studio footage: vocal arranging the “positions” bridge - ariana grande

6. april. 2021
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positions out now:

  • I love you Ariana 😍 💗

    Meghan StevensMeghan Stevens25 minutter siden
  • 2:15 is this outotune hehe, dident know she used that, well why not. (when she says move) i think i hear it ? am i the only one

    Selina SarexSelina Sarex42 minutter siden
  • I'm upset she didn't put yuh in the caption.. instead she put yeah..

    Allan TjAllan TjTime siden
  • I got the Ariana Grande perfume today

    Shannon HeardShannon Heard2 timer siden
  • Old are post a new vid

    Courtney WalkerCourtney Walker3 timer siden
  • So professional

    Natã MartinsNatã Martins3 timer siden
  • Queen

    Bisma s.Bisma s.3 timer siden
    • yuh 🤎

      ariana's everythingariana's everything2 timer siden
  • Ariana: should I do two more?? Me: No Ariana it’s perfect!

    Heidi ChenHeidi Chen4 timer siden
  • Yessss

    Another_animatorAnother_animator5 timer siden
  • Why every time she posts something like bts on her voice recordings, haters just flooood the comment sections saying she cant sing or sum. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

    Cookie DynastyCookie Dynasty5 timer siden
  • Beautiful 💜

    Evelyn RodríguezEvelyn Rodríguez6 timer siden
  • how do you know the saying to the voter base you spoke to the surface at Ozy soybeans maize!!!

    Yasmim games it oficialYasmim games it oficial6 timer siden
  • idea on a close to her sales on this video?

    Yasmim games it oficialYasmim games it oficial6 timer siden
  • idea, I never said follow photo gays?

    Yasmim games it oficialYasmim games it oficial6 timer siden
  • I appreciate this song more ever since I saw how she made it 😍

    Khumo MarkhamKhumo Markham6 timer siden
  • She should do the Numa Numa Song

    rarekidclanrarekidclan6 timer siden
  • she's so sweet to them and really everyone she's sweet too! she sounds absolutely angelic!!!!!!!

    Kearstin TeKearstin Te6 timer siden
  • "Yeah"

    Agung SaputraAgung Saputra7 timer siden
  • *no **-hate-** but...* *_is that autotune?_*

    Hookers & CocaineHookers & Cocaine8 timer siden
    • no

      ปุ๊กก้าปุ๊กก้า6 timer siden
  • we need more of these

    Chad HerryChad Herry8 timer siden
  • hi ariana grande i hope to be noticed with a little heart pfv i love you very beautiful perfect ❤

    Mari gamerMari gamer8 timer siden
  • She’s a businesswoman

    Lucas PavanelliLucas Pavanelli8 timer siden
  • and ppl say theres auto tune in her microphone when she baby its all natrual

    shōtoshōto9 timer siden
    • agree

      ปุ๊กก้าปุ๊กก้า6 timer siden
  • I love you so much

    ernest Martinezernest Martinez9 timer siden

    Maria LeeMaria Lee9 timer siden
  • she's so talented

    Heidi IsabellaHeidi Isabella9 timer siden
  • 0:47 this part is 🥺👌 i wish they made it louder

    aka doeyaka doey10 timer siden
  • QUEEN!

    Lion HeartLion Heart10 timer siden
  • I always thought Ariana makes music. But HEYYYY She IS THE MUSIC!!!!

    MingHung YenMingHung Yen11 timer siden
  • 3:15


    Ana EditsAna Edits12 timer siden
  • She really love hitting us with _Yuh✨_

    Premium Cat in youtubePremium Cat in youtube12 timer siden
  • im abonir you

    Bukurie SetaBukurie Seta13 timer siden
  • Dang she actually knows what she's doing??! That's a true perfectionist right there! Props Ariana! ✌️🌼

    Humble is meHumble is me13 timer siden
  • i love you ari im fannnnnnnnnnnn

    Bukurie SetaBukurie Seta13 timer siden
  • Sam e cat

    Awake FFAwake FF13 timer siden
  • she said AnOtHeR OnE

    Aamisha DahariAamisha Dahari13 timer siden
  • yuh

    Daniella MorenoDaniella Moreno13 timer siden
  • if breathtaking was a person honestly

    amy jordanamy jordan14 timer siden
  • I love you ariana

    Paulina RygułaPaulina Ryguła14 timer siden
  • Around 4:26 she says "yea!" and it's auto tuned 😂

    AssaultedPeanuttAssaultedPeanutt15 timer siden
  • Post more behind the scenes! These are so amazingggggggggggg!

    Abigail WhiteAbigail White15 timer siden
  • Talent, dedication and hardwork.

    Eugene de TorresEugene de Torres16 timer siden
  • i feel like i just learned a million things from like one viewing of a single 4 minute video. ariana is such a fucking legend dude. thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

    Stella RaeStella Rae16 timer siden

    S sbS sb16 timer siden
  • she use a little bit of autotune but she's so good

    KikoyKikoy18 timer siden


    oboraa Tubeoboraa Tube18 timer siden
  • 3:16

    ꜰᴀɴᴛᴀᴇꜱᴛɪᴄꜰᴀɴᴛᴀᴇꜱᴛɪᴄ19 timer siden
  • The voice's coach 😍😍😍😍😍

    Ryanna BoukaRyanna Bouka19 timer siden
  • Did you guys hear 3.16 I mean like WOW

    Amir HisyamAmir Hisyam19 timer siden
  • We need worst beahviour

    Ömer DemirkıranÖmer Demirkıran20 timer siden
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    AriAnastasia GrandeAriAnastasia Grande20 timer siden
  • Her voice is autotune in itself...

