Shadowlands Tank Healing Guide

8. des.. 2020
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This is a short summary on how to heal tanks, and my general thoughts on tanks in Shadowlands. In this video I go over the basics of what each tank does and what you should consider when playing with them. Don't forget to like and subscribe so that you're notified of my new videos! Read more below:
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I aim to create high level, yet easy to understand content for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas for new videos - I'd love to hear it in the comments.
0:00 Intro
1:57 Blood Death Knight
3:31 Protection Warrior
4:50 Protection Paladin
6:28 Vengeance Demon Hunter
7:39 Brewmaster Monk
8:54 Guardian Druid

  • Oddly enough I like healing bears and dk. Mostly because I play both so I know how to heal them lol.

    Mr EasonMr Eason2 dager siden
  • I must admit - Running as mainly healers. (Pala, shaman, druid) ... I have outright given up on BloodDKs - I will not do a group with one right now. I simply cannot seem to keep them alive. I am currently 210+ on all my healers and even a 220 blooddk was dying on me on a +9. But with +100 runs at least this season and almost 0 successrate with blooddks I have just said no thanks. Blizzard needs to fix them. They might be able to save them selves... but they never seem to do it :)

    buhg1buhg15 dager siden
  • I don't get it, when am I supposed to look at the numbers?

    CrysislobsterCrysislobster5 dager siden
  • What really sucks is that no tank can beat the utility of a demon hunter. They don’t even come close. There’s a whole part in NW where if you’re a DH you can double jump on a little ramp and take off entire stacks of Grievous. They’re too good.

    Regular FernRegular Fern6 dager siden
  • not really a comment or tip for you yumy, this one is is for my pug tanks I get to heal that happen to stumble upon this video: You pull that shit at 9:52 in a pug and expect me to heal through it I will be hearthing to my garrison

    So SurrealSo Surreal9 dager siden
    • Yea if tank does that pull in a pug i won't even try to make it happen and blow CD's , there is a 90% chance of a wipe , no point in blowing all my CD's to try and make a miracle .

      darkkidarkki4 dager siden
  • Ye I gotta say from my experience as holy paladin, I definitely love healing monk the most sadly it's rare to see a monk tank, I wish there were more monk tanks and not so many dh :D which feels many times like they are made of paper, I recon they are beginners or something but it can be quite frustrating to heal, I say dks are easier to heal. Granted I've yet to do much higher than 15s

    Thomas Patrick JensenThomas Patrick Jensen10 dager siden
    • BM monks are gone because WW is super strong atm ,Blood dk's are a pain to heal for me as resto shamy ( constant overhealling ) , DH are wierd and way to agressive most of the time.

      darkkidarkki4 dager siden
  • After playing slightly higher keys (up to a +17 i think) with a blood dk as a resto druid, i developed kind of a apathy to their health where i'd just throw hots and occasional bark on him and basically ignored his health frame. saved me a lot of stress

    Vojta HermanVojta Herman20 dager siden
  • How to heal blood dks.. Dont invite them

    Suckin FlaveSuckin Flave24 dager siden
  • This may just be me, but as a prot pally main I find that shield of righteous is weak. I use it when I have plenty of health since it is decent for mitigation and damage (especially with the legendary), but generally I find it much easier to survive by mixing more word of glorys in over shield of righteous when I get to lower health, taking advantage of the healing scaling of glory over the flat armor bonus of righteous.

    Midnightgamer00Midnightgamer0029 dager siden
  • This explains much. Came back to WoW for SL after nearly a decade away and have been running M+ pretty much exclusively with a DK. Picked up on most of that but uh.. wish I had seen this video awhile ago. 😅

    Lisa MLisa MMåned siden
  • Bro wut? Frenzy Regen costs 10 rage that's nothing, fur costs 40, you always prefer a Regen over a fur, it costs almost nothing and heals for a 1/4 of your health while also increasing healing taken, it's just so good to deny

    GolrakaGolrakaMåned siden
  • As a tank, I like this video :)

    MaximMaximMåned siden
  • Wait? Did you forget that prot warriors have ignore pain too? A personal bubble that also reduces 50 percent damage?

