Straight Piping our SMART CAR

18. april. 2021
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  • If I needed a car which I don't I would turn it in to a smart car race car for dirt track

    cman20 cmancman20 cmanTime siden
  • Sounds like a bunch of tic tacs rumbling around in a can lol

    David PeltoDavid Pelto3 timer siden
  • If I would get this, it would be my first car. Lol. LOVE THE VID!! STAY POSITIVE!!!

    Jonah KeelerJonah Keeler3 timer siden
  • In the thumbnail the straight pipe system is longer than the car

    Palaash AroraPalaash Arora7 timer siden
  • I can’t hear shit with all the “ohhhhhh” , “geeez”, “ Wow” bullshit

    RJ MendozaRJ Mendoza8 timer siden
  • Redline it

    James GaleasJames Galeas8 timer siden
  • Bags and wide body

    Emiliano VillaEmiliano Villa16 timer siden
  • Yea he is pretty short isn't he

    HaganationHaganation18 timer siden
  • if u keep revving it the car won’t make it to a road

    Morph Suit ManMorph Suit Man19 timer siden
  • 14:18 gta v cinematic cam:

    TheB0baJackッ•TheB0baJackッ•21 time siden
  • If I had the money I'd build my own version of this and take it to my driver's test with scissor doors and a batman rap

    David DulaneyDavid Dulaney22 timer siden
  • Find a way to put a hellcat engine in there.😂😂

    Luke JensenLuke JensenDag siden
  • he should widebody the smart car

    RAsik BIstaRAsik BIstaDag siden
  • Now this is a car i would like to win lol

  • Wide body kit with a turbo fixed to a awd drive system front splitter and wing be a sick car btw car sounds great

    Chris hChris hDag siden
  • Did you already give the smart car away because I'm in really need of a car

    Nathan RayNathan RayDag siden
  • Watching these guys attempt to take of a smart car exhaust is the equivalent of watching a rich gaming youtuber speed through a good campaign

    Daniel DiFeoDaniel DiFeo2 dager siden
  • I now want a smart car, but would I fit? I’m 6’8”😂😂😂

    Isaac LeBlancIsaac LeBlanc2 dager siden
  • Can you lower your smart car

    Fico cFico c2 dager siden
  • I would love to have this car and put a system in it. I will give my toyota corolla 2006 to my brother for this car

    Walther and Kaytlin's VlogsWalther and Kaytlin's Vlogs2 dager siden
  • This not a straight pipe, it's a muffler delete. Don't get why youtubers don't understand that. Also it's a 0.7 liter, Not a 2 liter

    Dom's GarageDom's Garage2 dager siden
  • It's a shame that Americans think that exhaust note depends on an aftermarket exhaust or engine capacity. They have no idea what a fucking 3 cylinder is and why is sounds like a harmonical note and not just noise from a crossplane V8....

    Liam WattsLiam Watts3 dager siden
  • I’ve never clicked on a video so quickly from you lmaooo

    David CervoneDavid Cervone3 dager siden
  • Did he draw the money out in single dollars? Seemed a lot of cash fir such a small amount.

    frogsfrogs3 dager siden
  • Imagen the Aventador the shelby and the smart car lined up all of them with the lambo doors Up

    Vizam companyVizam company3 dager siden
  • Anyone else confused by a rear engine car having a 14 foot cat back in the thumbnail

    tyler brogietyler brogie3 dager siden
  • 11:50 yes

    dirtbike44dirtbike443 dager siden
  • Guys get him to 300K!!!

    A person that uploads anything OwOA person that uploads anything OwO4 dager siden
  • Sell the catalytic...might pay for your expenses

    ChristianX Z ownerChristianX Z owner4 dager siden
  • Akrapovich sound..