    Princi RawatPrinci Rawat20 timer siden
  • She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented 💙

  • ariana : *yeAH* me : *dies*

  • im in literal AWE

    Maddie GrafMaddie Graf22 timer siden
  • come on Ms. Produce-HUH

    Louis MarianoLouis Mariano22 timer siden
  • This was so entertaining for some reason... also Ariana has so much talent ❤️

    notavafnnotavafn22 timer siden
  • Ur vocals are SOOO 🔥🔥🔥Crazy I luv this Album My Favorite

    Shone SmickleShone Smickle22 timer siden
  • I legit watch this video everyday 😩😭😍

    Refentse KheswaRefentse Kheswa23 timer siden
    • she's so talentedd

      katherine lv milfskatherine lv milfs22 timer siden
  • They cannot get out of the line

    dantetita marasigandantetita marasigan23 timer siden
  • Am I the only one who felt the need to go watch the actual song after😂😂

    Sedi PgSedi PgDag siden

    ErenXMikasaErenXMikasaDag siden
  • this footage is literally so cool and inspiring

    Mia VegaMia VegaDag siden
  • 😍😍

    jubi buterajubi buteraDag siden
  • I love her but why does she even need that producer/mixer when she can clearly do it herself like she has from the beginning of career when she started? this has always been her layering style lol and that would be so annoying starting and stopping so many times...she should just be like move over I'ma do it myself lmao

    wearesupernovas •wearesupernovas •Dag siden
  • All dead now

    John Hagood aka RXAJohn Hagood aka RXADag siden
    • Anyone all dead under an aliases.

      John Hagood aka RXAJohn Hagood aka RXADag siden
    • Room for you

      John Hagood aka RXAJohn Hagood aka RXADag siden
  • I'm s killer now

    John Hagood aka RXAJohn Hagood aka RXADag siden
    • Cold

      John Hagood aka RXAJohn Hagood aka RXADag siden
  • Thank you for showing this

    Pedro Antonio FerrerPedro Antonio FerrerDag siden
  • Como una persona puede ser tan talentosa y tener una voz de ángel?

    f a n n yf a n n yDag siden
  • Hi I know you are probably not going to see this this but I am writing a song and was wondering if you could please give me some tips

    todoroki _simp_chinatodoroki _simp_chinaDag siden
  • did anyone else go to the music video to appreciateee this ? :))) sorry i cant type lmfao

    TaekoTaekoDag siden
  • OMG can we please get more videos like this!! i love her putting the song together and all the notes omg it’s so amazing to watch!!

    Cassidy HatchCassidy HatchDag siden
  • The fact she says *"sorry" "please" "THANK YOU"* Shows the respect she has for them. 💕 People be calling for 20 things and never once say thank you or please.

    Ny A.Ny A.Dag siden
  • I literally watch this every day

    keenzkeenzDag siden
  • "yeah"

    JőNøSãy YTJőNøSãy YTDag siden

    camila hincapie betancurcamila hincapie betancurDag siden
  • worth ethic bro...fucking immaculate

    Janei IsaacsJanei IsaacsDag siden
  • They really recorded vocals with pitch correction huh

    blinkfilms1blinkfilms1Dag siden
  • I feel this SO HARD I spend HOURS getting vocals yeeesh

    blinkfilms1blinkfilms1Dag siden
  • B R I L H A N T E

    Bianca Miguel OfcBianca Miguel OfcDag siden
  • Omg never thought would be this hard recording a song

    Alex Lopez WorldAlex Lopez WorldDag siden
  • Why do I low key feel like Ariana battles with anorexia...:(

    Aves aryannaAves aryannaDag siden
    • Hey, dont say that , ariana its healty

      dula peepdula peep22 timer siden
  • I need a documentary

    August VirgoAugust VirgoDag siden
  • “Oooo I LOVE that” she’s sounds like a Disney princess 😩

    Tash GroenersTash GroenersDag siden
  • I dnt think we appreciate how patient u hav 2 b 2 b a singer that illustrates it ryt there i knw i cudnt b one thats for sure

    Jamie McMullenJamie McMullenDag siden
  • it sounds nice but is she singing actual words or just humming lol?

    seerpouseerpouDag siden
  • Am i the only one hearing a ton of autotune when she is speaking?

    BoocheBoocheDag siden
    • yes.

      KaiKai23 timer siden

    SuA수아SuA수아Dag siden
  • im gonna add another ✨⭐️y u h ⭐️✨

    SuA수아SuA수아Dag siden
  • This is the part of pop that I love! Just because its popular or mainstream doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot of work, time, effort and thought put in to it, and it certainly doesn't mean the artist isn't talented! Ari makes it look so easy!

    smartssmartsDag siden
  • almost forgot to watch this today

    kay rosekay roseDag siden
  • the talent is immaculate

    angelica bassettangelica bassettDag siden
  • I wanna see more. 😭

    Holly and Haven's AdventuresHolly and Haven's AdventuresDag siden
  • Yes bestie

    Dior. ButerasDior. ButerasDag siden
  • I ligit just went back to listen to the song....and this all makes soooo much sense....I can see it all. Ari you're sooooooo great. I ligit to be as talented as you are one day.

  • 🔥😍

    Lotto RichLotto RichDag siden
  • Sempre querendo dar o melhor pra gente, RAINHA❤️❤️❤️❤️

    JupsJupsDag siden