Sweet cat just realized it's owner is pregnant.

2. mars. 2021
9 738 975 Ganger

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  • That's awesome. I have my first cat. It found me when it was dumped at a store . It was hand size. Now it rules the house,I wouldn't have another dog for the rest of my life

    Pony PackagePony Package32 sekunder siden
  • Cat u gonna sell it

    Lord tabsLord tabs49 minutter siden
  • 'falling in love with you' IS IT ELVIS' SONG ON TV?-

    هيلة عبدالمحسن الحقيلهيلة عبدالمحسن الحقيلTime siden
  • Plot twist: The cat was just curious about her belly button

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaTime siden
  • Cat: yes you will grow big and strong. You shall feed me. You shall love me

    midwest hookmidwest hookTime siden
  • Cat: ''Ah yes, another slave.''

    SqU4D3NnSqU4D3NnTime siden
  • Okay but why is there karaoke on the tv..??

    NathalynNathalynTime siden
  • Mom: "My Cat is so sweet." Cat: "Why do you eat all of my treats Hooman?" 😾

    Kevin SpKevin Sp2 timer siden
  • He just wanted to check if there were biscuits in her bellybutton.

    Federico RazzoliFederico Razzoli3 timer siden
  • The Cat: "Damn, Heather. You've been letting yourself go. Look at this belly. I need to stop bringing you all those dead rats I kill from underneath the porch."

    Arizona 4891Arizona 48914 timer siden
  • "You are touched by The One Paw to be part of the great Cat Collective. May you always pounce upon catnip and your purrs be long and fruitful."

    Christian KilleenChristian Killeen4 timer siden
  • Fun fact: cats have better hearing than dogs, so he could probably hear the baby in there

    Star ChildStar Child4 timer siden
  • So sweet!

    michele eifridmichele eifrid4 timer siden
  • Video stopped just as the cat decided to perform a c section

    MD25ARTMD25ART4 timer siden
  • Este gato es muy bonito.❤️

    Solo RiderSolo Rider5 timer siden
  • Precioso, con qué delicadeza tocaba la guatita! Son tan bellos los animalitos

    Sonia Alejandra Vallejos ValenzuelaSonia Alejandra Vallejos Valenzuela5 timer siden
  • 0:54 the TV in the background-

    My legMy leg5 timer siden
  • the cat: mmmmmm bite sized hooman

    VictorツVictorツ5 timer siden
  • Very sweet. Please fix the typo in the subject line. Should be ""its owner"

    Julie ParadiesJulie Paradies6 timer siden
  • The cat was trying to see if it can find the baby in the bellybutton

    Katie LifeKatie Life6 timer siden
  • Cat scan:- i am happy to tell you that you are corona free :)

    Indian God Gamer 2021Indian God Gamer 20216 timer siden
  • The cat: *paw mark* This human will be my new slave.

    MR CROWMR CROW6 timer siden
  • She was listening to a pretty good song on TV, too....

    ChanCeNecKChanCeNecK7 timer siden
  • The cat is a big brother now

    Gangsta VicGangsta Vic7 timer siden
  • I have seen first video of a slient cat in my life.

    sachin fuloriasachin fuloria7 timer siden
  • How does the cat know? Can it hear a heartbeat or can it smell something different?

    VenomQuestVenomQuest7 timer siden
  • Me:cuddling my cat My cat:punching me Also me:had bitten by this crazy cat

    Camelle guevarraCamelle guevarra8 timer siden
  • it's interested in your belly button, nothing else

    Gimba 89Gimba 898 timer siden
  • That’s really sweet and it almost seems like the kitty really could understand the way she was being so gentle. I’m not sure but it’s possible and if it’s true it’s really special!!!! 💖

    Cindy MurphyCindy Murphy8 timer siden
  • cat smacked his lips 4 times to sit back and wait till the baby is baked to purrfektion and ready to eat.

    blisteringheightsofstupidityblisteringheightsofstupidity8 timer siden
  • Cat are so Swell (:

    riley whattsriley whatts9 timer siden
  • these people:" aww he realized his owner is pregnant" Cat:" aw fuck you have a smaller you in there now?! FUUUUUUUUUUU....."

