So I did my *BIGGEST* Black Market Trade Up video in Rocket League & IT WAS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

2. mars. 2021
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Last Black Market Trade Up video SMASHED 20,000 likes so I am back today with my BIGGEST ONE! If you want to see more then be sure to drop a like as always! #PixelArmy #Roadto800k
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    pickapixelpickapixelMåned siden
    • Hey pickapixel I made my brother a rl acc and first crate was black oems

      YT FL1CKSYT FL1CKSMåned siden
    • Hi i know theres no point on commenting or saying hi because you probably wont care but i hope you get to your birthday wish and thank you for publishing the best things EVER

      charlie chapstickcharlie chapstickMåned siden
    • Hello anyone in here play on Xbox and could maybe give me some stuff to trade up

      Julian GriecoJulian GriecoMåned siden

      QuickJuiceQuickJuiceMåned siden
    • I love you so much man😍😍😍

      Arwa AlsaifArwa AlsaifMåned siden
  • "picapixel"it's dissolver gets labrith

    JUST STOPJUST STOP11 dager siden
  • I Have A Hell Fire To

    Anthony lyonsAnthony lyons16 dager siden
  • idk pixel if u gonna see this but if you want can i maybe give something for any color zombas

    Myst LiryMyst Liry16 dager siden
  • Kol

    Isak AlsakerIsak Alsaker16 dager siden
  • 😀

    Christine BlesciaChristine Blescia19 dager siden
  • I love you pick what yr doing ur making around 70k people happy keep up the good work(:

    Dubalbie 18Dubalbie 1821 dag siden
  • Imagine getting a heart from pickapixel 😏

    N4th4n Sw33TN4th4n Sw33T23 dager siden
  • I’m eating my dinner

    Bailey Thomas CadmanBailey Thomas Cadman24 dager siden
  • I ain't done it but shower or batha gang

    Nigel KennedyNigel Kennedy25 dager siden
  • Idk if people know this drink it's called irn bru its scottish and my favourite snack is pringles and skittels

    anzxyanzxy28 dager siden
  • my go to snack and beverage, which is a little weird, is grape juice and pretzels with nutella.

    Macy EmichMacy EmichMåned siden
  • How are you soo lucky when I am opening a creat than I got a rare🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ How do you do that??? Howww?

    Artiqio. rlArtiqio. rlMåned siden
  • Imagine you could do black market trade ups to get a better value black market

    DUMBASS•KAR AnafinDUMBASS•KAR AnafinMåned siden
  • U get the dueling dragons and a kinder ad comes on and I didn’t get to see the celebration

    AlpexrAlpexrMåned siden
  • I love a solid milo and some Vegemite on toast

    Red KnifeRed KnifeMåned siden
  • Can I plzz have a bm

    Jackson ManyuonJackson ManyuonMåned siden
  • 10:16 am I going to get a prediction right this vids toon gets dueling dragons

    Vegeto gamingVegeto gamingMåned siden
  • The controller was off

    Tejal KunwarTejal KunwarMåned siden
  • I was watching your vid and playing rocket league 1v1 and I got meteor storm black market blueprint and I was like PIXEL U R A LEGEND

    CrossFit Salem | Est 2008CrossFit Salem | Est 2008Måned siden
  • Thank you pickapixel 😁 for making everyones day (code pixelarmy)

    Sean GriffinSean GriffinMåned siden
  • I got a “show off” hex tide

    Kai BananaKai BananaMåned siden
  • 6:45 ooh I'm feeling myself now 😳😳

    Tim KeoughTim KeoughMåned siden
  • I've never had a bm lol ( I'm dead inside)

    Anderson ScottAnderson ScottMåned siden
  • Best rl ytuber - pickapixel

    Clxxpo _Clxxpo _Måned siden
  • What is the name of the decal he is using?

    Biggoochdog 111Biggoochdog 111Måned siden
  • How do you get all that exotics

    Kaj OpsteegKaj OpsteegMåned siden
  • I like how he has soooo many black markets and I’m out here with none

    ZacAtkZacAtkMåned siden
  • My aunt sadly died in a car crash last night all of my family is depressed now.

