TEAM REVEAL GAMEWEEK 26 | -8 HIT LOCKED IN | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2020/21

26. feb.. 2021
94 693 Ganger

In this video I reveal my FPL Team Selection ahead of Gameweek 26. I've taken a -8 and my triple captain chip is active.
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  • Who's on the hit train?

    Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPLMåned siden
    • -8 mate

      jyoti sharmajyoti sharmaMåned siden
    • @Tomislav Bodrozic Kept Bamford. He scored a hat trick v Villa earlier in the season.

      Joe RyanJoe RyanMåned siden
    • @antonmbrink well that's bad timing to wildcard bro.

      Muhammad AdibMuhammad AdibMåned siden
    • -0, I've had a bad experience with a -8

      OA GAMINGOA GAMINGMåned siden
    • -4 for me

      Adewale SemilooreAdewale SemilooreMåned siden
  • My captain is Harvey Barnes

    surya kantsurya kantMåned siden
  • Ohh ffs Antonio Benched

    MMMåned siden
  • Is Bruno a good TC option? Because everyone is doing Kane. Chelsea are not as good as people think.

    Damien BellDamien BellMåned siden
  • Raphinha or Bamford this week?

    Connor SaraConnor SaraMåned siden
  • Please someone reply to this: Do I take a minus 8 hit for ings out for kane and Fernandes out for differential James Rodriguez? I have already confirmed a -4 hit for son and barnes in. Do I take the -8?

    Will MacFarlaneWill MacFarlaneMåned siden
  • Laporte for all cups ... Stones for the prem it seems... Dias always

    The ScanLegendThe ScanLegendMåned siden
  • triple son anyone?

    Muhamad Azri MuhaiminMuhamad Azri MuhaiminMåned siden
  • Should i trf richarlison for dcl by taking -4 hit and rodriguez for son for a hit ??

    bikesh shakyabikesh shakyaMåned siden
  • I asked for a team reveal and here it is lol you the man Andy 👏🏻👌🏻

    Johnny BoylondonJohnny BoylondonMåned siden
  • No one talking about how bad spurs form has been? And now Andy is TC Kane

    Mark MalherbeMark MalherbeMåned siden
  • what do you think about Calvert Lewin is he a good triple captain option because I am thinking to triple captain him?

    Ghassan HamadnehGhassan HamadnehMåned siden
  • Triple captain DCL or Kane?

    Sulay DSulay DMåned siden
  • Which option should i go for? Option 1: Kane + Son + Rodriguez Option 2: Kane + Salah + Lookman Option 3: Antonio/Watkins + Son + Salah

    Krish MahtaniKrish MahtaniMåned siden
  • Should I go -12 or should I play my Wildcard this week? Or should I save it for GW31? Someone please help

    Shriyash ParabShriyash ParabMåned siden
  • I have no FH and im thinking of GW29..and im worried.

    Lucas WongLucas WongMåned siden
  • You ripped your team up just for Kane?? And it cost you 8 points... Bold move mate

    Agent RyanAgent RyanMåned siden
  • Thanks Andy. Very confused to TC Kane or DCL

    Pejman SharafabadiPejman SharafabadiMåned siden
  • I made 8 transfer and I forget to activate the wildcard, is there and solution to avoid loss points ?

    Hashim AlawiHashim AlawiMåned siden
  • Kane is out

    Craig crierCraig crierMåned siden
  • i'm going triple villa with Martinez, Watkins and Traore

    Rahul SharanRahul SharanMåned siden
  • Salah and Bamford out for Barnes and Kane (-8).. Kane FOMO is real..

    Parvind TamilParvind TamilMåned siden
  • My (-8) team is coming out to be Pope, Cancelo|Stones|Ola Aina, Bruno|Barnes|Ilkay|Son, Kane|DCL|Vardy... Any particular reason why no DCL in your team when the whole world is gung ho about DCL for the double week? Would like to know your thoughts on my team?

    nitish shettynitish shettyMåned siden
  • I took a -12 with 1 free transfer. I took dallas, laccazette, pope and grealish out, and brought target, kane, lloris and barnes in. Good transfers?

    JamesJamesMåned siden
    • @James Fair enough, that's the one Man C defender I've not had this season, so looks like I should have picked him! The only thing is that City have got so many big games coming up, even he may get rotated. Anyway, too late now for this GW, all transfers done. Good luck.

