Taskmaster | Comedians Nail Impossible Challenges

1. mai. 2021
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Do the impossible - and nail it. That's exactly what these comedians did with their Taskmaster challenges.
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Comedians Nail The Most Impossible Challenges | Taskmaster | Channel 4

  • They didn't even get Hugh's best part with the basketball on the treadmill. He ended up unplugging the treadmill and the basketball stayed there for months

    A TA T6 timer siden
  • Rhod Gilbert, great at solo tasks and taking the piss out of Greg but absolute shit at team tasks.

    Ken LKen L6 timer siden
  • Nish Kumar putting his head in his hands at 'but surely everyone will have turned the light on' really makes that clip for me

    OddUndeniablyOddUndeniably10 timer siden
  • Legend has it that Hugh is still sitting there keeping the basketball on the treadmill, and that the manufacturer has sent out a dedicated team of mechanics to keep it operatio

    sannio komisannio komi11 timer siden
    • you can clearly see its a toy cow! A one time wonder.

      vinasu maajvinasu maaj2 timer siden
  • The fact they (the other contestants) let Rhod off after literally saying "I found a *tangerine* in the kitchen" In the sock satsuma task is crazy.

    Alasdair DuncanAlasdair Duncan14 timer siden
    • @vinasu maaj well technically at 6:17 it's Alex Horne... but I guess you meant 6:18

      Alasdair DuncanAlasdair DuncanTime siden
    • @vinasu maaj Sally Phillips. She's a British comedian and actor in Smack the Pony, Green Wing, Miranda, Bridget Jones.

      Alasdair DuncanAlasdair DuncanTime siden
    • Who's the lady in the right in 6:17?

      vinasu maajvinasu maaj2 timer siden
  • Rob Becket is so unfunny

    TimRT HowardTimRT Howard14 timer siden
  • Rhod’s webbed finger gives him ingenious thinking powers

    LauraLaura17 timer siden
    • there was one where you had to keep alex dry and the team just moved the head of the shower!

      sannio komisannio komi11 timer siden
  • imagine being in gap and seeing mel giedroyc running round with a toy camel

    mijuo rouimijuo roui19 timer siden
  • Holy sh!t, how many ads can be crammed into one short 12 minute video?

    GroovestonenzGroovestonenz21 time siden
  • Rhod is a master

    NeversawNeversawDag siden
  • You missed the last part where Hugh unplugs the running machine for the ball. That was the best part!

    narwhal004narwhal004Dag siden
  • Mawaan's disappearing cow task is one of my favourite things to ever be on the show. It blew my mind when I saw it.

    jlanejlaneDag siden
    • You can see the shadow of the cow on his jumpsuit

      Dingo DeltaDingo Delta3 timer siden
    • I love humans who get involved in creating a video and have a passion for what they do 🤍 Congratulations you have all my respect 🙏🏼❤️👏

      mijuo rouimijuo roui19 timer siden
  • What that last clip didn't show was the basketball sitting there for 4 months.

    EddiemberEddiemberDag siden
  • i think a huge amount of credit goes to Rhod and Hugh for their ingenuity but also this was back when the tasks were less limiting. for me personally the interesting bit was watching them get “wanky workarounds” because it’s closer to how i think, but many tasks feel very limiting and intentionally lock out some of the more instant workarounds and with the time limits given most contestants don’t have time to work out a super cool work around that will be respected instead of being disqualified.

    BlueIndustriesBlueIndustriesDag siden
    • In my opinion, Rhod Gilbert is the ultimate Taskmaster player.

      vinasu maajvinasu maajDag siden
  • I love Paul hacking the challenge and it still nearly being beyond him

    soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuyDag siden
    • I realised I can see the shadow of the small cow on Mawan's top

      vinasu maajvinasu maajDag siden
  • what! you cut off when he unplugs the hecking treadmill. The ball was on it for months

    Ripp_Ripp_Dag siden
  • Pro gamer move

    louis georgelouis georgeDag siden
  • Scissors please

    Cody PreoCody PreoDag siden
  • Who's the lady in the right in 6:17?

