She Nearly Missed Her Own Wedding | TGFbro

27. april. 2021
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She Nearly Missed Her Own Wedding | TGFbro
I watched the funniest Airline clips! These guys are wild!!
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Today TGF hunted each other in the UK's largest caves. Jay Swingler and Phelan were hunted by Romell Henry and OiiLuke! Should we do the next hide and seek with the Sidemen or Niko Omilana! We could offer $100,000 to the first NOtownrs that hunt us down! Who would win TGFbro or KSI or Mr Beast?

  • Costcutter dress 😂😂😂😭

    Courtney WilliamsCourtney Williams5 timer siden
  • The Simpsonssssss

    El txrapoEl txrapo13 timer siden
  • New tgf video, go to southwest and try to get on your plane

    brad ellorbrad ellor2 dager siden
  • airport: were not letting you in customer: allow me to sue the company that runs the airplanes

    FriffeyFriffey2 dager siden
  • When my mum went a long time ago when I was like 4 years old and she got a toy gun for me she got changed

    Dominic MalcolmDominic Malcolm2 dager siden
  • Room tour?

    Luke SutherlandLuke Sutherland3 dager siden
  • Do a another reaction to Big Ed and his new adventure with Liz on 90 day Fiancé

    B & BB & B3 dager siden
  • Southwest is an airline not an airport. They’re one of the biggest airlines in the US and used to have a bad reputation.

    ThomasThomas3 dager siden
  • f

    gizmogizmo4 dager siden
  • He won’t be walking down the road exercising his rights

    Ain't life a CabochonAin't life a Cabochon4 dager siden
  • Love don’t judge my girlfriend pretends to be a puppy

    mark tileymark tiley4 dager siden
  • Hey Jay I wanted to tell you the americans that always talk about their rights are hated by 90% of americans they just make us look bad

    cuntcunt4 dager siden
  • Being American the sad reality is that everything he's saying about America and it's people is 110% accurate 💀

    Alex KarnehmAlex Karnehm5 dager siden
  • dose any one else just watch the simpsons in the back ground

    Alfie Beck Year 11Alfie Beck Year 115 dager siden
  • South West Airport is USA's version of Luton Airport

    Ben HarrisBen Harris6 dager siden
  • Southwest isn’t an airport it’s an airline

    DavidPlayssDavidPlayss6 dager siden
  • I just drabk 2 hein quarts and im sober what u meeeean 🤣

    Morbid ProductionsMorbid Productions6 dager siden
  • I respect you as you show the meaning of the tile first

    cheeb joshcheeb josh6 dager siden
  • You are epic. I hereby confess my love for you, Jayme Swinglerton.

    VikVik6 dager siden
  • Instead of complaining she can go buy some water and sober herself but nooooo

    Maisie UtubeMaisie Utube6 dager siden
  • Bro keep doing these videos love them

    Jack Bean VlogsJack Bean Vlogs6 dager siden
  • anyone notice how he's always got simpsons on in the background lmao

    Callum WatkinsCallum Watkins6 dager siden
  • < 3 3 3

    K9 RevengeK9 Revenge6 dager siden
  • I'm 25 and my partner is 21 and we have a 4 month old and an 17 month old. That child looks about the size of mine so that's bullshit either way it's a child let them on regardless the kids obviously distressed whats the point in keeping up the line like that over a small child, ridiculous.

    William StandenWilliam Standen6 dager siden
  • "Brings shotgun to airport" .... literally America in a clip ha ha ha

    Alfie FryAlfie Fry6 dager siden
  • Intro: a drone looking at a massive beautiful landscape of mountains, and it zooms/flys closer and closer to something... which is eventually you pulling a mongy face.

    cwuziicwuzii7 dager siden
  • Filmed like 30 years ago from the looks of it, doubt it’s a drone 🤣

    cwuziicwuzii7 dager siden
  • What about your own wedding???