      Simon FSimon FMåned siden
    • @Simon F Dias isnt rly a rotation risk. ive had him for like 15 gws and hes missed 1 through illness

      JamesJamesMåned siden
    • In terms of incoming players, that's almost exactly what I'm considering...only difference is Keane coming in. Was thinking of Cancelo or Dias, but rotation is an issue there. And also bringing in Watkins for Antonio, this is costing me 16 pts but thinking long term.

      Simon FSimon FMåned siden
  • I ve got simple question, u dont have to know my team to anserw that, i play wildcard at gw 26 should i buy streling or de bruyne?

    Marcin MarcinMarcin MarcinMåned siden
  • If you had option of kane and kdb both in your team this game week , whom would you give the captain's armband ?

    Rohit Kumar DharuaRohit Kumar DharuaMåned siden
  • Triple captain salah or fernandez?

  • TC Bruno...hope he come out flying...✌✌

    immanuel majehimmanuel majehMåned siden
  • wan bissaka could get a clean sheet against Chelsea? lol clearly you never see how the tuchel's boys play huh idiot

    chillywonka17chillywonka17Måned siden
  • Better to have targett or stones? Doubt stones will play both games so thats my only reason for having targett start

    Erindi MankolliErindi MankolliMåned siden
  • grealish to traore(AVL) worth a shot? also cavani to kane to take -8 hit?

    Alvin Aldi FirhanshaAlvin Aldi FirhanshaMåned siden
  • My dream this weekend, triple captain Kane. Sit down to watch Spurs v Burnley. 2 minutes in, Kane goal......... and relax.

    Mark FosterMark FosterMåned siden
    • Yes sirr

      Ryan HigginsRyan HigginsMåned siden
  • I don't understand why you still have Wan Bissaka, Andy🤐

    Siddhant BanerjeeSiddhant BanerjeeMåned siden
  • -4 for me. Tc kane? Ahhhhh

    Ryan HigginsRyan HigginsMåned siden
  • Lamptey might be back for GW29, Burn could be benched

    Gillan KrishnaGillan KrishnaMåned siden
  • Cancelo and Gundogan? They played every minute two days ago, I mean I also have them but I am stuck with them..

    Laki O'ReilyLaki O'ReilyMåned siden
  • Wilson >Kane Sterling >Barnes?😅😅😅 Or not getting Kane and Wilson>Watkins & Save the other tranfer I have Martínez, Cancelo, Wan-Bissaca, Mee, Sterling, Fernandes, Gundogan, Raphinha, Calvert Lewin &... Bench: Dallas, Bamford, Coufal

    Iria FontanIria FontanMåned siden
  • Should I triple captain kane

    Jack IsoncisedJack IsoncisedMåned siden
  • Thoughts On TC Bruno?

    Siva PrasadSiva PrasadMåned siden
    • I took that choice too

      immanuel majehimmanuel majehMåned siden
  • -4 for me this week

    John MeehanJohn MeehanMåned siden
  • Andy, it’s time for Antonio to go to Watkins

    John MeehanJohn MeehanMåned siden
  • I decided to triple captain Son instead of Kane. My logic being that if Kane plays well, Son will probably be getting on the end of his crosses. I also expect Bale to play, so I imagine Kane dropping deeper and playing in the wingers. Plus, with a lot of people focusing on Kane, I think Son could be a good differential. He hasn't had many points recently, but these games could be his turnaround.

    Anand SriramanAnand SriramanMåned siden
  • Brought in dcl and Kane with 2 free transfers and took a minus 8 for stones and barnes to come in

    South African GoatSouth African GoatMåned siden
  • Start Maddison/ Raphina / Bamford or Burn?

    Infamous BVZInfamous BVZMåned siden
  • I'm using FH for this DGW

    Vicke ThapaVicke ThapaMåned siden
  • Innit funny how you tube a video channel dint let ta add video or photos to comments .... Wonder why ???

    tim howardtim howardMåned siden
  • Think city might do well in defence expecting 2 draws utd 1 win 1 draw ...leeds maybe win if villa beat them somethings wrong ...gundoghan love him but low points in a 00draw ....draw...spurs for points ...if its rigged its time they exploded ...everton points but both weird games maybe high scoring for them and spurs ...martinez draw....leister expecting low score maybe 2.......00draws

    tim howardtim howardMåned siden
  • Help guys. Thoughts on whether i should play Bamford & bench Raphina or the other way around? My current team: GK: Martinez Def: Cancelo, Aina, Stones Mid: Gundogan, Salah, Fernandes, Barnes For: DCL, Bamford, Kane Bench: Meslier, Raphina, Coufal, Pieters