    ChristianX Z ownerChristianX Z owner4 dager siden
  • Woke up grumpy and groggy, mood instantly changed😀

    Richard ParkRichard Park4 dager siden
  • U had a wood bit in the Kurtz saw didn’t u lol never mind 😂😂😂

    Key CommanderKey Commander4 dager siden
  • Put lambo doors and a turbo in it😂

    Tiz_the_boyTiz_the_boy4 dager siden
  • 2003

    Andrew JohnonAndrew Johnon4 dager siden
  • Like 2093 v6

    Andrew JohnonAndrew Johnon4 dager siden
  • Instead of Miata what about a Ford mustang what do you think

    Andrew JohnonAndrew Johnon4 dager siden
    • Like a 2003 v6

      Andrew JohnonAndrew Johnon4 dager siden
  • Approved!!!

    Nick PotgieterNick Potgieter4 dager siden
  • honestly sounds better than a straight piped honda civic..

    Miguel MendozaMiguel Mendoza4 dager siden
  • Yes miata

    Chad BellemareChad Bellemare5 dager siden
  • 2 men one smart car

    Konnor AragonKonnor Aragon5 dager siden
  • This needed to be done. Subscribed.

    OzmeisteriOzmeisteri5 dager siden
  • Dude y’all should turbo charge the smart car so you can hit 60 mph😂

    Da MekanikDa Mekanik5 dager siden
  • In germany we say STILLGELEGT!

    Ponchik L RusPonchik L Rus5 dager siden
  • get the doors

    Michael SteinerMichael Steiner5 dager siden
  • Id keep it and tuck it in every night read it bed time stories and all

    240sx95240sx956 dager siden
  • It kinda sounds like a Cummins

    Des ArmstrongDes Armstrong6 dager siden
  • Wide body the smart car!

    VossVoss6 dager siden
  • 7:07 decides to risk an injury for cheesy footage instead of stepping back one or two steps. Cringe af.

    dubeast209dubeast2096 dager siden
  • Stradman flexing without trying to flex 💯💯

    Aaron MercadoAaron Mercado6 dager siden
  • if i were to win this car it would be awesome. i would like something fun but cheap to own and drive around.

    AceSnipesAceSnipes6 dager siden
  • Purple iPhone commercial and then the video started with his purple shirt

    NBAWOKNBAWOK6 dager siden
  • Sounds just like the 1960's VW Bugs

    Ben ShaferBen Shafer6 dager siden

    VXZYVXZY6 dager siden
  • Hah! they're honestly neat little cars, for what they are. 1.0L 3 cylinder, with an automated manual transmission!

    Kelvin StokesKelvin Stokes6 dager siden
  • I didn’t expect it to sound so good lmao

    HUEEYHUEEY7 dager siden
  • Here me out ok hydrolics

    Fastcowski55Fastcowski557 dager siden
  • My new (to me) hyudai that i got from a dealership was "as is warranty" and 4 months later my vape caught fire in the car and i no longer have a car now yay

    Jason ClementeJason Clemente7 dager siden
  • Need to make a side exit Exhaust system for it somehow. That would be hilarious.

    Matthew HerreraMatthew Herrera7 dager siden
  • Idea for the smart car: chassis mount spoiler

    Stickman JJ YTStickman JJ YT7 dager siden
  • Hayabusa swap..... just saying. Look into it

    Matt ChastonMatt Chaston7 dager siden
  • 2:30 makin it rain (but not really)

    KingTheProtogenKingTheProtogen7 dager siden
  • Do a hayabusa swap please 🤣

    Tristan HebertTristan Hebert7 dager siden
  • Next straight pipe a tesla

    dodge challengerdodge challenger7 dager siden
  • Sounds better than my mustang tbh😂

    marcuspurcillermarcuspurciller7 dager siden
  • you guys are only a 2 hour drive away wish i could see you guys one day😞🤘🏽

    Parker HunsakerParker Hunsaker7 dager siden
  • Best NOtown video I’ve watched in awhile

    The Colorado Car NerdThe Colorado Car Nerd7 dager siden
  • its not 2.0l i believe

    tymccoy 687tymccoy 6877 dager siden
  • Turbo it y'all won't

    Stephen LeeStephen Lee7 dager siden
  • well I do uber on foot for a living and thinking about it looking at this vid I'm gonna start saving for one and I'm gonna build it with a wide body kit.