    Arpan SarangiArpan SarangiDag siden
    • @LaneyStudios5 thanks!

      Arpan SarangiArpan SarangiDag siden
    • If you're talking about blonde lady it's Sally Phillips

      LaneyStudios5LaneyStudios5Dag siden
    • @soniyu ziuy ?? I am asking about the lady in the right.

      Arpan SarangiArpan SarangiDag siden
    • Hugh Denis was such an inconsistent player 😅

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuyDag siden
  • Got to admit on the first watch, Mawaan's cow disappearance did leave me stunned with no idea how he did that. It wasn't until they revealed how he did it now with every rewatch you can clearly see its a toy cow! A one time wonder.

    Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth TaskmasterDag siden
  • This video demonstrates why Rhod Gilbert was the greatest contestant of all time.

    EwokPandaEwokPandaDag siden
  • there was one where you had to keep alex dry and the team just moved the head of the shower!

    Nekome CrossNekome Cross2 dager siden
  • Hugh of course also made that ball task even better when he asked Alex to bring him the plug of the running machine.

    David GardinerDavid Gardiner2 dager siden
  • Taskmaster is the best show on TV. Period.

    JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
  • This just proved Rhod and Hugh were the masters of twisting the rules to their benefit! 😂 🤣

    JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
  • I love humans who get involved in creating a video and have a passion for what they do 🤍 Congratulations you have all my respect 🙏🏼❤️👏

    BATMANBATMAN2 dager siden
  • The vanishing cow, he says “there was no camera trickery”, that trick is the absolute definition of camera trickery!

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu2 dager siden
  • He missed his chance for a hole in zero.

    SamSam2 dager siden
  • I realised I can see the shadow of the small cow on Mawan's top

    Anh Phuong TranAnh Phuong Tran2 dager siden
  • In my opinion, Rhod Gilbert is the ultimate Taskmaster player.

    HeatherHotcakesHeatherHotcakes2 dager siden
  • Rhod is mildly psychotic.

    Grandma SGrandma S2 dager siden
    • What would you like for lunch? Something sharp

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu2 dager siden
  • Also known as 'rhod and hughs continuous 'you didn't say I COULDN'T do that' XD

    tiptoe Ttiptoe T2 dager siden
  • Hugh Denis was such an inconsistent player 😅

    vinasu maajvinasu maaj2 dager siden
  • Marwaan is sooo under-rated

    The PersonThe Person2 dager siden
  • The Bad Co music

    Nick SloanNick Sloan2 dager siden
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    John PearsonJohn Pearson2 dager siden
    • Rhod was amazing on this

      vinasu maajvinasu maaj2 dager siden
  • moving a hole lol

    NonsensicalVidsNonsensicalVids2 dager siden
  • half of these are rhod just going nuts lmao

    sophie !sophie !2 dager siden
  • What episodes are these from please

    cheesecake1monstercheesecake1monster2 dager siden
  • As others have said, Rod was there purely to wind Greg up, and it worked well for the most part since they've been friends for a very long time. I would love to be on a show like this since I'm very good at creative thinking and would enjoy trying to work around the rules and get the tasks done.

    Scott CurrieScott Currie2 dager siden
  • One of my favorite "wonky workarounds" was when Richard Osman took the Yoga mat on the hill.

    drrtyi jioggdrrtyi jiogg2 dager siden
  • Two more, in the vein of the last task, are when Russell and Alice unplugged the shower in the "keep Alex dry" task and when Liza attached a lizard to a drill to keep it spinning as long as possible. (Both are season 6.)