    Wei JingWei JingMåned siden
  • TC DCL. I already top on my village FPL rank so no pressure there. Lol

    FUFUFUFUMåned siden
  • I have no idea who to captain

    Chema's CoopChema's CoopMåned siden
  • What about Sigurdsson?

    mirza77mirza77Måned siden
  • Who is more potential to get points between Pereira n Reguilon for GW 26

    shawn fongshawn fongMåned siden
  • GK: Martinez, DEF: Digne, Stones, Cancelo, MID: Barnes, Salah, Fernandes, Gundogan, FWD: DCL, Kane, Watkins ... that's my team this week. Debating the Triple Captain.

    Tristan GrayTristan GrayMåned siden
  • Torn bw Bruno/Kane for captaincy Any thoughts?

    kartik batrakartik batraMåned siden
    • Bruno on form now

      Mohammad FahmyMohammad FahmyMåned siden
  • My TC is on Cancelo. Wish me luck

    Gedle M. FeredeGedle M. FeredeMåned siden
  • Should I transfer Cresswell, rudiger, grealish --> targett, digne, Barnes?? My team: Martinez,pope, stones, cancelo,dallas, Salah, Fernandes, gündogun,raphina, Bamford, Watkins, DCL. I will bench boost this gw

    Omkar VaigankarOmkar VaigankarMåned siden
  • Triple captain son ?

    Tristan RobertsonTristan RobertsonMåned siden
  • I have exactly the same players on field but different bench. I will bench boost.

    David chill guyDavid chill guyMåned siden
  • @Let's Talk FPL im triple captaining digne thoughts?

    Rishith ShettyRishith ShettyMåned siden
  • I have IX of ur first XI

    Shihab RahmanShihab RahmanMåned siden
  • Kane might not start guys

    Nihad AhmedNihad AhmedMåned siden
  • Stones or Dier??

    FaisalFaisalMåned siden

    DDDDMåned siden
  • salah replacements under 8 million to fund kane???!!! Have Barnes and gundo

    NerddNerddMåned siden
    • @DD have triple city 🤭

      NerddNerddMåned siden
    • Foden?

      DDDDMåned siden
  • Same Team just DCL> Raphina. Bnch =Dallas - Smith rowe - mytchell. (No hits)

    Rosendo Rosales IIIRosendo Rosales IIIMåned siden
  • Im on a wildcard who should i go for smr,vardy soyuncu or perrira son davis ?

    ghh gghbghh gghbMåned siden
  • You're making mistake Andy. Don't Triple Captain Kane!

    Pradeepta AdhikariPradeepta AdhikariMåned siden
  • And regullion is my triple captain

    Anuj SharmaAnuj SharmaMåned siden
  • Why not gundogan

    The game is rigged NWOThe game is rigged NWOMåned siden
  • Andy what do you think of BBing "bamford , meslier , raphinha , kilman" ?

    Jefrin SpahanJefrin SpahanMåned siden
    • Not a good idea for me

  • I bought it traore for grealish as a diffrential what are your taughts??

    Ash 89Ash 89Måned siden
    • I hope so mate as pep roulette has done me over so far

      Ash 89Ash 89Måned siden
    • He's getting a hatty

      The MaestroThe MaestroMåned siden
  • I captained son hope it pays off

    Nadim_The EagleNadim_The EagleMåned siden
  • Looking to replace Justin after ACL Injury. Might put in peirera LEI as he played LAM last week. Or I can put in digne. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    MattforsterMattforsterMåned siden
  • Start Lowton or Bamford?

    Lucas OrsoLucas OrsoMåned siden
  • Might do salah tc

    • Risky

      Tharun RajuTharun RajuMåned siden
  • I gotta play dallas or burn who shoudl i go for ?

    Ahmed ashrafAhmed ashrafMåned siden
  • Going -8 to bring Kane DCL holgate and TC Kane with 10 dgw players Or Freehit to play all dgw players ! Chhose 1 ?

    Paribesh Jung KarkiParibesh Jung KarkiMåned siden
  • 2 things Andy, would you not want to put Antonio last on your bench (in case of any strange selections or happenings) & 2, would u cap (potentially triple) DCL?

    TR3YWAYTR3YWAYMåned siden
  • Thoughts on Mings over Dallas ?