    Simple-vinnie on ytSimple-vinnie on ytMåned siden
  • trade please wants fennec

    Dawid FudałaDawid FudałaMåned siden
  • *pixel*"this will be a disolver" *Gets labyrinth*

    Aaron CraneAaron CraneMåned siden
  • Nice vid piece out rampage

    Frank The TankFrank The TankMåned siden
  • Pizza roles and red bull go to snack and drink

    Mood KillerMood KillerMåned siden
  • Re heeeee heeee heeeee haaaa haaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaaah

    Madfut 21 and rocket league ProMadfut 21 and rocket league ProMåned siden
  • Reheheheheheahhaaaaaaa

    Madfut 21 and rocket league ProMadfut 21 and rocket league ProMåned siden
  • 3 fire gods 3 heatwaves and 3 dueiling dragons nice bro

    maxedoutmaxedoutMåned siden
  • He is not playing

    Naya Al-NaqshbandiNaya Al-NaqshbandiMåned siden
  • The psychedelic treatment greely boast because taxi evocatively pray besides a literate hubcap. sweltering, last juice

    Dallas PattersonDallas PattersonMåned siden
  • how do u know ur going to get a black market

    Jenson WattsJenson WattsMåned siden
  • “It’s time for trade-up Tuesday” also pixel: “I’ve never called it that before.”

    Vincent RuschmanVincent RuschmanMåned siden

    Archie JackmanArchie JackmanMåned siden
  • can i have heat wave and hellfire for free plz

    Abdallah BalatiehAbdallah BalatiehMåned siden
  • flowerseeds....

    RiskyEdgeGamerRiskyEdgeGamerMåned siden
  • I want the atomizer so bad

    Karen KirwanKaren KirwanMåned siden
  • i have black markets to trade that are blueprints please im a big fan

    Drxpy0_0Drxpy0_0Måned siden
  • Yeet

    JassJassMåned siden
  • Rocket league Ali-A who agrees?

    Michael GrecoMichael GrecoMåned siden
  • pickapixel never click baits the picture when u click on the vid

    JoeJoeMåned siden
  • i used your creator code! isnt it funny? after i got a titanium white dominous from a trade up!

    dylan jonesdylan jonesMåned siden
  • Hawian punch and gold fish

    100%gamer X100%gamer XMåned siden
  • Use code pickapixel jk PIXELARMY

    garry kerrgarry kerrMåned siden
  • Matt you make my day every day I come home and can’t wait to watch ur new vid keep doing what ur doing 😁😁

    garry kerrgarry kerrMåned siden
  • This week imma do it again cause u can never get bored of picel

    Nahas EliasNahas EliasMåned siden
  • Guys I did a pickapixel marathon last week it means I watched all his vids of rocket league and I had 48 hours

    Nahas EliasNahas EliasMåned siden
  • I really wanna trade with u but I cant

    Dimas ArellanoDimas ArellanoMåned siden
  • Yooo my friend he wants to give a 20xx but he don't know that I not have even 500 credit 😭

    Ali AlzainAli AlzainMåned siden
  • hi i am bad at rocket league

    Piotr KozlowskiPiotr KozlowskiMåned siden
  • I wish I had luck like him 😔

    Jerick PlayzJerick PlayzMåned siden
  • I love your videos

    Noam GoodmanNoam GoodmanMåned siden
  • You: Lets go with you Me: Gets a add when you got dueling dragons Me again: I AM MADD

    Daniel_GamingDaniel_GamingMåned siden
  • Can you get me a bm pls I don’t have a bm

    TTVMellonhead2018TTVMellonhead2018Måned siden
  • I bought 14 golden lanterns, and I got a sky blue sub zero!!!

  • I really want to see a full trade up or tournament crate video but the entire thing is no reaction

    Reece StrawsonReece StrawsonMåned siden
  • Ayo pixel please reply do this comment plz

    HujiX1 7HujiX1 7Måned siden
  • Titanium white toon for pop corn?

    FeaR_BlurrFeaR_BlurrMåned siden
  • I stg in my first exotic to bm trade up I got dissolver and my first dm from a crate was duelling dragons lol

    Nixzs RLNixzs RLMåned siden
  • Day 2# of saying hi pickapixel until he says heyyyyy with 5 y’s back. Love you bro

    Alex McglynnAlex McglynnMåned siden
  • You got any extras?😂

    Don JoewonDon JoewonMåned siden
  • Dude can u help me i want to develope like you i need so much help i cant do something else i did just a fennec i just need some trade brain not cr or something. So i am saying can u teach me earning money feom trades

    tan tantan tanMåned siden
    • İ just need some trade brain

      tan tantan tanMåned siden
    • Pls help me i love you ;)

      tan tantan tanMåned siden
  • Can i have a bmi just started im on ps4

    Joshua FryerJoshua FryerMåned siden
  • Hey Pickapixel, love your videos. What is your favourite car body in the game?