    Hyper dude!Hyper dude!Måned siden
  • 05:55 As a prot pala main! This is so true.

    2003SIF2003SIFMåned siden
  • as a Shamy i love healing pally's and DH i hate blood DK's

    BigJoe6669BigJoe6669Måned siden
  • When prot pallies need cds, lols

    DrakeDrakeMåned siden
  • Gonna have to disagree on prot warriors, they are squishy af.

    Magnedeus FenrirMagnedeus FenrirMåned siden
  • quick question, which one of these tanks does the most damage in terms of single target and aoe? Great video btw :)

    Steve PopSteve PopMåned siden
  • Always track prot pallys self heal and if you’re a pally healer never bubble or loh unless they have used theirs and always let them know to use theirs first.

    Jonathan HughesJonathan HughesMåned siden
  • Healer and healer synergy can really make a big difference.. if you recognize your partners spells and how it works. Druids and Shamans can actually work well. Toss in disc priest

    Jonathan HughesJonathan HughesMåned siden
  • Protection Paladins can block spells and Consecration reduces damage taken while standing in it by way of their Mastery. This gives them a near-constant damage reduction.

    SarunirSarunir2 måneder siden
  • Monk or paladin ?

    Vincent JakinVincent Jakin2 måneder siden
  • For blood DK don't forget we have vampiric blood; it increases ALL healing and absorbs received by 30% and you can track it as a red rune up our head. I know for healers it is risky to predict damage on us but, it is what it is, sorry?

    Sergio AlvarezSergio Alvarez2 måneder siden
  • Another thing to keep in mind with paladins is their blessings can be used on others as well. For healers specifically BoP and Sac are important, if your ramp was bad going into something or you're falling behind don't be scared to ask. My healer looks after me so I don't mind helping when I can. The paladin free heal (which does insane numbers on non tank health pools) or blessing on another player can save deaths and pulls

    Duncan FinchDuncan Finch2 måneder siden
  • as night fae dk with mistweaver conduit gives you a 10% max life shield when you receive overhealing thats pretty lit

    Senpai ASMRSenpai ASMR2 måneder siden
  • as a tank myself i am tired of doing all the interupting.

    Vincent HammonsVincent Hammons2 måneder siden
    • I have one dps buddy who runs with me often and is as on point as I am with interrupts. It makes my life worth it and it is painful tanking without him now.

      VelcorHFVelcorHF10 dager siden
    • Havoc DH; -5

      Ssj_BountySsj_Bounty11 dager siden
    • INTERUPTS: Tank ; 52 Rogue ; 3 WW ; 2 Hunter 1;

      Visions of EntertainmentVisions of Entertainment28 dager siden
    • Amen brother tank.

      Casey GleasonCasey GleasonMåned siden
  • Blood DK's are by far the worst tanks to is too spiky and unreliable in some affix's + they are soo bad at kiting i tend to ignore / skip groups with a BDK on +10 mythic keys. Best (easiest) tanks to heal this expansion are monks then druids then DH .

    epic7hatesme Sezepic7hatesme Sez2 måneder siden
  • As a Blood DK, I wanna apologize for the heart attacks I give my healers. I don't like it either but I stabilize at 30%

    Ben GuffeyBen Guffey2 måneder siden
    • @Rivertam True true. Or I just get another tank.

      Niklas StenhallNiklas Stenhall7 dager siden
    • @Niklas Stenhall rule of thumb for blood DK healing (if they have RP and cooldowns ready) Healer does the 80-100% healing, I’ll do the 20-80% stuff and we both panic below 20%. Overhealing is better than a dead tank

      RivertamRivertam7 dager siden
    • @Niklas Stenhall Especially since you know, if it's a pug tank, that he'll be blaming you if he dies. Nothing like a "Heal me?" when a blood dk dies in 1 second with enough rp to press death strike while my healing surge has a cast time of 1.4 seconds. Thanks but I'll take a brewmaster or bear any day instead x)

      Dissected WombatDissected Wombat10 dager siden
    • @Dissected Wombat definitely. I track all the shit they have and sometimes they just heal through whatever shit goes thru them, next they die for no reason. All while I’m sitting there trying to decide on wether to overheal or not.

