Shadowlands Melee DPS RANKED! What's the most fun??

18. nov.. 2020
182 469 Ganger

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is one week away, so today I rank the melee DPS specs from WORST to BEST for the start of this expansion!
0:00 Intro
0:49 The forgotten spec
3:45 Badtalons
7:59 Roll the nos
12:28 This spec fel down
16:58 Most not changed spec
21:18 The spec to show your friends you're smart
25:42 Frostmourne hungers
30:10 The gospel of burst
33:39 Electric tiger boogaloo
37:05 Legs
40:52 No brakes
45:34 The dark horse
52:51 The best melee dps
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Thanks for watching, see you all next time! :D
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  • You are pve dungeon noob

    Mike MayerMike Mayer27 dager siden
  • Survival Hunter should be lik soul Beast in guild wars 2, sometimes merging with the pet and when the hunter deal damage while merged the soul of the beast lashes out with attacks. could be the change it needs.

    Jonas HolstJonas HolstMåned siden
  • Great video! Exactly what's needed for someone looking to come back for Shadowlands. Thanks!

    N SN SMåned siden
  • People really need to stop sleeping on Survival. Not only is it the most fun hunter spec imo, the numbers are still competitive. I beat MM hunters in Nathria all the time. "Shrugs"

    ryan jayryan jay2 måneder siden
  • Back to wow for the first time since Cata, where enhance was my main. Glad to see the spec getting some love. Sadly going ret as my main. Enhance still too squishy in PvP.

    Ben KipgenBen Kipgen2 måneder siden
  • I’d advocate for people playing what they want man. Stop giving a one sided opinion to things and give people an encouraging voice to play the game how THEY want and pick a class they are interested in. The words like “I think” or “I’d just play rogue if you like feral”

    Trent D.Trent D.2 måneder siden
  • Bleh I love being an outlaw rogue

    Benderx xBenderx x2 måneder siden
  • What nameplates addon is that? love the way it does castbars

    Caleb SeymourCaleb Seymour2 måneder siden
  • Can we just have ONE xpack without some rogue spec being the best?? Geez Blizzard

    Elim GarakElim Garak2 måneder siden
  • Arms warrior is so much fun to play.

    abab2 måneder siden
  • Coming back to wow since beginning of BoA, but what is the addon you have in between character bars ?? awesome video !

    Evan MartzEvan Martz2 måneder siden
  • Do you use ELVui or SUF? Can you post the link to your interface with weakauras included? I love it!!

    JotaCeJotaCe2 måneder siden
  • Ha you talked so bad about survival and feral and they end up being in top 6 dps in Castle Nathria

    Reid WilliamsonReid Williamson2 måneder siden
  • I played late vanilla, just before BC, until MoP launch. Not sure if I want to come back and if I would recognise the game if I did. This vid is helpful.

    Pony BoyPony Boy2 måneder siden
  • Feral doesn't get feral affinity.... It picks one of the other affinities... How dumb lmao

    UnhonorableUnhonorable2 måneder siden
  • Survival hunter is the worst... Is in second and first place dps the whole video of the gameplay

    Aaron PainterAaron Painter2 måneder siden
  • Unholy Death Knight is probably the best Spec ever imo. I am deeply in love with this spec.

    Man Over The TopMan Over The Top2 måneder siden
    • @jeff R i was full armour pen 2h frost, before the conversion to critical strike, where i had 48% critical strike as a frost 2h, with rime and your oblit crits 😂 Or i use to main vampiric blood dps in frost presence; all back in wotlk ah

      SB FitnessSB Fitness2 måneder siden
    • Been in love with UH since Cata when they took blood DK melee out of the options. I played dual wielding blood melee in WOLK. I know weird, but it worked well.

      jeff Rjeff R2 måneder siden
    • Same! Since pre patch Legion. Even during the bad patches with trash Legendries lol. It's just so engadging.

      betaZenjibetaZenji2 måneder siden
  • I’ve been nuking the dpsmeters with enhance

    FrankFrank2 måneder siden
  • what addon is it that shows his cooldowns and resource when hes in combat in the middle of his screen only when in combat?

