Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion

27. aug.. 2020
2 603 553 Ganger

Uther the Lightbringer, Paladin of the Silver Hand, met an untimely demise ... but his service is not done. When he passes into the afterlife, Devos - a Paragon of Bastion - takes Uther under her wing, only to learn that some mortal wounds run deeper than she could imagine.
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  • I kinda feel bad for Arthas. Because he tried to save his people no matter the cost, and sought vengeance, he lost his will to resist frostmourne. Probably only few mortals could resist the cursed blade. The fact that he didn't get a trial in front of the arbiter and got sent straight into the maw made me really sad. I wished Uther had a moment of clarity, that in his eyes, he would see Arthas before he got corrupted by the blade, the paladin prince he mentored.

    AnesterianfulAnesterianful18 timer siden
  • Arthas will wake sooner or later.

    ††ValiLucy††††ValiLucy††Dag siden
  • Whoever makes these animated shorts is the reason i go back to wow

    JorcaJorcaDag siden
  • yeet

    shadowfox662shadowfox662Dag siden
  • So is artas coming back to live?

    Nikolo :PNikolo :PDag siden
  • Kinda useless to cast him into the maw when he served the maw to begin with. I guess what ever makes uther feel better.

    aaron gooleyaaron gooley3 dager siden
  • Uther is going to rescue Arthas and make him “ascend” by giving him his wings. Then we’ll see Winged Arthas with the Primus/Runecarver essence inside him vs the Jailer. Badass.

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache4 dager siden
  • We all know Arthas is going to inherit those wings and maybe the Primus/Jailer essence inside him

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache4 dager siden
  • See this is what happens when it costs nothing to respec...Uther went from Holy to Retribution paladin real quick

    TheSilverPhoenix100TheSilverPhoenix1005 dager siden
  • Not vengeance. JUSTICE! Actual goosebumps.

    Connman 8dConnman 8d5 dager siden
  • daaam i dont even play this game but uther, uther is my man

    hevimieshevimies6 dager siden
  • bastion go brrr

    B I G G W E L DB I G G W E L D6 dager siden
  • Arthas must be in the maw somewhere right? He has to make an appearance at some point shouldn't he?

    shield of faithshield of faith6 dager siden
  • Bring back Arthas 😅

    Episode UpdateEpisode Update7 dager siden
  • No one's ever really gone

    CarlCarl7 dager siden
  • Democrats on the 20th of January, 2021 be like: Harris : Now cast trump into the maw, reurn him to the darkness he served... his eternal suffering awaits... Biden : He was... my... president Harris : Remember what he did, and take your vengeance... Biden : Not vengeance... justice!

    Andrew WudartaAndrew Wudarta7 dager siden
  • Uther realizes that he was wrong to want revenge and allows Bastion to hold him prisoner. One of them stops it and wants to understand what went wrong. Now to get rid of the darkness inside of him, so Uther can ascend into the light. I did the whole storyline, up to the defeat of the forsworn.

    Dennis FortnerDennis Fortner8 dager siden
  • Yall know Uther tapped that.

    WhackDatTowerWhackDatTower9 dager siden
  • The words "Father, is it, over..." mean so much. His torment of watching, knowing the thing's he's done while those he chose were gruesome, there were those he tried with everything within him to stop. In his last breath, hoping for peace and at long last he instead saw only eternal torment. It's something incredible to literally one minute see Arthas murder his mercenaries', his father and his people and the next pity him for a judgement he never deserved. Well done Blizzard, I only hope how little Arthas has to play in Shadowlands is as masterful as this.

    DrCaesarsPalaceMDDrCaesarsPalaceMD10 dager siden
  • Came here again after I finished Uthers book of heroes in hearthstone. The feels. 😭

    monberg1000monberg100010 dager siden
  • Man... how much i want this style of uther as the paladin portrait i cant even explain

    Egemen CanEgemen Can11 dager siden
    • İt would look sooooo great

      Egemen CanEgemen Can11 dager siden
    • Or as a card

      Egemen CanEgemen Can11 dager siden
  • Bring arthas back 💙

    meghdad andarabimeghdad andarabi11 dager siden
  • he is still your student fool

    Batuhan DoganBatuhan Dogan11 dager siden
  • I'm just not convinced of this added lorepiece. It just cheapens the whole afterlife scenario for warcraft. Reminds me of the plotholes the anime series Bleach kept receiving the further they delved into the afterlife lore.

    Christopher BoyeChristopher Boye11 dager siden
  • Might Arthas be a future raid boss?