      Niklas StenhallNiklas Stenhall10 dager siden
    • Honestly, as a main healer I just avoid blood dks whenever I can. They are by far the most stressful tank to heal for me and I sleep better at night simply not doing it x)

      Dissected WombatDissected Wombat11 dager siden
  • As a prot pally, just keep some HoTs on us unless we are like 30% or below. If specced into Word of Glory, we pretty much just heal ourselves.

    The BunzThe Bunz2 måneder siden
  • This is incredibly helpful - I’m very comfortable on my warrior tank and have played that a ton at a high level and this xpac I have a blood dk so I’m working on being a better tank and understanding how they work; I felt bad that my healer has a hard time predicting when I need healing so it’s good to know that it’s just kind of tricky and you’ve just got to get used to the ebb and flow and it’ll get easier as I become a better tank.

    ChezaCheza2 måneder siden
    • As a side note your tip to use hots on blood dks makes that kinda hard since my healer is a holy pally :(

      ChezaCheza2 måneder siden
  • anyone have a link for this DK Weakaura ?

    Go pöofGo pöof2 måneder siden
  • Dude this vid is so fkn good I have no words. I play shammy as alt and although I know my class and like prot warr/blood dk (alts), I don't know the other tank classes so well and I always wondered if there is a simplified guide which just explains their basic mitigation.

    Talib BahTalib Bah2 måneder siden
  • Just saying that I love my Vengeance DH. Appreciate the heals, but better keep em on the group n00bs. PEACE

    ParetozenParetozen2 måneder siden
  • As prot pal main, can say most problems are from dps who cant avoid spells and not interrupting range casts. Prot pal sometime dont even need heal)

    Kinkaku DziKinkaku Dzi2 måneder siden
    • Or dispelling/cleansing/stunning enrages and buffs.

      NihzitNihzit2 måneder siden
  • i thought this video was about tanks being healers...

    Jake KJake K2 måneder siden
  • Great video, interesting to watch from a tank’s perspective

    Jake FreasJake Freas2 måneder siden
  • whats the addon for the circle on the mouse pointer

    Jerry CuiJerry Cui2 måneder siden
    • My cursor WA is available here:

      yumytvyumytv2 måneder siden
  • Anyone can help me to know what is this raid frame he are using?

    Raul José ChavesRaul José Chaves2 måneder siden
    • Vuhdo

      Elba RMElba RM2 måneder siden
  • well done

    GhettoGhetto2 måneder siden
  • Blood DK: 90% Blood DK: 10% Me: LoH Blood DK: 100% LoH: overheal 99.9999% Me: -_-

    KonsolkaKonsolka2 måneder siden
    • @alex v kek purgatory is a steep learning curve in the middle of a pull gone wrong 😂😂 I’m a necrolord Blood DK and use (I think) bonesmith soulbind with the ‘when you die you fight for an extra 10 seconds first’ and I’ve had to make a macro that triggers saying “IM DEAD DONT HEAL ME” because I have watched healers burn their biggest cooldowns on me.... who died 10 seconds earlier

      RivertamRivertam7 dager siden
    • @quikex360 lay on hands.

      JetahJetah11 dager siden
    • @quikex360 lay on hands

      alex valex v11 dager siden
    • @quikex360 lay on hands

      Ben DoverBen Dover11 dager siden
    • LoH?

      quikex360quikex36011 dager siden
  • I got into healing recently after a big break from wow, and I've already got class biases based on what i've healed haha. Monks are a nightmare, they just seem to lose so much health all the time (doesn't help that my first monk tank experience was one who pulled EVERYTHING and let us all wipe as the dps struggled to deal with the sheer number of mobs), DHs are finnicky - their health can go up and down and it's tough to tell when I need to heal and when not (I'm one of those healers who overheals at like 95% for ocd haha) and Druids are decent - but they have so much health that when they take a lot of damage, it takes a lot to heal them back up ^^: Warriors and DKs seem fine, and that's all I've had to heal so far lol. I kind of miss being dps, but also healing has been a very fun experience ^^

    Nia The ElfNia The Elf2 måneder siden
  • Druid with Thrash legs + bezerk= DO NOT WASTE MANA ON THEM!!!!

