Spitting Image - US Election Special (Part 2) | Full Episode

30. okt.. 2020
773 116 Ganger

In series 1, episode 6 of Spitting Image Donald Trump gives a step by step guide on how to vote in the US election and Joe Biden picks up a shift at the diner.
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With the world getting smaller and more turbulent, the time couldn’t be more appropriate for an iconic British satirical take on global events. Produced by Avalon (Taskmaster, The Russell Howard Hour, Catastrophe, Breeders, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, over 100 puppets have already been developed by socially distanced teams of artists ready for launch, including: Adele, Angela Merkel, Baby Yoda, Barack Obama, Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Boris Johnson, Boris Baby, The Johnson Dog, Brad Pitt, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Chrissy Teigen, Covid-19, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dominic Cummings, Dominic Raab, Donald Trump, Dwayne Johnson, Ed Sheeran, Elon Musk, Elton John, Emmanuel Macron, Greta Thunberg, Grimes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harry Styles, Idris Elba, Ivanka Trump, Jacinda Ardern, James Corden, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Jürgen Klopp, Kanye West, Keir Starmer, Kim Kardashian, Lewis Hamilton, Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Hancock, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Melania Trump, Michael Gove, Michelle Obama, Narendra Modi, Oprah Winfrey, Piers Morgan, The Pope, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, Priti Patel, The Queen, Richard Branson, Rishi Sunak, RuPaul, Taylor Swift, Tiger Woods, Tyson Fury, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, all falling under the show’s legendary gaze.
A next generation of satirical writers and voice artists are working with established talent to drive a new wave of ‘public service satire’. Writers on the show include: Al Murray, Bert Tyler-Moore & George Jeffrie (The Windsors), Bill Odenkirk (The Simpsons), Brona C. Titley (The Tracey Ullman Show), David X. Cohen (The Simpsons), Gemma Arrowsmith (The Tracey Ullman Show), Jason Hazeley & Nico Tatarowicz (Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe/Murder in Successville), Karl Minns (Russell Howard’s Good News), Keisha Zollar (Astronomy Club), Laura Major (Famalam), Matt Forde, Patric Verrone (The Simpsons), Phil Wang, Richard Herring, Sophie Duker (Frankie Boyle’s New World Order) and Travis Jay (Dave Chapelle and Friends) with many more joining the growing team. Voice artists include: Billy West (Futurama), Debra Stephenson (The Impressions Show), Debra Wilson (Family Guy), Guz Khan (Man Like Mobeen), Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), Jess Robinson (The Imitation Game), John DiMaggio (Futurama), Lewis MacLeod (Dead Ringers), Lobo Chan (Killing Eve), Luke Kempner (The Imitation Game), Matt Forde (Unspun) and Phil LaMarr (Pulp Fiction), with many more joining as the puppet cast grows.

  • biden is too witty and energetic here. in reality he's borderline braindead

    You ShallNotPassYou ShallNotPass13 timer siden
  • This is great 😂

    John WestJohn West3 dager siden
  • They did a terrible Joe biden. He cannot speak.

    LJ ReeLJ Ree5 dager siden
  • _.° ._

    Panzer of the lakePanzer of the lake6 dager siden
  • This reminds me of the DC follies Funny Funny show

    David Ramos salsologo por exselenciaDavid Ramos salsologo por exselencia10 dager siden
  • Wow how did you guys get Biden to voice himself? You caught his stupidity perfectly.

    02091992able02091992able17 dager siden
  • Needs more g r e e s e

    Lolmaster MomentLolmaster Moment19 dager siden
  • When Boris blinked I lost my shit. This. Is. Brilliant.

    Pate NanningPate Nanning20 dager siden
  • when newsmax knew what happen to joe biden 17:55 newsmax: LOL!!!!!!

    RipperoniRipperoni20 dager siden
  • What is this show? 🤣🤣😂

    Neriah Daniel TaylorNeriah Daniel Taylor21 dag siden
  • Thank you for Spitting Image!

    Anne KinneyAnne Kinney22 dager siden
  • I feel like I like this shows version of Biden the most. XD

    Cindy PurinaCindy Purina26 dager siden
  • Is anyone here after Elon Musk's Tweet about "Elongate"? (16:28)

    Kyung Woong KohKyung Woong Koh26 dager siden
  • I am glad that your puppet is based on smiley Biden of the Obama era.

    Crimson MaskCrimson Mask27 dager siden

    Shawn ShackelfordShawn Shackelford29 dager siden
  • Two types of German engineering Great steel machines of the future And Dumb shit

    Deus Vult Infidel _Templar4554Deus Vult Infidel _Templar4554Måned siden
  • Trump is so accurate 😂😂😂

    Cash WilliamsCash WilliamsMåned siden
  • Why s branson here he has no idea colonizing mars

    Tadej StamevTadej StamevMåned siden
  • Finally someone lampooned Biden no one else will touch him your Trump is hilarious to New fan

    Ty BriggsTy BriggsMåned siden
  • Man they really nailed the way trump talks

    Trevor WestTrevor WestMåned siden
  • Biden was too coherent. Fix that, and you nailed it.