    Chris GnozaChris Gnoza2 måneder siden
    • you mean weak auras? You can change in settings to show only in combat

      PRPR2 måneder siden
  • "if you're looking for 2handed weapons and you keep getting 1handed" my pain

    AriesAries3 måneder siden
  • Irony: Calling survival hunter the worst as you show one topping the DPS meter? Not a big deal, I get it, it was just a funny backdrop for that part of the vid

    Dan RebeizDan Rebeiz3 måneder siden
  • Yes fury is fun, but fury is still shit compared to all the other meele dps

    Gachi BassGachi Bass3 måneder siden
  • How could I not expect sub rogue to be on top? I mean look at the terror they're bringing to pvp rn.

    MagicPopsicleTTVMagicPopsicleTTV3 måneder siden
  • Never listen to the "guild gay".

    Bill RussellBill Russell3 måneder siden
  • Puting DH before feral seems like a mistake. Havoc is basicly dead right now

    ShiftzeShiftze3 måneder siden
  • anyone know his nameplate addon/profile?

    MerkManeMerkMane3 måneder siden
  • Wow...they brought back basicly the best parts of enhancement shaman from firelands to shadowlands. I've missed fire nova Soo so so much.

    Henry KingHenry King3 måneder siden
  • survival hunter was fun in bfa, havent tried it in shadowlands yet. Been playing my DK

    blkmrrs3111blkmrrs31113 måneder siden
  • Survival hunter was great in Legion from all i played it felt most rewarding to play correctly and it was kinda hard when looking on other classes. Outlaw aswell as Assassination rogues got changed only in a bad way and as a main rogue (esspecially Assa) i never felt so bored playing a class, i mean yeah sub is strong but bored at the end and it will 100% get a nerf depending PvP you completely obliterate every class, if anything comes even close to hurting you you messed it up in my eyes. The Blade Flurry is ok and kinda stronger when your used to it, But the roll the bones is bad aswell, i enjoyed outlaw in BFA but it really was messed up in Shadowlands. Assassination is missing Kingsbane aswell as toxic blade (it was more about the combo i know about shiv dont hate me^^) in my eyes it was best in Legion. Subtletly is ok but it also gets boring after time it was also better in Legion in my eyes. Also why do we even have slice n dice? It feels so bad to play with esspecially as assa, i really hope they remove it again. And when it comes to DH im so happy that they finally got nerfed. they are still good in AOE. As a melee fighting a DH was frustrating because they healed so much and evaded so much abilities (mostly my kidneys xD). Now i can fight them on equal terms with my Arms warrior.

    Kevin SchusterKevin Schuster3 måneder siden
  • Hello, very nice video. Do you still feel the same way, after playing for 2 weeks?

    Walter R ToomesWalter R Toomes3 måneder siden
  • Survival is worst dps spec.....tops dps meter on boss

    ReelNewwtReelNewwt3 måneder siden
  • plays unholy completely wrong and even talks about it completely wrong. big yikes. worst review of the melee classes ive seen yet

    KLINE_VXKLINE_VX3 måneder siden
  • Listen, sure survival hunter is pretty trash right now, but its so goddamn fun to play it doesn't matter how bad it is

    EathrisEathris3 måneder siden
  • Funny thing is, as survival I have a blast. A lot more fun than spamming 2 abilities whole dungeon. W as fun before and didn't NEED changes. The few that we got are enough. It's a hybrid spec that requires you to think and not be brain dead in m+. Also, top meters 90% and it's sad people think that surv is that bad. Most fun spec IMO. Still liked the video you terrible person xD

    xxxDaxosxxxxxxDaxosxxx3 måneder siden
  • where tf is enhancement shaman :(

    KazukoKazuko3 måneder siden
    • watch the video till the end its in the video

      JamanoJamano3 måneder siden
  • I also think Surv hunter would be really fun and cool as a trapper. Like they use their traps and whatnot to do damage

    Alex WestphalAlex Westphal3 måneder siden
  • I started playing Enh for the first time this xpac and I am loving it BUT I am also leveling a surv hunter purely because I have a fire transmog for it

    Alex WestphalAlex Westphal3 måneder siden
  • damn rip, just started playing wow on my own account and am leveling a surv hunter so its kinda sad to see them all the way down the list

    SSSweatSSSweat3 måneder siden
    • Keep playing what you want. I love playing survival. Just seen someone else rank surv as the most fun spec is shadowlands 😊