    Frederick KrieselFrederick Kriesel2 måneder siden
  • i am holy priest and play with DK, i just drop angel on them and dont need to care :D

    Lubos ŠimkoLubos Šimko2 måneder siden
  • Noob monk tanks are the worst, I heal and I heal and I heal and then they die :(

    Steve the PirateSteve the Pirate2 måneder siden
    • I'm a noob monk tank (so sorry for being much trouble

      NihzitNihzit2 måneder siden
  • Helers in wow or ffxiv Burn all mana on one pull keep alweys HP on full so tank dont need to have skill and dont need to use CD

    Se SoSe So2 måneder siden
  • What is the UI? I like how the party frames look.

    emozewA GGemozewA GG2 måneder siden
    • You can find more info about my party frames with profile links in my ui video here:

      yumytvyumytv2 måneder siden
  • I hate getting prot pallies. When a prot pally is bad it's super noticeable. I feel like most tanks can kinda wing it and succeed somewhat but my god.

    BoredBored2 måneder siden
    • As a Prot Pally, I can safely say - most of us are terrible.

      Edward WyattEdward Wyatt2 måneder siden
  • As a tank this helps me understand how my healers work and what I should coach them when doing M+ Very good video, thank you for much for taking the time to make this.

    Bogdan CabaBogdan Caba2 måneder siden
  • Great Guide!!!

    Itame AlvesItame Alves2 måneder siden
  • Is there a link to the WA to track there abilities?

    Whensdinner TVWhensdinner TV2 måneder siden
  • "You can't save DKs. Their lives are in their own hands." Me, a Blood DK: Never say die. 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

    JayJay2 måneder siden
  • The addon for tracking you described doesn't seem to be working for me 😐

    Left FlankLeft Flank2 måneder siden
  • One key thing you didn’t mention about Vengeance DH, and I didn’t see any comments mentioning it either. Fiery Brand can either be a ho-hum cool down you should be vaguely aware of, or it could be the reason your DH doesn’t ever seem to need to kite in big pulls, depending on their build. Vengeance gets a talent that lets Fiery Brand (debuff on the mob that reduces their damage to you by 40%) spread to another target every second. On a big pull, that means you can basically negate almost half the damage with smart management of Brand. There’s also a legendary that lets you reduce the CD of Brand by 2s with ever use of Soul Cleave (which will be used constantly in this build, you don’t take Spirit Bomb), and a conduit that gets it even lower. The result is that you can easily have Brand up for a good chunk of the pull, which lets you work around your mitigation gaps. For me, this means I save Meta for really urgent moments (like my healer being OOM/dead) and otherwise I weave Spikes, Brand (likely spread during the first Spikes), Spikes, Fel Dev, etc. I give up some damage but I gain solid mitigation that doesn’t result in my having to jump around the field of battle like a weasel on meth.

    James WaldropJames Waldrop2 måneder siden
  • As a prot pally, it feels like I have a free hit of word of glory non stop the speed I get through 5 SoTR, I’ve found usually it’s the massive hitters and armour breakers (think necrotic wake) that do give me a little problem here and there

    BigManBeddaBigManBedda2 måneder siden
    • usually as a prot pally main, i just tell healer to leave me alone and focus on healing the party instead. cus i got enough mitigation and self heal to solo heal myself up to m+5 ish

      andybanan1992andybanan19922 måneder siden
  • What healing addon is that that shows cooldowns?

    Husshuss100Husshuss1002 måneder siden
  • all I have to say is when I pug on my blood dk I get a little pissed when i see a shaman spamming healing surge or a holy priest spamming flash heal because it makes them run out of mana quickly causes me to waste time because the have to drink every pull or every other pull it gets frustrating

    SnibbzorpSnibbzorp2 måneder siden
    • Thats exactly he reason Im here. :D Somehow I cant handle DK Tanks, and just try to drown them in waves, that costs me mana and the dps or me get less healing. Now Iknow whats up with that so that im able to improve.^^

      Serothil MusicSerothil Music2 måneder siden
  • Onionfur.... Can't not hear that :D

    Riku-Juhani NiemeläRiku-Juhani Niemelä2 måneder siden
  • If you're healing a BloodDK, watch their Bonestorm cooldown. If they pop in in a pack of 4/5 or more they probably just won't need healing for 10 seconds.