    A5harpieA5harpie2 dager siden
    • I don't remember the second one you mention... Gotta watch season 6 again! 😂

      JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
  • Just sad they cut it there in that last challenge, since the real genius of keeping the ball on the treadmill was what Hugh did after absolutely

    PixelStackerPixelStacker2 dager siden
  • What would you like for lunch? Something sharp

    CBCB2 dager siden
    • This is what we need more of in these trying times.

      drrtyi jioggdrrtyi jiogg2 dager siden
  • scissors please

    moraatrainmoraatrain2 dager siden
  • I love Paul hacking the challenge and it still nearly being beyond him

    B DB D3 dager siden
  • Bring Alex his dinner, I would of put my foot back down then dragged it while bringing his dinner, and have to eat only one piece of his dinner. 🤯🤡🤯

    MACHOO179MACHOO1793 dager siden
  • Rhod is so good at beating the system

    KyleKyle3 dager siden
  • One of my favorite "wonky workarounds" was when Richard Osman took the Yoga mat on the hill.

    The XThe X3 dager siden
    • Yes!

      Heather Reads RedditHeather Reads Reddit2 dager siden
  • Rhod was amazing on this

    kaw203 - Kev & Katkaw203 - Kev & Kat3 dager siden
  • Hugh and Rhod, fucking Legends. Shame they didn’t win

    DrayDray3 dager siden
  • Calling Nish Kumar a comedian is a bit of a stretch

    cruzbohycruzbohy3 dager siden
  • Mel in the Baby Gap is one of my all time favorite moments!

    watchlistenwritewatchlistenwrite3 dager siden
  • The paint in the dark one was not nailed. The painting was shittier than some others. And the mister who loves knives was also not fastest. I do still love them for their thinking tho. But saying they nailed it gives, for me at least, the idea they have won the task, which in some cases they just didn't.

    Charity HesselinkCharity Hesselink3 dager siden
  • This is modern comedy, a bunch of sensetive soyboys doing and saying nothing of significance

    IbangyourmumIbangyourmum3 dager siden
    • Then don't watch it. 🤷 Problem solved. Or you can come on here and whine about it. Like a sensitive 'soyboy'. 😅

      Jennifer BondJennifer Bond3 dager siden
  • When the stars could actually be bothered this show was brilliant but the casting in recent series has let it down

    Hairy WelderHairy Welder3 dager siden
  • It was a team task but surely s6 task to keep Alex dry should be on the list.

    Calcifer HowlCalcifer Howl3 dager siden
  • 1:13 Rhod giving away our ADHD superpower.

    J KardiJ Kardi3 dager siden
  • This is what we need more of in these trying times.

    Steve Nick'sSteve Nick's3 dager siden
  • The vanishing cow, he says “there was no camera trickery”, that trick is the absolute definition of camera trickery!

    Colin AhearneColin Ahearne3 dager siden
    • @JCTheFluteMan I also debated that at the time. It's the size of the thing, or the perceived size, that counts...?🤔 It wouldn't be the first time I disagreed with the Taskmaster, though, so it's whatever! 😂🤣

      JoJoJoJo19 timer siden
    • My issue with that one is that the task was ‘make the biggest thing properly vanish’ - and that toy cow was the *smallest* of all the items, not the largest!

      JCTheFluteManJCTheFluteMan20 timer siden
    • I think its because the rule of the task was no editing the video and there was no editing

      Anonymous personAnonymous person2 dager siden
    • That's perspective trickery, not camera. If you were in the same position as the camera, with your vision limited to that of the camera, the trick would still work.

      JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
    • @Pontus Järphed yeah agreed

      DarkHorseAshDarkHorseAsh2 dager siden
  • Legend has it that Hugh is still sitting there keeping the basketball on the treadmill, and that the manufacturer has sent out a dedicated team of mechanics to keep it operational.

    flyawaytodieflyawaytodie3 dager siden
    • If only he were not even smarter than that. First, he asked for a book to read, to be set on his lap, then he asked for the extension cord, unplugged it and went on his merry way. 😅

      JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
    • He unplugged the treadmill in the actual task. Watch the show 🙄

      Mattias EMattias E3 dager siden
  • I'd love to see Hugh and Rhod competing against each other.

    Carbon2861996Carbon28619963 dager siden
  • Rhod Gilbert is officially the smartest man alive.