    NeoLights EmilNeoLights Emil7 dager siden
  • Bro please react to UK border force 😂

    XXXplicit GamerXXXplicit Gamer7 dager siden
  • Can we acknowledge that there’s simpsons playin in the background

    Nathan HulmeNathan Hulme7 dager siden
  • I was more interested in the simpsons

    Water ASMRWater ASMR7 dager siden
  • TGF - Two Gay Friends

    Rhyan ClementsRhyan Clements7 dager siden
  • It’s the family guy in the background for me

    Ryan KingRyan King7 dager siden
  • Bet jay wouldn’t put tom and Jerry on the background 😏

    Catherine BranniganCatherine Brannigan7 dager siden
  • I just be watching the Simpsons

    Fletcher HoughtonFletcher Houghton7 dager siden
  • Tbh I’m not surprised there was a gun involved it’s America

    Georgia RaffertyGeorgia Rafferty7 dager siden
    • I live in britian btw tho

      Georgia RaffertyGeorgia Rafferty7 dager siden
  • Should react to airline uk

    luke mattluke matt7 dager siden
  • Just here excorsing my rights 😂fun commentary

    patty labellepatty labelle7 dager siden
  • Yes jay live this sort of upload!

    ChazChaz7 dager siden
  • Been enjoying the reactions content jay keep it coming lad keeping people sane our ere

    morgan kellymorgan kelly7 dager siden
  • Jay’s new intro should just scream “argggghhhh” to get people’s attention straight away

    Seamus McloughlinSeamus Mcloughlin7 dager siden
  • “Two Heineken and ya lookin like Moses bro” 🤣

    1996PURE1996PURE7 dager siden
  • Im sorry if this offensive but "step-fether" tho

    ANBUANBU7 dager siden
  • 4:30 i fuckin agree

    JimoJimo7 dager siden
  • The reason why he's in a wheelchair is because of that shotgun 😂

    Pete RPete R7 dager siden
  • 7:50 why does she look exactly like her husband ? #incest

    Katie BeveridgeKatie Beveridge7 dager siden
  • You need to bury Romel in love heart sweets! Vid got over 25k likes

    Sam FanningSam Fanning7 dager siden
  • Omg please make a Reddit!!!!!!!

    Kez mushKez mush7 dager siden
  • You should watch the UK version it’s even better

    Harley SpurrHarley Spurr7 dager siden

    عمر اليفعيعمر اليفعي7 dager siden
  • You should react to the slapping tournaments

    condog_axiscondog_axis8 dager siden
  • 6:32 “No record of the birth?! Stole the child dudeee!” 😂🤣😂🤣

    Mad AnimalMad Animal8 dager siden
  • Who else watching the Simpson’s instead?

    Tammythehoe GTammythehoe G8 dager siden
  • I'm sorry right but that one around the 8 minute mark if she can't walk her 2 children down a airport by herself with out them getting kidnapped matey there better of with there father perimeterly

    Tom gamingTom gaming8 dager siden
  • Banger video bro 🔥🔥

    Evan KellyEvan Kelly8 dager siden
  • Love the content♿️♿️

    Mad SaintMad Saint8 dager siden
  • Anyone knows what the shirt is?

    Cool kid 2931Cool kid 29318 dager siden
  • Petition for jay to react to worlds strictest parents ~>

    Joel ChittickJoel Chittick8 dager siden
  • Hi there

    SemHBSemHB8 dager siden
  • Anyone think that the woman with that’s taking her kid to the gate sounds like Stan from south park

    Mav - 8394Mav - 83948 dager siden
  • Yo was this filmed in the 90s or something?