    KryniqueKrynique2 måneder siden
  • Always thought this would be a great idea for a guide. You nailed it, plus great job putting the final message out there.

    Evelyn AffonsoEvelyn Affonso2 måneder siden
  • If that is healbot you're using. Would you mind sharing your profile? :) I've tried to get mine to work similarly to yours but I've more or less given up

    TommieTommie2 måneder siden
  • gonna preface with absolutely nothing against wow, but it's really interesting to see this kinda thing as someone who mainly plays ff14, because the philosophy on healing and tanking is so different in either game. less so now than back in the day but wow has a much more "healers gotta heal" design behind it. whereas in ff14 is I have to spend a gcd healing you then you done fucked up, unless you're wall to wall pulling a dungeon, then you get gcd heals, and even then, if I can get away without doing it, I will. the rest of the time is pure dps time. hell tanking is the exact same way, if you could kite mobs to avoid damage in wow that sounds good, in 14 it'd be like "what the fuck are you doing? stop moving everything" and you just stand there and dps while rotating defensives. every tank has full dps kits and will use them effectively to do as much dps as possible, only sacrificing the bare minimum for defense. in earlier expansions of 14 they used to have different stances for tanking and dps, but the devs removed them because there ended up being a stigma against using your defensive stance, if you had to use it then you were a bad tank who couldn't dps well enough to keep aggro. it's very interesting to see these varying designs function so well.

    CptZSLightCptZSLight2 måneder siden
  • DH has a third source for meta = Fel Devastation. In shadowlands its no longer talent so every dh tank has it in his kit.

    Bennet ReimersBennet Reimers2 måneder siden
  • As a Blood main; It is all just internal screaming until you run out of all resources. Then it’s audible screaming. Such is the life of a yo-yo tank.

    Georgia WaltonGeorgia Walton2 måneder siden
    • Dude this is so true. I'm so cool I'm a raid till my next rune is 6 sec and my RP is 0. Then it's all screaming

      Ben GuffeyBen Guffey2 måneder siden
  • Party frame addon and party CD tracking addon pls

    Kul DulKul Dul2 måneder siden
  • To me prot palas are the weakest / hardest to heal. Any tank class that requires a heal spell that heals 70% of their health to survive is not balanced. Prot pala needs a buff either in armor or mitigagion

    Feher LofiaFeher Lofia2 måneder siden
  • Tank with 50 or 60% health is fine , some tanks probably are losing their minds when i dont full heal them , i got their back

    Feher LofiaFeher Lofia2 måneder siden
    • @Jorde Wigeland pog

      Feher LofiaFeher Lofia2 måneder siden
    • High five to you =) As a tank I'm focused on mechanics, positioning, and rotation - I trust the healer completely.

      Jorde WigelandJorde Wigeland2 måneder siden
  • Hey there Mr. Yumy, so I'm freshly getting back into WoW and I've always loved heals. I installed Grid2 but I was wondering how you have buffs and debuffs displaying to the left and right of your players? Mine doesn't show that and the interface is pretty complicated.

    Khyzur SKhyzur S2 måneder siden
    • Those are WeakAuras, he was mentioning it several times during the video. It’s a very powerful addon and I suggest you make yourself familiar with it to do big mythics and improve your general play.

      Michael GodinMichael Godin2 måneder siden
  • DPS: eats every single shit boss throws at him/her, then complains about the healer.

    Sam MulderSam Mulder2 måneder siden
    • @TheDool0ne it's everyone's own job to use survival cooldowns accordingly, it's the beginning of an expansion. Everyone must put 120% effort.