    Kasuno NoKasuno No9 timer siden
  • I have the same socks as her lol 😝

    Rebecca NewmanRebecca Newman9 timer siden
  • thats so cute

    thenormal kidthenormal kid9 timer siden
  • "after everything ive done for you your replacing me?!" I can see the cat saying that

    XxDark_ColorsxXXxDark_ColorsxX9 timer siden
  • 0:38 it’s like “oh fawk issa demon inside” -.-

    vTrent-_-vTrent-_-10 timer siden
  • “Mazel tov!”

    Tae Young AhnTae Young Ahn10 timer siden
  • sniffing through the belly button

    hmhm11 timer siden
  • Bro wtf this video has dislikes Who can be so heartless? 4.3k people apparently I have no hope for humanity

    Peter CPeter C11 timer siden
  • “You going to sell them, like you did mine, Karen?”

    PowerlifterusaPowerlifterusa11 timer siden
  • 😻

    Ginger NinjaGinger Ninja12 timer siden
  • This one accept this gift now khajitt wants food in bowl

    LONEWOLF9701LONEWOLF970113 timer siden
  • They probably can hear the baby. He know something inside her.

    Tanvir HussainTanvir Hussain13 timer siden
  • If the cat knew there was competition, it would have scratched at her belly, not gently touch it.

    Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of Investigation14 timer siden
  • As she has Salina on Karoke falling in love 🤣

    Jax ManJax Man14 timer siden
  • People give these dumb serial killer ninjas too much credit. Anthropomorphism aside, the cat sees something it can eat stuck under its human slaves skin is all.

    Gawani WhitecrowGawani Whitecrow14 timer siden
  • 0:45 Cant help falling in love's lyrics in the background (The cat is so cuuute ♥)

    •Loona Story••Loona Story•14 timer siden
  • The TV in the background-

    whywhy15 timer siden
  • Naaaah, her bellybutton just smelly

    PasuPasuPasuPasu15 timer siden
  • Gorgeous Clip❗️ and Amazing Reaction❗️I used to own a Siamese Cat (RIP Cedric) who taught me how intelligent cats are....and I will be forever grateful that he chose me as his human friend....I miss him every day. P.S. Congrats as far as your baby❗️🐈🐈‍⬛😻😺😀😃😁😷🤗

    Regina L. MilesRegina L. Miles16 timer siden
  • Cat: its over baby, i have the high ground. Baby:.......... Cat puts paw on belly Cat: thats a good hooman, dont even think about it.

    Reymond Dean HabachReymond Dean Habach16 timer siden
  • It's the belly button

    Binayak BarmanBinayak Barman17 timer siden
  • Cat: oh look how the tables turned , now who's fat hooman

    Nurjahan B Laskar042Nurjahan B Laskar04217 timer siden
  • Congratulations cat you are going to be have new duty

    Vipul QVipul Q17 timer siden
  • Hooman baby: *exists* Cat: "Another fine addition to my collection."

    Adam WrightAdam Wright18 timer siden
  • Gave her a cat scan

    DavidDavid19 timer siden
  • She had a cat biscuit in her belly button.

    kronickronic19 timer siden
  • “Woah I just thought you were really fat”

    HemmieHemmie19 timer siden
  • M CM C20 timer siden
  • Cat: Bad news you have responsibility now.

    Hitoro MitoriHitoro Mitori20 timer siden
  • awww'

    Thorazine 007Thorazine 00721 time siden
  • سبحان الله

    Kader ElKader El21 time siden
  • The real story : The poor cat was about to declare his flame to this lady and in the last moment he found out a chad empregnated her. Poor thing...

    Benzenati ZineeddineBenzenati Zineeddine22 timer siden
  • Misleading title.....THE CAT SHAKES ITS HEAD *SMH*....IT LITERALLY SAYS...NO SUSAN...NO!!!!