    R HobbsR Hobbs8 dager siden
  • Me : when I fail in Test Sweet dad : FUCK OFF . GO FLY SOMEWHERE

    Sāmmy ČhiTėRSāmmy ČhiTėR8 dager siden
  • love the carpet in the background

    croslandercroslander8 dager siden
  • Who else just came from romels viddo

    Tristan HillTristan Hill8 dager siden
  • I rarely turn on notis

    S_.S_.8 dager siden
  • Serve me uncle bens and call me dad

    Monni KoiraMonni Koira8 dager siden
  • These videos are what get me up in the morning. Keep doing what your doing Jay. LOVING IT !!!!!

    Lily JohnsonLily Johnson8 dager siden
  • mum would be mike wasoski wtf lol 😂😂😂

    TayulayTayulay8 dager siden
  • 9:10 the karen is coming out😂

    TayulayTayulay8 dager siden
  • Hey jay react to undateables.

    Callum LaneCallum Lane8 dager siden
  • southwest is an Airline not an airport...

    Qeezy FNQeezy FN8 dager siden
  • 6:24 exercise my rights with a shotgun

    Luke_ ao8Luke_ ao88 dager siden
  • The Simpsons Episode: Lisa The Skeptic Season 9 Episode 8

    The Beatles Clips and MusicThe Beatles Clips and Music8 dager siden
  • 7:20 Sothwest isn't an airport 😂

    Findoc0697Findoc06978 dager siden
  • React to 60 days in

    MrAH12010MrAH120108 dager siden
  • The Simpsons aesthetic hits different

    The Beatles Clips and MusicThe Beatles Clips and Music8 dager siden
  • Hi

    Banana dog Gamer_101Banana dog Gamer_1018 dager siden
  • Southwest is an airline not an airport lad 😂

    Dhruv BechraDhruv Bechra8 dager siden
  • wheel chair guy=postal 2

    Jade GreenwoodJade Greenwood8 dager siden
  • was this filmed in the 80s? lol

    Jade GreenwoodJade Greenwood8 dager siden
  • Jay you had me dead at 9:30 bruv 💀🤣🤣

    RevolutionaryJAYRevolutionaryJAY8 dager siden
  • let the viewers come up with a new intro for every video! that would be jokes lol

    OllieOllie8 dager siden
  • As an American, I hate Americans

    Josh WilsonJosh Wilson8 dager siden
  • I totally look forward to these . Keep em going I’m totally 💯 entertained 🤘🤘

    carol Wakemancarol Wakeman8 dager siden
  • I like it😎

    Lucian CravenLucian Craven8 dager siden
  • Everyone: else watching the video Me: watching the simpsons in the background

    Bailey RodgersBailey Rodgers8 dager siden
  • Lmao the dislikes are from the Americans 🤣🤣

    Max LumpkinMax Lumpkin8 dager siden
  • Jay react to life guards go undercover

    AMV yugioh warriorAMV yugioh warrior8 dager siden
  • What's John Locke doing in the airport bro?

    Ste BarkerSte Barker8 dager siden
  • Nah walking a child down to the gate is exactly what you need to do, no questions asked lol trafficking is a real thing.

    1Down 5Up1Down 5Up8 dager siden
  • I am actually so buzzing for these videos when I see them on my recommended page 😂

    Connor McKayConnor McKay8 dager siden
  • Well if my child look like over the age of 2 I just pay for the ticket

    Strider_245Strider_2458 dager siden
  • bruh southwest is an airline innit?

    Andrew smytAndrew smyt8 dager siden
  • I wonder if he realises southwest is an airline and not an airport

    Righteous SpaghetRighteous Spaghet8 dager siden
  • Seen some video of a guy making a childish rug is that the same one Jay? Love your videos turns a dark day bright respect bro

    adam moorbyadam moorby8 dager siden
  • the mum would be mike wasowski

    JavvyJavvy8 dager siden
  • I'm just exercising my rights to exercise my rights, Jay. Back off, man.

    MiRAMiRA8 dager siden
  • Vids*

    Rhys SandersRhys Sanders8 dager siden
  • I live these vids so much

    Rhys SandersRhys Sanders8 dager siden
  • Pog

    q88uq88u8 dager siden