    Dmitry PetrovDmitry Petrov3 dager siden
  • I think the best workaround for a challenge has to be the team challenge where Dave Gorman had to do charades across a river.

    Dave McKeeganDave McKeegan3 dager siden
    • @Dave McKeegan Al “Money Bags” Murray lol

      Jessica PommerJessica PommerDag siden
    • @MACHOO179 Series 3 Episode 5 It's also the same episode Al Murray paid Alex to carry a bucket🤣

      Dave McKeeganDave McKeegan3 dager siden
    • 🤯 not seen that one, will search it now. 👍

      MACHOO179MACHOO1793 dager siden
  • Entirely too much Rod

    RepriseTheThemeSongRepriseTheThemeSong3 dager siden
  • Hugh Denis was such an inconsistent player 😅

    Hamza DarbyHamza Darby4 dager siden
    • He WILL use a blade, no matter the cost

      BloompBloompDag siden
    • True! 😂 Royally fuck up some tasks (especially the prize tasks) and then master some others! 😂 🤣

      JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
  • In the very first one, you can see the shadow of the tiny cow on his orange shirt.

    James ButlerJames Butler4 dager siden
  • When Rhod ties up Alex has to be my all time favourite task. Fantastic 👏👏👏👏👏

    Brian HennessyBrian Hennessy4 dager siden
    • @MACHOO179 omg i just got it.... And i watched the episode when it released

      VaseriusVaseriusDag siden
    • Rhod "Can I bring you something to eat" Alex "yes please" Rhod "what would you like?" Alex "something sharp" Love it

      MACHOO179MACHOO1793 dager siden
    • @Andrew Halliwell equally as good, but still a fail.

      Brian HennessyBrian Hennessy4 dager siden
    • Really think Joe's fail is better. Hole in one triumph to crawling to Greg and begging...

      Andrew HalliwellAndrew Halliwell4 dager siden
  • Rhod's mind amazes and terrifies me in equal measure.

    Nick GeorgievNick Georgiev4 dager siden
  • The canned laughter and cheering is so embarrassingly apt for such a shit show. I felt like I was watching You've Been Framed clips from the early 90s.

    Chewie MeatballChewie Meatball4 dager siden
    • @Rordon Gamsay cool, I don’t think anyone cares, chief.

      Mattie SheldonMattie Sheldon13 timer siden
    • @Chewie Meatball Also, editing a recording of an audience who were actually in the studio is not the same as "canned laughter".

      Aske LundAske Lund2 dager siden
    • @Chewie Meatball I work in video editing too, and while you're probably right that most shows are edited to seem like there's a bigger reaction, I don't think that the audience reactions in Taskmaster are over the top at all. Also, you could have just explained it in a polite way. There's no need to be so rude and insulting.

      Aske LundAske Lund2 dager siden
    • I saw Nish Kumar on the thumbnail and just had to click and leave a dislike!

      Rordon GamsayRordon Gamsay2 dager siden
    • @Chewie Meatball *I'm being condescending?* Did you read the post I was replying to? If it's ok for you it's ok for me to reply in the same tone. If it's not ok to you, tough shit.

      Andrew HalliwellAndrew Halliwell3 dager siden
  • Mark's shit rainbow is constantly disappointing lol

    MirandaMiranda4 dager siden
  • I only just noticed that (thanks to the camera lighting) the wobbling shadow of the cow is visible on Mawaan’s jumpsuit at the start of his task, which could have given the whole game away if Greg had seen it!

    feuilletonistefeuilletoniste4 dager siden
    • And the fact that the cow looks a lot different from the original.

      Flaming OFlaming O2 dager siden
    • It's a legit visual effects technique, used in old movies - and just like with most visual effects (and magic tricks) once you know the trick you notice all the little tells that make it obvious, but if you _don't_ know the trick it's hard to notice the tells because you don't even know what you should be looking for.

      KillahMateKillahMate3 dager siden
    • You can also juuuuuuuuuust see the black wire(?) holding the cow's foot as well.