    Frankie BirdFrankie BirdMåned siden
  • "Couldn't be more jealous" 😉

    Marvin RafidMarvin RafidMåned siden
  • yes all videos

    Ilyas TafanyIlyas TafanyMåned siden
  • Him being upset with a black market me not having a black market

    Rowan HensonRowan HensonMåned siden
  • Him getting all these duelling dragons is the reason why they dropped about 3k in price on rl insider recently

    Floix VRFloix VRMåned siden
  • Me with knelt one exotic: *pain*

    Sleepingboiz8Sleepingboiz8Måned siden
  • Hot chocolate and Jaffa cakes 😃😃😃

    Ibby IIbby IMåned siden
  • Can you not get painted items from NCE trade ups?

    Toby BatesToby BatesMåned siden
  • I bought 10 exotics for my only 2500 credits cause you have a lot of luck so I did it and I got fireworks and popcorn😖

    ThunderUpARodThunderUpARodMåned siden
  • Nobody: Pickapixel: “I want that triple D.” “I’m feeling myself now.”

    Gamingbros. 101Gamingbros. 101Måned siden
  • Hey pickapixel ive been watching you for a about a month now and love the vids. The daily uploads are insane 😁

    PureMiniPureMiniMåned siden
  • when u said to get food i decided to and i got a kinder bueno

    Max ArmstrongMax ArmstrongMåned siden
  • Can i have one DD i got scammt and i have nothing :( ps CC pixelarmy in the item shop

    RaZe 0209RaZe 0209Måned siden
  • pixel: gets a duelling dragons ads: how about no

    Max Rolo08Max Rolo08Måned siden
  • Mainframe is so nice

    MG GonzoMG GonzoMåned siden
  • keep up the good work and making my days better every time I watch u

    Pr3scoPr3scoMåned siden
  • Dueling dragons are wayyyyyyy to common now, I see them like EVERY game

    jeez- Zakyjeez- ZakyMåned siden
  • Oooo I’m feeling myself now 😶

    jeez- Zakyjeez- ZakyMåned siden
  • Do you just give some black markets away for free. If so can I have one please.

    Gabriel LiubinasGabriel LiubinasMåned siden
  • Hi Pixel, how do you like sign up to the giveaways as I don’t know and my user is YT_Mogoshy. btw I just subscribed hopefully you can get to 800,000 before you Birthday or even this week!!!😁

    MogoshyPlayZMogoshyPlayZMåned siden
  • day 214 trying to get famous off comments so i can live the dream

    deathstar5611deathstar5611Måned siden
  • Pickapixel your a great guy u deserve more subs I sub to you and ur a good NOtownr keep up the good work

    Sebastien JoeSebastien JoeMåned siden
  • You should do a new thing that's called a "opposite trade up or crate" were you react positively to a bad item and sad if there is a good item

    xLulu 22xxLulu 22xMåned siden
  • Uhh can you share one dueling dragons help a subscriber out with his trading future 😐

    julian loljulian lolMåned siden
    • I really want to get into trading it seems fun

      julian loljulian lolMåned siden
  • This guy makes me think of Ali-a XD

    Wolfy DWolfy DMåned siden
  • I was doing bm trade ups and pulled a dueling dragons on the first try and only had two trade ups

    Rl ClipsRl ClipsMåned siden
  • Pickapixel: **Guess random items*** Also pickapixel: OMG THIS IS THE BEST TRADE UP VIDEO

    Muhammad IqbalMuhammad IqbalMåned siden
  • is anyone on xbox willing to help me out and trade anything i have for a black market it doesnt have to be good i just want a black market

    dylandylanMåned siden
  • Pixel:i forget intrudium is a thing until it pops up Psyonix:I'll make so you never forget Also psyonix:give him like 5 intrudiums

    Callum RobertsonCallum RobertsonMåned siden
  • Anyone else think wet paint is just a BETEC mainframe?

    This is a DUCK!This is a DUCK!Måned siden