1. mai. 2021
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Despite your best efforts, sometimes things just don't go as planned.
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Headset - Hyper X Alpha Cloud
Mouse - Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
Pad - HyperX Fury (XL)
Keyboard - Corsair K70 RGB (Red Switches)
Mic - Audio Technica AT2020+ w/ BAI-2N Two-Section Broadcast Arm Stand
Cam - Logitech BRIO - Ultra HD
Monitor (main) - MSI Optix MAG241C 144hz Curved [x1]
Monitor (secondary) - ViewSonic VX2252MH 60Hz [x2]
Capture Card - Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2
Stream Deck - Elgato Mini
Gaming PC 'Moonstone':
CPU ⇨ i9-9900K
CPU Cooler ⇨ Corsair H150i
GPU ⇨ EVGA RTX 2080 Ti
RAM ⇨ GSkill 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 RGB
Motherboard ⇨ MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon
PSU ⇨ Corsair RM850 ATX12V
SSD ⇨ Samsung 500GB 970 Evo Plus
HDD ⇨ WD Blue 2TB 5400 RPM
Case ⇨ Corsair 500D SE
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Outro - Matt Stovall (
♫Music - By Order of Appearance♫
1. Patapsco River - Bonnie Grace
2. Before Chill - Yomoti
3. Believe in You and Me - The New Fools
4. Deadlines - Dylan Sitts
5. Permanent Record - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
6. Baseball Card - Justnormal
7. Shoes Off - Guustavv
8. Detergent - Dylan Sitts
9. The Ingenious - Arthur Benson
10. Magnet Groove - John Runefelt
11. Hidden Identity 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
12. Hoover Dam - Bonnie Grace
13. Hold Up - Fasion
14. It's Time - Ealot
15. A Classic Noir - Mary Riddle
16. Knights Templar 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
17. Enter the Inner Chamber of My Heart - par
18. GoGo Badouh - Daniel Fridell
19. Maiden Voyage - Duke Herrington
20. Rammadam - Daniel Fridell
21. I'm On A Roll - DJ DENZ The Rooster
Outro Song ⇨ chryst - 1k
All background music is provided by Epidemic Sound -

  • Bro i spit my food out when yah got killed by a bow lmfaooo. you really fcked them up dou gg

    Jorge GonzalezJorge Gonzalez7 minutter siden
  • but srsly ur Chad Nice job

    mahdy shahrimahdy shahri14 minutter siden
  • Why u have to be mad it`s only game ! if isn`t why alonetokyo isn`t mad ?

    mahdy shahrimahdy shahri15 minutter siden
  • U ever gonna add blue lagoon on console

    RubyIsOGRubyIsOG2 timer siden
  • so fucking many man... maaany many many men

    BurakismusBurakismus2 timer siden
  • love you how he complains about a grub in the beginning and then grubs😹

    Cameron KneppCameron Knepp2 timer siden
  • Dude it hurts to wat hhhhh

    JuicyJuicy2 timer siden
  • 1 or all of those guys had ESP confirmed

    An Eye LaterAn Eye Later2 timer siden
  • The painting inspired by nobody's movie is amazing , so cool wonderful bro just so creative i love it nice job bloo

    ConstellationConstellation2 timer siden
  • Quality content.

    n1hilist _n1hilist _3 timer siden
  • I've been so bored with Rust this month but now I want to fire it back up and play

    AnacleosAnacleos4 timer siden
  • 32:00 build up hurt so bad like got damn there was a hot air balloon there they probably werent even geared

    Bennett CrozierBennett Crozier4 timer siden
  • lul the pov is every fight i have or I just get obliterated before I had a chance to shoot

    BlitstyBlitsty4 timer siden
  • 26:30 hurt so bad

    Bennett CrozierBennett Crozier5 timer siden
  • Ahahahahaha

    SwavySwavy5 timer siden
  • 3:09 Maybe i am a grub

    Zucc succZucc succ6 timer siden
  • Get shit on 😂😂😂 had that meme replaying in my mind

    theguy998theguy9986 timer siden
  • 33:12 best intro

    KinaKina7 timer siden
  • That triple spray was absolutely disgusting

    HappyWabbitHappyWabbit7 timer siden
  • LOL. The whole opening and then the first 4 minutes basically shows how he as a fresh spawn grabs a gun he found and kills a geared "chad". Still love ya and your vids, just thought that was funny.