      AyaBlue22AyaBlue224 dager siden
  • I hadn't watched any of these until just before Christmas, and binged all of the series....it was a great few days :D

    usedfuzzboxusedfuzzbox4 dager siden
  • Rhod is amazing and it's so sad that he regrets doing Taskmaster.

    Dani JohanssonDani Johansson4 dager siden
    • @Em S I looked up Taskmaster Rhod Gilbert interview

      Dani JohanssonDani JohanssonDag siden
    • Seconded, where is this interview?

      Em SEm SDag siden
    • @Dani Johansson Thanks. Do you know who the interview was wtih or where to find it?

      kcollorankcolloran3 dager siden
    • @kcolloran In an interview he expressed about that he actually didn't know what Taskmaster was and should had researched. He waa genuinely uncomfortable with the constant alliance and then 2 second backstabbing. He also felt that he didn't use his friendship woth Greg properly because he thought it was more of a joke and realized too late that Greg actually gave points. He was afraid that he might have destroyed a bit of their friendship for exposing a picture that Greg didn't know he had. Lastly, most of the Alex humiliations was Rhod taking advantage to give revenge for being annoying.

      Dani JohanssonDani Johansson3 dager siden
    • Huh?

      shododdydoddyshododdydoddy4 dager siden
  • Rules: "You must get as high up as you can without climbing" Taskmasters: "Well they never mentioned gravity so I will just float up."

    Crimson ShadowsCrimson Shadows4 dager siden
    • @Anonymous person Oops my bad

      Crimson ShadowsCrimson ShadowsDag siden
    • they are called contestants not taskmasters btw the taskmaster is Greg

      Anonymous personAnonymous person2 dager siden
    • @Shakes First I am just triggered over the fact that they think it is hacking. You had a good example.

      Crimson ShadowsCrimson Shadows2 dager siden
    • @Crimson Shadows I was kidding.

      Shakes FirstShakes First3 dager siden
    • @Shakes First This is the logic in every one they "hack" get the pea to go as far as you can and one of them gets in a taxi with it

      Crimson ShadowsCrimson Shadows3 dager siden
  • Mawaan's happy pun face is everything I want in life

    Diana HsuDiana Hsu4 dager siden
  • The sheer intelligence of Rhod and Hugh

    Luke RobertsonLuke Robertson4 dager siden
    • You mean Rhod and Peter ;)

      Pedro MendesPedro Mendes2 dager siden
  • How didn’t Tim Keys teabag into a cup from series 1 make it on the list???

    MR5pAMFixERMR5pAMFixER4 dager siden
    • @MR5pAMFixER obviously not. Where does creating a funnel bend the rules? That's the obvious way to do it (except for the tennis ball part, I didn't remember that detail, I'll give you that). On the treadmill task, everyone assumed (kinda correctly, based on how the task was worded) that you couldn't be touching the crap holding the ball, so they tried to use weights and duct tape and shit, while Hugh went went "well, it says I can't touch the ball, not the stuff holding it". But the part that actually qualifies that to be on this video was what he did afterwards, that they stupidly cut: he unplugged the treadmill, because it only said they couldn't turn it off, nothing about cutting its power.

      JoJoJoJoDag siden
    • @JoJo what are you talking about 😂 a basketball in a washing bowl on a treadmill is lateral thinking but creating a sheet funnel into a hole in the ground where the tea cup sits with a tea bag inserted into a tennis ball launched from a dog ball thrower at a great distance from the brief ‘throw a teabag into a mug from the furthest distance’ is not? 😂

      MR5pAMFixERMR5pAMFixERDag siden
    • Because that isn't the sort of Lateral thinking the list was going for...? 🤔

      JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
  • Can I borrow Rhod Gilbert's brain, please? Thank you.

    1969Kismet1969Kismet4 dager siden
  • Mark being able to see his painting and still doing a shit rainbow is an incredible feat.