    Dr DankensteinDr Dankenstein11 dager siden
  • Anyone notice at 6:26 that when Uther says justice and the frame widens he looks just like that picture of Tyrael?

    rafdosa98rafdosa9812 dager siden
  • So Uther knows Arthas is a good boy. He knows the blade cursed him and the helm controls his body. Why UTHER become a pussyboy? BLIZZ hire better storywriters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tineris TinerisTineris Tineris12 dager siden
  • Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 1:25

    Leonardo SchneiderLeonardo Schneider12 dager siden
  • Uther Lightbringer my favorite paladin

    Yeldos AdaiYeldos Adai13 dager siden
  • There is no evil in Bastion? Thats like saying "there is no ice in the freezer"

    PurpleTylenolPurpleTylenol14 dager siden
  • When "Arthas, My Son"/"Invincible" starts playing, got sucked right back into 2009 for a second there. Such a good song.

    VholstVholst14 dager siden
    • @Vholst yes it dropped there buts in the cinematic from 2008.

      Milton DMilton D13 dager siden
    • @Milton D sorry, meant the scene, which dropped with 3.3 at the end of 2009

      VholstVholst13 dager siden
    • *2008

      Milton DMilton D14 dager siden
  • Devos: He continues to demand retribution for his death. Uther: Justice demands retribution!

    FengarFengar14 dager siden
  • i finally understand what they are talking about after playing through the bastion part lol

    boringstuffboringstuff15 dager siden
  • I hope for the fans sake that Uther turns back to the light. He is misguided and i am sad to see such a iconic hero of Warcraft turn to darkness.

    Vikturus22Vikturus2215 dager siden
    • @Sninctbur Not all of them, Uther didnt know about the maw. If you finish the kyrian storyline many forsworn are being tortured or prisoners in the maw to force them to cooperate. After you kill Devos her second in command is torturing Uther in the maw.

      AbstractFactoryAbstractFactory10 timer siden
    • @AbstractFactory The Forsworn are in cohorts with the Maw. Of course they’re evil.

      SninctburSninctbur11 timer siden
    • I think they should have left the forsworn with the same design as regular Kyrian, to emphasize that it's a civil war. With their dark appearance they look obviously evil.

      AbstractFactoryAbstractFactory14 dager siden
  • They did my girl Devos dirty in-game. She deserved so much more.

    Nathan RobinsonNathan Robinson15 dager siden
  • These trailers feel somehow more authentic than the CGI ones, like the art style gives it a depth that no other trailer could match.

    Leo K.Leo K.16 dager siden
  • 4:03, this line makes absolutely no sense as a response to what she's saying.

    Garnet GGarnet G17 dager siden
    • He thinks that Arthas is an agent of the maw and can’t escape the Maw but instead Frostmourne is a weapon of the Maw and they don’t believe it’s entered a mortal realm.

      Milton DMilton D14 dager siden
  • Why all except draka gets killed by these shadowland cinematics...

    Alith AnarAlith Anar17 dager siden
  • Return arthas and this will be great again

    Mark DiosoMark Dioso18 dager siden
  • Uther your son of ... Note : at the end, arthas' face bathes in light and is more and more illuminated, while Uther and the other chicken are totally in the shade ... A clue for the rest of the events? ;)

    shadow2000shadow200018 dager siden
  • is that Tim Russ/Tuvok voicing ?

    DS2DS219 dager siden
  • i feel bad for devos she only wanted to help Uther punish arthas and stop the maw in azeroth

    SpartanSpartan19 dager siden
  • These cinematics r so cool ! Imagine if the game itself was the same..

    Redstripe921Redstripe92119 dager siden
  • That ENOUGH is similiar to BAAL ENOUGH in trailer in diablo 2

    Andry SusantoAndry Susanto20 dager siden
  • They ought to make a movie about Arthas' life. And one about Illidan's.

    AeliuzAeliuz20 dager siden
  • Almost forgot to watch this today

    c1nderc1nder21 dag siden
  • Everyone laughing at how the Kyrians pick up and carry us when they literally showed us before launch that this would be the case 5:56

    Otter von BlitzkriegOtter von Blitzkrieg21 dag siden
  • please let Arthas kill Uther again, put the heel down once and for all. the scourge never dies

    LiskusLiskus21 dag siden
  • I will demand that uther be murdered a thousand million times for loot for this sin

    articeon neonarticeon neon21 dag siden
  • All I want are movies like this :)

    Twixo38Twixo3822 dager siden
  • Arthas did nothing wrong

    Gopnik45 8Gopnik45 822 dager siden
  • Most sad scene in Andorhal. I never forget how a pathetic level 2 Dk plus 44 ghouls would beat a level 10 finest paladin with 6 knights. Ok, lore purposes...