      Eilert Nilsen SkaugEilert Nilsen Skaug3 måneder siden
  • Imagine how cringey it would be telling women your name is nubkeks 😂

    Rick DiculousRick Diculous3 måneder siden
  • why are you laughing like all the time :P

    banmia suadibanmia suadi3 måneder siden
  • i'm a sv hunter main.. help me pls

    ThaldrionThaldrion3 måneder siden
  • you can put stealth on a bind my brother lol

    JJ dJJ d3 måneder siden
  • I left towards the beginning of bfa and just returned.... What have they done to my demon babies

    Drakmaa aaaDrakmaa aaa3 måneder siden
  • Gonna just say unholy dk is the correct #1 before watching the video

    HOW much milk???HOW much milk???3 måneder siden
  • I can't believe UH is only ranked 8! I am having so much fun with it, and it actually makes me think on my feet a little bit. There's a lot to manage and it keeps me super engaged.

    Young KingdomYoung Kingdom3 måneder siden
    • Yes! UH the best :))

      PRPR3 måneder siden
  • me: almost completed the story as survival. me: destroying in PVP. me: meh in dungeons. But last alive - even after tank and healer died - downed the boss on my own. Survival is underrated.

    HugheszieHugheszie3 måneder siden
  • Survival isn´t crappy lol ? Its pretty solid and doesnt really need much changes

    FluxxFluxx3 måneder siden
  • Nice UI

    Broto NBroto N3 måneder siden
  • I just looked at your keybindings...what key do you press to walk forward if w is bound to a spell???

    KnightmxreKnightmxre3 måneder siden
    • @Slick Beats using the keyboard actually registers slower when turning. Those that have played for years realize that for certain mechanics and pvp it really is a life saver

      J TJ T3 måneder siden
    • @J T can't imagine doing that, just started last week tho

      Slick BeatsSlick Beats3 måneder siden
    • most people use the mouse to move

      J TJ T3 måneder siden
    • The mouse?

      r Starkeyr Starkey3 måneder siden
  • Survival is bae in PvP :)

    Matthew SMatthew S3 måneder siden
  • Hello Momks?

    Тони ИвановТони Иванов3 måneder siden
  • 46:08 You sneaky devil "Like the mists of Fandaria" he knows so many players actually loved that expansion and miss it.

    Zandeel RemmingtonZandeel Remmington3 måneder siden
  • The frost DK cooldowns dont line up because ERW got a 15 sec CD reduction.

    SpencerSpencer3 måneder siden
  • Point of order Dks and Ret doing more damage than every other melee right now. But I like this list except enhance is prolly around monk it got some cool buffs feels good to play but it’s output isn’t nearly as high as number 2 would be

    PolarizedPolarized3 måneder siden
  • I know this is a bit off topic, but whats the weapon skin you used with your sub rogue? Looks really great

    Eric CartmanEric Cartman3 måneder siden
    • My names Scott Malkinson and i have diabetes

      SamazonSamazon3 måneder siden
  • Who cares? Play what's fun to you. 99% of us aren't racing to the end of the game so that we have nothing else to do.

    Living TortureLiving Torture3 måneder siden
  • how are you playing with W key binded?

    Eugene SterninEugene Sternin3 måneder siden
  • What addons are you using for your improved healthbars?

    Skullhunter_rsSkullhunter_rs3 måneder siden
  • What addons do you use, pls give a list if possible :)

    mundo4mayormundo4mayor3 måneder siden
  • Even though it hasn't changed, Survival is still my favorite hunter spec. It's fast paced, it's got decent combos, and it's fun to be swing around and throwing bombs all over the place.

    Andrew DunlapAndrew Dunlap3 måneder siden
  • The other thing that’s really not fun about havoc is blizz took bfa abilities and spread them out over the soul binds so you progressively over the expansion get back to where you already started from last xpac... feels a little heavy handed IMO

    Glimmerglam ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄Glimmerglam ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄3 måneder siden
  • I find the speed of fury warrior very fun and enhancement shaman is a blast too. Leaning towards one of those two. Was going to do 2h Frost DK but obliterate feels like a wet noodle right now.

    BhBraaqBhBraaq3 måneder siden
  • Hey! Different question, what are you using ui wise? Is it plater? I'm trying to have the health bar the same as you but I can't figure out how to do it..