    ScarecrowHugginsScarecrowHuggins4 dager siden
    • @Rumpel Stiltskin To be fair, weren't they asked to make it hole-in-one specifically? I bet Greg would *love* to disqualify him for going zero

      MrCh0oMrCh0o14 timer siden
    • @FlamingMolestresswhen I read your comment I heard Mark's voice.

      HeatherHeatherDag siden
    • maybe we should focus on the two witnesses, do they seem unimpresed? no, theyre saying "wow"

      FlamingMolestressFlamingMolestressDag siden
    • I was so annoyed he God shit for his rainbow being flat, when one of the others was wavy!!! 😡 😂 🤣 😂

      JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
    • @Nila lol

      MadVulcan GamingMadVulcan Gaming2 dager siden
  • Kathrines done some like this.

    briezzy365briezzy3654 dager siden
  • I felt so bad for poor Hugh in some of the tasks where he got scored low yet he genuinely showed the same level of ingenuity in some of the ones he got only 1 point in as Rhod did in alot of his where he got 4 and 5, yet Hugh got marked down.

    Medjai KMedjai K4 dager siden
    • @AyaBlue22 if you actually remove all points from the prize tasks, Hugh would’ve won season 4 lol

      Mattie SheldonMattie Sheldon13 timer siden
    • @Brian Johnson Yeah he's definitely seemed biased towards a couple of his mates on the show, but I think it's more a case of them having similar senses of humour because they're friends, rather than actually just giving points to people he likes.

      psicowysiwygpsicowysiwyg19 timer siden
    • At the end of the day it is just for fun and I don't think they take the scoring seriously

      Andrew MurphyAndrew MurphyDag siden
    • Greg and Rhod are mates i'd say just a bit of bias

      Lachlan FLachlan F2 dager siden
    • @HeatherHotcakes They have been friends for years, might just be bias.

      Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson2 dager siden
  • Rhod is hands down my fav contestant on old taskmaster (before Social distancing) his great laughs at Greg, the outbursts he had, but most of all, he was the literal definition of "think outside the box" Oh, and his interactions with James Acaster are freaking amazing!

    hiddenbutdeadlyhiddenbutdeadly4 dager siden
    • @JoJo The new one means less interactions in the studio, and the Team task are not AS good as they could be

      hiddenbutdeadlyhiddenbutdeadlyDag siden
    • Why the distinction...? The show is basically the same.

      JoJoJoJo2 dager siden
    • @philipjwh2580 i mean...do you have to ask? He's an absolute casserole.. :)

      hiddenbutdeadlyhiddenbutdeadly4 dager siden
    • Who's your favourite on new taskmaster then?

      philipjwh2580philipjwh25804 dager siden
  • Rhod dragged the whole out of that

    Marc BlakelyMarc Blakely4 dager siden
  • Rhod was easily the best contestant on the show, loved every prize challenge taking the piss at Greg.

    Mick KjellandMick Kjelland4 dager siden
    • @Anton Jacquard true

      Mick KjellandMick Kjelland17 timer siden
    • @Mick Kjelland Oh I was more referring to James's complete and utter contempt's for Rhod during their team tasks.

      Anton JacquardAnton JacquardDag siden
    • @Anton Jacquard Acaster is a VERY close second. Loved the fact that he never would say hello to Alex, cracks me up

      Mick KjellandMick KjellandDag siden
    • James Acaster would beg to disagree.

      Anton JacquardAnton JacquardDag siden
    • It works well cause I think they are good mates??

      MACHOO179MACHOO1793 dager siden
  • Aisling is gorgeous!

    Ian BrownIan Brown4 dager siden
  • This video is just Rhod.

    Lita I guessLita I guess4 dager siden
  • imagine being in gap and seeing mel giedroyc running round with a toy camel

    Roderick CerysRoderick Cerys4 dager siden
  • I love how they outsmarted the task with hilarious ingenuity.

    Zul BlackWidowZul BlackWidow4 dager siden
  • Rhod already admitted he found a TANGERINE in the kitchen, disqualified!

    Daniel LakerDaniel Laker4 dager siden
  • Scissors please....