    Tiago FlintTiago Flint22 dager siden
  • The Forsworn did nothing wrong..

    Common San'sCommon San's23 dager siden
  • If we don't get to save Arthas then i'll be mad.

    Bladeofwar94Bladeofwar9423 dager siden
  • When sylvanas died I bet her bad soil came back and her good soul got trapped behind Sylvanas is going to sacrifice herself at the end of shadowlands. Partial redemption and final death.

    AlexanderThePupAlexanderThePup23 dager siden
  • It is vengeance, not justice. I disappointed in you, Uther.

    Jean-Joseph ShalqarJean-Joseph Shalqar23 dager siden
  • I would rather to see this Devos as a Vigilante Centurion for Bastion than a Forsworn who is a combobreaker annoyance dungeon boss.

    Yusuf IğnakYusuf Iğnak23 dager siden
  • ME: Getting that Covid vaccine 3:33

    GnuccyGnuccy23 dager siden
  • There’s a fine line between vengeance and justice.

    David SmithDavid Smith23 dager siden

    Turtle InferiorTurtle Inferior24 dager siden
  • I remember Uther words "I hope there's special place after life for you" and arthas said "maybe but im intend to live forever"

    Kaiser Willhelm IIKaiser Willhelm II25 dager siden
  • devos toss him into the maw destroy him uther no devos UTHER

    Clarence CallahanClarence Callahan25 dager siden
  • Can't wait for Arthas's redemption plot

    Cymbaline 438Cymbaline 43825 dager siden
  • What is happening to Arthas now Is he going to come back lile uther did

    Ousstar A_MOusstar A_M25 dager siden
  • what he said : he was my student ! what he meant : he was like a son to me !

    Bastien LegareBastien Legare25 dager siden
  • I thought frostmourne was eating souls?... so why wasnt the soul of uther in frostmourne like all the others?..... when you kill arthas in wow you see how the souls escape after his death so wtf? His soul even appeared in the halls of reflection in wow to warn jaina when she spoke with the souls in frostmourne. So wtf blizzard. You forgot your own sh**, well just want to sell stuff hmm? Like the pandaria for china, you still didnt apologize for the pandas wow died after wotlk r.i.p.

    TO SAMJATO SAMJA26 dager siden
    • look at the moment of his death, you see his soul split, 1 part goes in to frostmourne other to bastion, as he pleaded to the light to save his soul, seems light did best it could.

      dushasdushas26 dager siden
  • So now that everyone knows where they are going when they die, does that mean everyone will commit suicide after the Shadowlands is saved? I mean the dead can now enter the living world so...ya.

    Helping HandHelping Hand26 dager siden
  • Amazing

    Frostywrath cFrostywrath c26 dager siden
  • man, who ever did the scream on uther death,just go voice acting on attack on titans,you ll have better ending there.I hope not....

    _Kalfy_Kalfy27 dager siden
  • Arthas is in the maw, CONFIRMED. Hopefully we can see him again

    RaphnerRaphner27 dager siden
  • this gives me chills, so good.

    MrOverdoze1991MrOverdoze199127 dager siden
  • I personally think arthas deserves revendreth

    Quentastic 303Quentastic 30327 dager siden
  • Devos THICC af tho. No wonder Uther follows that booty 😄

    Roni HakanenRoni Hakanen27 dager siden
  • His soul was split , one went to light and one shadowlands, wtf is going on with lors

  • So did Devos die completely? I haven’t seen it yet.

    Milton DMilton D28 dager siden
  • Arthas 💖💖💖

    Diário de BethoowenDiário de Bethoowen28 dager siden
  • It only just occurred to me. When Uther says "He was my student", he does not pity Arthas. He blames himself for everything that led to what is about to happen. He basically has one large "My God, what have I done" moment and realizes that if he proceeds, there will be no turning back for him.

    Mikhail RomanovskiiMikhail Romanovskii28 dager siden
  • i mean seriously. where does wow go from here? they are essentially in the afterlife now. LOL it should of ended ages ago and gone with a wow 2 with how much they have changed the lore. not even any of the faction leaders are the same anymore say may be thrall.

    pastrana21pastrana2129 dager siden
    • Afterlife in our world is a fairytale. In World of warcraft, everything gets killed which is more fitting. I

      Alith AnarAlith Anar17 dager siden
  • 6:03 I would've spared Arthas and given him forgiveness the moment the music hits the suspense is powerful.