    Scott ZielinskiScott Zielinski7 timer siden
  • Cover art = Nobody (nicely done)

    BarnStangzBarnStangz8 timer siden
  • Blooprint: "The unlucky life" First 9 minutes of the video: makes a play and gets a sar, kills more people and gets guns, counters a raid and gets a FUCKING AK (oh yeah and an inventory of metal)

    Embr_wolfEmbr_wolf9 timer siden
  • IS this thumbnail from the new film NOBODY ?

    Jakob LukasJakob Lukas9 timer siden
  • greatest final stand in rust I've ever witnessed

    thewhitesttyronethewhitesttyrone9 timer siden
  • Bloo, I would kill to watch u play sea of thieves

    pogpog10 timer siden

    Mi MoňMi Moň11 timer siden
  • ye everyone, look at the real rust... my everyday on rust is just like this vid..

    NaughtyBearNaughtyBear14 timer siden
  • Blooprint that pogchampion guy is a NOtown aswell his name is etone he has video of the other side of that how he was killing you and stuff in this video his is name is etone he reveals his pogchampion name in the video

    Nathan WatersNathan Waters14 timer siden
  • This guy cant see when his eyes are closed wtf?

    Mac FrikadelMac Frikadel14 timer siden
  • bloo! if you're ever in a situation where you have too much metal just spam craft double sheet metal doors! it's extremely useful for situations like where you got the inventory of metal frags

    Tyler HowesTyler Howes15 timer siden
  • Your one of the best at making these rust storylines out of raw gameplay. Keep it up!

    SumokiiSumokii16 timer siden
  • that triple killl was insane

    Lynx !Lynx !16 timer siden
  • so this video was just you getting shit on up and down lol?

    jacob dickermanjacob dickerman17 timer siden
  • Hey Blooprint, i know im a nobody, but can i play with u? I'm lonely af

    ErvThePerkErvThePerk18 timer siden
  • O Oknkinj.

    Noah UrlaubNoah Urlaub19 timer siden
  • rust you youtubers have the most loyal fans every video at least 500k

    sm1cksm1ck19 timer siden
  • Bloos just a nobody

    AltyAlty19 timer siden
  • I like that long Rust videos are becoming the norm.

    FordPower5288FordPower528820 timer siden
  • I wonder how many hours does bloo have looking at the ground😂😂

    Braden SotoBraden Soto22 timer siden
  • 26:30 I would of been so mad I would of just throw my pc across my room 🤣🤬

    Sebastian the catSebastian the cat22 timer siden
  • Atleast someone is having a worse day then us Understandble have a good wipe

    UlfhednarUlfhednar22 timer siden
  • So basically as always u sooked and had a winge, couldn't get your own way and u went duo, showed off like a kid, right got it

    SwitchBak GunnedSwitchBak Gunned22 timer siden
  • the classy music hits different

    ZyphericZyphericDag siden
  • The guy that seems like he's 'hacking' just has a bad pc and doesn't render most of the fog and bush, so Pay=Lose in Rust ig

    SookaSookaDag siden
  • Blooprint is back YESSSSSSS

    Harry CuthbertHarry CuthbertDag siden
  • who makes these cringe ass thumbnails xD

    Geralt of RiviaGeralt of RiviaDag siden
  • I swear that thumbnail is robbed from the film nobody 😭😭

    qAtlantic -qAtlantic -Dag siden
  • i don't care if bloo's videos are scripted, they are still entertaining

    Orion CharwoodOrion CharwoodDag siden

    lemonlemonDag siden
  • That intro is fire

    thegoat_winsthegoat_winsDag siden
  • Maybe snuffy wasnt my good luch charm at all😭😂🤣🤣🤣

    207_ Ash207_ AshDag siden
  • Lmao i have 400 hours they get dogged on right after they say that

    Dylan obrienDylan obrienDag siden
  • Bloo has entered the beast mode at the end

    BolequeBolequeDag siden
  • him tlaks trash about grubs 3 mins later cams in bush and kills someone

    Faze SandlinFaze SandlinDag siden
  • What an ending! I do love your videos Blooprint, and your skills!

    Scott JohnstoneScott JohnstoneDag siden
  • Thats pretty much my friends and i's rust experience. We kill a team of 10 grubs over and over and fight off other squads while doing it. But ya know, 10 grubs with 40 bags around they are always bound to get all the other squads shit eventually. I wish there were more options for trios and quads max but theres only like 2 or 3 filled ones every wipe

    Deliri0us -Deliri0us -Dag siden
  • noob

    esodhiesodhiDag siden
  • The spoon life

    Boja BangBoja BangDag siden
  • hate to see you lose bro dip with the loot faster lol

    DrWaneDrWaneDag siden
  • Nice u where me for a vid but with alot better aim

    TOxicTOxicDag siden
  • 26:10 Absolute clutch, video-defining moment. 26:35 Nevermind.