    Kariah LKariah LMåned siden
  • I thought that Polosi witch was spot on

    Geo BignTallGeo BignTallMåned siden
  • The thing is, there's no way Joe Biden, our current president, could handle being a short order cook

    trugangsta4realtrugangsta4realMåned siden
  • I love how he makes fun of EVERYONE the way Matt Stone and Trey Parker do.

    Purple DragonPurple DragonMåned siden
  • 748 people eat ice cream straight from the nozzle at Dairy Queen.

    FireLightning16FireLightning16Måned siden
  • Fake, Joe Biden didnt stutter or have an Alzheimer's moment once, and that's impossible

    CheezyCheezyMåned siden
  • Spitting Image gives Biden way to much credit.

    Emiline BelléEmiline BelléMåned siden
  • Mail in fraud was proven tho

    solisiumsolisiumMåned siden
    • Trump is that you?

      Tuck1186Tuck1186Måned siden
    • Nope

      SamburgerSamburgerMåned siden
  • Most of that was pretty bad and it’s sad because I’m sure it took y’all a long time to make

    Jackson AJackson AMåned siden
  • This guy was still beta then Joe the puppet and witches pulling the ropes. You all who got fooled are all in this show enjoy watching yourselves

    Voodoo IllusionVoodoo IllusionMåned siden
  • Sure this isn't a liberal based Channel. It's like Saturday Night Live lot of trump bashing... conservative people, don't really like that

    Danger XDanger XMåned siden
    • Don't watch it then lol

      SamburgerSamburgerMåned siden
    • Get over it

      Justin suttonJustin suttonMåned siden
  • Are these the same puppeteers that did the Phil Collins Genesis video in the 80s?

    Levent AhmedLevent AhmedMåned siden
  • Biden is no where near this coherent

    Kaitlin TriggKaitlin TriggMåned siden
  • Yea so far Biden has ruined jobs for 30,000 people

    Ty SandiferTy SandiferMåned siden
    • Bruh trump closed down a chevrolet manufacture

      SamburgerSamburgerMåned siden
    • Wiped out the pipe line

      Gator OperatorGator OperatorMåned siden
    • How lol

      SamburgerSamburgerMåned siden
  • I like the idea that Joe Biden enjoys flipping pancakes more than being president

    Max TylerMax TylerMåned siden
  • So like Russian collusion, but no voter fraud.

    64ddking64ddkingMåned siden
  • The Adele scares me the most in this episode so far

    Zackery LambZackery LambMåned siden
  • My only gripe is that Biden is far too coherent.

    Ryan AshbaughRyan AshbaughMåned siden
  • 🥶 watching this 4 months later got me frozen solid

    Lochrine -8Lochrine -8Måned siden
  • That is an amazing impression of president Trump.

    Arthur KainArthur KainMåned siden
  • This show so addictive.

    Jaison MansonJaison MansonMåned siden
  • Biden is boring, Trump was entretaining.

    R3NR3NMåned siden
  • Good

    Destroyer ArmorDestroyer ArmorMåned siden
  • this ish is GOLD!!

    Shaun Burr-DixonShaun Burr-DixonMåned siden
  • Its the Amazon spacesuit for me 🤣

    Jay ComptonJay ComptonMåned siden
  • They just nailed it all 😂

    Lake 42Lake 42Måned siden
  • They use a lot of Futurama almuni

    StevenStevenMåned siden
  • What the f**k

    Kenneth TurkKenneth TurkMåned siden
  • 7:01

    Kyber BricksKyber BricksMåned siden
  • It looks like political science to me

    Douglas MckeeDouglas MckeeMåned siden
  • "I haven't had oxygen in 15 minutes. I'm open to suggestions" is an excellent argument.

    J EJ EMåned siden
  • I like this video

    Devin Garrett Devin GarrettDevin Garrett Devin GarrettMåned siden
  • 😁😁💖💚💛

    beautiful naturebeautiful natureMåned siden
  • Honestly I wish Biden was how he is depicted here. Not just pretending but actually doing it and caring about it. We need more people who actually give a damn.

    henreyhenreyMåned siden
  • “I told you to bring a bicycle pump” And that is why this does better than SNL ever could

    Peri FloresPeri FloresMåned siden
  • they missed an opportunity to go in hard on bidens dementia... disappointing

    samesameMåned siden

    Jolade AdebayoJolade AdebayoMåned siden
  • "The only way to avoid future suffering, is to suffer right now!"