    STEPSO AlphASTEPSO AlphA7 dager siden
  • put a new exhaust lower it with wheels do not put the scissor doors

    Dustin PeraltaDustin Peralta8 dager siden
  • At 13:12 damn to much talking just get to the point.

  • Burlacher, it looks like there is someone posing as you and commenting on other people’s comments inviting them to WhatsApp. I checked their NOtown page and it’s clearly not you. Just a heads up.

    Michael HalesMichael Hales8 dager siden
  • stradman looks like a drug dealer with the cash

    37 . 3737 . 378 dager siden
  • Please guys do one thing and add “Not So” in front of the SMART badging on the back🤣🤣🤣

    Vishal VashishtVishal Vashisht8 dager siden
  • Hayabusa motor swap in the smart car. Do it. Car would flyyyy

    Ranger TSRanger TS8 dager siden
  • Homie said he wants Taco Bell and then asked where the library was

    Landon WhitakerLandon Whitaker8 dager siden
  • I was recently in an accident with my miata and have to jump rides to and from work, i also could keep this car a running legacy. If i were to end up wih this car you wouldn't regret it

    Christian LoughmanChristian Loughman8 dager siden
  • A straight pipe exhaust is longer than the whole smart car lol and I approve this

    Aura spirit GamingAura spirit Gaming8 dager siden

    Big Beard TraderBig Beard Trader9 dager siden
  • Turbo

    ツmordonツmordon9 dager siden
  • It sounds like a bmw

    Barbarayy76 PyzikBarbarayy76 Pyzik9 dager siden
  • These dudes are corny af

    Effay513Effay5139 dager siden

    Uncle EarlUncle Earl9 dager siden
  • Put a wing on it

    CamoSquid21CamoSquid219 dager siden
  • Look up @thesmartcar on Instagram. That right there is what you should do with your Smart Car. That thing is legendary! HAHAHA!

    Mark GuyMark Guy9 dager siden
  • My brother just crashed my car and is gonna cost upwards of 5 k Canadian. Could definitely use a new one

    Soggy SaladSoggy Salad9 dager siden
  • wide body

    MysticPlaysMysticPlays9 dager siden
  • 1.0 liter lol

    R3NKO93R3NKO939 dager siden
  • Scissor doors!!

    Samantha DavisSamantha Davis10 dager siden
  • Hayabusa??? I THINK YES

    B & D AdventuresB & D Adventures10 dager siden
  • lift kitt

    NATENATE10 dager siden
  • Well I need money , I don't need car for now coz like I can't afford it mostly fuel and everything but I like this car and it would me Amazing such car with upside door 😂 also with wide body kit

    Suraj NilkanthSuraj Nilkanth10 dager siden
  • why you flexing your money

    Camdon MosbyCamdon Mosby10 dager siden
  • Turn that automated manual transmission into a real manual stickshift

    Gabriele De MattiaGabriele De Mattia10 dager siden
  • Im not smashing life lifes smashing me

    Toxic WasteTTVToxic WasteTTV10 dager siden
  • The video starts at 8:10 your welcome

    Laust Valdemar OlsenLaust Valdemar Olsen10 dager siden
  • Alternate title: Engineers hate him! Watch how two ricers absolutely DESTROY a smart cars emission rating!

    2ARM22ARM210 dager siden
  • What’s up with all this talk of 2L? I thought Smarts were 900cc 3 cylinder engines?

    Scott AndersonScott Anderson10 dager siden
  • That’s a badass car 🚗

    Jonathan SanchezJonathan Sanchez10 dager siden
  • wait i thought they were electric

    Jordan MaynardJordan Maynard10 dager siden