    Lord DracolicheLord Dracoliche29 dager siden
  • Are the Paragons Val'kyr???

    Lal RinaLal Rina29 dager siden
    • No. Vykrul are ascended into Val’kyr.

      Milton DMilton D28 dager siden
  • I used to vilify uther for this, until I remembered the time I accidentally saved my father's life as a child. If I could go back now and be in this position, I would've said and done exactly the same.

    エリクソン・ウォルフエリクソン・ウォルフMåned siden
  • Update is been revealed: Devos is destroyed.

    Yijin ChenYijin ChenMåned siden
  • woaaw💩

    ASMR. im sick of internet.ASMR. im sick of internet.Måned siden
  • I just hate what we have to do to Devos, and so early in expansion... Such a great character!

    DejanDejanMåned siden
    • Underrated comment. Devos was indeed a great character.

      SmokedSmoked10 dager siden
  • Невероятно 🦢🦢🦢

    TheGrorhardGameJournalTheGrorhardGameJournalMåned siden
  • So this cinematic played throughout Wrath of the Lich King, the same as Afterlives Maldraxxus played after Draka's death and Ursoc after his defeat at Emerald Nightmare. (Or Ursol, I don't remember who is who.)

    Connor ShanConnor ShanMåned siden
  • Uther at the end. For a second he was about to take the fall for Arthas, it WAS his failure for not going with him that drove him to such lengths, but rage is powerful motivator, maybe coated with a pretty "j" word last thing to do was yeet

    Dog GodDog GodMåned siden
  • 5:25. Arthas: Us. Devos: 2021

    Pain LeePain LeeMåned siden
  • wow the Archon not listening and being blind to the world's affairs has caused so much of this.

    PJ VCPJ VCMåned siden
  • Arthas did nothing wrong.

    JETracktorJETracktorMåned siden
  • What do Arthas, Kael'thas, Garrosh, Sylvanas and Jailer all have in common? They did nothing wrong.

    Toro MontanaToro MontanaMåned siden
  • 6:19 no uther dont throw me into brazil

    JeckJeckMåned siden
  • I honestly hate that we kill Devos cause she’s not wrong

    GOD 6IXGOD 6IXMåned siden
    • I mean, Archon finally realizes they were wrong. But it took many peeps

      GOD 6IXGOD 6IXMåned siden
  • Really is concerning for the over-all story of Shadowlands when Devos, a character introduced through the first afterlives video is basically a dungeon boss and not a shred of it is explained in-game. She just randomly decided to work for the jailer after finding out what the Maw's power did to Uther? It's just really dumb.

    ShawbonesShawbonesMåned siden
    • Jailer did nothing wrong lol

      Toro MontanaToro MontanaMåned siden
  • And thus a villain was born of light.

    Outside _85Outside _85Måned siden
  • Arthas: "Still not giving you my WiFi password." Uther: (throws him into the Maw.)

    Raistlin 34Raistlin 34Måned siden
  • This very well might be the best cinematic blizzard has ever made.

    george buddygeorge buddyMåned siden
  • Arthas looks so peaceful :(

    Liza May MarinLiza May MarinMåned siden
    • @Milton D No it was not genocide. Genocide means killing and eradicating an entire race/species. Stratholme was a massacre and a necessary one. They were all plagued and about to turn into undead. Also do you know the definition of sadism? Arthas never expressed sadism you should read some of warcraft's novels to understand his character better. He always have been compassionate and duty driven.

      Sir WhitemeatSir WhitemeatMåned siden
    • @Sir Whitemeat Wrong he wasn’t a pure soul he was evil and sadistic and Ner’zul tempted the bad pieces of him and ultimately made him the Lich King. A paladin does not take the life of an innocent. Stratholme was genocide against his own people.

      Milton DMilton DMåned siden
    • He only wanted to save his people... If the Arbiter was to feel all Arthas felt during his life every moment every decision he had to make you can feel only compassion for him. He was the most selfless and pure soul. He knew what needed done like in Stratholme where Uther and Jaina betrayed him. Many people will say he deserved this but he did not. He died when he took Frostmourne, even the purest can be corrupted and twisted by the Maw. You will see this with Devos as well, she ment well the whole time but got corrupted. Arthas deserved Bastion.

      Sir WhitemeatSir WhitemeatMåned siden
  • не венджигнс, а джаджмент...

    Nierox NobleNierox NobleMåned siden
  • I wonder when did Devos got her weird helmet

    Alith AnarAlith AnarMåned siden