. W8 timer siden
  • my right foot is paining as iam watching this :)

    ZiadBeirutZiadBeirut9 timer siden
  • Oddly satisfying video.... I love this💝💝

    Sadik AhmedSadik Ahmed9 timer siden
  • Man. I could not see it. Egyptian

    Mezzoo PikoMezzoo Piko9 timer siden
  • Is it like tooth decay?

    dhanush shettigardhanush shettigar9 timer siden
  • Doesn't that cow feel any pain? Or did he inject local anesthesia first?

    dhanush shettigardhanush shettigar9 timer siden
  • does it hurt the animal?

    Yadumohan D. NairYadumohan D. Nair9 timer siden
    • hooves don't contain any nerve endings, if the cow was hurt it would be making a lot more noise.

      Liam WebsterLiam WebsterTime siden
  • замучил бурёнку, есть намного лучше способ от копытной гнили, КРЕОЛИН(попробуй), а ещё постарайтесь не доводить до такого состояния, базы почистите!

    Дмитрий СамсоновДмитрий Самсонов9 timer siden
  • Was she conscious while you worked on her?

    David CraigDavid Craig9 timer siden
  • If you want a smell comparison just watch this on the toilet

    Asa GellyAsa Gelly9 timer siden
  • wtf am I watching at 3 am

    PremooPremoo9 timer siden
  • The conditions where these animals are living are horible...I can't imagine how can be posible for a hoof to be rotten!

    Kim PhilbyKim Philby9 timer siden
  • I don't know how this ended up in my feed, but I enjoyed it

    Jonathan SJonathan S9 timer siden
  • Why. Did. I. Watch. It..?)))

    I see youI see you9 timer siden
  • Wait, there's an entire NOtown channel dedicated to cows' hooves? And.. IT'S IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS?? :-/

    David FerreeDavid Ferree11 timer siden
  • This doesn't hurt them? Is the hoof like a fingernail? Does it grow?

    whammo11224whammo1122411 timer siden
  • if you don't keep them standing in filth then they would not have theses problems. if you must do live stock, please have enough land so this wont happen. suffer till you die

    Sam YimSam Yim12 timer siden
  • can you do update on this one? i hope it get better :(

    Fabio MatosFabio Matos12 timer siden
  • Love what you do but a question, do you use any sort of anesthetic when you do this?

    Sean HearderSean Hearder12 timer siden
  • looks so gross but I cant look away

    DjSloppy MopDjSloppy Mop12 timer siden
  • Работа с "ароматом"

    MatrexEVOMatrexEVO12 timer siden
  • I don't know why NOtown suggested this to me but bless you and all those who go the extra mile to look after animals.

    Frosted ButtsFrosted Butts13 timer siden
    • You will become addicted to this channel!

      Christina RapolasChristina Rapolas2 timer siden
  • Great work!

    john robertsjohn roberts13 timer siden
  • does it smell?

    sLiM411sLiM41113 timer siden
  • Now I know how to describe what is both satisfying and disgusting at the same time.

    Wei Thiam NeoWei Thiam Neo13 timer siden
  • how did i get here? dunno...but was fascinating.

    Jason WJason W13 timer siden
  • Brilliant job

    Paul ThompsonPaul Thompson13 timer siden
  • Good job...from Singapore

    William ChengWilliam Cheng13 timer siden
  • Great skill and knowledge...we must respect all animals. Well done.

  • łota shiet

    K3RiZK3RiZ13 timer siden
  • Who wants a follow up video on this???!!! Hit that like.... Nice Video btw :)

    MrVVnzMrVVnz14 timer siden
  • Happy for the cow.

    ankra12ankra1214 timer siden
  • Absolutely no one: "..." NOtown: "Infected cow hoof trimming it is! Enjoy!"

    scott555scott55515 timer siden
  • Чёт пиздец

    Шагмир ТамбардакШагмир Тамбардак15 timer siden
  • Good job

    manoj sampathmanoj sampath15 timer siden
  • hahaha imagine cows going through this, alone. Vegans!