      Sam MulderSam Mulder2 måneder siden
    • Meanwhile everyone dies to unavoidable dmg because healer hps is below 3k

      TheDool0neTheDool0ne2 måneder siden
  • Best tank to heal pala or dh! Monk, i spit on them! Dk, ill better go dps Warrior, not seen a good one yet🤷‍♂️

    GorfirGorfir2 måneder siden
    • That's because warriors are in a bad spot rn. The damage is bad, they're squishy as hell.

      Magnedeus FenrirMagnedeus FenrirMåned siden
  • Cool video! Any clue on the weakauras showing Runic Power and Stagger mechanics close to the party frame? Thanks!

    flochepakoiflochepakoi2 måneder siden
    • @Nihzit ty mate!

      flochepakoiflochepakoi2 måneder siden
    • his WAs You'll find stagger and RP there

      NihzitNihzit2 måneder siden
  • can u post the stagger of tank wa? thanks

    Jhonny VodkaJhonny Vodka2 måneder siden
  • What's the add-on that's being use to track cooldowns next to the character bars??

    KerberosKerberos2 måneder siden
    • Search for the addon omni cooldows /omnicds

      Sebo BlaahSebo Blaah2 måneder siden
    • Customized Weak Auras, I think.

      7mean7bunny77mean7bunny72 måneder siden
  • Thanks a lot. For me as a new healer that's pretty good to know. Thanks!

    Yuirika SiliziaYuirika Silizia2 måneder siden
  • Great, but also having great DPS, stun and other abilities of the tank helps to heal. DPS, because as faster you can kill a dangerous mob, so less to heal, stun and silence quite similar to DPS. Covent abilities to be used in critical situations. That said, I currently playing a Monk, Paladin, DK, DH, and Bear. In combination, my healer guys say that the Pala (which is venthyr) seems currently the easiest to heal, because in the combination of all these effects. So, good surviving in mob groups doesn't help, when it comes to tyrannical and necrotic in higher keys. So, Pala is currently my main. Also, uptime of SOTR is easy to maintain nearly to 100% in combat when playing with the right legendary and managing your holy power correctly.

    Joachim KJoachim K2 måneder siden
  • ignore pain is gone?

    Hjörtur EinarssonHjörtur Einarsson2 måneder siden
  • Super handy video. Is there a simple addon that can let me see the tank cool downs?

    David MarksDavid Marks2 måneder siden
  • Paladin Devotion Aura + Divine Bulwark to for DR

    Jared ShoreJared Shore2 måneder siden
  • mind sharing the addons you are using to track the tank's powers?

    Mr.S0XMr.S0X2 måneder siden
  • Can you make a video on how to raid heal with a disc priest? :D

    CallemanYOCallemanYO2 måneder siden
  • Damn DK and warrior lol our 2 main tanks in raid. No wonder I’m having trouble as resto Druid.

    jet44444jet444442 måneder siden
  • As a Prot Pally I want to thank you for this video and thank every healer out there for giving me healing! I try to scale my actions according to my healer too :)

    Grue FeathermoonGrue Feathermoon2 måneder siden
  • Nice video, though I think you should have also mentioned to also keep an eye on Celestial Brew for Brewmasters when things get tight. It looks like it's a minute defensive, but in reality it ends up being around 20sec or so due to all the cdr built into brew's rotation.

    Palden1810Palden18102 måneder siden
  • Yooo nice video! What addon are you using to track the tank cooldowns etc?

    ThunderhoreThunderhore2 måneder siden
  • Thank you. As a tank, this is so helpful.

    funkokufunkoku2 måneder siden
  • where can I get WA for tracking like DK and Monk?

    Shane ChoShane Cho2 måneder siden
  • Is it an Addon the you use for the Groopframe?

    LikeLexorLikeLexor2 måneder siden
  • Vulpera player, unsub

    HyarmenHyarmen2 måneder siden
  • Those weak auras are sick I need to find me those

    GoodGollyGumboGoodGollyGumbo2 måneder siden
  • It's worth noting for Guardian druids that currently (am 191 ilvl), they it the armor cap of 85% physical DR from armor at 9-10 stacks of ironfur. A good way to tell if they're aiming for high stacks of ironfur on a hard hitting pack is if they use Berserk which drastically increases rage generation through removing the CD of their main rage generating abilities. Because Guardian is already reaching the armor cap in pre raid gear, they're already hitting max DR which will remain constant over the course of the expansion.