    Sunny BeeSunny Bee22 timer siden
  • Plot twist Tht cat is the father

    danial danialdanial danial22 timer siden
  • That cat is curious about the stank of the belly button, not the baby, let's be real.

    William CollisWilliam Collis23 timer siden
  • *I love how she places her paw in your belly 🥺💕*

    BlackBerry_FandømzBlackBerry_Fandømz23 timer siden
  • 🐈: "Ah so this is tiny hole where it comes out of."

    UngaBoy 99UngaBoy 99Dag siden
  • The cat: it looks like a hole, can I dive in?

    Cora SunCora SunDag siden
  • But dads belly smells like beer!?

    kbotah73kbotah73Dag siden
  • Are you going to sell it like you did to mine

    Wyatt HeistWyatt HeistDag siden
  • Eww

    Mike HodgesMike HodgesDag siden
  • *its

    Kasper de KroonKasper de KroonDag siden
  • Is there possibility the cat spread toxoplasma ? or is the cat really clean that the risk of spread getting reduced ?

    Kamisama NusantaraKamisama NusantaraDag siden
  • Cat: “can’t wait to have a new person to mess with”

    Bobby PhamBobby PhamDag siden
  • what are these type of cats called? Mine looks exactly the same but I call her a street cat as a joke.. 😩

    idkidkDag siden
  • so hearwarming

    OrangeMemesOrangeMemesDag siden
  • What if that cat can smell the hormones within the stomach and can relate to pregnancy .

    Tshedza MunyaiTshedza MunyaiDag siden
  • He smelled something funny in her belly button lint cheese.

    HowYouDoinHowYouDoinDag siden
  • The cat at the end of the video is like "I must protect."

    Seale FamilySeale FamilyDag siden
  • A wrecked bed from last week + a big belly = Yup , ts a baby

  • The kitty just wanted to know what the heck the hole's for.

    HahThatsWhatSheSaidHahThatsWhatSheSaidDag siden
  • [Cat sees Big Belly] [Cat pokes the Belly] Cat: Another Slave in the House! :D

    McKenzie CummingsMcKenzie CummingsDag siden
  • My cat hurts his tail, he can't wiggle it for now, pray for my cat

    Evil KleeEvil KleeDag siden
  • Awwh the cat was being so gentle

    JabbleJabbleDag siden
  • Its a form of Intelligence. It knows,its very aware.

    Darrin RobinsonDarrin RobinsonDag siden
  • Just like the lyrics on TV said "but I can't help falling in love with you"

    AcchanAcchanDag siden
  • Good song in the background

    squadalawereoff1squadalawereoff1Dag siden
  • What monster dislikes a video like this

    Qrow BranwenQrow BranwenDag siden
  • Cat be like : are you gonna sell them like you do to mine ?

    LATE2HOURS GamingLATE2HOURS GamingDag siden
  • Awww the cat just remembered playing hump to its owner and shocked when she got pregnant

    ER_EzekielER_EzekielDag siden
  • The cat give the last respect to the baby before the baby born into the world filled with lying and sin.

    Tod xTod xDag siden
  • Perfect time song

    Andre SyamsurizalAndre SyamsurizalDag siden
  • Amazing animals in this planet

    Miormohamadzamani BinmiorahmadMiormohamadzamani BinmiorahmadDag siden
  • I kind of reacted the same way. The Dad.

    montydesijokesmontydesijokesDag siden
  • Well I think cat is not concerned about pregnancy. Cat is thinking how the hell there's a hole in stomach.

    Akhilesh Kumar JhaAkhilesh Kumar JhaDag siden
  • Fun fact : it was a fat man

    damier echecdamier echecDag siden
  • " I shall guard you"

    Amanda RochaAmanda RochaDag siden
  • The cat is saying “oh you didn’t wash in your belly button again”

    cakemonster1cakemonster1Dag siden
  • He realized that ,there is smell from bellybutton

    ReferralReferralDag siden