    Systematic AccomplishmentSystematic AccomplishmentDag siden

    なるとなるとDag siden
  • Hope you enjoyed your break, happy to have you back great video!

    Bearded BucketsBearded BucketsDag siden
  • take that wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo get off him lmfao hell yeah

  • 2:19 he predict it Me:unlucky.but the protagonist not gonna surrender and gonna make a play and get so much loot bloo:I change server Me:Congrats...You unlocked the achivement server hoppers...i guess i still proud of you

    DrakonDrakonDag siden
  • Bro blue takes a break from rust and then has to come back to a wipe like this oh my

    Joseph RodriguezJoseph RodriguezDag siden
  • Noob 🐔

    phan văn đạtphan văn đạtDag siden
  • The fart noises man 😂😂 funniest vid I seen

    Graced SoulsGraced SoulsDag siden
  • 34:57 Idk why but your voice sounds so happy but at the same time like my year 6 school show practice 😂😂 Good Vid keep up the work!

    D.O.3-Gaming SnackD.O.3-Gaming SnackDag siden

    KyoKyoDag siden
  • Starts the vid complaining about grubs, 2 min he grubs a full kit.

    DennisTheMeniceDennisTheMeniceDag siden

    yo_xoveyo_xoveDag siden
  • i need people to play with

    GryffynGryffynDag siden
  • Yo can you make a starter guide for us rookies because I’m getting it when it comes out on console

    Firewing 2014Firewing 2014Dag siden
  • "At least it's good to know someone was having a worse day than us". Lol when the game makes you happy that someone else is having a bad time.

    MongooseMongooseDag siden
  • I felt that mans pain when he asked why.

    ClavxmClavxmDag siden
  • impostwer

    Keirin MannKeirin MannDag siden
  • l

    James CruickshankJames CruickshankDag siden
  • Hmmmm I don't play rust I don't mean your bad at the game but you should you air strike

    Mohamed ElsayedMohamed ElsayedDag siden
  • Bro yo thumb smells funny

    icey wolficey wolfDag siden
  • Ye he dababay wat you now about me

    Kayden BlakeKayden BlakeDag siden
  • i bet he thumbnail is inspired by 'nobody' the movie an action movie similar to John wick

    Random doggieRandom doggieDag siden
  • Bro people don’t realise if they kill bloo they already dead

    flip debeerflip debeerDag siden
  • POV: your gay

    Ned KavenaghNed KavenaghDag siden
  • I love you


    redhhbh rhdfbdrrredhhbh rhdfbdrrDag siden
  • I laugh everytime I see a blue loading bar for EaC.... For the LULZ.....

    MeMad MaxMeMad MaxDag siden
  • Last few minutes were intense but I was still expecting something to go wrong , you’re crazy tho

    Pineapple on PizzaPineapple on PizzaDag siden
  • lmao you know i love listening to you complain. Not like "i enjoy your pain". I just enjoy *the way* you complain lol

    AEN streamsAEN streamsDag siden
  • Bloo mate, i beg you to make an oce bloo lagoon, all of the oce servers suck shit. please bro i beg lmao

    MomentoMomentoDag siden
  • That was insane clutch 1v3 ❤️

    NtM NotMeNtM NotMeDag siden
  • Started watching right before work and got stuck at the oil rig! Lmao finally home and get to finish the show 😂❤️

    Gogeta SSGSSGogeta SSGSSDag siden
  • Yo y does this remind me of a spoonkid video when your doing bad

    Billy the godBilly the godDag siden
  • spoonkid pov be like

    Moses FongMoses FongDag siden
  • 26:10 ok bloo I see you out here with the 1v3 clutch (sorry about 5 seconds later that shit really shouldn't have happened)

    Sir Elite The 3rdSir Elite The 3rdDag siden
  • Uhm how does it feel to be like blooprint,frost,imberne,wally1k and other pro NOtownr rust

    DarkStone 606DarkStone 606Dag siden
  • the good with the bad, thanks for sharing

    Anthony GAnthony GDag siden
  • ur servers shit

    QuaziQuaziDag siden
  • Bro i wanna play on bloo lagoon so badly but im gonna get shit on by sweaty chads

    KingBrianKingBrianDag siden
  • how do you not know how they go afk???? I think he takes off his headset and goes to do something

    PinkiesPinkiesDag siden