    Ionescu Alexandru BogdanIonescu Alexandru Bogdan15 timer siden
  • fuking gb brexit

    MAYA MAYAMAYA MAYA15 timer siden
  • I am 100% disgusted by this and yet i cant stop watching. please help

    SivSiv16 timer siden
  • Are you the person who owns these cows or are you like a service provider who visits people with cows? And if you visit people with cows and you see contidions like these where the hoof and the legs are full of shit and dirt and the building is dirty and moisture is everywhere, do you tell these people that they should change their conditions for the cows to prevent things like this?

    lasse redenlasse reden16 timer siden
  • "If you listen to the noise of the grinder" Me: "Hehe grinder goes NAANG NAANG NAAANG NANG NANG NANG"

    Ren SealRen Seal17 timer siden
  • I love cows so much. Thanks for helping them.

    jake wintzerjake wintzer17 timer siden
  • Worst ingrown toenail I’ve ever seen!😂

    Rdubs 1Rdubs 117 timer siden
  • Does this not hurt the cow? (The bleeding)

    Ya DogYa Dog17 timer siden
  • Poor animal; does the farmer inspect for this type of thing regularly | preventative maintenance.

    RegenmeisterRegenmeister18 timer siden
  • The cow looks underfed hope things go well for her

    Dylan kingDylan king18 timer siden
  • I hate that we can not get veal at the butcher anymore.

    AxeMastersINCAxeMastersINC18 timer siden
  • It looks like chicken

    ReazeReaze18 timer siden
  • Poor cow. You know how it hurts with an ingrown toenail hurts. Xox

    Leanne MayorLeanne Mayor18 timer siden
  • 2:34 AM NOtown: hey you should watch this Me: ... Me:

    RobRob21 time siden
  • funny how no one cleans them prior to this? never owned a cow or know anything. also 6:15 pooping on wet clean floor

    XXX GAMESXXX GAMES21 time siden
    • Lol it's a cow barn.. it's constantly getting shit on. No big deal.

      Frosted ButtsFrosted Butts13 timer siden
  • This is way better then pimple popping

    Gizmo The TruckerGizmo The Trucker22 timer siden
  • this made me throw up, blahhh

    Sour CreamSour Cream22 timer siden
  • Happy mother's day weekend to you guys lol be careful and safe out there lol

    Ariel DrappeauxAriel Drappeaux22 timer siden
  • I know nothing about cows, but how does this happen? Is the rancher suppose to clean the cows hoofs on a regular bases?

    Johnny SilverhandJohnny Silverhand22 timer siden
    • I was wondeing the same thing. Are they supposed to be maintained, like a horse? Why let it get this bad? Surpised the cow ciould put any weight on it.

      TOM RTOM R22 timer siden
  • Poor cow 😔 I feel bad for it

    Arwyn JohnsonArwyn Johnson23 timer siden
  • Fabulous work and thank you for your care what a pity the farmer didn't care to stop such awful conditions in the first place......he'll just be looking at an asset. What a life, an incredibly painful foot, lost her babies and at some point will have to get carted off to the slaughter house to walk down an aisle into a pen to get a bolt and then strung up half unconscious. Looks like she needs a good milking as well !

    Sara BovenziSara BovenziDag siden
  • thank god for for people like this. Hurray for veterinarians!.. I'll be honest the thumbnail was gross, couldn't watch it...but i see what you did in the end and the cow is most definitely thankful....Bravo!

    Mдѓіф ϾMдѓіф ϾDag siden
  • does this hurt them?

    vanessa hernandezvanessa hernandezDag siden
  • It's insane to think the cow will most likely come back from this. Will the hoof grow back almost normal?

    warioman91warioman91Dag siden
  • why am i here !!!

    dont caredont careDag siden
  • what's the blue stuff

    D DD DDag siden
  • OH my word, that poor animal. She can't say thank you but I will do it for her. " Thank you so much."

    Laura BakerLaura BakerDag siden
  • We get to see this without the nuance of the stink involved. Must be very nasty, most would run.

    jbavarianjbavarianDag siden
  • so horrible, so much pain. why not improving the raising condition?

    Kingel FanKingel FanDag siden
  • what is that blue spray, some kind of anti-biotic spray?

    JeshuaGamingJeshuaGamingDag siden
  • any new update on the cow?

    SilentcallingSilentcallingDag siden
  • When the blood came 🥺

    Özge ÖzgeÖzge ÖzgeDag siden
  • never will I ever subscribe to this

    Jackson RitterJackson RitterDag siden
  • 6:16... she relief her self... by SHIEEETTTING LOL

    SilentcallingSilentcallingDag siden
  • Why doesnt he use water to flush anything???

    DizzledoeDizzledoeDag siden