    ArrZarrArrZarr2 måneder siden
  • Had to watch the vid at 1.25x speed

    ZaleanderHeatZaleanderHeat2 måneder siden
  • I saw a video of a prot pal soloing Theater of Pain in M0 he was discarding the use of shield of the righteous when damage was high and casted more Word of Glory instead. Through this video I understood that they have a free word of glory every 5 shields but in my opinion they shouldn't only heal with that proc. Guardian druids had a similar mechanic where casting maul 3 times granted you a free Ironfur. But they wouldn't keep a high uptime on ironfur by only depending on that mechanic.

    LaerendorLaerendor2 måneder siden
  • I main a blood dk, if said blood dk is getting smashed, they are not playing the class correct. Period. I have never relied on healers, in any M+ or raid. As far as mitigation, they have some of the strongest.

    J. Ellis WoodJ. Ellis Wood2 måneder siden
  • I thought DR meant diminishing returns, but you used it with Shield Wall, do you mean Damage Reduction?

    Tony614Tony6142 måneder siden
  • blood dk "you cant save them" lol

    Jacob HarrisJacob Harris2 måneder siden
  • Hots on a DK? I dont know who you're healing, but EVERY DK I've healed up to +6 loses life like he's in paper armor.

    Tony614Tony6142 måneder siden
    • @Chrome I guess I'm just having bad BDK luck. I keep seeing people say they enjoy healing DKs, but I havent healed a single one I'd feel comfortable above +2. Granted that low you have lots of tanks who dont even touch their defensives until they're nearly dead, but still, I've had tons of warriors do that and it's annoying but not nearly as bad.

      Tony614Tony6142 måneder siden
    • Start of the expac, tanks are getting slapped around. Or the dk’s are garbage

      ChromeChrome2 måneder siden
    • @Craig Narramoore true, same with sub rogues in pvp. Some I dumpster with no effort. Sometimes I cant even fight back lol

      Tony614Tony6142 måneder siden
    • @Tony614 Everyone and their mother is a ZOMG BLOOD DK!! right now

      Craig NarramooreCraig Narramoore2 måneder siden
    • @Craig Narramoore yeah I gotta believe you, they're considered good by everyone, I probably just had healed bad BDKs in the month I've been playing

      Tony614Tony6142 måneder siden
  • I heal on every healing class and do nothing but dungeons. From my experience, the only tanks that consistently stands out as being difficult to heal are Death Knights. It requires a player behind the wheel that does everything extremely well to not make me squirm. Demon Hunters are the next worst, but only because it's a class where if you get a bad player, they will take tons of damage. If you get a good player behind the wheel, they are god like. So there is a lot of variance there. Most Paladins and Warriors are fine. Druids are the rarest. I would say druid tanks are mostly fine, but there are some cases where they take a lot of damage and have trouble recovering. Monks are mid to high. With the hundreds of dungeons I have run so far, it's very rare to find a paladin, warrior, or monk that is as difficult to heal as the average DK. As for rating healers, no healer honestly feels bad right now, to me at least. I think certain players will really have to inspect their talents and reread them because they are used to certain talents being one way, but they have changed them in subtle ways and it makes all the difference in the world. Some healers are putting out a surprising amount of dps as well (holy priest).

    digitalconsciousnessdigitalconsciousness2 måneder siden
  • What is the addon to see when tabk is using cooldown or if his mitigation is up/not up atm? I really wanna know 😁 Great vid btw!

    HallucinHallucin2 måneder siden
  • What addons are you using?

    Ash SAsh S2 måneder siden
  • hey, nice video! what addon is used that displays the individuals defensive cds on the left of your group grid?

    vanny89vanny892 måneder siden
  • I didn't hear anything about prot warrior's Ignore Pain? That is a mayor skill, not even mentioned?

    EccentricGamingEccentricGaming2 måneder siden