    Frank PostmaFrank Postma3 måneder siden
  • Shaman is just too squishy to enjoy. I hate needing to use my MW to continuously heal myself.

    Tyler HartTyler Hart3 måneder siden
  • Man, I sure do love that they got rid of buff totems for elemental but decided to give it to back to enhancement. I just want my Wrath totems back T_T

    Boreas4Boreas43 måneder siden
  • Sub Rogue is so badass right now.

    Keenz BeanzKeenz Beanz3 måneder siden
  • Weird, i can't get enough of playing outlaw, it's a ton of fun

    Raptor AurionRaptor Aurion3 måneder siden
    • I've leveled a sub rogue and assassin rogue during prepatch and I already had a max level outlaw. Idk if its cause of the gear difference but outlaw def feels great in comparison.

      EatdembabiesEatdembabies3 måneder siden
    • Ikr?

      HasteHaste3 måneder siden
  • enhance even better cus wf totem boost all the other mele classes

    GigglesTheCatGigglesTheCat3 måneder siden
  • LOVE FERAL BUT SINCE legion they just decided to scrap them

    Ryan MillerRyan Miller3 måneder siden
  • if you use timestamp, why not make them useful?...

    xLiLKennyxLiLKenny3 måneder siden
  • 35:10 Everyone??? Sorry Nubs, that's a hard "your wrong, that's just your opinion" there. Monk mastery is a highly subjective topic. If monk was SO fun it would be a much more popular spec. According to Wowpedia it currently is and has been the long time title holder of the least played spec in the game. As it's mastery is the most punishing in the game, combined with "Hit Combo" and a single button mispress loses you around 30% damage on that attack and then further a 1-3% damage averaged loss for the next 5 attacks. Those that like the mastery playstyle tend to love it, which is a far more accurate representation of the topic.

    ValkaneerValkaneer3 måneder siden
    • "I had fun with it so it's awesome!" Definitely doesn't translate to "Spec is in great shape with a fun rotation and great utility!" Lol... I'm with you

      FindMySpotFindMySpot3 måneder siden
  • i play A LOT of melee dps i think with the exception of enhancement shaman i have leveled every melee dps class at one point or another to max level. I have also had max level rogues of every spec at one point or another over the years. The old combat spec circa wotlk was pretty solid but this new sub feels so fun to play. You are constantly spamming big finishers and then disappearing behind your opponent or flipping on shadowdance and flinging cheapshots and shadow strikes around. It feels incredibly flavorful and useful.

    cyclopsboicyclopsboi3 måneder siden
  • As an old Enhancment shamy i love the changes. It is sooo fast pasted, and chaotic. You have to like that, and need the ADHD to keep up with your priority list. But if you can manage it, its so much fun.

    Strayed SoulStrayed Soul3 måneder siden
  • Can you (or someone else) please explain to me how do you have that weapon glow for 5 minutes? When I use the venthyr ability I get the glow only for 20 secons :(

    ElijahElijah3 måneder siden
  • I miss how good was Survival in Legion...

    MonosExMonosEx3 måneder siden
    • Survival Hunter needs Fury of the Eagle back.

      Aaron RodriguezAaron Rodriguez3 måneder siden
  • My DH can beat any rogue damage. But it's cause I like my your videos.

    game iamgame iam3 måneder siden
  • Correction: Empowered Rune Weapon doesn't sync up with anything, because of the 15sec CD reduction it gets through leveling in SL. So yeah, Pillar of Frost increased CD is just that. A nerf. - Also BoS will get even more controversial in SL, due to how talents and conduits most of the time are relying on regular use of frost strikes, and won't work at all while you are breathing out loud.

    Mads Bo AndersenMads Bo Andersen3 måneder siden
  • I'm still playing Havoc so play what ya enjoy :D

    ZuluhawkZuluhawk3 måneder siden
  • Arms and Fury is always hard to decide on for me. I like playing both. I prefer Unholy to Frost in their current states. Sub rogue and ret paladin are both fun to me, but I will be busy with my warrior and mage alt. Not sure how many things I'll be able to play. Hopefully the game is alt friendly enough so that I can play at least 3 different characters reasonably

    SlaughterrificSlaughterrific3 måneder siden
  • I want to see 2h Frost DK make a strong return. Not sure it'll measure up to Unholy, though. Happy to see 2h back none-the-less!