    Luke ThompsonLuke ThompsonMåned siden
  • Is maddison available or still injured ?

    Mohammed SaadanyMohammed SaadanyMåned siden
  • Mahrez for differential captain?

    Aboo-Bakr ButtAboo-Bakr ButtMåned siden
  • Who to bench, Dallas or Bamford?

    Kent LieKent LieMåned siden
  • I decided to TC DCL not Kane, hopefully it pays off.

    Magic PietrekMagic PietrekMåned siden
    • @stephen trott Son *am i a joke to you*

      Ziyan MithaZiyan MithaMåned siden
    • It's been interesting so far! None of the big TC choices paid off yet.

      stephen trottstephen trottMåned siden
    • @Magic Pietrek Yeah i TC bamford last week and he blanked first game...

      Ziyan MithaZiyan MithaMåned siden
    • @Ziyan Mitha the fact that gives me hope is that Kane played the easier game and got only 6 with DCL and harder game blank.

      Magic PietrekMagic PietrekMåned siden
    • unlucky bro u still got another game

      Ziyan MithaZiyan MithaMåned siden
  • BB with Pope Dallas Raphinha Bamford or TC Kane !!!??? BB would be -8 TC would be -4

    RogerRogerMåned siden
  • I’ve used all my chips. F&@# it 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Dean LoveridgeDean LoveridgeMåned siden
  • Currently triple captaining Kane but thinking of switching it to DCL but not sure? Would be a good differential but if Kane does well I’ll get a huge red arrow. Any thoughts?

    Ronan DudhiaRonan DudhiaMåned siden
    • DCL would be my choice if I had him

      E UE UMåned siden
  • You won't get Watkins with those rumours haha

    Ricky SmithRicky SmithMåned siden
  • Took a -8 took out Antonio bam ford and bruno😬 to bring in Kane DCL and Barnes

    Rafi SmithRafi SmithMåned siden
  • Bamford or raphinha for starting 11?

    louis hintonlouis hintonMåned siden
    • bamford 👌🏼

      Muhammad AdibMuhammad AdibMåned siden
  • Really not on board the Kane bus. Poor form on Spurs' behalf. Sure, Burnely and Fulham are down the bottom of the table but Burnely has a rock-solid defence in most games, especially against an out-of-form attack like Spurs. Fulham is in sparkling form with great momentum to beat the drop. Triple captain Bruno and viva la Everton with Digne and vice-capt DCL in. The safe captain, a poor Palace defence and untested Chelsea that conceded their first goals under Tuchel versus Sheffield and a poor Southampton side (on form). Only reservations are Chelsea have been good defensively, esp holding off Atletico and Palace beating United on the opening day. Gl all

    Charlie WilkinsonCharlie WilkinsonMåned siden
  • Andy 4 transfers and still no DCL, I’m surprised. But good luck with the spurs double up

    IWTBFIWTBFMåned siden
  • Should I get Martinez in for Mendy or are we sticking to no goalkeeper transfers??

    Dub DonZDub DonZMåned siden
  • Play Bamford or raphina ?

    Grandad Tr0llsGrandad Tr0llsMåned siden
  • I triple captained sterling but I think I may change my mind

    avatar clubavatar clubMåned siden
  • Thoughts on Son captain?

    PanPanMåned siden
  • Sell Bruno or Salah to get Kane?

    ahmed rabea3ahmed rabea3Måned siden
  • My team is pretty template at the moment and just preparing for the 29 blank and then wildcarding in 31. Any thoughts?

    Christopher ScullyChristopher ScullyMåned siden
    • How would we have thoughts you said nothing about your team?

      Luke FitzmauriceLuke FitzmauriceMåned siden
  • Finally got rid of wood its about time pal 😄

    Justin BJustin BMåned siden
  • Do reckon I could get away with a shaw triple captain? I am a united fan so there's some bias but I think it could pay off

    Lewis TwibellLewis TwibellMåned siden
    • Dont tc a defensive player ,it rarely pays off

      Nathan MckennaNathan MckennaMåned siden
    • Don’t I am an united fan as well but don’t TC Shaw U could have clean sheets but not much attacking returns this GW

      sai hemanth korrapatisai hemanth korrapatiMåned siden
    • do what your heart tells you!

      Sigurd PaulsenSigurd PaulsenMåned siden
  • should i sub in watkins and barnes or kane and lookman?

    Sigurd PaulsenSigurd PaulsenMåned siden