    JonathanJonathan4 dager siden
  • Just a heads up, the funny / entertaining part of outsmarting the taskmaster is the taskmaster’s comments in response. Cutting those out kinda defeats the purpose of the video.

    wowalinbiewowalinbie4 dager siden
  • Not surprised at all that Rhod appeared more than anyone else in this. His lateral thinking skills are incredible.

    Kelly GKelly G4 dager siden
    • @Klay Thoring My box was made out of wet cardboard. I turned it into lovely compost. ;D

      Brian MBrian M17 timer siden
    • It's the ADHD

      Cassidy MacCassidy Mac18 timer siden
    • @Klay Thoring used to drive my teachers nuts when I was in school 😂 every task was an exercise in "how to technically fulfill all criteria without actually doing what was asked". ADHD makes a lot of things rough, but you can't beat it for lateral thinking and creative solutions that really shouldn't work

      Lucas FosterLucas Foster3 dager siden
    • It made me feel happy as an ADHD non-neurotypical to have it highlighted that sometimes it’s the best for creative problem solving! When you can’t think in the box outside the box is your jam :)

      Klay ThoringKlay Thoring3 dager siden
    • @Cheree Deblieck get outta here, bot

      Jennifer BondJennifer Bond3 dager siden
  • You cut out the best part of the treadmill: When he unplugged it.

    RickeGnoolRickeGnool4 dager siden
    • @kisbie Ya, but that didn’t have anything to do with Mark’s outsmarting the others

      Centurion QuincyCenturion QuincyDag siden
    • Cut out the funniest part of the ‘paint a rainbow in the dark’ task as well: “Oooooh! I can’t see the colours!”

      kisbiekisbie4 dager siden
    • Funniest was the explanation of how the task timer ended: A hurricane blew the basketball off the treadmill

      Christopher John LimosChristopher John Limos4 dager siden
  • In the words of Joe Thomas on Taskmaster they're all "Wanky workarounds"

    nh5316nh53164 dager siden
    • Yeah but atleast these weren't as lazy/boring as ''erasing an eraser'' by flushing it down the toilet.

      RickeGnoolRickeGnool4 dager siden
  • Just sad they cut it there in that last challenge, since the real genius of keeping the ball on the treadmill was what Hugh did after

    bazzakrakbazzakrak4 dager siden
    • @BlaizeFalconburger - for *months*!

      AyaBlue22AyaBlue224 dager siden
    • @Stephen Gibbons he got Alex to unplug the machine so the ball just stayed on there

      BlaizeFalconburgerBlaizeFalconburger4 dager siden
    • What did he do after? I can't remember

      Stephen GibbonsStephen Gibbons4 dager siden
  • How could you cut out the rest of the basketball task where he unplugs the treadmill.

    Owen FautleyOwen Fautley4 dager siden
    • @El Complicado Noel's part flamingo

      AyaBlue22AyaBlue224 dager siden
    • Didn't Noel also ace the sandwich one in a quicker time than Hugh by just doing it without fucking it up

      El ComplicadoEl Complicado4 dager siden
  • I live for these taskmaster videos!

    Jake CampbellJake Campbell4 dager siden
  • Rhod tying up Alex will always be the best idea anyone’s ever had on the show

    Thomas StirewaltThomas Stirewalt4 dager siden
    • Yup. So good you want to be mad about it but you just cant.

      lilDaveistlilDaveistDag siden
    • They also attempted to hide one of the contestants with their bodies in a phone booth

      lightworker221lightworker221Dag siden
    • @Al Jibran Only the contestants can ask for assistance. Otherwise Alex would also have been able to ask the crew to help him find people during hide and seek, and stuff.

      Centurion QuincyCenturion QuincyDag siden
    • @Al Jibran comedy show.

      Danner rrrDanner rrrDag siden
    • @Benjamin Tuesday crew members drug Mel in her sleeping bag around the yard and participated in a "Where's Waldo" type of photo that I *believe* Joe Lycett did in his season.

      HeatherHeatherDag siden

    Daniel HDaniel H4 dager siden