    A WolfA WolfMåned siden
  • I wish we had mailboxes like that, maybe then the poor Syrian children would still be alive. For they wouldn’t have had to deal with Joe Biden’s wrath

    TetrumoTetrumoMåned siden
  • lmao angela merkle killed it

    YobetYobetMåned siden
  • Watching Biden start panicking with all the orders coming in had me dying laughing

    DerekDerekMåned siden
  • Doctor:White obunga doesn't exist, he can't hurt you! White obunga: 10:39

    Tenebris WoofTenebris WoofMåned siden
  • He already hates his dad that’s a Windsor for you😂

    Chrispy ChipChrispy ChipMåned siden
  • Lol

    Libish mLibish mMåned siden
  • I hardly think Trump and McConnel talked much. Seems more like they're enemies.

    UsernameUsernameMåned siden
  • *"ARCHIE"*

    Heavenly KitHeavenly KitMåned siden
  • Where did Mitch McConnell's double chin on the puppet go

    Heavenly KitHeavenly KitMåned siden
  • Wouldn't be surprised if we found Joe Biden baking pancakes in Scranton. Trains, Ice Cream, And Pancakes

    Heavenly KitHeavenly KitMåned siden

    Miles MillerMiles MillerMåned siden
  • Biden has much the same vibe as Ronald Reagan.

    Geoffrey HerrickGeoffrey Herrick2 måneder siden
  • Myanmar😉china?🤣🤣🤣war?USA😘JoeBlDEN🤗welcome1v2?

    winstarstar winstarstarwinstarstar winstarstar2 måneder siden
  • Yes?hello😊?JoeBlDEN?Trump?1v2USA?

    winstarstar winstarstarwinstarstar winstarstar2 måneder siden
  • If Bezos / Musk and Branson populate Mars in a few generations there offspring will have gigantic balloon heads that will help them float on their ego.

    Ricardo BlikmanRicardo Blikman2 måneder siden
  • 20:25 ROFL XD

    Davy van OssDavy van Oss2 måneder siden
  • Yo, that's some good voice acting 😂😂😂 “Shut up, David!” 15:43

    Spirited TodaySpirited Today2 måneder siden
  • Hehehe. Biden blowing up a diner seems likely.

    Galagar RocketGalagar Rocket2 måneder siden
  • Fake, Biden doesn't look like a skin suit enough.

    Thinking Inside the BoxThinking Inside the Box2 måneder siden
  • Phil Llamar (a.k.a. Samurai Jack) as Obama is pretty funny.

    Nate the GreatNate the Great2 måneder siden
  • Has anyone else ever thought about how Joe Biden is essentially the Democrat George W Bush.

    Adrian ÅslundAdrian Åslund2 måneder siden
  • I miss Trump man :( He was mean and he was orange, but under him I could use Twitter

    TheHungaryWaffle Inc.TheHungaryWaffle Inc.2 måneder siden
  • Exactly! Only one thing is wrong people didnt follow this

    Donald J.TrumpDonald J.Trump2 måneder siden
  • Orange for life

    Pikachu likes GamblingPikachu likes Gambling2 måneder siden
  • 99% of the information these clips give is false and twisted information

    Traee St.pierreTraee St.pierre2 måneder siden
  • Jappy birthday to ju!! WHAT!!😂😂😂

    K NayamK Nayam2 måneder siden
  • I think Branson is starting to lose it

    Otshepeng DitshegoOtshepeng Ditshego2 måneder siden
  • I can't vote but I can unsubscribe

    iixSupreme_StreetziixSupreme_Streetz2 måneder siden
  • Special...

    mandovi braz rochamandovi braz rocha2 måneder siden
  • Boris Johnson is just so lovable

    Master FarrMaster Farr3 måneder siden
  • Obama’s ears are HUGE 😂😂😂

    AA3 måneder siden
  • This shouldn't been shown to Americans it should just be shown to British people and that's it (I'm using a vpn and I'm British)

    Goro MajimaGoro Majima3 måneder siden
  • 17:52 i see this happening by accident because joe biden

    RAPTOR JK HD47RAPTOR JK HD473 måneder siden
  • This is crazy lol lol

    Yolanda MontalvoYolanda Montalvo3 måneder siden
  • 700th dislike! It’s not because I disliked the video, it’s because I wanted to be the 700th 😂

    Rising Sun PuroresuRising Sun Puroresu3 måneder siden
  • Why does Mike Pence look like the Night King?

    Jack StrawsJack Straws3 måneder siden
  • some good ol royal family propaganda. lol good to know you're enemy.

    Geoal MikeGeoal Mike3 måneder siden
  • The fantastic trio Brenson , Bezos and Musk had have The faboulous idea to spend their time smoking week in an unknow space base

    TEXTUDOTEXTUDO3 måneder siden
  • Yeaay more left wing bias, how fkn tedious

    S PS P3 måneder siden
  • arfacemask.com/

    Terrill HolmesTerrill Holmes3 måneder siden
  • That Elton John impression is hilarious.

    Chaney PhillipsChaney Phillips3 måneder siden