    Brad SBrad S3 måneder siden
  • Wow, that UI with frames in the middle and CDs is fantastic. What addon is that?

    Joel LynchJoel Lynch3 måneder siden
    • It looks like Tell Me When? Could be wrong though.

      Doug VillegasDoug Villegas3 måneder siden
  • MW monk... -------->[]

    nythrix nnythrix n3 måneder siden
  • For leveling I enjoy Feral. Fast mount, extra passive speed when fighting, stealth, and some decent self healing. Rogue is a bit squishier. Once done leveling, switch to another spec.

    Martin BlackMartin Black3 måneder siden
    • Sad but true... that's exactly what I did lol

      A. NixonA. Nixon2 måneder siden
  • I’ve mained rogue for 10 years and Outlaw just feels kind of clunky. I will often waste combo points or energy because sinister strike will randomly give different amounts of points and if you have higher than 80 ms just forget about it. Haste actually makes it worse believe it or not. Assasination always feels good because even though mutilate gives anywhere from 2 - 4 points, you are only using it twice at max instead of spamming sinister strike up to 5 times. Also killing spree has been tuned into being used as an aoe ability and it’s just not as fun as it used to be. Back in MoP if you get hit by a killing spree you better stun or you’re in for a rough night

    kyleneeley1kyleneeley13 måneder siden
  • An enhancement Shaman here giving you a like 👍🏼

    William OWilliam O3 måneder siden
  • haha as a survival hunter player, i knew survival or feral was going to be last before video even started

    Final Form FriezaFinal Form Frieza3 måneder siden
    • Lvl 20-29 survival hunter used to be OP as shit pvp!! 😂😂

      Brandon WBrandon W5 dager siden
    • xD

      Steven GordonSteven GordonMåned siden
    • @Jackson Smith man stfu, go troll somewhere

      Final Form FriezaFinal Form Frieza2 måneder siden
    • Haha okay no body gives a shit haha

      Jackson SmithJackson Smith2 måneder siden
    • @will b. d. its great as an alt, really fun nd easy rotation

      Final Form FriezaFinal Form Frieza3 måneder siden
  • not sure why they dont just delete feral from the game... has the most boring and lackluster kit with 0 fun procs, 0 utility and what little it had, they made sure to give it away with nothing in return

    DanceHallGoonieszDanceHallGooniesz3 måneder siden
  • did you do ranged tier list?????

    Keewee tvKeewee tv3 måneder siden
  • THAT ARMS/LEGS JOKE I FUCKING DIED! so simple yet so fucking funny. Liked followed bell and everything my dude lmao

    Onur CekikOnur Cekik3 måneder siden
  • What addon is that for your unit frames?

    ZaikmanZaikman3 måneder siden
  • Why is the class you are discussing fun my friend? All you are doing is talking about the class changes. What about those changes make it fun???? You seem to completely ignore your entire video topic

    PaulPaul3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this video :) , i like it

    Daniel MartinsDaniel Martins3 måneder siden
  • Survival doesn't make any sense whatsoever but its fairly fun to play. There's just no point...

    TomtricityTomtricity3 måneder siden
  • sad that everybody play hord , it's like playing the game on easy mode

    Yellowfish DYellowfish D3 måneder siden
  • cool chapter names

    aaadam98aaadam983 måneder siden
  • Love Survival hunter and the melee/ranged fantasy out of it so I am going to play Survival. I'm just so bored of spaming cobra shot barbed shot then kill command or do multi target rapid fire and cast aimed shot. Its just so boring

    DarthroesDarthroes3 måneder siden
  • A prediction... Sub rogue nerfed to dust in next week...

    Matheus Moura MartinsMatheus Moura Martins3 måneder siden
  • What are your keybinds for the Sub rogue? What keys are you using to move? I see you have W bound to the hotbar, so are you using zxc?

    clancas01clancas013 måneder siden
  • blizz will prob nerf sub into the ground again btw

    zion zorshinzion zorshin3 måneder siden
  • So good to see enhancement returning to their wrath hectic cooldown days, some serious nostalgia to me. Shame there’s no searing totem but gotta take what you can get!

    Batty FlaskBatty Flask3 måneder siden
    • I just want an option to play 2Handed Axe/Mace as Enh like classic. They did it for Frost DK Blz Plz

      will b. d.will b. d.3 måneder siden